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    Stage Right by Monoprice Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV)
    Product # 612745
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    Model 612745
    LEDs 7 RGBAWV 6-in-1 12-watt LEDs
    Control Signal DMX512, Master/Slave, auto-run
    Control Modes Stand-alone, DMX, Master/Slave, Sound Activated
    # of DMX Channels 3, 6, 8, 10, or 11
    Beam Angle 25°, 45°
    Refresh Rate 1.5 kHz
    Built-in Presets 68 presets
    Cooling Mode Fan cooling
    Life Expectancy 50000 ~ 100000 hours
    Ingress Protection IP20
    Input Voltage 100 ~ 264 VAC, 47 ~ 63 Hz
    Power Consumption 84 watts maximum
    Anti-Electricity Intension 1.5 kV
    Insulation Resistance > 2 megohms
    Dimensions 6.9" x 4.7" x 7.4" (176 x 120 x 188 mm)
    Weight 5.1 lbs. (2.3kg)

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    Are there pictures anywhere of what this lamp's beam looks like in a haze/smoke situation?
    A shopper on Dec 26, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: These lamps are very bright and do extremely well in haze smoke situations. I picked up 2 of them about 6 months ago and am super satisfied with the quality.
    According to the specifications, this fixture has 2 beam angle options (25 & 45 Degrees). Is that correct? How is the beam angle adjusted?
    Meghal P on Aug 6, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: That is incorrect. These lights only have the 45° beam.
    Is there any chance of this coming out in a battery powered version? Or any Monoprice lights in a battery powered, wireless signal version?
    Tim H on Dec 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: We are currently working on a battery powered wireless DMX fixture for 2018. No ETA at this time.
    Do you have double ended NAC3 cables for daisy chaining light fixtures? Like the 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV) id: 612745 Thank you!
    Ben B on Jul 13, 2018
    Stage Right by Monoprice Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV)
    Stage Right by Monoprice Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV)
    Stage Right by Monoprice 16 AWG NEMA 5-15p to powerCON Connector 1.5FT
    Stage Right by Monoprice 16 AWG NEMA 5-15p to powerCON Connector 1.5FT
    Are these run off 12v with a 120v converter?
    Anthony W on Oct 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The power supply is internal, so it is difficult to say what they do, but the connector is straigt 120V. The only way you would know is to take one apart.
    It says both 25 and 45 for the beam angle. How is that accomplished?
    Chad S on Aug 3, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Not sure, must be a typo. The look to be 45° yo me. There is not a focus or zoom feature.
    Hi! Do you have double NAC3 connector cables for daisy chaining light fixtures? Like the 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV) - thank you!
    A shopper on Jul 13, 2018
    Stage Right by Monoprice Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV)
    Stage Right by Monoprice Super-Bright, 12-watt x 7 LED PAR Stage Light (RGBAW-UV)
    Stage Right by Monoprice 16 AWG NEMA 5-15p to powerCON Connector 1.5FT
    Stage Right by Monoprice 16 AWG NEMA 5-15p to powerCON Connector 1.5FT
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    Was Hoping for more
    I really like the 8X7 lights, Have 20 of them for our church light setup. So I was hoping this light would be just a good or better. It is much smaller and if using for up light has a wide spread which could be a good thing. I was hoping to use along side of our Chauvet Hex 7 as these have the same colors (R,G,B,A,W,UV) They do seem bright but have a much wider throw. I do have areas where that can be a good thing but not for what I had hoped for.

    If you are looking for a good color balanced wide angle light give these a try. If you want something a little more focused pass them by. I may be getting more since they do make a pretty good up light. It would be nice it we could add some barn doors but there is nothing on this light for that.

    PROS: Small, seems solidly built. with the added amber & UV can get more & better colors.

    Can set at any angle with not problem with power or DMX Cables.

    CONS: Doesn't seem as bright as 8x7 fixture due to there being a wide spread on the light. Louder Fan noise.
    January 8, 2015
    Excellent Color Wash Lights
    These are excellent color wash lights for the price. They are comparable (or nearly identical) to HotBox EXA that retail for well over $200. The build quality is superb and they surprised me by how much they weigh (5 lbs). Compared to my other LED wash lights and wash strips these are significantly brighter and have a much wider angle even though they only advertise 25 degrees. The lenses in front of each LED must do an excellent job at light diffusion to smooth out the beam angle from the field angle. I am perfectly fine with this because my intention was to wash the room with color. The DMX features work well too with a limited range of on-board programs. I would like to see a few more preset programs that can do fades from basic RGB colors instead of just all the combinations of the 6 colors. I especially like using the 11th channel to get a smooth transition fade that slightly lags the front lights.

    You cannot see any light flickering due to the refresh rate at 1.5kHz (a huge step up from the little brother version at 400Hz). On other name brand lights that I have, you can see LED flicker very easily if you are near the low output of the LED due to a lower refresh rate. With this light, you cannot. I am also hoping that higher 1.5kHz switching frequency does not interfere as much with sensitive electronics on the same circuit such as tube guitar amps. I have had this problem with other cheaper LED lights to the point where the band would rather not have the light than deal with the annoying interference sound.

    I use the UV light to help create a better purple light color in conjunction with blue and red. I also use the amber light to help create a better orange color with the green and red. Overall, if you need some versatile color wash lights for a stage or DJ work that let you mix whatever color you need, you can't go wrong with these.

    PROS: Great price, virtually unlimited color mixing capability, excellent wide angle with no ghosting and a very smooth transition from beam angle to field angle.

    CONS: Blacklight is dimmer than all other colors but it is much brighter than a pair of 4 ft black fluorescent lights which I am comparing them too. More preset programs controllable via DMX would be appreciated. Sound activated mode via DMX only does color switching through all combinations of the 6 lights. I would like to see some sound activated modes where it actually listens to the colors turned on by the other channels. For example, I have other lights where I can put it in "blue" color activated mode. Then, only blue flashes to the beat. You cannot do this with these lights.
    January 14, 2015
    Great, versatile fixture!
    I wish these had been around 5 years ago. I'm replacing a few Blizzard Puck3's with these, and almost everything is better. The cooling fans on the Puck3's were like banshees. The fans on these are whisper-quiet. You can hear them but from several feet away, they're essentially silent. The brightness is slightly better at full blast than the Puck3's (which were fairly bright in their day). I love the compact size, as they're smaller than you'd think. They are also heavier than they look, but they are very well-made. I love having amber diodes I can achieve some beautiful gold colors with these. The UV is fairly bright, and it throws! Now I can wash the stage with blacklight. The refresh rate is incredibly smooth (no flicker to the eye or the camera), and I love the "Node" setting, which allows the the fixtures to react in a "lazy" way like traditional incandescents (think PAR bulbs). A nice surprise: You can control this setting over DMX!! Just make sure the fixture is in 11-channel mode.

    A footnote: I think "Node" was mistranslated because the LED display can only show N but not M. The manufacturer probably meant "Mode."

    The only thing I can complain about is that they get quite hot. Make sure they are rigged with some sensible space around them.

    Be aware that these use Neutrik power connectors. In my opinion, these are superior compared to IEC connectors, but they are expensive. If you need anything longer than the ~3' cord in the box, or if you want to daisy-chain the power from fixture to fixture, factor new power cables into your overall cost.

    If I find I need more of these fixtures, I will not hesitate to buy more. For the price, they are awesome.

    For the handful of you out there who are complaining about the dimming curve at the bottom end: Look at the price of this fixture. It is not in the same category as a professional "theater-grade" LED PAR can. Monoprice sells those also, but at 2-3 times the cost of this fixture. That being said, I am using these in a theater. )

    PROS: Bright
    White, amber, and UV diodes!
    High refresh rate
    Smoother dimming thanks to "Node" ("Mode"?) feature
    Flexible DMX modes
    White-balance adjustments

    CONS: Heavy
    June 12, 2016
    Great Basic LED Fixture
    I tried one of these, and liked it so much, I bought 5 more to replace some stage lights.
    I compared this light to a Altman PAR-38 stage light fixture with a 250 watt halogen bulb, measuring the output with a light meter. The light spread is similar in both fixtures, but the PAR-38 is more even - the LED is a little "lumpy", with overlapping bright spots generated by each emitter.
    Starting with just the white LED, it's about 1/3 the brightness of the PAR-38, and the light's a little on the cool side around 5000K, I would guess. With all the LEDs on, the light output is about 2/3 of the PAR-38, and a bit warmer (around 4000K). By blending some blue or amber, you can adjust the white color temperature over a wide range, and the fixture has a setting to lock in the color temperature that you want (but you may loose some brightness).
    Going through the colors, the red LED is about half the brightness of the PAR-38 with a primary red gel filter. Moving to green, the LED is starting to pull even brightness is about the same as the PAR-38 with a primary green gel. When you get to blue, the LED shows its strength - it's about twice as bright as the PAR-38 with a primary blue gel, and the LED color is a much purer blue than the PAR-38.
    The fixture also has a sound activated mode, but the sound needs to be pretty loud to get it to work right, so it may not be very useful unless it's very close to a speaker.
    The only thing missing from this fixture to make it really great is an accessory slot for gels (a little diffusion gel would even out the light) and barn doors.

    PROS: Bright for the price, lots of modes, full color capability including black light.

    CONS: Lacks an accessory holder for gels and barn doors
    January 29, 2016
    No more output than it's little brother
    I own about 10 of Monoprice's 612740 7 x 8 watt LED fixtures. Those are amazing fixtures, especially for the price. So when I saw Monoprice was coming out with a 7 x 12 watt fixture, I couldn't wait! And yet wait, and wait, and wait I did. Seemed they were on backorder forever. Finally, a one day window opened up and I purchased four of them. Overall, I'd say they are a mixed bag.

    Construction wise, these fixtures are rock solid. The pass through power is a great convenience, as long as you have the correct NAC3 cables (next on my purchasing list). Also, it's nice to know someone can't come by and kick the power cable out. Also, the design of this fixture allows it to be set at any angle, something the 7 x 8 watt fixture can't do.

    So, I plugged a few in, booted up my lighting software (LightFactory), and A/B'd them with my other Monoprice fixtures. I have to admit I'm disappointed. I thought having 7 12 watt LEDs would make a difference, but honestly, if anything, they seem a bit dimmer than the 612740s.

    What I find interesting is that within Monoprice's specs for each fixture, the red and green LEDs are indeed stronger in the cheaper model. Only the blue puts out more light. Overall, the claim is 11,400 lux vs. 8,400 lux at one meter. (Interesting to note that at 3 meters, both fixtures put out the exact same amount of light.)

    The amber LED color does help with the color mixing, and seems to have opened the palette somewhat. UV is nice, but the output seems pretty low (to be fair, I haven't tried the UV with a white subject under ideal conditions — it may do just fine!).

    All in all, it is still an amazing value for the money. However, if I'm going strictly bang for the buck, I can buy 4 of the 8 x 7s for the price of 3 of these.

    PROS: Amber and UV incorporated into the LEDs. Pass through power with NAC3 connector.

    CONS: Doesn't seem any brighter than Monoprice 612740. NAC3 connectors not as plentiful as IEC.
    January 8, 2015
    Really like these lights. The amber and white lights open up a lot of nice, in between colors compared to an RGB light. Lots of off white light shades are possible with these, like a slightly rosy tint to make performers skin look better. The blacklight is fun. The node setting is great, because it makes changes in color or intensity smooth, rather than stepped by the limited resolution of of the DMX, like old par-can light.

    PROS: Most everything is good. Bright. Wide color wash. Lots of DMX options, for how many channels you want to dedicate to each light. Has good standalone modes for architectural lighting or something..

    CONS: Has a fan, that runs all the time, but it isn't too loud. About like an Xbox.
    January 21, 2015
    Great light... for a while
    I bought 3 of these lights for use in the Laser Tag arena at our business, put into use in late 2015. The effect, if anything, was overwhelming. The sound activation and master/slave features helped provide the exact look we wanted. They're plenty bright, and the UV LEDs give a cool boost to the neon paint in the room. Search for "laser tag obstacle" in YouTube to see a video of them in action (Monoprice is mentioned in the description).

    Unfortunately, after running roughly 3,000 hours (high-side estimate) of their 75,000 hour expected life, the red LEDs, or the electronics that drive them, have failed in two of the spots. While the spots still technically work, they no longer appear to be in sync due to the limited spectrum of two of the lights. They're housed in ventilated, 70 and 120 gal. containers in a 66°F room, so ambient temperature and airflow are not a problem.

    VERY cautiously recommended.

    PROS: • Very bright, saturated color for such a small fixture
    • Priced very affordably for a light you'll likely use to make money
    • Several units can be synced via DMX cable, even without the use of a DMX controller via the MASTER/SLAVE mode
    • Nice assortment of built-in color modes
    • Last mode and settings remembered after removing power
    • Built-in microphone for response to sound
    • Quiet
    • Power cords can be daisy chained

    CONS: • If you DO want to daisy chain the power, you'll have to go shopping, since they don't come with NAC3 POWER OUT plugs (which Monoprice doesn't sell).
    • High, premature failure rate in my small sample set
    July 5, 2016
    Black Box Theatre Use
    I bought these to use in a 150 seat black box theatre. They are bright enough. The UV makes for additional 'punch' in regular stage lighting looks that is pretty unique. BUT the visible step dimming at all levels, not just 0-10% but even at 100% to 10% makes it pretty unusable for stage lighting meant to not be noticed.

    I know that stage lighting is not their intended purpose. I will certainly be using these again for dance and concert lighting, truss and wall warmers, and other looks that are constant-on or bumping on, and I will certainly be using them as UV instruments. But they just aren't a good enough replacement for higher quality LED stage lights.

    PROS: DMX is easy to setup. Adding UV to other colors, rather than using it just for blacklight, makes for interesting 'punch'. Bright enough.

    CONS: Visible step dimming at all levels
    Response from Monoprice
    Update - I bought more of these. I am now using them as toplight washes on a 40' wide proscenium stage. When you can't see the lens of the instrument, they dim very well. The UV was great for a blacklight dance. I'm glad I bought them. We'll see how they last, of course, but I just got back a $2k leading-manufacturer name instrument after a $500 repair. With these, I'd just buy another one.
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    Super Bright
    Very nice lights. I wish operating manual would show some examples how to use some of the built in features, they assume everybody is already a DMX light professional.

    PROS: Lightweight, compact , outer casing is heavy duty steel. Plenty of color options. Colors are nice deep ,but Super Bright like they say, unlike cheaper LEDs I own. They do have option to limit the brightness.

    Lots of complements from the crowd.

    CONS: Two of the twelve I ordered were D.O.A. Monoprice replaced those no problem. Just hope that doesn't mean that they have issues with shipping or more specifically traveling in our bumpy trailer.

    October 5, 2015
    Amazing fixture for the price - great colors and brightness in a PAR64-sized unit.
    I'm giving this a 5/5 rating because of the incredible price. If it were a $300 light, it would earn 4/5. When all 6 color channels (red, green, blue, amber, white, UV) are on, this puts out as much broad-spectrum light as a 120W halogen bulb, without any detectable heat, and since its "white light" is actually produced with LEDs with varying spectral outputs, you end up with fairly good CRI. When not using them for a show or effects display, I let a couple of these light up my office. I intend to get a couple more of these and some T-stands and try them in a portable stage-lighting setup soon, to see if they'd be good multi-color replacements for "real" PAR64 fixtures.

    Its manual controls are very easy to use if you want or need to run these as standalone (not DMX-controlled) lights. You can choose from 64 preset color combinations, select individual levels for each of the 6 colors, or choose different fade/flash effects. It even remembers your settings if it loses power, and immediately uses the preset you last used when powered back up.

    PROS: Very solidly built. Thick glass/polycarbonate diffuser lenses in front of LEDs. Has dual adjustable brackets AND rubber feet to use it for uplights against a wall. Many useful manual and DMX-controlled presets. Very low power consumption. Fan is barely audible, and can't be heard more than a few feet away. The Powercon cable is much easier to insert and remove than other lights' IEC-style power connectors. Comes with a NEMA5-15P-to-Powercon(blue 16A) power cable, so you DON'T need to buy a separate Powercon adapter cable to use this unit. You can daisy chain 8 or more of these off one power feed if you have Powercon chaining cables (grey-to-blue). High PWM switching frequency, so they don't flicker on video when dimmed (unless you're running higher than 1/500sec shutterspeed/angle). Highly adjustable color spectrum.

    CONS: Projected beam has soft edges, much like a BR30 spotlight (brightest area of projected light is about 25 degrees wide, with usable light up to 45 degrees), but the brightest area is in the center of the beam. It would be nice to have different diffuser lenses available, to make it project a "flatter" light.
    The light flashes at full BRIGHT-WHITE when power is first applied. There's a very noticeable step in brightness between levels below 10, and the lowest level (1) is still fairly brigh the selected-level-to-perceived-brightness curve seems smooth only on the bright end of the scale.
    January 9, 2016