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    Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles
    Product # 27276
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    Model 27276
    Drivers Balanced Armatures + ø8mm Drivers
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
    Sensitivity 108dB
    Impedance 16 ohms
    Connector 3.5mm TRS plug
    Cable Length 47" (120cm)
    Weight 0.5 oz. (14g)

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    What kind of connectivity did monoprice use to connect the cable to the m80?
    New User U on Oct 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: From the image of the open box the cable is detached from the phones and appears to be an mmcx connector. Don't hold me to it though
    Can you clarify if these IE's have 2 drivers in each earpiece? 1 each Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver.
    A shopper on Nov 8, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, each earpiece has 1 dynamic driver and 1 balanced armature for two drivers in each earpiece.
    Is there a Microphone cable available?
    A shopper on Apr 4, 2018
    Does the cord go around the back of the ear?
    A shopper on Dec 2, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it definitely does, and attempting to route it otherwise will not work well.
    How long is the cable from the earphones to the splitter?
    A shopper on Jan 27, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: The actual cable, not including the splitter section or the jack itself, is 32”.
    My left any right channels are switched! Yes, I know I can put the R on the L cable, but for such awesome sounding IEM's - I am astounded that something so basic was overlooked. I have cross referenced with other pairs and speakers to be sure. Has anyone else had this problem??
    Ali R on Apr 10, 2018
    Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles
    Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles
    Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles (Open Box)
    Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles (Open Box)
    Are the cables detachable from the IEM's? If so, what type of connector is used?
    James B on Dec 26, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, the cables are detachable. The connector is an MMCX Type (Coaxial).
    I really like these iems but I’m confused about the nozzles. I did get three sets of nozzles but they all look exactly the same. How can I tell them apart?
    nathan b on Nov 1, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Each nozzle should be a different color: silver, gunmetal, and black.
    4.7 / 5.0
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    Very happy
    These headphones have been exactly what I've been looking for. This is all subjective but maybe it will help someone. I've been using the 14456 Monoprice Dual Driver earbuds for about a year (my favorite on this site) but I decided it was time to upgrade. So first I tried the 18516 Monoprice Triple Driver earbuds and was really disappointed because I couldn't hear a significant improvement over the 14456s. The clarity is about the same but I felt the bass on the Triple Driver earbuds was really lacking. I listen to mainly rock music but I was tired of headphones where the bass and the drums are barely even registered.

    So I hesitant to buy these headphones because there were no reviews and the "Three Tuning Nozzles" seemed a bit like a gimmick. But these headphones using the "silver nozzles" and the foam ear tips that come with was exactly the kind of sound profile I have been looking for.

    Cons: The cord length is a little bit short.
    December 25, 2017
    11 months ago
    Great comfort, sound, and price
    I was looking for a nice pair of in-ears for walking to/from work, and settled on these.

    -The fit is comfortable and they are very secure in the ears. Its also nice to be able to choose which earbuds you prefer, from the six pairs that come in the box.
    -The cable is thinner but feels sturdy. And when I am walking and the cable is bumping around, I don't hear it in the headphones.

    -In my opinion these sound amazing. I'm hearing a lot more details in my music, and everything sounds *crisp*
    -The tuning nozzles all sound distinctly different, and I like being able to choose one that suits my preferences.

    -While the sound is good, that's really all you can hear when you have these in, even at low volume. If Jason Voorhees was chasing you down while playing a vuvuzela and wearing rubber chickens on his feet, you wouldn't see it coming.
    I only include this because it is a slight drawback if you like being aware of your surroundings while listening to music.

    May 2, 2018
    6 months ago
    Great Product! Great sound from these IEM’s. I like them better than my Shure 215’s
    This a must buy if you’re looking for a solid IEM. I really don’t think you can get anything like this for this price anywhere else. This is a solid product. I was a little sckeptical but I’m glad I made the purchase. Monoprice - you’ve done it again!!
    December 27, 2017
    11 months ago
    Outstanding sound and value!
    I'm happier with this product than I have been with any product I've experienced in a very long time.
    I own a pair of Etymotic ER4s, and unfortunately they broke out-of-warranty. I wanted something hopefully more durable, and less-expensive, while still at or near audiophile sound quality.
    These definitely fit the bill!
    With the nozzles these came installed with, the audio seems MORE detailed than the Etymotics, with better bass (and not as overwhelming as the 1More Triple drivers I also bought), and they also have a detachable cable and come with an excellent case.
    Literally with each god recording I've heard through these, I've discovered new textures in the separate audio sources (guitar and processing, synth, vocals, type of bass, etc).
    I believe Steve Guttenberg reviewed a pair of IEMs from Monoprice that were one model back, and he was really impressed - so I was really looking forward to getting these.

    Anyone who likes or loves music, and wants an outstanding value, definitely check these out!
    I can't speak for the long-term durability/longevity yet, however the audio detail is absolutely killer.

    The only cons I've found, is the cord length is on the short side, and there was no manual or details that came with them. I've love to know how the other nozzles (which I haven't tried yet) are different - guess I'll need to try them to find out.
    March 19, 2018
    For a sub $100 set of IEMs, these are EXCELLENT
    I ordered these IEMs to replace some of my earbuds that didn’t quite cut it in terms of sound quality. I was planning on getting Shure 215s on the recommendation of other members of our worship team, but ended up giving these a shot. The quality of sound reproduction is excellent given the price. Great low end, clear treble, and sharp mids. They’ve become my go-to music earphones and performance IEMs. I recommend these with no hesitation whatsoever.
    February 20, 2018
    9 months ago
    Got my pair "dialed-in" now.
    Out of the package the earphones were fair sounding, nothing special. Spent about 4 hours swapping out combinations of nozzles and ear-tips settling on the "silver nozzles" and the "medium memory foam" ear-tips. Now that the earphones are "dialed-in" they sound wonderful. Every bit as good (if not better) than my old Shure 315's. I love them. Now I'm burning them in with pink noise. We'll see how they improve after the burn-in cycle. Thanks Monoprice.
    February 23, 2018
    8 months ago
    Great alternative to the Shure IEMs
    Upfront, I have the M1060 (which are fantastic) and Sennheiser 598 for over the ear headphones and I've recently had the Shure 315s and B&W P5s. I play FLAC or CD instead of MP3 and use the best gear I can afford(I've gone through the whole LP thing too). I would say I have discerning and forgiving ears. The music and how it's presented as a soundstage is the most important thing to me.

    Putting aside the cost I find these IEMs to be comparable directly to the Shures and for me they are as good and slightly better in some respects. The Shures lacked a top end and had little air but they were robust in sound. They presented music very strongly but in the end left me wanting more. These MP80s supply what the Shures didn't.

    The MP80s have more top end, the music has more air and the soundstage is wide left to right. Microdynamics - those audio cues that add life to vocals and live music and tell us where we are and are almost always in the top end of sound - can be heard with these earphones. That's important to me.

    I currently have the silver tuning nozzles which have more mid and high end but i will probably go back to the gunmetal ones for accuracy. There seems to be a bit of thinness (and I mean a bit, I'm being picky) in the mid range on some music that isn't there in my other IEMs but I put this to the nozzles.

    These earphones are light on the ears. They come with many different sizes and types of plugs(?) to fit the ears. I have bigger ear holes and tried the foam plugs then settled back to the more flexible silicone ones. The wires go over the top of the ear like the Shures and make a very comfortable fit. These IEMs are light!

    For walking around, exercising and just as a second pair for knocking about, these are perfect. I couldn't ask for more.

    Never mind that they are inexpensive, if you have discerning ears and need to hear details in your music they are satisfying. They won't make you happy at really loud volumes but at normal volumes for lots of different types of music these will make you very happy you spent the money. If you like acoustic folk or classical you will be really happy. And now you have more money for music!
    April 12, 2018
    7 months ago
    Monoprice branded Magaosi K3 HDs
    These are rebranded Magaosi K3 HDs. A very nice V-shaped IEM that typically sells for $110. These are an absolute steal for the $60-80 depending on whether you buy during a sale or not. And as the other reviewers stated the tuning nozzles seem gimmicky, but they really do dramatically change the frequency response. It's nice if these are your only pair of IEMs, so you can change what sound profile you want depending on your mood, it's kinda like a physical equalizer built into the IEM :D

    Great build quality, great customization options, great sound, great price 10/10
    Monoprice hit this one out of the park.
    I'd like to see what Monoprice can get with higher priced IEM offerings.
    April 9, 2018
    These are very good iems. Currently I'm running them with the stock gunmetal nozzles and medium comply/memory foam tips.

    Bass impact and clarity is nice, not bloated.

    Mids are clear, vocals come through smooth.

    Highs are crips, but not harsh. These are easy to listen to for a long periods.

    Overall for being iems, they have good clarity overall. Nice balanced sound with the gunmetal nozzles.

    I only knocked a star because my first set quickly had a bad cable right at the Y split. Hoping that was an isolated incident. Took about 1.5 to 2 weeks total turnaround to get my replacement. meh.
    April 23, 2018
    7 months ago
    I was surprised, like WOW!
    The MP80's are attractive looking with their shiny aluminum housing. The removable cable is tangle free, has a nice feel to it and is a good length. The cable is well terminated with nice silver and black accents and I like that the jack is straight not a right angle. I did find that while snapping on the cable connection to the earphone I was a bit nervous because it does take some "Umph" to get them in place, but once that is done - away you go.
    Right out of the box with the gun metal nozzle and the included silicone tips, I found the MP80's sounded wonderful! I was surprised, like WOW! I was expecting to give them some "burn in time" but not the case at all. These MP80's sound fun and amazingly clear! They do not have a laid back sound like the Sennheiser HD598cs I own, which I love and highly recommend, but yeah...you can hear every detail in the music and details you've never heard before. Instruments are clearly and individually present, vocals are up front and they image & sound-stage nicely. I feel there is plenty of satisfying bass, the mid-range sounds perfect to me as well as the highs - nothing annoying going on at all. They fit snug/comfy in my ears with a good seal and as I mentioned before, with the included tuning nozzles and tips anyone should be able to find the sound signature they desire.
    Source used for listening is my iPod Classic and Lossless AIFF files. I can't tolerate poor quality digital recordings at all so I only listen to what I feel sounds sonically great and always at the highest bit-rate possible. Short list of albums included... Fiona Apple - Tidal, Yes - Keystudio, George Michael - Older (K2HD Mastering), Gov't Mule - ScoMule (Live), Medeski Martin & Wood - Combustication, Judas Priest - Sad Wings of Destiny (K2HD Mastering) to The Orb Ft. David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres (3D60 Version) ...and awesome! I am impressed at how these MP80's show off the best of all I've thrown at them so far. Very enjoyable!
    Overall I'm really digging the MP80's a lot. They are a fantastic sounding earphone and I cant find any fault with them...I really like ALL of the included accessories.
    Highly recommended!
    August 5, 2018
    4 months ago