MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi® Action Camera + Live View RF Wrist Remote
    Product # 12570
    MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi® Action Camera + Live View RF Wrist Remote
    Product # 12570
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    MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi® Action Camera + Live View RF Wrist Remote

    One day you're at 5000 feet, skiing down a black diamond trail, and the next you're 100 feet below the waves, surrounded by sea life. When you live an active life it is easy for everything to blur together. Keep your memories sharply in focus by recording your activities with this MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi® Action Camera from Monoprice!

    This compact camera is designed for the active sports enthusiast. When properly enclosed in the included waterproof case, it is waterproof to depths up to 196 feet (60 meters) for up to 60 minutes duration. It features a Wi-Fi connection, which allows you to view and record videos and photos on your Android™ or iOS® smartphone.

    This camera allows you to capture full HD 1080p video at 60 fps, 720p video at 120 fps, and WVGA (848x480) video at 240 fps. It can also be used to take still images up to 16 megapixels in size. In addition to video recording it is a 16 megapixel digital camera with the ability to take individual still shots, take a burst of 7 shots in rapid succession, or continuously taking single shots at intervals from 1 ~ 60 seconds for classic time-lapse videos.

    Included with this model is an RF Wrist Remote, which allows you to control and view the live video feeds for up to six cameras. An individual camera without the Wrist Remote is available as PID 12571, so you don't have to pay for redundant remotes for your multi-camera operation. So, for example, you could have multiple cameras mounted in different locations on a race car and control them all with the single remote. The Wrist Remote also serves as a multi-function time piece, giving it additional utility value beyond use with the camera.

    The camera comes with a variety of mounting accessories, which allow you to mount it to a flat surface, a curved surface, or strapped to a fixed point. Additional accessories, including chest and head mounting straps, are sold separately.


    • Uses a 3.4mm ƒ/2.8 lens
    • Captures full HD 1080p video images at 60 fps, 720p at 120 fps, and WVGA at 240 fps
    • Takes still photos at 5, 8, 12, or 16 megapixels resolution
    • Uses the H.264 video codec and mp4 file format
    • 140° wide angle lens with selectable fields of view
    • Wi-Fi connectivity (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
    • Includes waterproof case, protecting the camera to depths up to 196 feet (60m) for up to 60 minutes duration
    • Uses the commonly available SLB-10A Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    • Free apps for accessing the camera using your Android or iOS smartphone
    • Includes RF Wrist Remote for control and live view
    • MicroSD card slot (up to 32GB, Class 6 minimum)
    • HDMI® Mini Connector for direct connection to an HDTV
    • Supports time lapse recording and interval shooting
    • Burst mode captures 7 images in 1 second

    Support Files:

    Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

    HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.

    SD, SDHC, and microSD are trademarks or registered trademarks of SD-3C, LLC in the United States, other countries, or both.

    Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

    IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

    Camera Specifications
    Lens 3.4mm, ƒ=2.8
    Focus Range 2.6 ft. ~ ì (0.8m ~ ì)
    Field of View Video: 75 ~ 140°, Photo: 73 ~ 142°
    Video Resolutions and Frame Rates (FOV) 1080p (16:9): 60fps (126°), 30fps (126°), 30fps (102°), 30fps (75°)
    960p (4:3): 60fps (140°), 30fps (140°)
    720p (16:9): 120fps (102°), 60fps (126°)
    WVGA (16:9): 240fps (140°)
    Video File Format/Codec mp4, H.264
    Video Bitrate Up to 15Mbps
    Looping Video Yes, 1080p30 (126°)
    Photo Resolutions (FOV) 16 MP (142°), 12 MP (118°), 8 MP (93°), 5 MP (73°)
    Burst Mode 7 photos per second
    Self-Timer Delay 2 or 10 seconds
    Time Lapse Modes Video or Photo
    Time Lapse Intervals 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds
    Photo File Format JPEG (exif 2.2), DCF
    White Balance Auto
    Built-in Wi-Fi Yes
    RF Remote Included
    OLED Display 0.83" (21mm)
    Inputs Micro USB, 2.5mm TRS (external microphone)
    Outputs HDMI Mini Connector
    Battery Type SLB-10A (1130mAh Lithium-ion)
    Battery Duration Video (1080p60): about 90 minutes
    Photo (16 MP): about 250 photos
    Auto Power Off 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 1.7" x 2.3" x 1.7" (42.7 x 59.2 x 43.8 mm)
    Weight (without battery) 2.6 ±0.1 oz. (74 ±3 g)
    RF Wrist Remote
    Display 1.29" OLED
    Aspect Ratio 4:3
    Stream Format MJPEG, 128 x 96 pixels, 8 fps
    RF Frequency 2.4GHz
    RF Range Up to 9.8 ft. (3m)
    Auto Sleep Mode Never or 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds
    Battery Capacity 370mAh
    Battery Charging Time About 2 hours
    Battery Duration Live View: 1.5 hrs.
    Continuous Time Display Only: 6 hrs.
    Standby/Sleep Mode: up to 6 months

    Package Contents:

    • 1x MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi Action Camera
    • 1x Waterproof Case
    • 1x RF Wrist Remote
    • 1x Vented Rear Door
    • 1x Waterproof Case Rear Door (installed on back of Waterproof Case)
    • 1x Flat Adhesive Mounting Socket
    • 1x Curved Adhesive Mounting Socket
    • 1x Swivel T Tip (installed on T Tip Adapter)
    • 1x T Tip Adapter (installed on bottom of Waterproof Case)
    • 1x Standard Tripod Adapter
    • 1x Adhesive Anchor
    • 1x SLB-10A Lithium-ion Battery
    • 1x USB Wall Charger
    • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
    • 1x RF Wrist Remote Charging Cable
    • 6x Anti-Fog Inserts (Fiber Desiccant)
    • 1x Hook & Loop Strap
    • 1x Security Tether
    • 1x Safety Lock (installed on Swivel T Tip)
    • 1x User's Manual
    3.9 / 5.0
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    1 Star
    Lot better then I expected!

    Monoprice sent me this unit free of charge to provide honest, consumer feedback review. I was excited to receive it, since I was in the market for a 1080P 60FPS small camera. I do a lot of product review and personal shooting, so this would be great for that. While I'm not "outdoor action" type of person (long gave up my race cars) I saw a lot of other potential uses for this camera, especially based on It's compact size.

    Packaging -

    Straight forward in design, the unit came out of the box easily enough, once you figure out the release mechanism. Its labeled with many of the features of the unit around the box itself. It also includes all kinds of various adapters, depending on your intended application. It also has a tiny but very usable manual, so do take the time to read it thoroughly.

    The Wristband.

    I have very large wrists. Most bands on watches don't fit me. Especially the new "wearables" in today's market. Thankfully the watch fit on my wrist on the very last hole, and has lots of adjustment for smaller wrists. After reading the manual and figuring out how to use it, I put it through it's paces.

    Controls - Activating the camera shutter and video recording worked flawlessly. Simply press the appropriate button and the camera will respond. An absolute necessity is to increase the default time out of the screen. It shuts down fast and makes it difficult to really do anything. Doubling the default close out time would be a good touch from the factory but is easily adjustable to alter to desired stay on time.

    Charging - The wrist unit did required about the rated 2 HR recharge time when necessary to do so. The flap for charging was a little different than what I had expected, but once figured out, worked as intended. I did have to do a double take to make sure the charger was connected properly though. On live view, I really only saw about an hour worth of battery time, the specs claim 1.5. Not really any sort of deal breaker but something to keep in mind as this time will vary based on your settings


    Live View - On a tiny 1.3" OLED it can be hard to see if you have eyesight issues or trying to look at it in direct sunlight. The quality is not very crisp, but you can see enough of the image to make out where the camera is positioned at least. This is a neat feature, but in my common applications a rear view screen, or if the Action Cam APP for Android had worked on my Note 3.0 with Android 5.01, i would have preffered it better. ( They are apparently working on it to be compatible with Android 5.0+)

    Functions - The wristband functions as a watch, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock & shutter timer. As a watch, you'll be looking to charge it nightly if using infrequently or more often if used a lot.

    The Action Camera.

    This camera is definitely tiny. If you have big hands like I do, be prepared to fumble with it some. I can't remember how many times I almost ( or did ) drop it. I can tell you from those experiences, it is a very sturdy little piece of tech. I've never owned a camera like this, so it's actually pretty impressive what this tiny package can do.

    Function - Spend some time reading the manual to understand how it works. It is pretty much intuitive if just hit buttons, but you'll miss some cool features. I only tested in 140 degree angle mode and 1080P @ 60Hz and 16MP camera shots. It's my primary choice of shoot , so I didn't feel the need to test any other settings. Right off the bat I can honestly say I'm not sure I'm a fan of the "fish eye" effect from the cam. After some research though, I see that this is the norm for "sports" type cams. I prefer a more linear image personally. The interesting fact though is, how much you can get in your shot with this type of angle.

    Cases/Accessories - The included waterproof/shock case keeps the camera well protected. I have yet to test the underwater aspect, but I will be soon and will update this review at that time. One thing that is for certain, the case is sealed pretty tight and the unlock mechanism is a little tricky to get used to at first. It requires sliding a lock clip and lifting a lock arm. Hard to do one handed if you have big hands. It comes with a lot of different adapters, depending on your use. My most important one was the base that allowed you to screw a tripod clip to it. Your use will vary.

    Mic - The mic is just ok if you’re up close to someone speaking and if the camera is NOT in the waterproof case. If it is enclosed, the sound almost inaudible as the waterproof case does a good job of sealing it tight. If using outside the case, I'd still recommend an external mic if good audio is imperative in your filming.

    Video - The unit’s battery will roughly shoot it's advertised time at 1080/60FPS. I saw about 100 minutes if I turned off the LED lights off in the settings. That translates in over 8GB of footage per charge. I recorded an approximate 2.5 hours to recharge on a 2.0 Amp source ( Pid 13085 8000mAh Power Bank to be exact). More than enough time for the "action" enthusiast I would think, but not for someone who is after all day recording. Be sure to have spare & extended batteries on hand, if this is the case.

    The quality of the video really depends on your lighting ( as is almost always the case) Bright outside light provided rich tones, though red heavy and a clear recording to my eye ( I'm in no way a professional videographer or photographer) Lower light cause the picture to develop some grain to it and a yellow tinge. Night recording was actually artificially brighter than what was actually happening at the time of shoot. What action I did catch, did appear to be smooth and stutter free.

    Photo - All the modes offered worked as indicated and the camera offers a 16MP camera built in and the quality of the shots were good and very similar in characteristics as to what was described in the video section. The 7 burst shot mode was a neat feature to play with.

    Just a note, the camera is recommended to be used with a Class 6 MCSD card or better up to 32 GB. I actually shot all my stuff on a Class 2 16GB card. I will be getting a class 10 card and if the quality is better I will revise and edit this review to highlight that fact.

    The only thing that concerned me about this unit was how hot it got during recording and recharge. I'm sure if this is normal or not, but it did feel very warm to the touch after a 90 minute non stop recording session. The heat was centric to the Micro SD card area of the camera. The charging wasn't as hot, but still was warmer than I thought it should be.

    Overall the camera itself would get a top score, but I have to knock it one for the extras. The slowish refresh and poor screen quality of the wristband knock it a half a point, the lack of a working APP for my smartphone ticked it another half off. If those two things aren't important to you, then this is you go to camera for all your action capture. It's extremely durable and provides great quality footage for it's price. Highly recommended and look forward to using it for POV footage on my PC builds via head strap.

    Just want to note, though this unit was provided free in exchange for review, I felt it worth of purchasing a bunch of extras for it from Monoprice as i will be now using this camera on a daily basis.

    Hope this review was helpful to you, and thanks for taking the time to read it. Remember...I’m review this outside of it’s intended purpose, and it does a good job in my eyes.

    Ian - @torn_tv

    PROS: Pros - Small, rugged case, remote operation. 1080P@60FPS at 140* view, Good picture/Video Quality.


    Cons - Short Battery life, Slow refresh rate on watch display, really short watch battery life, Gets hot during use sometimes.
    July 15, 2015
    Great Quality and Value Bundle

    I would like to state that this action camera with accessories was kindly provided by Monoprice for review purposes. Now here are my thoughts based on my experience(s) with this bundle. This is an action camera, you may be able to capture about 1.5 hours of video so it is not to be compared with a camcorder, video camera or digital camera. The quality, included accessories and cost makes this a great competitor with the GoPro Hero lineup and this one includes a RF remote which doubles as a digital watch with all your standard options (time, date, alarm, timer, stopwatch, etc.). There are two adhesive surface mounts, one I used in my car. The double sided tape for these mounts is very solid, I traveled for 5 hours (round trip) and mount did not come undone at any time. The included waterproof case provides protection up to 196 feet for up to 60 minutes, however it tends to muffle captured sound a bit. For a better sound capture use the vented door instead. For indoor use I recommend the standard tripod adapter, you’ll have the option to connect an external mic which the case covers.

    Initial setup and capture is user friendly, however I highly recommend reading the user manual for first time users. I used the provided USB wall adapter to charge both action camera and RF wrist remote. You can charge camera via USB connection to your PC however charging time is longer than using the provided USB wall adapter. I was a bit surprised that a starter micro SD card was not included with this bundle. You can use a Micro SD up to 32GB, I used my spare 8GB for this review which was maxed out right around the same time battery was depleted. Note this was while capturing at full HD 1080p video at 60fps. You may capture at other lower resolutions as well 720p at 120fps and WVGA at 240fps. This camera has a WiFi option for pairing it to your iOS/Android mobile device via app, however it quickly drains battery life so I recommend using the RF remote for the most part. Also there is a slight delay/lag when viewing capture feed through RF remote, this doesn’t mean that is how video capture/playback will be. It can also take still photos at 5, 8, 12 or 16 megapixels and burst mode captures 7 images per second. I also recommend high to medium light settings for best capture method, low light/night time setting captures poorly with a lot of noise.

    For importing media files (video/pictures) you can connect device directly to PC via USB cable instead of removing micro SD card and using a media card reader or adapter. You may also playback captured content this was or use the HDMI mini connector for connection to an HDTV. I highly recommend this bundle for users ta any level, as stated before it is available at a very competitive price.

    PROS: Various mounting options

    Removable battery

    RF wrist remote

    Waterproof case

    USB wall charger is included

    Wi-Fi option to use along with iOS/Android mobile app

    HDMI mini connector

    OLED status screen

    CONS: No (starter) micro SD card included

    No editing software, though there are basic free options available.

    No access to ports/connections with protective case

    July 15, 2015
    Perfect Camera for Motorsports!
    Quick review, more detail below:

    A lot of days I go racing and actually don't bother even setting up my action cameras because it is a pain to run around and turn their recording on and off constantly throughout the day. This system with the watch made everything easy, especially with it being able to sync and record with six cameras at once.

    More detail:

    I compete in motorsports and action cameras are a standard for filming inside and outside of the car while on track. I have been using action cameras for a number of years and have seen the good and the bad from different systems. What drew me in to try this action camera was the watch control that would allow you to start and stop recording with the press of a button on the watch. Often times I don’t have time to run around my car and make sure my cameras are positioned correctly and recording before going out on track.

    With this system I was able to check the views of four cameras and turn them on in sync directly from the watch. Is the view on the watch amazing? No, but for making sure your camera is pointed exactly where you want it, it does the job great. Being able to control the cameras recording and check the views from the watch allowed me to go out and race without having to worry whether or not I was going to have decent video footage from the event. The fact that I can control up to six cameras would let me have views from multiple angles to make sure I am rotating the car through each corner as best as possible.

    My current video setup includes two cameras from another action camera company, but after having the chance to test this system I will be switching. I would highly recommend this system for anyone looking for an action camera. The quality is on par with other action cameras and the watch system gives you a level of flexibility not available elsewhere.

    PROS: -Great Price.

    -Lots of mounting and case accessories included.

    -Did not have heat issues being in sunlight all day.

    -Durable product.

    -Clear picture with great quality Lots of Frames per Second and aspect ratio options to work with.

    -Camera and watch charge quickly.

    CONS: -It would be nice to be able to turn the camera’s power completely on/off with the watch.

    -It would be nice to have a case accessory that would allow for charging the camera while using it.

    -It would be nice to have microphone upgrade accessories.
    July 15, 2015
    Best on the Market
    In the times of extreme sports, selfie sticks and YouTube fame, Sports or Action Cameras are extremely popular. And not cheap… So you want your investment to perform as well as you do. Monoprice sent me one of these beastly little MHD Sport 2.0 Cameras to review. Now looking at specs, Full HD 1080 video capture at 60 frames per second gives you the ability for really cool slow motion shots, and drop the resolution to 720 and you have 120 frames per second for super slow motion. This kit comes pretty well equipped with self adhesive mounting plates and you can grab any of the additional mounts from Monoprice for much less then the competitors equivalent. This camera does very well in most lighting from inside (which it actually does quite well indoors) to bright, sunny outdoors. And I have not even gotten to the watch yet. The watch is a very, very cool piece of kit. It acts as your view finder while you are setting up the camera in your mount, it is a remote control to start/stop recording and take still pictures. It is waterproof and tells time as well, what a bonus! There is a phone app to do the same job as the watch, but as of the time of this review is not working with Android 5+, but I was told that update is in the works. I pulle out my old Note 2 and installed the app and it worked like a charm. But because this has the watch I cant even ding it for that. All in all, this is an amazing camera, packed with features, for an amazing price. In my opinion there is absolutely ZERO reason to even look at the other brands, I am soo happy with this camera, you need one, seriously…

    PROS: Pros: Small size, huge range of filming resolutions, high count frame capture all the way up to 240 fps., wearable watch for set up and start stop recording and still photo taking, accessory mounts and gear are way cheaper then their competitor. Price, price, price!! There are thousand dollar SLR cameras that cant touch what this camera can do, where it can go and get the 30/60/120/240 fps that this amazing camera can do. The watch will control up to 6 Cameras at a time, so if you are using more then one you don’t have to juggle multiple remotes, or manually turn on/off record on each one once they get set up. The recording is pretty amazing, crisp and clean recordings, good battery life, still pictures, time lapse pictures and video… All of this for about HALF of what the other brand goes for. For that price you can pick up TWO of these cameras. This is a no brainer…

    CONS: Cons: Can't think of any real cons, the watch displays about 8 FPS if the camera is not recording like while you are setting up the shot, but lags quite a bit once the recording starts, changing settings on the camera can be a bit challenging as there are quite a few settings and only 2 buttons do deal with all of them and well that’s really all I have found.
    August 21, 2015
    Amazing Action Cam & Amazing Price
    I spent a lot of time researching and checking out reviews on all sorts of action cameras. I was really leaning towards a GoPro. My wife was wanting to get me one last Christmas but I told her no. If she or I was going to spend that kind of money I wanted to make sure it was the right choice. We are both SCUBA certified, love to snorkel, kayak and zip line. Since these activities are only occasionally done I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a camera that would only get used a few times a year. Everything I read or watched on the camera said it was a very good option with its only downfall being darkness. So after all my research I decided to order the MHD Sport 2.0. I’ve been buying products from for about 9 years now and have always been more than satisfied with their products. I did find two other cameras on the market that are identical but due to the names on the case run $200+. I ended up purchasing my first MHD Sport 2.0 with wrist remote from Amazon. At the time of this purchase it was cheaper on Amazon (January 2016 $150) and due to being a prime member was able to have it in two days.

    Testing it out at first was limited to mounting it to the dash of my Jeep while driving around Dallas. Mostly trying to get comfortable with all the functions and controls of the camera. Its first real test was snorkeling a few times in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I’ll post one of the video links at the bottom of the review. The day was very clear but the water visibility was only about 50ft the day we were out.

    I’ve also used it on a few zip line trips and on each it’s worked very well. This is when the wrist remote came in very handy. I could use the remote to start and stop the videos without having to remove the camera from my helmet. It also helps in lining up your shots. I’ll also add one of the zip line tours videos below. The day did the zip line tour it was during a light rain and drizzle. Even with the overcast skies the videos look great.

    Once I saw the quality of the videos and the price drop for the MHD Sport 2.0 I decided to purchase another one. I’ve tried to plan a few different river kayak trips but each time the weather has not been good. I hope I mount a camera on the front of the kayak and one on my head for the adventure.

    The quality, price and options on this camera are great. For a lot less than the introductory priced GoPro you can have a great camera and all the accessories that you’ll ever need.

    AdventureWorks Hot Springs Zip Line

    Snorkeling in Playa Maroma

    PROS: Great Price, functions, quality and the wrist remote will control up to 6 cameras.

    CONS: extremely low light quality.
    August 16, 2016
    Great camera for the price
    You could compare the specs to the Hero 4 Silver yet half the price. The watch and camera are very easy to use. Video quality is more comparable to a cellphone. Bottom line, if you want to have some fun and get it on video without the GoPro price tag, this is it.

    PROS: Nice specs/performance for the money.

    CONS: Not great in low light conditions, the lens could be larger. Currently the Android app does not support lollipop.
    June 29, 2015
    MHD 2.0 Wifi Action Cam w/ RF Remote Watch

    MHD 2.0 Wifi Action Cam w/ Remote Wrist Watch

    Features: Pretty much everything the features/specs list includes is what you indeed get with this camera. I was especially excited that you get 1080 at a full 60 frames per second. The WiFi is a nice touch, especially the RF wrist watch so you can get a preview of what you're looking at from afar, if you choose to not use the iOS/Android app (which will give you better video though by the way). Refer to the manual to find where you locate the ActionCam! app you'll need. Seems to only be for 4.0 and up versions of Android, plus double check your iOS version as well.

    Contents: Everything mentioned about the package contents in the product description arrived, with extra mounting options that come in handy depending where you want to situate this camera to get the perfect shot. Along with a data cable that doubles as your charging cable as well, including the wall adapter to use where applicable.

    Functionality: Overall the camera does perform for what it's marketed as: an “action” camera. During fast paced, and well-lit situations at 1080p/60fps, the MHD 2.0 delivers and captures every moment. Whether you're driving in your car and using the camera as a dashcam, or catching your little races at the local track in your souped up ride. I haven't personally taken the camera swimming, but I've tested the waterproof case within a sink and so far has survived, so no points deducted there. I cannot vouch for the effectiveness at deeper depths where water pressure is clearly increased though. The unfortunate, yet only drawback so far of this camera, are low-light conditions. I would not recommend depending on this action cam for night shots or within dimly lit rooms to grab “exceptional” footage. Perhaps during more static (as in hardly moving or panning the camera around) situations in dimly lit areas, then maybe it'll suffice enough still in the resulting quality. However, low-light conditions exhibit a bit too much “ghosting” or “smearing” of objects as you move around and I just cannot recommend using it in such a manner. If you want to shoot indoors, make sure to have several lights turned on and you'll probably fair a bit better. Another fun little gem is the faster, yet considerably lower resolution, of 240fps to catch yourself some really fun slow-motion shots. Depending on your editing program if you have one, you can slow down this footage even more and really observe the moment as it happens frame-by-frame, yet very smoothly. The two buttons, one for recording and one to turn on/off the unit, doubles as the menu selector and scroller. It's easy to figure out and I have no complaints here.

    The “Action Cam!” app has been trial and error for me, which allows you to use and control several features/functions of the camera wirelessly on your Android or iOS device. Refer to your manual on where to find the appropriate link to download the app. For me, it seemed to work at first then steadily just froze and wouldn't detect the camera or show any real-time live footage anymore on my phone. In my case, it could have been the simple fact that I had to grab the app from a third-party website and that right there could simply be my issue, but after several tries of getting it up and running again it just became a tug of war. When it initially worked, the footage was good enough considering it's over WiFi, tiny bit of stutter but enough to see what was going on in a separate room from me at least 30 feet away. Once you start getting indoor walls between you and the camera however, then you start to see where its limited, since the line of sight is being disrupted. Keep in mind also that if you have several WiFi enabled devices within your home or the area in use, then you may run into issues and thats just simply the way the cookie crumbles, not a dysfunctional app or camera.

    The RF wrist remote doubles as a stop watch, timer, and a way to snap shots or start recording from a distance. Lastly, it helps you see what the orientation of your camera is, but with its basically 2-4fps limited view, thats basically all I would use it for. It comes in handy, but the WiFi app is where I'd go to for better quality and to monitor the goings on more accurately.

    Lastly, make sure you use anything over a class 6 microSD for this camera. I personally purchased a PNY 40MB/s Class 10 and with anything less, I can expect data/quality loss. With higher bitrate video such as 1080p/60fps, you need flash storage that can keep up. Simply put.

    Conclusion: Overall its a great little camera especially for the price. If you want to save some money and don't need the wrist watch, go for the deal of just the camera alone and save some dough. You'll still have the option of using the WiFi app which will look significantly better than the RF watch quality if you so desire that convenience. For what it is, its exceptional. It has a few drawbacks but nothing that's keeping it from accomplishing its goal as an “action camera”. Keep it in the daylight, use it to capture action shots you didn't have the ability to before, perhaps even in more cramped or discreet locations/positions where everyday still cameras just couldn't deliver either due to size or especially since they're not wide-angle, allowing you to capture a much broader field of view than you ever could before. Give it a shot, I'm sure no matter what you'll find an interesting and unique way to use it. Maybe while riding a jetski as you also somehow manage to slip on a wingsuit to launch yourself off in the air as you jump a wave. Maybe..

    PROS: Great for its intended use: action shots, the ability to have a camera and capture footage from within areas/situations you couldn't before with something more bulky.

    CONS: Doesn't perform so well within lowlight, RF remote may have its limited uses but can still come in handy for certain situations, and for me the app experience was hit or miss. Could just be isolated with me, however.
    July 6, 2015
    Great Quality For The Price Paid
    I purchased this camera due to its low price and good reviews. I have one of the original GoPro HD cameras and was not happy with the quality of the video, especially in indoor and low light situations. I expected the MHD Sport 2.0 camera to be decent, but I was very surprised at the quality and detail of the images and video that this little camera captures. Compared to the GoPro that I have, it is way better! Surprising, but true! The included watch/remote control functions well and I'm very happy with my purchase. The only thing that could have been better is if a memory card had been included. Overall, this is a great value for an action camera, and is good competition for the GoPro cameras.

    PROS: Lightweight, the control screen is easy to use and operate, great quality pictures, great quality video

    CONS: Doesn't come with a memory card.
    August 18, 2016
    Makes for a lot of fun!
    “This review unit was provided in exchange for an honest review.”


    The packaging for the MHD Sport 2.0 is about as good as it gets, it comes in a really well thought out display case. The only unfortunate part is that the Camera and Watch holder doesn't separate to become a great stand for when not in use.

    All the accessories come individually packaged so that only what is needed has to be unwrapped keeping things easier to organize.

    While the manual is detailed enough and easy to follow, it is on the small side of the spectrum. This could be a problem for people with large hands or poor eyesight.


    Accessories with the camera include several mounts and adapters from hard surface mounts to adapters to be used with a tripod.

    The best accessory has to be the waterproof case, although using the case (even with the vented option) restricts the ability to use an external microphone

    The wrist watch/viewer is an excellent idea as it allows you to control the camera remotely and line up shots to prepare recording. It is important to note however that it does not continuously stream video feed once it begins recording, while this isn't an issue it is worth mentioning.

    The android/ios app seems to be hit or miss. I see where some people are having issues with it, but I did no experience any of this. The app worked great for me and has opened up a new range of uses for the camera, some wide angle pictures are in my future with pc building.


    The camera is easy enough to use and rather intuitive. I started off without looking at the manual to see if I could navigate and figure it out and had no problem. But I do recommend reading through the manual for additional functionality you would otherwise miss.


    The MHD Sport 2.0 is a clear competitor to the GoPro Hero and it does a very good job presenting a compelling option in this space. Price ultra aggressively and having the option of a GoPro adapter allowing users to take advantage an enormous catalogue of accessories makes this camera a clear winner.

    The video playback is excellent when recording outdoors or in very well lit environments but suffers in ultra low light areas

    Interfacing between the camera and the computer is just as easy as using a USB storage device and you'll find that the compression is incredible for 1080p 60fps, I found a 17 minute video was encoded to 1.8gb

    You'll see around 90 minutes of battery life on a single charge and between 7-8 hours of recording on a 16gb microSD card.

    The watch may not be the most amazing thing in the world, but it does allow you to leave your phone behind and control the camera without having to touch it, great if you have it strapped to a helmet as you're flying a plane or mounted up high for a fun time lapse video.

    Use this camera as it is and you'll find yourself VERY happy with it, now that I'm done writing this up, I'm heading back outside to play with it some more. Never have I had a piece of tech that made me want to go outside!

    PROS: - The price is perfect for what you get

    - Accessories galore

    -Excellent outdoor recording

    -Long Battery life

    -Excellent compression requiring very little storage

    CONS: -Tiny included internal storage

    -Poor Ultra Low light performance

    -Manual is small, as in physically small so it could be hard to read

    July 7, 2015
    Pleased so far!

    PROS: Works pretty good out of the box. Charged the camera and watch and it all just worked.

    I bought this to replace an older go pro that gave out on me after many dives, so I'm excited to see what quality I'll get at 60ft under the surface!

    The waterproof housing has a nice tight seal with a sturdy locking clamp. The buttons on the housing are not tough to push something I find as an improvement over the go pro case I had where I was never sure if the button was pushed or not.

    CONS: Couldn't read one of my Sandisk micro sd class 10 cards, but was able to read a lower class Sandisk card as well as a Sony class 10 card without any issues.

    Battery door is a tight fit and I can easily see this breaking just trying to open if you are not careful.
    June 30, 2015
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