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    Monoprice Ultra-thin Light Box for Artists, Designers and Photographers - Large 24.5-inch (22.4 x 14.6 x 0.3 inch)
    Product # 12085
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    What color temperature is this and what is the color rendering index?
    Michael V on Dec 4, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I don't own an equipment that can analyze color temperature, but by observation, this is bright. daylight white. I gave this to my daughter who uses it in her college design classes to be able to trace onto transparencies from stock pictures which she then scans and then uploads into motion graphics software programs for animation. It saves her a lot of time and is large enough to handle just about any picture.
    What kind of charging plug and power is needed to run this light box? I would like specific details so that I might make a remote battery system
    mike r on Nov 23, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. The unit is powered by 12VDC and includes an adapter. In order to better assist you if you require further information and specifications, please feel free to contact us at tech@monoprice.com with a detailed question and our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    What is the color temp, CRI, and lumens?
    A shopper on Mar 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Having no way to accurately measure, I'm only able to share that I've using several in my photography studio. The color temperature is a bit more blue than 5000° K-rated CFL lights, but still blends well with them. The boxes provide surprisingly bright and even illumination. Can be used close to small objects similar to a softbox for photography. There is no visible difference between my four units, some older and some newer.
    Is it dimmable, or only ON/OFF?
    Jared R on Dec 26, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: It is dimmable, but brightness is not easily repeatable. It cycles through its brightness levels quickly, and you have to take your finger off the non-mechanical switch (I think it's a capacitive-touch sensor) at the exact time when it is at its desired brightness.
    What size is the barrel jack on the plug? Im trying to make this thing portable
    A shopper on Dec 5, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I believe it's 3.5mm OD x 1.35mm ID, positive inner, negative outer. 12 V.
    will it work to look and photo very old negatives?
    Leonard S on Jun 8, 2017



    Can this be used as a light table for preschoolers or is the light too bright for their eyes?
    A shopper on Aug 22, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The light intensity is fully adjustable, bright to dim. It is definitely not a toy, so supervision would be important. Enjoy.
    If I use a clear cutting mat with this, is it strong enough to use with a knife and ruler to cut paper on the surface? Or might it collapse?
    Sara D on Dec 20, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I have the large version of their light box and just looked it. the top surface is 1/16" thick plexiglass, so personally I think you run the risk of potentially marring the surface and depending on how much pressure you apply you may crack it.
    By the way plexiglass is not glass its some sort of polycarbonate plastic, so it can be scratched.

    You could consider buying a piece of 1/8" clear glass to lay on top and do your cutting on that. Should not cost too much, and glass does not scratch nearly as easy as plexiglass does. Hope this helps:)
    Can you cut on this without ruining the surface? What is the top made out of?
    New User U on Dec 6, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I wouldn't recommend cutting paper directly on the working surface - you'll cut the surface. If you have a translucent cutting mat that's not too think and will transmit sufficient light it might be possible to cut a sheet or two at at time using light pressure on the knife. I wouldn't try to cut anything more than a couple of sheets at a time, and I wouldn't recommend heavy pressure on the top of the lightbox. of course, YMMV.
    How to turn on light box? The red light is on and, I have engaged the power button. Nothing!
    A shopper on Dec 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Once the power is plugged in, just press AND HOLD the button, the light will come on, and will increase in brightness. Just remove your finger when it is at the brightness level you want, or continue to hold it, and it will go to maximum brightness and stop there. Do the same thing again, when you want to lower the light level...just hold the button until your desired light level is reached...then take your finger off of the button. It's much simpler than it sounds!
    What is the color temperature of this panel and is the temperature adjustable?
    Richard R on Nov 2, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hey there, I’ve owned this for about 8 or more months now, the color temp is cool/white than warm/yellow. The only adjustment on this to my knowledge appears to be brightness, not temperature. Hope this helps.
    is there an easy way to wall-mount this? does it have places on the back for securing to the wall?
    A shopper on Jul 20, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: There is nothing built in to wall mount this. It's a glass back with four thin rubber feet. You would have to build some sort of mounting system to hang it on the wall.
    Red light glows, but unit does not illuminate. Why?
    A shopper on Dec 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The red/orange light indicates there is power to the unit when it is plugged in. The lightbox itself must be turned on and off separately with the power button.
    Is this bright enough to shine through flower petals? I'm looking for a bright light table for a photography project. Anyone?
    david m on Sep 27, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I took a dark purple petunia and placed it on the light table at it's brightest setting and it made all of the veining of the petals clear. The garden is rather bare, so I didn't have other petal options to test.
    is it possible to change the ruler on it? It appears to be in cm
    A shopper on Dec 28, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I didn't see a way to order it with an inches measurement on it. I do know there are rulers that are made on adhesive tape, you could add one of those to it.
    Are the dimensions show (22.4 x 14.6) the area of light or the exterior dimensions?
    A shopper on Dec 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: 22.4 x 14.6 are the exterior dimensions.
    Are the dimensions shown (22.4 x 14.6) the area of light or the exterior dimensions?
    A shopper on Dec 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Those are the exterior dimensions in inches.
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    Best Buy
    This is the best price for this type of light box I found. anywhere. The service from this company is wonderful. Light works perfectly for quilting applique projects.

    PROS: -Amazing price.
    -VERY bright, I can see clearly through two layers of 70lb paper or cotton fabric..
    - Amazingly thin and lightweight, the illumination is dead even, no high or low areas at all.
    -You have is the ability to change the brightness level.

    CONS: Takes a very light touch to adjust light, press to hard and light goes off.
    December 20, 2015
    Light Pad, not Light Box!
    I bought this to use in photo-scanning some 100 year old negatives that are much larger than my scanner allows. I placed the negatives on the "light box" and used my DSLR to photograph them, then inverted them during post-processing. It worked beautifully! The surface is large enough to hold quite a few negatives at one time (larger medium format negatives). This will save me considerably more in photo processing fees than the device costs.

    My daughter also plans to use this to scan her hand-drawn artwork.

    PROS: Thin! (less than 1/2 inch)

    Light! Easy to hold in a lap, or on a light table.

    Adjustable light from barely on to very bright.

    Even illumination

    CONS: Thin! Not sure how rugged this is in the long term.

    Adapter cord is rather short.

    Surface is not glass, not sure how well it will stand up to scratches, etc. over time.
    July 26, 2015
    A Life Changer
    My old light box was the fluorescent kind - thick and bulky, and a small work surface. My arms would get sore tracing large projects, having to continually hold my arms elevated off the table by 2-3 inches, and having to move my work way too often as I ran off the edge of the light box. I was seriously contemplating having a special light desk built. But this thin box has completely solved my problem, and I can put it away neatly when I'm not tracing! It's actually brighter and more uniform than old fluorescent boxes, too. It's like a dream come true. Thank you Monoprice!

    PROS: Thin - great for tracing, etc.

    Big - I can trace a lot more before having to move my work

    Bright - Lots of light

    Dimmer - Great for when it's too bright (like for tracing transparency)

    Auto Dim - A big plus

    CONS: Adapter cord is a bit short
    April 11, 2015
    I love my lightbox!
    I use my lightbox on a regular basis for art quilting. It is think and lightweight so it's easy to take to classes and easy to store. I call it my happy light, especially on dreary winter nights. I would recommend this for anyone. It was one of my best buys ever.

    PROS: Light weight and durable. Easy to carry or store.

    CONS: None.
    November 11, 2016
    Love, Love, Love it! Great for tracing out my subjects before I paint them in watercolor. Easy to use and store-I keep mine on its side in the original box but it could sit on a spare shelf ready for action.
    December 6, 2016
    over 2 years ago
    great solution for classrooms
    hurrah for LED. no more clunky light boxes or bulky light tables. and because students can be rough, I re-used the little rubber corner protectors from the packaging to protect the corners permanently. not as sleek, but hey... kids?
    the students love these thin portables. not boxes but lg light pads. great item for any artist.
    June 13, 2017
    1 year ago
    Win, win ,win
    OK so...its a 1.5mm barrel jack/type H; not a usb. so if you wanna make it portable...super easy. It consumes about 1/2 of a 2yr old 7800mah flash charger in about and hour, and a DC converter @ 5amps/12w. Thinking with a newer 12000mah flash charger it will last 3-5 hours. Also fits A2 paper nicely.

    Yes there will be soildering involved, its easy.
    December 17, 2017
    10 months ago
    This thing is pretty amazing so far. Ive had it for about two weeks. I hope it lasts, cause its awesome! My only real gripe is that its hard to turn off. You have to hold the powerbutton until it goes from brightest to dimmest and then hit it again to power off. There isnt an indicator light to tell you if youre doing this right. Or if its on or off. Just one red light that tells you if the light box is powered. Its especially hard to tell if its off in daylight. You really have to look hard to know for sure. The first couple of times I learned to do this, I left it on. Over all I am very satisfied with this lightbox, its the cheapest youre going to find from an american seller. You cant beat it!

    PROS: Bright, Big, Flat

    CONS: annoying to turn off, short cable
    August 25, 2015
    Amazing Light Table!
    I would absolutely purchase this again, especially when compared to others on the market. I had an old school one for years (9"x12"x4") it was a beast. I don't even notice this is there when I'm working. The working surface is soooo large, I can work on larger watercolor pieces that were a pain to do before. I couldn't be happier.

    PROS: Lightweight. Thin. LARGE surface. Price.
    September 23, 2015
    Great Item

    PROS: Flat and bright. Very easy to trace applique projects.

    CONS: None
    March 26, 2015