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    Audio Cable for iPad and Smartphones (TRRS male to 1/8-inch TS female input & 1/8-inch TRS female output), 1ft
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    Audio Cable for iPad and Smartphones (TRRS male to 1/8-inch TS female input & 1/8-inch TRS female output), 1ft

    Record your voice while simultaneously listening through your headphones with this Audio cable for iPad® and smartphones from Monoprice!

    Typically with other cables you can only record your voice with an external microphone, or simply listen to your tunes with your headphones. This cable gives you the ability to record your voice or musical instrument(s) through your iPhone®, Android™, or other device, and simultaneously listen through your headphones. Once this cable is plugged in you are good to go! Record and listen with your favorite third party application (such as GarageBand®, AmpliTube®, etc.).

    The 4-conductor TRRS plug on this cable uses the CTIA standard configuration, which puts the microphone signal on the sleeve (versus being on the second ring in the OMTP standard). The CTIA standard has always been used by Apple and HTC, while older Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Wiko devices initially used the OMTP standard. However, the latest versions use the CTIA standard. This cable is therefore compatible with:

    • iPod touch® 3rd Generation and later versions
    • iPhone 3GS and later versions
    • iPad (all versions, including iPad mini)
    • Samsung Galaxy S® version 3 and later
    • Samsung Galaxy Note® version 2 and later
    • Any Android device using the CTIA standard TRRS connector with the microphone on the sleeve, as described above

    While the TRRS plug is wired to the CTIA standard, the TRS headphone jack and TS microphone jack use standard wiring. The microphone input is compatible with microphones equipped with either a TS or TRS connector, such as those used on PCs. A combination mic-headphone assembly, such as those normally used with smartphones, is not a compatible input device.

    Usage Notes:

    1. Plug the 3.5mm (1/8") TRRS plug into the headphone jack on your compatible smartphone or tablet.
    2. The smaller of the two 3.5mm (1/8") female jack bodies is the TRS stereo headphone output. Plug your standard earphones or headphones into this jack.
    3. The larger of the two 3.5mm (1/8") female jack bodies is the TS mono microphone input. Plug your standard PC style microphone into this jack.
    4. This cable only provides the electrical connections, allowing the physical use of the external microphone. To record the signals sent to the device you will need to have a software app, such as GarageBand for iOS®.
    5. If using GarageBand for iOS note that the app generally cancels the monitor output during recording. This can be modified in "Settings" under "Crosstalk Protection". Be sure to minimize the input volume first.

    Apple, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and GarageBand are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

    Samsung, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

    IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

    AmpliTube is trademark or registered trademark, property of IK Multimedia Production.

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    This works fine with Macbook Pro Retina (2014)
    I purchased this cable to overcome the problem that many complain about with the new MacBook Pro and Air laptops. Apple no longer puts two separate ports on their laptops. The older MacBooks had both a headphone output (1/8") and a separate microphone input (1/8"). The new MacBooks have only a single 1/8" port, that can serve as both a mic input and a headphone output simultaneously.

    If you use Apple iPhone-compatible combo earbuds with mic, with your new MacBook, you can plug your four-connector type earbuds into the 1/8" port and OSX will alter the sound preferences automatically to use your earbud mic as the input, and your earbud speakers as the output. If you watch your OSX Sound Preferences Input while you plug your earbuds in, you'll see it automatically change from "Internal Mic" to "External Mic". This is important to making this Monoprice cable work properly.

    This cable allows you to use a standard 1/8" audio cable (the three contact type) with your new MacBook to make the single port switch to Mic input mode. You'll still be able to plug your earbuds into this cable's headphone port to hear the sound output of your MacBook at the same time.

    The key is to have your external mic or device plugged into the Monoprice cable BEFORE you plug the four connector end of this cable into your MacBook. If you don't do this, OSX will not properly recognize that you've plugged in an external mic (device), and it won't switch the OSX Sound Preference into External Mic mode. If that switch doesn't occur, your MacBook will never see your device as an input (the Internal Mic will still show in Sound Preferences).

    I use this cable to record audio from my iPhone to my MacBook. I use a standard 1/8" audio cable with three contacts on each end. I plug one end into the audio port on my iPhone, the other end into this Monoprice TRRS cable's Mic input (large connector). I then plug the Monoprice TRRS four connector plug into the audio port on the MacBook. The OSX Sound Preference changes from Internal Mic to External Mic. I then have audio coming into the MacBook audio port to record as I want. If I want to hear the audio, I can then plug earbuds into the Monoprice TRRS cable's small connector. Either regular three-connector earbuds, or the Apple four-connector ones seem to work for audio out of the Monoprice TRRS cable's headphone port.

    I also run Win7 in a Parallel's VM under OSX. Once OSX switches to this External Mic mode, I have no problem getting the audio into the VM as well.

    PROS: Good build quality

    CONS: Would be nice if the inputs were labeled to denote Mic & Headphones. (But follow the instructions on the Monoprice website for this item and you'll get it right)
    November 8, 2014
    Works with Rode VideoMic Pro (and Azden SMX-10) but not Lav Mic
    The output is great to listen what you recorded off the iPhone/iPad, but for me, I only heard sound from it when playing it back - not simultaneously while recording with the Rode and Azden mics. Quality of the wire is great. Just label each female connector to know which is the output to headphones and which is the input.

    PROS: Works great with a Rode VideoMic Pro (mono microphone) and a Azden (SMX-10 Stereo microphone).

    CONS: Doesn't work at all with the JK MIC-J 044 lavalier microphone or the cheaper Neewer Lapel microphones. Not the wire's fault perhaps, but just an fyi if anyone needs it for this purpose.
    September 11, 2014
    I bought 2 of these to connect a headset with 2x3.5mm (1/8") connectors (green and pink) to a Nexus 5 cell phone and Lenovo laptops which both have a single TRRS 3.5mm (1/8") connector.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to use the microphone on my headset when plugged in to either device. The headphones do work however. After a more careful reading of the item's description and more research, I learned the difference between OMTP and CTIA standards: the mic and ground pins are inverted. This explains why the headphone part works.

    My Lenovo Laptops (T540p and Yoga 2 Pro) and cell phones (Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4) do not work with this cable but do work with another headset using the OMTP standard.

    It really is a shame that Monoprice does not offer either a 2x3.5mm to TRRS OMTP cable in addition to this item OR an OMTP to CTIA adapter.

    PROS: -Looks sturdy

    -I guess it works, but I don't have any devices with CTIA so I can't confirm.

    CONS: -Weird design I think a "Y" shape with the TRRS connector at the bottom is more common for splitters

    -Headphone and microphone connectors not labeled

    -The description is a bit misleading it doesn't properly help determine if this product is the right one.
    October 14, 2014
    High pass RC filter inside the mic connector?
    So my story is short.. I ordered two of these cable (assuming I may need to cut one to make something custom, if the cable did not work for me), Boy was I right.

    I was trying to connect a mike to MacBook Pro Retina 2014. None of the microphones I had worked. So I tried to measure connections with a multimeter. The Mic+ signal was open, and did not go anywhere. What? I got curious. Both cables behaved the same so it wasn't a defect I figured.

    When I tried to measure resistance across mike's pins, I got 2.1kOhm reading. I just could not get it, but an unplugged cable should not have any measurable (low) resistance anywhere.

    So I got the mike's end of the cable (large connector) and cut it open - the large rubber case enclosing a small plug. What I saw blew me away: there was a high pass RC filter inside (a capacitor and a 2.1K resistor). No wonder I could not get any connectivity with a multimeter the circuit did not have a direct connection between pins (well, that's how it was supposed to be, really).

    So I got my soldering iron, removed the filter, and soldered the cable directly. Guess what? Suddenly my mike started working!

    What an experience... While I may see a very special application for a high pass filter inside the cable, this is definitely not the case.

    Monoprice:, if you are reading this, did you even know there was a filter inside? If you did (you'd better did), please update cable description and clearly say so, so people will not be wondering why the cable degrades sound quality or some mikes don't work at all.

    Or better yet, remote this filter (I cannot help it, who came up with such an idea??) and let the cable do it's jib. It is not the cable's job to filter a signal, the cable's job is to *preserve* the signal as much as possible.

    So all of the previous reviewers were correct: this cable does degrade audio quality (will cut bass at unspecified frequency). Neither this cable will work with many microphones that don't expect any filters (especially with MacBook Pro Retina and regular, unpowered mikes).

    PROS: Contains parts that could be used to make a working cable (for DIYers only)

    CONS: 1. This cable contains a high pass RC filter inside a mic connector. What??? What kind of audio cable designer came up with such a wonderful idea?

    2. Due to No.1, does not work with many regular microphones.

    3. It is *not* suppose to have any filters inside. I hope I wasn't unclear.
    June 20, 2015
    Response from Monoprice
    Hello Larry,

    Thank you for your feedback on PID 601030. Regarding your inquiry about the filter, this cable does not contain a hi-pass filter. There is a circuit, however it has a different (proprietary) function than hi-pass filtering.

    If I may ask, do you happen to have your Mac's serial number so that I can look up the exact specs of your Mac? Also, what are the makes and models of the microphones in use here?

    Please note that this cable is intended for use with tablets and smartphones. Just to verify, before making changes to the cable, were you able to test the mic and cable with a tablet and/or smartphone? If so, was there any difference in connectivity or audio quality? Please let me know so we can best assist you with this issue. Thank you in advance.

    Gabby V.
    Tech Support Associate
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    It just works!
    I don't understand why there are negative reviews for this simple and useful cable. I'm using mine to record directly from a PA mixer to an iPad2 and it works like a charm. Tried it also in an iPhone 6 plus and it also works. Just plug it to the earphone port, connect a 1/8" cable to the thick plug and it to the mixer (I'm using a RCA adapter also), and voila! you have a recorder. Will highly recommend it.

    PROS: 1. It works

    2. Dirt cheap compared to the iRigs

    3. Arrived quickly

    CONS: 1. No instructions included - good thing there are some in monoprice's site
    August 12, 2015
    Works with Macbook Pro Retina
    This cable is just what I have been looking for. Ever since upgrading to a new Macbook Pro Retina, I haven't been able to use my 3.5mm jack headset with mic, because the Retina MBP has a single combined TRRS 3.5mm jack instead of the dual 3.5mm jacks like the older models. This cable works great, and now I can use my headset again with working mic audio input. The cable itself is good quality and is very durable and well-made. I tried a few other cables from Amazon before this, and they were overpriced junk that didn't work.
    March 12, 2014
    works and a lot cheaper
    compared to other cords costing 5X the price, this cord seems to do the trick just fine when plugged into my iPad, once i realized that mic and headphones will not work simultaneously, which i assume is a function of my iPad and not the cord. cords are reasonably pliable, connecters seem high-qualilty, so i'm a happy camper for now
    February 15, 2017
    11 months ago
    Works for iPad / iPhone recording
    I went through 4 other TRRS cables from other manufacturers before I found this one from Monoprice. The cable is well-built and I get good sound for our Sony wireless lapel mic. We use this cable to record voice into Garage Band and it has worked every time.

    PROS: Enables mic line-in for iPad / iPhone recording

    Monitor port for headphones
    February 26, 2014
    works and works well
    works as stated. actually, is a great little adaptor that im sure will prove useful in my studio. seems well made. only suggestion i have would be to more clearly mark which out is for which connection.

    PROS: works as designed for both my iphone and ipad

    CONS: none so far.
    March 12, 2014
    It works and i am happy!
    I am using mine to pre record my voice mail on my studio computer so it sounded nice. using the output from the computer. and now i have intro music and a great sounding voice mail.

    PROS: it works well


    July 10, 2014


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