Premium Portable Sonic Resonance Speaker
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    Premium Portable Sonic Resonance Speaker

    To get loud booming sound, you generally need two things in a speaker, large cones to move large volumes of air and a lot of power to drive those cones back and forth. Without those, you get thin tinny sounds and not much volume. That in a nutshell is what you get from most mini portable speaker system designed for use with laptops, music players and cell phones.

    The Portable Sonic Resonance Speaker from Monoprice changes how audio is delivered, by phasing with any clean, smooth, flat surface you attach it to and turning the entire surface area into one huge driver. You get even more air pulsing surface area than you get from traditional cone drivers.

    The result is loud, clear and bold audio. Perfect when you want to share audio such as in a presentation, entertaining friends or just setting the right ambient mood.

    The Portable Sonic Resonance Speaker is basically a specially designed transducer that efficiently transfers sonic vibrations to the surface it attaches to. The base of the speaker is a specially treated soft silicon pad that adheres to any clean, smooth, flat surface. It can be removed and replaced several times. When dust and dirt accumulate on the pad over time, it can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and instantly be brought back to life.

    The video is a demo of the speaker. While it won't be able to truly show the dynamic impact of just how well this device performs sonically, it is a good introduction to what the device is and how it works.

    Model 6914
    Frequency Response 40 Hz ~20 kHz
    Output Power 2 watts (RMS)
    Power Source Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    Charging Input 5.0 VDC, mini USB
    Playback Time up to 20 hours
    Audio Input 3.5mm stereo TRS
    Dimensions 5.0" x 1.9" x 1.1" (127 x 47 x 27 mm)
    Weight 7.1 oz. (200g)
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    Could this be attached to a helmet?
    New User U on Jul 5, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I'd say no, it's not a great fit for a round surface. It requires a flat, thick surface that it makes constant contact with and uses as a speaker. Maybe if it was smaller and thinner it would work inside a helmet but I don't think this product fits correctly.
    3.8 / 5.0
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    Novel devices, ambitious bass for size and price
    I purchased this because it was a novel driver design to me. I am an audiophile with experience with gear in a wide variety of price ranges, and I have tried connecting it to a variety of sources to test it.

    Bass disperses very well through the bottom, vibrating the surface it is sitting on. Different surfaces alter how long notes trail and a bit in timbre. Upper mids and highs, especially high female vocals, may sound localized, which may contribute to a little feeling of "tinniness". The bass is very good for a speaker ~$50. The mids and highs are neutral and a little smooth, not mind-blowing, but quite decent for $30 speakers.

    The 20 hour battery life is great, but you should know it is charged by usb. I also quite like the size and weight and look. If you are looking for a low cost portable speaker, this should be a candidate on your list. If you mainly like good tangible bass, there may not be a better sounding portable speaker under $100.

    PROS: Clean, full, tight, deep, well-dispersed bass
    Neutral and resolving for a portable mono speaker under $100
    Big sound in small box
    Everything well thought out... form factor, ease of use, battery life, accessories, even the packaging container which also sounds good as a surface for the speaker btw.

    CONS: Mids and highs may sound at times like they are coming from a small, easily localized place
    Not a con if you use two at once (don't do that lol), but it is a mono speaker, and a mono speaker will inherently present stereo data kind of mushed with odd dynamics.
    February 7, 2011
    Not worth it: bad sound quality
    I would not recommend this product. Although it's a pretty cool device, and produces fairly good bass when used on the right surface, such a surface is generally hard to find. Also, the midrange and treble sound horrible, which is a complete deal-breaker for me. I do not enjoy using this device at all, mostly due to the midrange and treble.

    PROS: - Good bass on some surfaces. For example, when held on a hollow wood door it produces loud, deep bass, down to about 40Hz, as advertised. It's loud enough to be heard throughout a house. Also works well on thin wooden tables.
    - Convenient to use: it switches on automatically when the cable is plugged in, the battery is internal and rechargeable so there's no need to replace it all the time, easy to charge (simply use a USB port).
    - Fairly loud: loud enough for the audio from a movie, even when chewing loud, crunchy chips in a moderate-sized room.
    - Small and easy to transport
    - Comes with good quality cables

    CONS: - Sound quality is bad. The bass is alright when used on the right surface, but the midrange and treble are horrible because they are produced by an extremely low-quality speaker: it's the type of speaker that is commonly used as the internal speaker in a computer tower, which is basically the lowest-quality speaker possible. Vocals sound muted, treble is virtually non-existant, and nothing in the music is "clear". I plan to open up the device and replace this speaker sometime (I already opened the device before to see what type of speakers it uses, and to check out the electronics).
    - Although the bass is fairly good on some surfaces, such as hollow wooden doors and thin wooden tables, it's generally hard to find a good surface. Wooden surfaces thicker than about an inch are too rigid for the device to produce any appreciable amount of vibration in them. Rock surfaces (such as granite) don't work at all. Some thin metal surface work, but tend to vibrate and sound "tinny", as expected.
    - When the bass gets really loud, the device tends to shake across the surface. Cleaning the gel pad tends to prevent it from doing this, but in some cases it will still do it.
    December 21, 2011
    Response from Monoprice
    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your feedback and very thorough review of the speaker. If you don't mind me asking did you also try glass surfaces and if so any take on how that worked out for you? If you weren't planning on continuing to use the speaker and no longer have a use for it I can assist with creating an RMA for a return for you. I would just need an order number to get the process started. Sorry for any dissatisfaction you may have had.


    Tjayi Malone
    Tech Support
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    Pretty Impressive Speaker
    I bought this based on reviews from others, a hunt for a good sounding speaker, and out of curiosity of how it stands up against my other portable models. I won't try to compare it to the usual suspects (jambox, etc...), but I doubt you will find many other speakers this small that sound this good in this price range. It's a little bulky for a front pocket but would easily go into a cargo pocket. I would recommend a case or bag of some sort when transporting it because of the gel pad on the bottom of it. I keep it in a digital camera case (one without the felt lining) and it has a small accessory pocket to keep one of those retractable 3.5mm aux cables with the speaker so I'm never without it. It's pretty cool to people at work the speaker because I always let them hear it before I attach it to the table or other surface and it's cools to see the look on their faces when they hear the low frequencies coming from this thing. The battery life makes it even better because I can average about a week on one charge although usually charge every other day or so anyway. The audio sounds good enough to be pleasant enough to listen to all day at work without getting annoying. I want to order another one to see what a stereo configuration (it sums to mono) might sound like with it and how much more bass it might add to the sound. I didn't think I would like the concept of the gel pad on the bottom because those things have tendency to get messy over time but I haven't noticed any of that yet with this unit. The pad feels more like soft silicone or rubber and doesn't feel like it's gonna come apart when I clean it. You just need to take a damp cloth and wipe off any debris or residue until it's clean again. You only really need to do this if it starts to lose its sound resonance or if it starts to look nasty. At the price, I think anyone curious about the speaker owes it to themselves to give it a listen.

    PROS: It has really impressive sound for such a small speaker and the bass performance is where it really kind of surprises you. The battery life makes it a great travel speaker and the on/off control is pretty cool so you don't accidentally leave it on.

    CONS: You have to make sure you always have it on a resonating surface to get the impressive bass performance. Although it's not showing any signs of wear yet (aside from fingerprints), the finish looks like it may not stand up to much abuse. A case would have been nice since it needs an auxillary cable to connect it to your devices.
    September 18, 2012
    Not working
    Planning on returning this, if possible really disappointed!

    PROS: Hard to tell, since it works for about 30 seconds and then dies, after being charged all night.

    CONS: I can't figure out if it's JUST that the included headphone-jack cable is bad (which it most certainly is, as the first thing one hears when plugging anything in is crackle and fuzz, and this happens anytime it's moved), or the speaker itself.
    May 10, 2013
    New review
    Love the speaker! First one we received was defective but Monoprice sent a replacement in quick time. Really happy with product & customer service.

    PROS: Clarity of speaker
    December 5, 2011
    Premium Portable Sonic Resonance Speaker is Great!
    The unit arrived quickly, was packaged extreemly well, and was exatly as listed. The unit is very sturdy and looks great. The LED's are very bright, too bright for me, but I like my room dark when sleeping. I used this speaker on my nightstand to listen to network radio streaming from my windows phone. I found that moving the unit around the nightstand altered the base resonance. The battery lasted a long time, which surprised me very much!

    I am very happy with this unit.

    PROS: Good loud sound from a little source.
    Great Battery Life
    Nice unobtrusive look

    CONS: For the price, no cons whatsoever!
    June 8, 2012
    Can't Believe Whining About $33 Speaker
    It's easy to complain about less than incredible quality. It would be much more helpful if you could identify a solution (i.e., a better sounding speaker for the same or less money).

    I bought the incredible Jam Box, and yes, it sounds better. BUT IT COSTS FIVE TIMES AS MUCH AS THIS ONE!!!

    PROS: Incredible for the money.

    CONS: None for the money.
    April 30, 2012
    Amazing Sound
    If you are looking for a portable speaker - just buy this one and be happy. Your search is over.

    PROS: Amazing. Great sound from a very portable speaker.

    CONS: none
    January 16, 2013
    Buy one for you and several for the best gift you could give someone!

    PROS: You won't believe the sound that comes out of this small box! Sit it down on a table or most anything and it uses that surface as a resonator for bass. Nothing to control.. no buttons on it at all. Just plug in your iPod or similar device using a stereo mini plug .

    April 14, 2012
    Big things come in small packages
    Great little toy, about the size of those old nokia brick phones. Simply plug in the 3.5mm audio jack and it works. It's about 5 times louder than my laptop speakers and really clear. Though how clear depends entirely on what surface you place it on. For the most part tables/counters/most glass, makes it sound great. Deep low tones, when it's on a good surface. I usually get between 8-10 hours of play time on a solid charge. Really convenient for on the go speakers. I would buy another one if I had any use for it.

    PROS: Great sound quality (depending on the surface you place it on.)
    Long battery Life / Rechargeable

    CONS: Sticking surface difficult to keep clean for proper adhesion.
    April 23, 2013

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