Purchase Order


First-time customers must complete our business credit application or submit their own credit reference document to apply for net payment terms with us prior to placing purchase orders.

1. Monoprice, Inc. welcomes Purchase Orders from corporations, government, hospitals, public schools, colleges, and universities.

2. Credit Reference
(Only if you need payment term like NET 30. It is not required for pre-paid orders.)

   • Corporations and Hospitals: Please fill out and fax our Business Credit Application or if you have your own credit reference document, you may use it. Click here to download our application.

   • Government, Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities: No credit reference is required. Please fill out and fax our Credit Application for Government, Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Click here to download our application.

3. Here are the steps for customers to follow.

   i) Please register an account with us if you donít have one already. Click the link below to register an account. https://www.monoprice.com/myaccount/new_customer.asp

   ii) Upon completion of account registration, please provide the following information to our Accounting Dept via fax at 909-989-0078 or email to [email protected].

       • Completed Business Credit Application or customerís own Credit Reference Document
       • Customer ID# or registered email address.

   iii) Upon approval of terms, customer will receive an email notification from our Accounting Dept.

4. Credit Application process may take 3 Ė 5 business days for public schools and other government entities and up to 10 business days for corporations and hospitals.

5. Please bear in mind that we must receive all the required information mentioned on Step #3 above from you. Otherwise, there will be a delay on updating your account.

Upon approval of terms, please kindly submit your purchase order to your designated Key Account Specialist in your area (Time-Zone).
Pacific/Mountain Standard Time:
Shaun Blatherwick
PST/ MST Account Manager
[email protected]
Direct. 909-912-1351
Fax. 909-989-0078
Central Standard Time:
Louis Ceballos
CST Account Manager
[email protected]
Direct. 909-912-1384
Fax. 909-989-0078
Eastern Standard Time:
Joshua Casiano
EST Account Manager
[email protected]
Direct. 909-912-1342
Fax. 909-989-0078



Please make sure to write your contact email address on the Purchase Order. Also, kindly note that for your protection company policy prevents us from accepting orders, including credit card orders, over the phone. ALL CREDIT CARD ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE at www.monoprice.com

Duties and Taxes for Canada: Import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not included in the product price or shipping and handling cost and it will be collected upon delivery from the carriers for certain packages. These charges are recipient's responsibility as we are only charging the transportation fee for the packages. You may check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be. Additionally, you may click here to review additional information for shipments shipping to Canada which can imply to other countries as well.

All Regular orders are processed the following business day. Only expedited orders that are submitted by 10:00 AM PST will ship the same day.

** Orders with the following shipping methods are considered expedited orders:
• UPS Next Day
• UPS 2nd Day
• UPS 3rd Day
• UPS Worldwide Expedited
• UPS Worldwide Expedited Saver
• Overnite Express

1. For corporations, a limited net payment term is offered to qualified customers.

2. Government, Public Schools, Colleges, and Universities: No credit reference is required. NET 30 payment terms without limit will be granted upon verification.

3. There is no minimum purchase amount for a Purchase Order.

4. Purchase Orders must be submitted using a formalized document. Purchase Orders must include the following information:
  • Customer's letterhead
  • Purchase Order number
  • Purchase Order issue date
  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Shipping method (8 below)
  • Shipping charge (8 below)
  • Net payment term
  • List of product ID number(s) and product description as well as quantities
  • Accurate unit price of each item (5 below)
  • Total amount
  • Our quote number (6 below)
  • MonoPrice Account number


    Please note that if a shipping method is not specified on the Purchase Order, MonoPrice will use the least costly route for delivery. Additionally, MonoPrice will not process PO(s) with missing Product ID numbers.

    Orders Shipped to California State

    Monoprice, Inc. collects sales tax on shipping and handling charges on orders shipped to destinations within the State of California. Sales tax is charged on the products and also on the shipping and handling amount. Additional sales tax will be collected on Blind Drop Shipment service to California destinations that are placed by an Out-of-State Retailer. This additional sales tax is based on a 10% mark-up on the total order amount (including Shipping and Handling charge); pursuant to CA BOE Publication 121.

    For more detail information, please click the link below.

    5. Unit price for each item on the Purchase Order must match the prices listed on our website or the prices you were quoted according to your discount level. Otherwise, you will need to submit a revised Purchase Order before we can process it. Hand-written corrections to the Purchase Order with customer's initials are acceptable.

    6. If you were quoted discounted pricing, your Purchase Order must indicate our quote number so that we may validate any discount(s). If a quote number is not included on the Purchase Order, a member of our Key Accounts department will contact you to have the Purchase Order revised. This may delay the processing of your Purchase Order!

    7. Any item(s) ordered with a Purchase Order must be delivered to the institution's place of business. MonoPrice, Inc. will not ship to a residential address.

    8. If the shipping and handling (S&H) charge is not indicated or indicated incorrectly on the Purchase Order, we will automatically apply the correct (least costly) charges, and will process the Purchase Order. Exceptions to this requirement may include:
  • Freight Prepaid and Add noted on the Purchase Order.
  • Valid UPS account number noted on the Purchase Order.
  • Third party courier noted on the Purchase Order. (NOTE: FedEx is not currently an acceptable courier.)

    9. For Trucking shipping method, Lift Gate Service is required if destination does not have a receiving dock or forklift. If such service is needed, customer must put a request on the PO. There will be an additional fee of $125.00. Monoprice is not responsible for additional fees if re-delivery is required.

    10. Blanket Purchase Orders with multiple post-dates must be approved by our Key Accounts Supervisor for proper arrangements.

    11. For any backordered item(s) with no estimated time of arrival (ETA) date or with ETA beyond 15 days, the item(s) will be removed from the Purchase Order, and the customer will be notified immediately. Upon customer approval, the remaining (available) items will be shipped out accordingly.

    12. Any item(s) with an ETA date of 15 days or less will be eligible for back-order, and can be held for a partial shipment. However, a revision on the PO will be required. A partial shipment including Shipping & Handling charges must be confirmed via email. Hand-written corrections to the Purchase Order with customer's initials are acceptable.

    13. If the customer has any past-due invoices, the Purchase Order will be placed on hold until payment on the past-due invoice is remitted by the customer and receipt is confirmed by our Accounting department.

    14. FIRST-TIME PURCHASE ORDER CUSTOMERS: Please submit a credit application or a credit reference document for approval so that we may establish an account with appropriate terms for you. This step must be completed before MonoPrice can process purchase orders for your organization. Thank you.