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    Monoprice Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Technology Earbuds Headphones w/ Microphone-Black/Bronze
    Product # 12235
    black peru - selected
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    Rated Input Power 1mW
    Max Input Power 3mW
    Impedance 16 ohms ±15% at 1kHz
    Sensitivity 100 ±3dB at 1kHz 1mW
    Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz

    Packaging Contents:

    • 1x Hi-Fi Reflective Sound Technology Earphones with Microphone
    • 2x Pair of Earbud Replacement Tips
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    How long is cable?
    Eric L on Jun 15, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: 4 ft. total.
    Are there details on what the button does while these headphones operate in different modes?
    A shopper on Feb 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. Device control will depend on the device being controlled. Typically The button will start and stop music or video when using media, and answer or hangup calls when used for communication. I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions feel free to contact us!
    does it actually stop music by button on android tab and phone?
    Gregory C on Nov 22, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: The single button controller will pause playback when pushed. This will also answer an incoming call. Call is ended and playback will resume when pushed again. Works with Apple® also.
    What is the length of the cord of these headphones?
    Merry P on Jun 30, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: 49" according to my ruler.

    I've been REALLY happy with these. I used them for my old iPhone but stopped using them with my iPhone 7, but only because I bought a pair of wireless Bluetooth 'phones for that since the iPhone plug changed. I use the 'phones you asked about when playing my guitars, keyboards, bass, etc. and get GREAT SOUND, none of which comes from my wife complaining it's too loud. :)

    Can't beat the price, either!
    4.0 / 5.0
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    Close but no cigar
    I bought two of these because, well why not. They look, feel, and sound pretty good. However with both of them I ran into a problem after about a month of use. Both of them lost a lot of the sound by becoming mono instead of stereo. That is I would hear the same channel from both the left and right. If I put pressure on the tip at a particular angle then they would sound fine again. My guess is something on the inside around the tip had lost its connection and by putting pressure on the the connection was restored.

    If this had happened to only one I would have written it off as a one time problem, but the fact that it happened to both and in exactly the same manner leads me to believe there is either a design or manufacturing flaw. I don't believe the problem is that the tip has a 90 degree angle because I have another set that has a 90 degree tip and it has lasted a couple of years so far.

    I also have http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10153 which last me until I either lose them or step on them or something like that.

    If monoprice can fix whatever is causing the problem I'd love to buy them but until I know that the flaw has been fixed I'll be buying different ones.

    PROS: Looks and sounds good

    CONS: Does not last long
    November 25, 2015
    Absolute Perfection.
    I will make this simple: these in ear headphones are the best I have ever tried in over 30 years. I wish I would have tried them sooner I would have saved so much money. My wife tried them and fell in love, she then told me to order 5 more as backups and so we have them in multiple places. Then ordered another 10 to give them away to employees to replace the craptastic Apple headphones people use. I have tried Polk, Beyerdynamic, Sony, and even my cherished Sennheiser over the years looking and trying so many and spending money I will never get back in search for the most comfortable perfect sound. This is it. These under $5 earbuds shame an entire industry with the perfect spatial clear and full sound for the price of a cup of coffee. Buy them, or waste money. That simple.

    PROS: Full sound and wide soundstage. Deep bass, perfect pitch midrange, crisp highs. Never too much bass tobe muddy nor highs that hurt your ears. Can wear them a long long time.

    CONS: I wish I had known before selling the equivalent of a car or house for audiophile guaranteed overpriced poopbuds.
    July 31, 2016
    These things ROCK!
    When I first tried them they sounded a bit brassy with too much emphasis on high-frequency notes. Then, after reading a few reviews for similar products, I gave them a burn-in for 24+ hours. Now these are incredible. For working-out they are the perfect substitute for my $200 pair of studio cans. These are far better than my $60 skull-candys or anything by Beats. By far the absolute best value in earbuds!

    PROS: Incredible sound, good tip selection

    CONS: weird cord, not very rugged.
    May 28, 2015
    I really like them
    Great for all my calls and perfect sound for my music when at the gym

    PROS: Sound and option of color

    CONS: The cord is a tab bit long when working out.
    September 18, 2016
    amazing for the price
    I bought the bronze/black ones when they were $3.99 plus a 20% discount store-wide. These are definitely worth the price, even at the $10 mark. I fully recommend you get these earphones over the 8320s, I have a pair of those and they are currently collecting dust somewhere because they are very uncomfortable. These pair feel fine, they have no microphonics, the mic works good and with the button you can press the M once to pause, or press the M twice to skip the song. I wish there was volume control. I also like the flat cable, other reviews say that they don't prevent tangling but I personally have not experienced any really bad tangling.

    The sound on these are amazing for the price. Soundstage is wide, just like the 8320s. My only complaint is that it is too bass heavy for my taste. My other complaint, not regarding sound, is that the earphones and slip out of your ear slightly. I usually notice it once my music sounds distant and flat, only to discover that yet again I have to push my earphones back in place. It doesn't happen TOO much for it to be a major complaint, just something to be aware of

    PROS: -In-line controls/Mic
    -No microphonics
    -Good soundstage
    -Amazing value for price
    -Flat cables prevent tangling

    CONS: -Too bass heavy
    -No in-line volume control
    -Earphones can slip out of place
    August 23, 2016
    They're ok
    On a whim, I bought these because they were on sale for $6 and there were some positive reviews, here and elsewhere on the Internets.

    They're...ok. It's hard to describe audio quality in words, but to me they sound kind of harsh and fizzy on the high end, and the mids and lows are just sort of there. I compared them A/B with my Sony MH1C's (still by far the best earbuds I've heard - though I'm no expert) and it wasn't even close. Interestingly, the Monoprice earbuds are much more efficient than the Sony ones - they are way louder at the same volume from the source (my Macbook, in this case).

    I can't speak to their reliablity I only used once and decided they weren't for me.

    If you need an inexpensive set of earbuds and aren't very picky about sound quality, then these could be a good choice. If you're picky like me, I'd say pass.

    PROS: They're inexpensive

    They Look nice

    They don't sound terrible

    CONS: but they don't sound great, either
    November 22, 2015
    Worked for a while
    I would steer clear of these headphones. i have had 3 pairs of these, bought 2, then had one replaced under warranty. All 3 pairs quit working after some time. i think in all 3 cases it was the right earbud. Seems like a connection comes loose and sound stop coming out. They sounded good when they worked.

    PROS: Sounded great for the time that I had them compared to other $10 earphones.
    inexpensive earphones that don't break the bank when they stop working.

    CONS: Quit working after the replacement period ran out.
    May 10, 2016
    Absolutely fantastic
    I will say first, that I am not a headphone snob, but I do know good sound when I hear it. I have been running sound in a live auditorium for about 16 years now, have been in car audio (the good kind, not a basshead) for about 20 years now. I will say though, I like to find products that don't break the bank but are still great quality. In other words, I try to strike the balance of quality vs. value. I have been listening to the very first revision of the Klipsch S4's for many years now and I thought at $75 bucks that they were about as good as it gets. I have read in many places that Monoprice, while cheap, and sometimes the build quality is questionable, that they have had decent sounding ear buds. After reading about these in particular, I got some just to see what the hype is about. And let me tell you, the hype is real. These guys are better than the Klipsch S4's in every way. Heck, I bought three more pairs just because they sound so good. Don't get me wrong. They will not replace a $300 dollar set of ear buds but they are certainly better than a $75 dollar pair. I will even go out on a limb and say that they are better than the Shure 215's. I actually bought a pair of the Shure's right before these because it was time to put the S4's to rest and I actually ended up returning the 215's which sounded muddy with little bass in comparison. Very happy with these.

    PROS: They sound great.
    Build quality is great
    They feel good in my ears

    CONS: I am not so sure about the flat cable. It gets tangled despite the fact that they are not supposed to.
    February 23, 2016
    Can't beat the value
    Much better than $50 earbuds (Monster) I've purchased. Given the price, I purchased two pairs in one order. I'm 57 and don't have the greatest hearing, so I'll defer to others in regard to sound quality issues/statements.

    PROS: Cost
    I won't be disappointed if I lose/misplace them.
    Microphone for using my cell phone as a phone!
    I like how they fit into my ear (more than I can say other pairs of earbuds!)
    I like the black/gold color scheme

    CONS: Strong base (although some people may like this)
    February 24, 2016
    I purchased these as my previous headphones died after considerable wear. I'm have experience with Monoprice's price/quality ratio that is, not the best in any given product line, but superior among similarly priced products, and easily comparable to products twice, or even four times as expensive.

    It is with this understanding that I purchased, received sooner-than-expected, and now enjoy these headphones. I've had them for a few weeks now and expect them to continue to fill the role of my earphones well.

    PROS: Good sound, look great, and inexpensive. Very strong bass (pro/con depending).

    CONS: None, considering the price once again. Very strong bass (pro/con depending).
    July 13, 2015