Electronic Drum Kit
    Product # 608550
    Electronic Drum Kit
    Product # 608550
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    Electronic Drum Kit

    Enjoy the advantages of electronic drums using this Electronic Drum Kit from Monoprice!

    Electronic drums have several advantages over their acoustic counterparts. They are smaller and more portable than acoustic kits, they can produce a wider range of sounds and tones than with a traditional kit, and they are perfect for practice in areas or times where it would be impossible to do so with an acoustic kit. Additionally, they are ideal for recording work, as you can record off the output, rather than having to deal with microphones and stands, as with an acoustic kit.

    This electronic drum kit features a single bass drum, a snare, three toms, a hi-hat with foot pedal, and a pair of crash/ride cymbals. The snare and crash/ride cymbals feature dual triggers - one on the main pad and one on the rim. This allows you to play exactly as you would with a traditional acoustic kit.

    The control module includes 20 preset drum kits and 20 practice demos. It also has memory for storing an additional 20 drum kit setups. There are 280 different voices, any of which can be assigned to any pad or rim. In addition to the 1/4" inputs from the pads, the controller features a pair of 1/4" line outputs, a 1/4" headphones output, a 1/4" line input, and a 5-pin DIN MIDI output jack.


    • Snare drum pad with dual-triggers (RIM), plus three tom drum pads
    • Kick drum pad with foot pedal
    • Crash and ride cymbal pads with dual-triggers (RIM)
    • Hi-hat cymbal pad with foot pedal
    • Twenty preset drum kits and twenty memory slots for user-defined drum kits
    • Twenty demos for practicing
    • 280 voices
    • LED display

    Package Contents:

    • 1x Sound module
    • 3x Tom drum heads
    • 1x Snare drum head with dual triggers (RIM)
    • 1x Kick drum head
    • 2x Crash/ride cymbal pads with dual triggers (RIM)
    • 1x Hi-hat cymbal pad
    • 1x Kick drum pedal
    • 1x Kick drum pedal striker
    • 1x Hi-hat pedal
    • 1x AC power adapter (12 VDC, 1A, 5.5mm barrel diameter, 2.1mm pin diameter)
    • 1x Cable bundle with nine 1/4" cables
    • 2x Drum stick
    • 1x Pack of mounting screws
    • 2x 500mm rack tubes
    • 4x 600mm rack tubes
    • 2x 800mm rack tubes
    • 1x 300mm rack tube
    • 3x Cymbal brackets
    • 4x L-shaped drum head mounting rods
    • 1x Kick drum main bracket
    • 1x Kick drum L-shaped bracket
    • 1x Kick drum angled bracket
    • 1x Kick drum floor bracket

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    Any reason the Pads can't be used as basic triggers for other sets....such as Roland V-drums?
    A shopper on Mar 17, 2017
    Can you place the hi-hat on the right side and the tom on the left?
    In other words in lefty mode.
    A shopper on Mar 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Yes, you would be able to move the position of the drums. The adjustable clamps will allow you to set up the drums how you please.
    Reading the reviews, it sounds like there is no way to add a second kick drum to this kit.? I'm interested in buying a e-kit for Guitar Hero, but want to have the ability to use double bass.
    Jason G on Dec 15, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I have a similar drum set and used a Y cable to the BASS Drum input to add a second pedal and it works fine. I suspect that would work with this kit too.
    3.8 / 5.0
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    Want to give 3.5, but I'll lower it to 3 stars...
    SO: I'm sure many of you are eager to finally hear somebody's thoughts on this, so here's a full comprehensive review of unboxing, first impressions, setup, playability, and aesthetic look:

    Well done on the packing. Good job at getting all of this to fit into a decently sized box that's pretty manageable to move and carry. Packing was good, everything was very secure, and nothing seemed like it was given an opportunity to really get banged around.

    "Holy crap, my first electronic drum set!". So, I got this kit for Christmas from my lovely girlfriend. I've been a musician for a long time, and drums have always been a favorite of mine. It's been years since I've played, and she is too often subject to watching me air drum while sitting in traffic on the streets of NYC, so she opted to get this for me. It's definitely cool - I mean really, the idea and convenience of an electronic drum set really is cool. So, with that, the novelty factor was hitting strong upon taking all the parts out and laying them out. Overall, seems to be decent build quality, but the cheap price is definitely indicative of all of the plastic that they use.

    Setup was actually quite the hassle. No documentation - when I say "no", I mean they have a 1 page sheet that they include that just show you what it's supposed to look like when it's all setup, not an actual step by step. I'd prefer Ikea directions over this. Secondly, the way they recommend you set it up was actually not the way I used to play - in terms of where they place the hi-hat, as well as where they place the ride cymbal. However, after quite some time of tweaking and learning how to manipulate the tubes/clamps to reposition other clamps, I was able to get everything setup the way I want. The bass drum pedal/pad/stand are kinda weird - the directions show two screws to use to clamp the pedal down to the pad base, but it actually uses a wing-nut to clamp down...looks to me like they included setup instructions for a different pedal/pad base all together. That's neither here nor/there, because after visually seeing how it's supposed to work, it's very simple to set it up correctly. There are also no instructions on how to (start to finish) secure the regular snare/tom pads to the mounting arm so that they don't swivel. Again, this is one of those things that you're kind of left to figure out on your own, and after a few minutes, it starts to make sense. I will, however, give monoprice some props for doing a nice job at all the cabling - all clearly labeled on both ends and even bundled together about 8" from all the ends on one side so that they remain nice and tightly bundled coming off the audio controller. Once the entire thing is setup, it's definitely fun to look at and sit down in front of (SPOILER: NO DRUM THRONE INCLUDED!).

    It plays. It plays as well as some $700+ sets I've been on. It's no Roland - by ANY stretch of the imagination. This really is a $330 kit, but it definitely starts to sound and feel like one that's easily double the cost. I wouldn't quite say that this comes close to competing with the Yamaha DTX5xx series or the Alesis DM10 series...but it's not a horrible contender. Definitely a good step in the right direction as far as their first attempt goes. So, how does it play. It plays pretty well...honestly, it does. The pads are definitely rubbery, but do offer some pretty decent feedback on some 5/7/9 stroke rolls as well as really pounding them down. The cymbals are decent...2 zone with choke ability. The choke feature doesn't work all that great (hard to emulate a real cymbal choke on a rubber pad) but the feature is there, nonetheless. After getting everything in my target locations (pad/cymbal placements), I do find myself having a nice flow going once I start jamming and banging on these things. I do find, however, that monoprice's instructions on configuring your drum pads/cymbals in terms of sound, volume, pitch, and curve, are actually pretty comprehensive. Unfortunately, I feel like they tried to offer more feature customization instead of less feature customization, but with greater quantity of each said feature. So, what I mean by that, is adjusting the dynamic curve of the sound wave of the pads and cymbals is almost useless. I hear no difference from one end of the spectrum to the other, but in all reality, I'm pleased with the existing sound curves of these pads and cymbals given the fact that it is a $330 set. I seem to consistently get some ghost tom shots when striking my ride cymbal (even though I've adjusted the pad sensitivity and crosstalk for the ride) but to no avail. Furthermore, I feel like from time to time, I get a significantly louder ride "bell" strike when hitting the primary ride ping zone (the cymbal almost seems like it has three zones when this phantom bell noise occurs). Again, I've tried tweaking, but to no avail. All in all, a HUGE selection of snare sounds, tom sounds, cymbal sounds, and a bunch of (in my opinion) totally "out there" electronic/hip hop noises that I will most likely never touch.
    ***DISCLAIMER*** I have yet to create a kit and save it to memory...I've just been getting familiar with the functions and controls so I cannot speak on how well the memory bank/setup saving features work.

    It's pretty...not a terribly huge fan of the clamping systems and tubing, but it's a pretty looking set. When I really get going on this thing, I find myself checking to make sure it won't fall over from time to time, but then I have to remind myself that maybe I should tone it down and not play like such a psycho. Or hey, maybe even I should re-adjust a tad to make sure it's more sturdy.

    I'm interested to see what monoprice will do in the future when it comes to pad replacement/add-on's. The controller is maxed out, and I've always been a drummer that had a crash cymbal, splash, a second crash, and a ride. With the existing module, there is no room for expansion in the future. I hope that at worst, they offer a bigger module with extra space for new/additional pads, instead of having to buy an entirely new kit. Now, don't get me wrong, I could not be greedy and just allocate the secondary zone on my existing crash as a different sounding crash or splash, but not with my ride. I have to keep one zone as "ping" and one as "bell" because that's just the nature of having a ride.

    Pretty happy so far...let's see how it holds up after thousands of pad strikes (or hundreds of thousands) and see how it stands in 6+ months from now.
    December 29, 2015
    Electronic Drum Kit
    I found this kit to have a pretty decent feature set for it's price range, so I purchased it. It arrived right on time. It all came in one box. I am thinking it maybe should have shipped in two or three boxes though. The box was large and heavy, and arrived with the corner torn off. It has been my experience that UPS does this with awkward boxes. The kit was fine though, and I assembled it. Assembly was easy. The majority of the pieces on the kit are plastic, so I was cautious about tightening things down. Had to take the kick apart, and adjust it to get the screws to line up (no tools beyond a screwdriver needed).

    PROS: Affordable. 280 voices, so you should find something you like. Sounds nice. Allows customization of kits, pad sensitivity, crosstalk, pan, etc. - really gives a fair bit of adjustment, and control. Connects easily to headphones, amp, and / or mobile device. You might need splitters, or extra patch cables, but MonoPrice carries a good selection of those too - which are also quite decent for the price.

    CONS: I am nervous about the durability of the kit. It is comprised mostly of plastic - even most of the screw receivers are just molded plastic. Again, I have had no problems to date, but have really only used it for maybe 3 hours so far.
    December 29, 2015
    Hard to beat for the price
    I have a V-Drum set by Roland, and wanted to have a secondary set for my weekend place to mess with and since this was on sale, I thought it would fit the bill. It came in one large square box, only about 1 foot thick, a little awkward to carry, but better than dealing with multiple separate boxes. The assembly was straightforward although I though one of the covers of the drumheads on the back was missing until I realized it was the kick bass drum which is attached differently and didn't need the back cover. One reviewer pointed out that the clamp for the control unit doesn't fit well (ie. the plastic U-clamp does not quite flush with the tubing and the screws are barely long enough for it to catch the back of the control unit housing. You have to balance the 2 screws so they attach properly). As another reviewer also pointed out, the settings of the drumkit are not saved, and cannot be saved when you customize your drum sets. Even though the assignments reportedly can be assigned to different memory slots, the settings such as volume, sensitivity, etc. can't be saved along with the assignments. This proved to be a fairly big deal as the default settings are way off on the volume levels. I had to adjust the levels to get it more in balance - of note, the toms/snare are too loud and the crash/ride are too soft. So once you change these settings, they go back to the default values once you turn off the control unit. I have made a cheat sheet on the settings so that I can quickly reset them each time I turn it on - a royal pain in the you-know-what! If not for this huge flaw (which can easily be corrected with a firmware update), I would have given it a 5 star review. The sounds are fairly realistic, likely due to the relatively mature technology in drum sounds.

    PROS: Reasonable price (esp. with discount). Realistic sounds. Everything included - kick pedals, even drumsticks.

    CONS: Inability to save settings such as volume, crosstalk, sensitivity, etc.
    May 24, 2016
    I last banged on the drums ages ago.
    Honestly. The last time I sat behind a kit and played through a whole song was in 1978. But in the decades since life happened. So, I found myself wanting to get a small e-drum kit that would fold into the closet, that my kids could use to learn (quietly) and maybe get inspired but most of all the controller had to work with Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero / Band Hero. This kit hits the mark on all three counts.
    The frame is aluminum tubing. The clamps are plastic but the pad mount risers are steel as are the bases of the kick pedals. The kick drum is chain drive with adjustable tension. The Hi Hat switch is just a pedal and a spring. If you need to change it, you're gonna need a different spring. The cables for the pads are clearly labelled and match(!) the labels on the controller.
    The drum controller itself has inputs for only what is in the kit, plus a line in for play along. The outs are right and left/mono, headphone and standard MIDI 5 pin (yea!). The included AC adapter has a short enough cord that you might want to think about a good extension if you're not setting up near an outlet. The controller has a 20 slot memory for user settings along with demos and sound banks for the pads. I haven't played around with any of those yet. The cymbals and drum pads are all the same size and weight. The only difference is the labels underneath indicating "snare", "ride", etc. The cymbals do have both bow and edge zones and you can choke them, but of course they'll never fool you into thinking they're real metal.
    The best thing is, I set the kit up, connected it to the RB3 Midi Pro controller, set the RB3 switch to "D" and was able to get right into Rock Band 3. Even the lag settings stayed the same as they've been for the guitars, keyboard and old pos drum. I've read where others have had to roadie monkey computer setups to get drum controllers talking to game consoles maybe Monoprice should sell the controller separately? Having no USB out is a plus for some of us.

    All in all, 5 stars because it does an excellent job of being what it is supposed to be.

    PROS: Excellent value for the price!
    MIDI out is "standard" MIDI.
    It's a full kit, nothing else needed.

    CONS: No USB output.
    There may be no upgrade path for the individual parts? Different size pads, better quality?
    No room for more pieces on the controller. No double kick, no cowbell!!! without losing something else.
    September 4, 2016

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