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    Monoprice Bb Trumpet
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    Very Nice
    I was a little skeptical when I made the plunge for a 'cheap' trumpet. My son is going to 6th grade, and has shown great interest in band. He tried out and wouldn't you know it, plays the trumpet (just I did in 5th-12 grades).

    I read everything I could on this one: how thick the metal was, the tone, the cost, the case, etc. Figured I could try it and see if it was any good.

    Shipping was fast, as usual. The case was well boxed and plenty of air bags for cushioning.

    The case is awesome! I wish it was mine. it is light, a hard-enough shell, with cloth covering, handles on long side and short, sling, and backpack straps! How this would have made my days so much easier. Plenty of felt on the inside, room for tuning slide grease/ valve oil/ small cleaning kit. Side pocket for music, they really did think of about everything on the case.

    The trumpet:
    Kinda odd with three different colors, but for a beginner, no problem. The reviews were correct, the metal is tough. reinforced in all the right areas. I like the spit release valve design better than the one I got, easier to replace pads if needed. Tone: very good. It's not a bright and cheery one, but not a bluesy one either, good middle of the road perfect for a beginner. I like the left hand ring finger loop adjuster, which could support a lyre also. It does require a little more force to sustain a note than say a Bach, but then again, sub $200 versus $4000. Overall a great trumpet for beginner to mid range player also a great backup instrument.

    The mouthpiece that comes with it is a non-branded one, 7C (common for beginners). If you have thicker lips (like me) might want to get a 5C or even 3C the band director should advise on this.

    Side notes: Came with a set of white gloves and polishing cloth, a nice touch. Make sure to clean the valves and tuning slides before you play, not sure if it shipped lubed, but it differently needed oil and grease before the sliders would function correctly, and the valves to move freely.

    Did notice A couple things: The valves can be placed in the correct spot, but 180° out of phase, and it won't work. Glad it happened to me, not my son. Never seen this before on a trumpet, struck me odd, but easy enough to fix. The valve top threads: kind of rough cut they should have been more polished and tested better. The valves will be taken out frequently for cleaning, and these threads really need to be spot on. Ours was very rough, almost cross-threaded several times trying to put the valve back in.. Might try to buff it out a bit to see if that helps.

    PROS: Price, case, sound
    June 3, 2016
    Great student trumpet!
    I was looking for a starter instrument for my daughter. The school STRONGLY pushes rental from local music stores because of the potential need for repairs. At Monoprice's sale price, we were already ahead of rental rates after just 3 months. I had a trombone many years ago, so I knew and expected that instrument maintenance could be an issue, so I also purchased a cleaning and maintenance kit (elsewhere) for daughter. Once the valves were lubed properly a few times, it's been a great instrument for her to learn on. If she continues to become a proficient player, I'd consider a name-brand instrument for this one is great for a beginner!
    January 25, 2017
    over 2 years ago
    About the Features of this Bb Trumpet, from a pro
    DISCLAIMER: I have not actually played one of these trumpets, but I am a professional trumpet player and trumpet teacher, and just wanted to share some more information about the features of this instrument, and about more information about it that I would like to see included in the description. (So take note, Monoprice.) First, about the features that I see: It looks solidly constructed, with stronger nickel alloy used on parts of the instrument that need more strength (such as all of the slide bracings) as well as in places that need more protection from moisture (such as water keys, bottom valve caps.) The bell and most of the main tubing of the instrument are made of gold brass alloy (what we most commonly think of as "brass"), since this type of alloy on those parts helps to warm up the sound of the instrument and is a softer, easier metal for the manufacturer to bend and shape into those non-straight parts of the trumpet. It also looks like the rim of the bell is reinforced with bell-wire (the thick-rimmed "lip" around the outside of the bell), which protects the bell from slight dings and bumps which young student trumpeters are likely to encounter in its use, so this is also a good feature. The leadpipe is made of (reddish-colored) rose brass, a brass alloy that has a higher copper content in it, and this metal used on that part of the instrument should help to give the instrument a more solid and darker sound, the type that is desired in school bands and orchestras, for example. The use of these three different metals is more of an upscale feature to find on a trumpet, more likely to be found on intermediate-level or even professional level trumpets. Since I haven't tried it myself, I can't tell you how the included Chinese stock 7C mouthpiece sounds, but I'm sure that it will at least allow you to play the instrument with it, although trading up to a quality, famous brand-name mouthpiece, such as a Bach trumpet mouthpiece, would probably improve the sound of the instrument even more, for not very much additional expense. Also, if you are an older player (high school or above) and you want to brighten up the sound of this instrument to use for playing lead trumpet in a jazz band or stage band, or for playing 1st trumpet parts in a marching band, you can easier achieve a brighter tone quality by purchasing an additional good quality jazz-lead trumpet mouthpiece. (There are several good ones available.) Before buying a new mouthpiece of any kind, first consult your trumpet teacher or your school band director for suggestions and guidance on this. If you don't have anyone like this to consult with, then at least read about trumpet mouthpiece suggestions on the online trumpet forums and blogs (You can Google this), paying close attention to the recommendations of professional trumpet players who also teach trumpet. One specification that is missing in the description of the instrument is the instrument's BORE SIZE. The bore measurement would help you to compare this instrument to other brands and models, and would give you at least a general idea of how open and free-blowing the instrument feels when you play it. (Although to confirm this, you would have to test-play the instrument, or have your trumpet teacher or band teacher play it to test it, if you are a beginner.) The case looks pretty good also, with different carrying options, including a handle on the end, looks like also a standard handle on the front (where you open the case up) as well as backpack style loops and straps for carrying it like a backpack. The Chinese instrument case almost always zip open and closed with big, long zippers (it looks like this case is like that also), which takes a little bit longer to open than cases that have simple latches on them. The plus part of this is that, when the case is closed, it is more securely closed, and the case is not likely to come open by accident when you carry it (which would spill your instrument out, possibly damaging it.) The negatives of the zipper-close cases are (1) You must always zip the case open and closed gently, slowly and carefully so that you don't accidentally make the zipper jump its track (remember what that's like when that happens on a pair of blue jeans?) Also, the metal of the zipper pulls of these Chinese instrument tends to be cheap and fragile, and they often break off. BUT, if they do break of, the zipper pulls can be easily fixed by replacing them with one of those metal key rings (the round part of the key ring that looks sort of like a short, flat springyou can take off the decorative key fob if you want to, or you can use it as an additional handle to pull the zipper with.) Here's a tip to protect the finish and beauty of the instrument: Always wipe off your finger and hand prints from the instrument with a soft cloth after playing, it before you put it back in the case, and also empty the water keys and wipe off any moisture that is on the instrument. Also, oil the valves and grease the slides before you first use the instrument. (Ask your trumpet or band teacher for instructions on this if you don't know how to do this.) What the description says about Chinese-made instruments is true. When Chinese instruments were first being imported to the US, the quality of these instruments was fairly poor. However, as major instrument makers for the US and other countries started moving more of their factories to China and re-engineering the instrument designs and supervising the manufacturing process, the quality of the (more recently-made) Chinese instruments is now usually very good. The lesser-known or "no-name" instrument brands such as this one are often made in the same factories as the higher-priced name brands, only with a different brand name stamped on them. I hope this information is helpful to you!

    PROS: Instrument looks sturdy and well-constructed, and should be very good for standing up to student use.
    *Made of three different metal alloys in the right places.
    *Good handle and carrying choices for the case, with 3 different carrying options
    *Has a first slide U-hook and a third slide ring for throwing out these connected slide for better tuninga must!

    CONS: *Case zippers might be finicky and fragile, based on my past experiences with Chinese-made cases. (see above for tips on how to fix this, if problems arise.)
    *The instrument's bore size is not listed here, and that information would be helpful for shoppers.
    August 19, 2016
    Great Value!
    For the price, this is a great value! It's not a high-end (ridiculously expensive) instrument, but there are absolutely no negatives. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
    December 11, 2016
    1 year ago
    Great Bargain! Nice Sounding Horn
    When I was a kid, I played trumped in the band. I wasn't great, but I enjoyed the experience. I learned on a used Yamaha that had a sticky 3 valve. After a few years, I lost interest and the trumpet went under my bed (and then into the moving truck and to multiple homes until it ended up in the rafters of the attic).
    My son started trumpet this year and I gave him the old Yamaha. It was sitting for nearly 30 years, so it needed some love. Took it to a great shop and they did what they could and got it working, but old 3 still was sticky and it just didn't play all that great.
    Saw that Monoprice had a trumpet for a fair price (and with some deal going, it was a steal), so I figured to get the kid a workable instrument, a new one would be in order.

    When this trumpet arrived, I was pleased with the quality of the horn and the case. The sound is solid. Nothing too special, but certainly good enough to learn and move up into marching band or the like for the next few years. If he really gets good, we can search for something on the higher end at that point. But for elementary school band, this is a winner.

    PROS: Price

    CONS: None.
    March 31, 2016
    Bb Trumpet
    Very nice horn for the beginning to intermediate player. Well worth the price.
    January 4, 2016
    Nice Product with great case
    This worked well for our son in Middle School. Valves and slides are still working well. The case is light weight and provides adequate protection for the instrument. Much better than buying used equipment that was bent, damaged or corroded.
    February 1, 2018
    over 2 years ago
    I have near no experiance with a trumpet. I seems nice. I brought it to a music store and they said the quality was shockingly good for the price.
    March 15, 2017
    1 year ago
    Another great MOnoprice find
    I don't know anything about trumpets or any brass instrument for that matter, and I bought this for my 10yo son who is just starting out. From the local music store, the best rental I could get was $35/mo for a $1K Trumpet. In just 5 months, this trumpet pays for itself, so it's obviously a good deal for us. To my untrained ear, this sounds fine, and very close to the $1K trumpet. Maybe a little raspy in comparison, but again, my son is just learning and developing his technique. The only obvious downside I noticed is that the valves have more friction than the $1K trumpet, with one of them being significantly more so. It doesn't seem to hinder playing, and I'm hoping it will smooth out over time and repeated oiling. So who knows, maybe we'll have to sell it in a year for $50, it's still a huge $$ savings. Can't beat that.
    Another big plus is that the case is very lightweight, which is perfect for a 10yo.

    PROS: Price
    Sounds good
    Looks good
    Light weight case

    CONS: Valves have a bit of friction, at least for the first 3 weeks we had it
    September 19, 2016
    Excellent for the price. Above average for sound.
    Bought this trumpet because his music teacher wasn't satisfied with the pre-owned one I bought him, a King 600. Rather than spend money to get it serviced I saw this one on Monoprice with great ratings figured it was worth trying out.

    The build quality is good from what I can tell. The only complaint my son has so far is that it's much harder to hit the higher register notes.
    March 9, 2017
    1 year ago