10-Watt (75W Equivalent) 6-inch Recessed LED Downlight Trim, 750 Lumens, Warm/ Soft (3000K) - Dimmable
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    10-Watt (75W Equivalent) 6-inch Recessed LED Downlight Trim, 750 Lumens, Warm/ Soft (3000K) - Dimmable

    Get a longer lasting, safe, and affordable alternative to standard incandescent downlights using this 10-watt 6-inch Recessed LED Downlight Trim from Monoprice!

    This 120-volt light assembly uses only 10 watts of power, but produces 750 lumens of light energy at 3000K, equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent downlight.

    This aluminum, indoor light assembly is 7.3" in diameter and 2.8" tall. It uses the Sanan SMD2835 chipset, is rated for up to 50,000 hours of use before failure, and carries a three year replacement warranty. The power factor is greater than 0.95.

    It generates light in the 3000K range with a Color Rendering Index greater than 80, which generates the kind of soft and warm feeling that is perfect for most home lighting needs. This light is fully dimmable without risk of damage to the bulb or a reduction in its expected life span.

    LED Kelvin Chart

    Monoprice warrants these bulbs for a full THREE (3) YEARS and will provide a new replacement for any bulbs that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship during the warranty period.

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    Does anyone else have these lights slightly coming out of the can? I depress the springs together, push the light up into the can (HALO LED Retrofit can) and release. When I release, the light falls out of the can a little bit and leaves a small gap between the fixture and the unit itself. The spring tension doesn't seem to be enough to make it grip the sides of the can. Is there some trick to this? A hard knock on the ceiling and they will fall out even farther. The roof is at a slope so I read that may have something to do with it? Any help would be appreciated. I have contemplated using silicone to seal them to the can but I would really rather not as it would impede later repairs and I would have to brace them for some time before being able to move onto the next can.
    Michael G on Dec 7, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I'm sorry to hear that, please feel free to contact us at tech@monoprice.com with a detailed summary of the issue you are experiencing and our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Are these wet rated for over a tub/shower or bathroom sinks?
    Russell A on Jun 18, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Bathroom sink is not an issue. I wouldn't think a tub would be an issue either. It would probably be OK in a shower as long as there was decent ventilation to keep condensation down. The unit itself is sealed with very little exposure of 'hot' components (nothing different than standard recessed light fixture.
    Will these fit 5" Halo cans?
    mark C on Jun 8, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It's a REALLY tight fit in some of the 5" cans and a couple of them wouldn't sit flush, and one 5" can it wouldn't quite fit...
    What dimmer switches work with these lights?
    Chris S on Apr 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: switches for led lights , regular ones wont work right , they will always flicker when you turn them off
    Can these be installed in a junction box?
    Juan L on Jul 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: These cannot be installed in a junction box. They need support and connection from a standard recessed light enclosure.
    Are these available in the daylight color/hue?
    william s on May 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. We would only carry this downlight in warm/soft 3000K.

    Should you require additional assistance, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Are these IC rated? Can they being installed in drop ceiling without housing? Are they CETL or UL or CSA rated?
    New User U on Apr 13, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: they are UL listed. They cannot be used without a housing. Can be used in housing that is IC rated.
    Can anyone tell me how deep the light is in inches? Distance from front bezel to back of the unit. Thanks.
    A shopper on Aug 19, 2017
    Can these be fitted to a junction box?
    A shopper on Jul 24, 2017
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    In love!
    A little background. I love the extra money from energy efficiency, but I absolutely H-A-T-E CFL's. Their light spectrum, up until recently, was pure garbage and after cleaning up a broken one I knew I didn't want them in the house if I could avoid it. But thanks to the "nanny state" in which we live it became hard to do otherwise. I slowly replaced a few lamps with CFL's, but was never happy with them.

    I've been following LED for many years and waited till they would evolve, I almost bought $200 early LED bulbs years ago, but refrained. This last year seemed to be the breaking point in the market, and LED's finally hit their stride though many that you find at home improvement stores are still way overpriced.

    I have a 25 year old tract home whose old can lights only have the old painted over "ring flashing" that is spring loaded against the ceiling around the outside of the can (which also leaked a ring of white light at it's edge at the ceiling). New fixtures have a ridged ring that will taper inward behind the bulb to hide the large gap that lets you see up into the can around the enclosure, but mine did not. Thus this area often gets spiderwebs and looks ugly.

    I'd wanted to retrofit these can lights for years, but replacement rings had to be figured out, found at a store, and could cost a good bit of money when it's all said and done. So this stayed on the "honey do list" until last week, when I saw these replacement units from Monoprice!


    - As you'll see below, installation is easy.

    - I really like that these are dimmable.

    - When at full strength they pretty well match the existing 75 watt incandescent floods I've been using.

    - When less than full strength, the light keeps the temperature (or perhaps a little more white), whereas incandescent lights shift heavily reddish. So, when next to each other the LED seems more cool.

    - The light output when dimming is very linear from full to minimum, the incandescent lights are not.

    - At minimum output (this may be my dimmer), they are a little brighter than the soft orange of the incandescent bulbs.

    - Plane of the LED light is lower than my older bulbs were so the light spreads further around the room, which I like.

    - Overall I'm extremely pleased, and will be buying more to replace bulbs in the remaining fixtures.

    - I got the 75 Watt model, but they also have a 65 Watt and 120 Watt model, I think the 120-W would be great in a workroom, kitchen, garage or office.

    INSTALLATION: Easy, literally 2 minutes!

    1 - Remove old bulb

    2 - Lift spring hooks (or squeeze wire arms) holding old ring in place and remove ring.

    3 - Find the two inward facing hooks made of the sheet metal of the can wall, they will be sets on opposite sides of the can. These sometimes may need to be bent in from can wall, depending upon your model.

    4 - Screw in the bulb connector into the old bulb base.

    5 - Hook one side of the wire springs in one side of the hooks and squeeze the other side of the wire spring till it fits in the other hook. Basically, they will both be sticking up almost vertically and the light will be hanging flat downward, ready to slide up and inside.

    6 - A little upward pressure and the unit pulls itself up and sits sturdily against the ceiling like the rings of the old can hardware.

    7- All done, turn on the lights!

    PROS: Very Easy Install.


    Light color and output level is great.

    Price... or should I say MONOPRICE!

    Light is close to the incandescent being replaced.

    No light leakage at edges of the ring near the ceiling.

    The unit looks very professional and nice when installed.

    CONS: Doesn't have fancy color/temperature settings.
    October 17, 2014
    If it wasn't for these lights I'd be sitting in the dark and wouldn't be able to type this review.

    PROS: Bought six of them. They came quickly and were easy to install.

    When I turn them on the room get bright and I can see.

    When I turn them off the room gets dark again.
    August 1, 2015
    great lights
    I bought 5 of these 2 15 watt and 3 10 watt fixtures. They replaced 5 60 watt floods. These are several times brighter and I really cannot see a difference between the 10's and the 15's. Very satisfied with these. Where I had a dull yellowish light, I now have very bright white light. Also, very easy to install.
    September 2, 2016
    Great lights aesthetically, functionally, and economically
    I really like the look of these lights with their frosted/diffuse lens that hides the electronics behind. It's a big plus that the metal trim is included, because that's another significant expense. These are really nice and bright and the color temperature is pretty good - not like incandescent, of course, but still a pleasing warmth that is really good for visibility. I have ten wired in parallel and I'm using a Cooper dimmer that has adjustable low-end and kick-start and the dimming performance is very good (i.e. can go from barely visible to full brightness). The kick-start adjustment can help when turning them on at a low dimming preset level. Their longevity remains to be seen. I give 9 stars because I don't want Monoprice to rest on their laurels - keep improving - but I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially at the great price!

    PROS: Attractive, includes trim, bright

    CONS: Maybe a little too bright, but you can use a dimmer
    September 24, 2015
    Caution on Mounting to Old Can
    Very easy to install if you are careful with what you do and know your mounting system.

    PROS: Totally as advertised after two weeks of use. Good color and good brightness

    CONS: Not a negative just a fact - there are multiple mounting system for can housings. This is great for the spring wire type mount (you can see in the photo the wire that stick out. Make sure you housing has the pre punched slots for this type system. Some of my cans use a coil spring mounting system and will require a retro fit to make this work.
    June 22, 2015
    Good LED Retrofit
    Good LED Retrofit Unit for recessed can lights. Equal to other models at nearly twice the price. Immediate response when turned on. No delay. I have not tried them with dimmers yet. I would love to see a higher power LED option for larger rooms or higher ceilings.

    PROS: Easy installation. Nice warm color. Price. Clean finish.

    CONS: Limited to only purchasing 10. 10 watt LED.
    February 19, 2015
    Great Light
    Really easy to install and look way better than old bulbs. Bought 3 to try out and will be purchasing more for my other 10 cans. Only real complaint is they don't dim down as far as my old bulbs and the color isn't quite as warm but I'm happy enough to order a bunch more. I would recommend these bulbs.

    PROS: Easy install and Looks great

    CONS: Not as "warm" of light as I expected but close enough
    June 3, 2015
    Great lights, great price
    I bought 80 of these for a house we are building. So far so good. The electrician put them all in, on the inside and on the outside of the house and they are bright and look great.

    PROS: All of the lights worked out of the box. They are bright and look great

    CONS: So far so good. There were 2 out of 80 that had a slight yellowish tinge, but otherwise all the rest looked the same and seem to function flawlessly.
    October 7, 2015
    exactly what i was looking for
    these conversion lights were a breeze to install, are the perfect color and very attractive. I am actually looking at other locations were i can install them in my home. One thing to keep in mind is that the light is very clean so you m,might want to go down in lumens when replacing older style bulbs. Oh one more thing they are dimmable but you might need to change out the dimmer if you want to dimmer extremely low. This i not a problem for me but good to know.

    PROS: easy to install, correct color, clean light

    CONS: none
    March 11, 2016
    I just purchased, but have been very happy with the product so far.

    PROS: Seem to be very high quality materials. Baffles create a nice dispersion of the light. Quite bright, and a nice color temp (3,000, which is a little whiter than traditional incandescents). The price is great.

    CONS: Don't dim all the way, however I'm interested to try the Cooper dimmer switch that one user claims allowed him to dim completely.
    October 18, 2015

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