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    Monoprice LED Video Camcorder Light with 140 Pieces LED and 1000 Lumens Brightness With Adjustable Color Temperature
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    How long do the batttery pack (either AA alkaline or rechargeable) last?
    Christopher L on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: With fully charged battery can last approx. 60 minutes.
    Which type of rechargeable battery packs work with this?
    Christopher L on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. This unit will be compatible with Sony batteries. Below is the list of the model numbers of compatible Sony batteries:

    Does this come with a diffuser or other filters?
    Phillip D on Apr 11, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Then contents are below:

    Camera Lamp (1), Lamp Base (1), Battery Junction Box (1), User Manual (1) and Storage Bag (1)
    Is there a way to power this from an outlet?
    Christopher L on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It does not come with an AC adaptor nor is there anywhere to attach one.
    Unit appears to have a threaded insert on the bottom for possible tripod/stand mounting. If using for video lighting it would need a separate stand or is there a way to mount this to an existing video cam?
    William H on Mar 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Yes, the light itself will have a threaded insert for tripod/stand mounting purposes.
    What are the dimensions of this unit?
    Alan S on Dec 11, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. The dimensions are 123 x 95 x 23mm, I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions feel free to contact us!
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    Nice unit, with significant flaws
    I've been an event videographer for close to 27 years, and have used many different cameras and light sources. I already have a couple of good Z96 units and was impressed by the size of this unit as well as the fact that it's bi-color. The price was good, too. Unfortunately, this is not a good solution for an on-camera light for event work, due to lack of effective diffusion and the inability to easily ramp up the light output from zero. Put it on a stand over a crowd or use in a controlled studio lighting situation and it's great.

    My biggest complaint, though, is the clunky, non-intuitive controls and lack of documentation on how to use them. If you want blended color throughout the dimming range, no problem. If you want either daylight or tungsten, you have to toggle back and forth through the controls to get just one set of leds to light, then use the up-down buttons to change the light output. Sounds easy, but the up-down buttons do different things depending on which set of color leds is lit at any one time. For instance, if both sets of color are lit and you want to change the temperature by dimming one color, pressing the down button will dim one set, but exactly which set (tungsten or daylight) gets dimmed depends on which set was dimmed previously on a completely different setting. Good luck remembering that, or getting back to that setting to tell it which color to dim before navigating to the setting that actually dims the selected color. Sound confusing? It is.

    I'm wondering why the manufacturer couldn't have set the left-right controls to toggle between the two colors, and used the up-down buttons to change the brightness of the specific bank selected. Suffice it to say that anyone using this light in a run-and-gun situation needs to have a high tolerance for fumbling with poorly designed controls. Fix that, and you'd have a 9 star review from me.

    PROS: Strong light output bi-color uses readily available Sony batteries small, lightweight even with battery on board.

    CONS: Non-intuitive, difficult controls inadequate instructions lowest dim levels still too bright for event work with modern cameras inadequate diffusion.
    January 26, 2014
    Amazing for the money.
    Overall these are a must have for the video maker who may find himself in a poorly lit area. Light and small, they can be kept in a small case or bag. I have two. This spring I may get a third.

    In the video below I am using two of them at full. The batteries are not new. One Panasonic prosumer cam and one GoPro

    PROS: I use two of these lights as actual stage lights for my band when I play small venues. Then I can use it as a video record light and as an actual stage light. Being able to select color temperature and white balance to that is fantastic as well so its easy to get the amount of warmth you want without having to spend a lot of time, effort and horsepower in post production getting the right look.

    They are very bright so you don't want to have them facing a camera and the batteries last a lot longer than you think they will, given the amount of output.

    CONS: The battery hatch is cheap and flimsy. It would be wise to use some masking tape over it once you have batteries inside as chasing batteries around your set is time consuming and embarrassing. Also the switches need a little practice till you get exactly what they do.
    February 14, 2014
    Nice one!
    Very nice one for the price, easy to use, portable,

    PROS: Amazing light for the price, control over amount light and warmth of light, easy to take it with you.

    CONS: Drinks too much battery WHEN NOT OPERATED
    April 23, 2014
    MonoPrice Purchase
    My purchase arrived quickly and worked beautifully.
    April 4, 2017
    1 year ago
    Good for price, but no manual.
    Great for the price. Would be nice to have an instruction booklet though. Also, it eats through batteries.
    May 19, 2017
    1 year ago
    Terrible controls
    The controls for this thing are like a puzzle and the documentation is useless. Light does seem reasonably built and is bright but next to useless if you need to change temp to match changing conditions quickly.
    April 20, 2017
    1 year ago
    Nice idea; failed execution.
    This unit had so much potential, but Monoprice failed on the execution (yes, i know it's likely just rebranded, but they stuck their name on it, so they get the blame).

    As others have mentioned, the controls are just about the worst design they could have thought up. And, that's being nice.

    i was pleasantly surprised by the Flash mode (nondescriptively, and ironically, labeled, "F"), particularly since it isn't even mentioned in the instructions. It's triggered through the included 1/4" to hotshoe bracket. It is a clever design, however, the hotshoe interface uses a screw-down locking mechanism, which relies entirely on a small, fragile bit of plastic, to lift the locking pin. The first time i attached it to my Sony A6000, the tab failed to lift the pin. Now, since that tab is inside of the bracket, i, obviously, had no idea why the bracket would not come off of my camera. i followed the directions to the letter, too, and spent a considerable amount of time and energy trying to understand what might be the problem. Fortunately, i have some decent engineering skills, and am rather stubborn, so i was able to reverse engineer the entire bracket design, and manually pry the pin up, after removing the broken plastic tab, without causing major damage to my camera. However, there was some damage to a number of the contacts in the "smart" hotshoe, as a result of the stuck bracket. Since i don't have another flash, nor any of the Sony "smart" hotshoe accessories, i cannot test the hotshoe, but i can clearly see some of the pins are bent (i should note that the hotshoe had never before been used, and had a cover on it most of its short life - prior to this experience, the contacts were in perfectly new condition, without even dust on them). i blame Monoprice for this; it's a flawed design, and the instructions don't even explain how that function works, nor how to lock/unlock the bracket. i am dreading what the repair might cost me... i am guessing it'll be around $200... i would have been better off buying a quality product from a reputable competitor for $200, than buying this.

    The light is compact, and unexpectedly bright. It's capable of a decent range of color temps, but the preset concept they advertise simply does NOT work like presets. At all. They exist, it would seem, to complicate the process of actually dialing in the precise color and intensity that you want. Seriously.

    Supposedly, Sony battery packs will work with it, but there's not a shred of info on how to get, nor use, the necessary adapters to make that happen. i just use AA batteries in the included removable battery pack. That pack is actually a good design approach. i have another LED light similar to this one, including the ability to use rechargeable battery packs (they include a bunch of adapters, though, and a simple intensity dial), but the AA battery pack isn't removable, which makes it twice the thickness of this design.

    All in all, i wouldn't recommend this product. And, if you do have it, or get it, don't trust the hotshoe bracket. Just don't. It's a great idea, but made so cheaply that it is guaranteed to break, and designed so poorly that, when it breaks, it may harm your hotshoe mount.

    i will be thinking twice, before ordering from Monoprice, again. Reputation and Integrity are important to me - they were willing to put their name on this product, and, now, the
    quality of this product represents the quality of Monoprice, as a company.
    July 28, 2017
    1 year ago
    This thing came not working :(
    April 15, 2016
    Small Power
    I got this to provide fill light on small item photos for online sales. Out of the box it was physically smaller than I imagined. But wow, is it bright for such a small studio light. It can light up an entire room. My wife wants to use it next time the power goes out. I didn't even know it can mount on top of a SLR camera and be put into "FLASH" mode. Without any setup it takes much better flash pictures than the stock flash. The big panel of lights looks weird sitting on top of the camera, but it might impress friends at the next party.

    PROS: Small, bright, lots of functions, stand alone operation, good camera flash option

    CONS: Six AA batteries are heavy atop a DSLR. Mount tightening knobs are sticky and can get really locked down if you over tighten.
    March 18, 2014