TPU Case for Moto X - Smoke
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    TPU Case for Moto X - Smoke
    Product # 10834
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    TPU Case for Moto X - Smoke

    So you've got the brand new Motorola Moto X™ smartphone and you need a case for it? Look no further because Monoprice has you, and your phone, covered!

    This case is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a material that combines the flexibility of silicone with durability and protection of PC (polycarbonate). The case has cutouts on the top and bottom for the connectors and on the back for the camera lens, flash, and speaker. The buttons on the sides are covered with a thin section of TPU, allowing each button to be manipulated without exposing it to the elements.

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    Good Fit, Great Value, Poor Design
    This case is a great value. It's a great combination with the 10310 suction cup mount, which worked fine on my naked phone, but against the smooth surface of this case it holds on extra TIGHT!

    Now... about the design flaw. This case has separate holes for the camera lens and the flash. The two holes are right next to each other leaving a thin piece of material that running between them. If you use the camera flash this material catches the light, throws it back into your lens, and ruins your picture. High-end case manufacturers who actually test their products realize this and used a different design. Reference the Otterbox cases for the Moto X.

    I easily remedied this with an X-ACTO knife. I cut out the septum and shaved the sides a bit, joining the two holes into one egg-shaped hole. The camera works perfectly now and I'm probably the only one who notices the less-than-perfect edges of the hole.

    PROS: + It's under $3!

    + Fits snugly, doesn't ruin Moto X's good hand feel.

    + Works great with Monoprice 10310 (Suction Cup Mount).

    CONS: - Design flaw impairs use of camera with flash.
    November 6, 2013
    Very pleased, especially for the price
    I bought a skin/holster combination from another vendor, and like the holster but didn't care for the other vendor's skin. A reviewer on that site suggested using the holster with a standard TPU skin acquired elsewhere, and Monoprice has the cheapest TPU skins anywhere - I paid less than $4 shipped.

    It's a standard TPU skin, thin, great fit, nice amount of grippiness to it despite being perfectly smooth. I wish it wasn't labeled "MONOPRICE" quite so boldly, but I'm willing to advertise a little for such a low price. I'm generally very happy with it.

    The only drawback is the problem with the "flash hole" as noted by another reviewer. The opening in the case is a little too close to the camera lens, and far too close to the flash LED. In flash photos, the case itself catches a substantial amount of light from the flash, and a substantial amount of that light leaks back out again near the lens, ruining the picture. This should be easy to fix with an exacto knife or small sharp scissors, although I have not yet done so.

    Monoprice, I'd be glad to send photos of the case as applied to the phone, and pictures taken on the phone, with and without the flash, with and without the case, for you to forward to the design folks.

    PROS: Low price, thin, low price, grippy, low price, nice tight fit, low price, works perfectly in a clip-style holster from another vendor, low price.

    CONS: Small hole for camera flash LED interferes with flash photos as noted in another review
    January 29, 2014
    Great case... if you own an x-acto knife
    My eternal thanks to the other reviewers for pointing out how the plastic that's between the camera flash and lens is messing up flash pictures. I rarely take flash pics so I didn't know of this until I had owned the case for a few months. As the other reviews state, the plastic there absorbs light from the flash and bleeds it to the lens, making flash pictures not turn out so hot. If you look at other non-Monoprice TPU cases you'll see that there's a much needed gap between the 2 holes. I took a knife and removed the plastic that's between the flash and lens. Everything was good after that, but I have since switched to a green case from another company because I like green and Monoprice rarely has green cases for anything. But it's a great and inexpensive case if you're a DIY kinda person who owns a precision knife.

    PROS: Great fit, great grip, everything is awesome except for that one thing that everyone is complaining about.

    CONS: Lack of color choices. Monoprice forgot to NOT put plastic between the camera flash and lens, which affects the picture quality.
    February 28, 2014
    Great phone case, but flawed design
    This is a great case. It's low profile and fits the phone really well - keeping the great curve and feel of the phone. Looks great!

    One issue: The camera lens and flash have separate cutouts. When taking a picture with the flash, the light gets caught in the case and bleeds into the camera, ruining the shot. I recommend Monoprice revise the design so the lens and flash share the same cutout.

    PROS: Great fit, great feel, nice look

    CONS: Flawed design around camera area - flash bleeds into pictures
    February 6, 2014
    Well made, designed for Gen 1 Moto X
    Just a note that this case is designed for the Gen 1 Moto X, not the larger Gen 2.

    PROS: Well made and economically priced

    CONS: NA
    December 31, 2014
    The product fits and feels as well as way more expensive silicone phone cases, and you can't beat the price.
    August 17, 2014
    Fits my Moto X just fine. My original charging cable and the Monoprice charge/sync cables work just fine with this case.
    March 10, 2014
    Great except for the flash glare

    PROS: Incredibly cheap and durable

    CONS: TPU between lens and flash causes a washed out appearance. On the bright side, I just removed the excess plastic with a simple pocketknife.
    September 15, 2014
    Great phone case but....
    I got this case for my Moto-X and I couldn't be happier with the fit, looks and feel of the case especially at the price that I paid. There is one flaw with the case. The pictures with flash are washed out. As suggested by other reviewers I tried removing the plastic between the camera and flash but that only alleviated the problem and did not solve it. For this reason i am rating the case at 7.

    PROS: Great fit

    Looks nice

    CONS: Design around camera, flash
    December 2, 2014
    Great case, don't use flash
    I always keep a couple business cards in the back, so I always have a 3-4 They keep better in here than in a wallet) although as the phone is curved, it wouldn't work for credit cards, etc, but that is an issue with the shape of the phone, not the case. If I ever lost it, and a responsible person finds it, maybe they would call the contact info to return it as the case is see through so they can see the cards.

    PROS: Works great as a case to protect against small drops. Adds enough friction to stay in place on a table, etc, yet slippery enough to put in your pocket.

    CONS: When taking a photo using flash, it washes out the picture, so just temporarily remove it for the photo, luckily it is easy to remove, and then put back on.
    December 24, 2014

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