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    Monoprice 10-channel Mixer with USB
    Product # 615810
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    Frequency Response Mic Input to Any Output (Gain @ 0dB, rated output level) 20Hz ~ 75kHz (0, -1dB)
    20Hz ~ 130kHz (0, -3dB)
    Distortion (THD+N) Mic Input to MAIN Output (Gain @ 0 dB, rated output level @ 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth, A-weighted) ≤0.01%
    MIC EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) Input: Channel INPUT MIC (Rs=150Ω, Gain @ Max., 20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth) -117dBu
    CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) MIC IN to MAIN OUT (Gain @ Max., @ 1kHz) 60dB
    Input Gain Control Range (20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth) Mono Channels MIC: 0 to 50dB
    LINE: -35 to +15dB
    Stereo Channels LINE: -9 to +5dB
    Attenuation (Crosstalk) (20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth, Line in, 1/4" TRS Main Out, 1kHz relative to 0 dBu, 22Hz ~ 22kHz Filter, Gain @ unity) Main Mix knob/fader @ -∞ (A-weighted) -80dBu
    Channel Level knob/fader @ -∞ (A-weighted) -82dBu
    Rated Output Level Main, Aux, Control Room output (all knob/fader @ 0 dBu, 1kHz) 0dBu
    Maximum Output Level Main, Aux, Control Room output (all knob/fader @ 0 dBu, 1kHz, 22Hz ~ 22kHz Filter, THD @ 1%) +22dBu
    Maximum Voltage Gain (EQ and PAN/BAL knob @ 0dB, All other knobs or faders @ max, DFX mute, 1kHz, Rs=600Ω) Mono Channel MIC INPUT → MAIN OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced) 75dBu
    Mono Channel MIC INPUT → CTRL RM/PHONES (1/4" TRS Stereo) 85dBu
    Mono Channel MIC INPUT → AUX SEND OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced) 95dBu
    Mono Channel MIC INPUT → TAPE OUT (RCA) 75dBu
    Mono Channel LINE INPUT → MAIN OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced) 60dBu
    Stereo Channel LINE INPUT → MAIN OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced) 20dBu
    TAPE INPUT → MAIN OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced) 10dBu
    AUX RETURN INPUT → MAIN OUT (1/4" TRS unbalanced)
    Main Mix Noise (20Hz ~ 20kHz bandwidth, MAIN OUT all knob/fader @ 0 dBu, Gain @ unity) Main Mix knob/fader @ -∞, Channel Level knob/fader @ -∞, A-weighted) -106dBu
    Main Mix knob/fader @ 0dB, Channel Level knob/fader @ -∞, A-weighted -93dBu
    Main Mix knob/fader @ 0dB, Channel Level knob/fader @ 0dB, A-weighted -92dBu
    Input HPF Mono Channel -7dBu @ 75Hz
    Equalization (Mono Channels) High ±15dB @ 12kHz
    Mid ±15dB @ 2.5kHz
    Low ±15dB @ 80Hz
    Peak Indicators Channels 1-10 +17dBu
    VU Meters +19dBu
    VU Meters Main Left and Right (4-segment) -20, 0 (0dBu), +6, +19
    Impedance Microphone Input (Clip) 2.6kΩ
    Line Input 10kΩ
    CD/Tape Input 20kΩ
    Main Outputs 120Ω
    Ctrl Room, Aux Send 120Ω
    Tape Outputs 1kΩ
    Phones Outputs 120Ω
    USB Section USB Interface USB 2.0 full-speeed compliant
    ADC & DAC 16-bit Delta-Sigma, 44.1kHz sampling rate
    Supported Operating Systems Windows® 2000, XP, or higher
    Mac® OS 9.0.4 or higher, OS X® 10.X or higher
    Phantom Power Mic Pin2/Pin3 and Pin1 (XLR-3-31 type balanced 1=GND, 2=HOT, 3=COLD) +48V
    Power Supply Adapter +18 VDC, 1000mA
    Power Consumption ALL LOAD 10 watts
    Physical Dimensions (LxWxD> 9.9" x 8.2" x 2.1" (251 x 209 x 53 mm)
    Weight 3.35 lbs. (1.52kg)

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    Where do I download the usb drivers?
    New User U on Oct 4, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: If you happen to be using Linux, you won't need to download drivers. It will show up as an audio input/output option automatically.
    Does this only output as Mono through the headset? I can only seem to get a mono mix.
    A shopper on Dec 13, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: The headphone output is stereo. Be sure your cables are plugged all the way in to the jack. Check to see if the PAN and BAL knobs are in the center position. If the problem persist please contact customer support for a return authorization and replacement.
    Does this have multichannel audio output through USB? Can it record separate inputs to multiple tracks in garageband?
    A shopper on Jul 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in this USB mixer. This mixer can be used to record 2 tracks of audio to most DAW recording software. Adjust PAN knobs to full Left and Right to isolate input channels to record to separate tracks.
    Does this work with Linux?
    A shopper on Mar 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: There is no reason it wouldn't work if the right "USB audio media" drivers were available for a Linux machine. I'm not a Linux expert, but I have a high degree of respect for linux. Someone has probably written a driver for linux.
    Is this unit fully compatible with Windows 10?
    Robert A S on Jun 30, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes and it works great and sounds fantastic. It a home studio must have, don't let the price fool you this is top of the line.
    I'm fairly new to using equipment like this mixer. Is it possible to get audio from an audio card 1/8th in out and output through the mixer headphone jack?
    Ryan K on Apr 18, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, with the right cables it will accept audio from the typical computer 1/8" stereo output. The cable I reference below is available here in several lengths. I use the same cable with iPad as well. However, for sound out of a computer, you don't need to use the computer's sound card, because the mixer will also attach via USB and contains it's own USB sound card using a standard USB cable. I don't recall if the USB cable came with it or not, so I reference one of those as well.
    Monoprice 1/8in TRS Male to Two 1/4in TS Male Cable, 5ft
    Monoprice 1/8in TRS Male to Two 1/4in TS Male Cable, 5ft
    Monoprice USB-A to USB-B 2.0 Cable - 28/24AWG, Gold Plated, Black, 6ft
    Monoprice USB-A to USB-B 2.0 Cable - 28/24AWG, Gold Plated, Black, 6ft
    Is this a good mixer to use for recording via USB, to a computer, utilizing multiple mic inputs (host and guest) for a podcast? If so, how would I set that up?
    A shopper on Feb 22, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can configure it for that, you put your speakers on the "control room" output, not the main output (because the main mix is what goes into the computer), and set the switches so that only the computer output goes to the speakers. (That's the configuration I use for Skype or Media Composer punch-in.) This is to prevent echo and feedback, and because it is mixing/panning the microphones, you only need one channel into your podcast recording software.

    Although, that is not this mixer's strength. The strength here is the versatility to bring in multiple computers, phones, tablets, keyboards, or whatever, with just one or two microphones. If you don't need the multiple stereo line level inputs, you might do better with Monoproce's other 8-channel mixer (same price), that has four mic inputs (in case you have two guests at once), and just two line level inputs.
    Will this work for live gigs? Dynamic mics and guitars?
    New User U on May 26, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, this mixer is actually more suited to hi-z, unbalanced instruments (e.g., drum machines, synthesizers, electric guitars, dynamic mics, etc.) than it is to low impedance devices like studio condenser mics because ALL but TWO of the inputs are line level (hi-z).
    If I set the mixer USB port as the input and output, set the USB to go to the main output, and connect monitors to the main output, will I be able to do an audio recording without hearing the output of the computer? If not, how will I be a able to do that? Please let me know if my questions isn’t clear and I’ll try to clarify.
    New User U on Jan 3, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: What you asked is very easy. If you connect as you described, you deselect the "TAPE/USB TO MIX" button. This way you will not hear or record ANY computer generated audio output. You will, however, hear the material you are recording out the speakers. This configuration is good if, for example, you just want to record from another source like your phone's headphone jack, a CD player, or a keyboard instrument. If you are recording with a microphone, this configuration works better if you wear headphones, and turn off your speakers to prevent feedback, because the microphone could pick, up the sound from the speaker, and that's generally not good.

    What's more difficult is to hear the computer audio while recording only the live material. To do that, you have to connect the outputs to "control room" instead of "main output", select "TAPE TO CTRL RM" deselect "TAPE/USB TO MIX". In this configuration the mixer inputs are being recording, but the computer's output is not. You are hearing only the computer's output, so if the computer issues looping the input back to the output, you will still hear the inputs. That loopback, however, is under the computer's control and in most recording software can be turned down or off as needed.
    Can this be powered by usb only?
    New User U on Jul 28, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This cannot be powered by just the USB. You will need to use the adapter as well.
    4.3 / 5.0
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    My USB Static Solved!
    After setting up the mixer to be used with my Dell Laptop, and plugging it in. the horrible static reported by others was evident though the audio amplifier and speakers also plugged in to the mixer. By process of elimination (unplugging and re plugging various devices) I finally found that the charger for the laptop was the culprit. If I unplugged the charger, the static went COMPLETELY away. That may not help everyone who purchased the mixer, but it helped my configuration. When connected to Band Hub and recording tracks, I unplug the charger from the laptop and run on battery.

    PROS: Great Value and functionality.

    CONS: Shielding to prevent static?
    July 20, 2016
    One nice big fat

    This unit was provided by Monoprice

    First Glance: Unboxing the mixer for the first time yields the mixer itself, a small-ish power brick, but no USB cable for the interface to a computer. So just keep that in mind before ordering, and with its price point its honestly not that big of a deal since buying the cable is probably just a few more bucks. Just add one to your cart before your order is complete, or check if you have a spare laying around. The mixer itself isn't very lightweight, but certainly not overly heavy other. It feels robust enough to get the job done and I don't see it being a hassle to transport around for gigs or whatever you plan to use it for. Knobs for EQ, levels, Pan, everything feels sturdy and robust. Has phantom power when needed for condenser microphones (like Monoprice's Lollipop Large Diaphragm Mic, which this is being tested with), monitoring, control room levels, the works. For a smaller compact mixer, you get a lot for the price. The only thing missing are effects, but thats not a real big deal and if you're seasoned with post production then adding a few finishing touches is going to be easy anyway. Work with the room you're also in, deaden it or work in something more open to get a more natural reverb. Can always monitor live and see what you get before recording.

    Functionality/Quality: The 10 Channel Mixer with USB does exactly what its meant to do: grab sound sources. And it does that well. I did notice a tiny bit of a noise floor while using the Lollipop Style Mic, and while just isolating the noise floor itself with no microphone plugged in. Its very minimal, isn't very noticeable in recordings unless you're really paying attention with some headphones, and at that point its going to be fairly easy to clean up with some noise reduction plugins/software if you absolutely don't want any hint of that in there. Thats just the nature of the beast with most electronics, the noise is just going to be there. Whether it comes from the power source of a mixer, or microphone, or coming through a USB connection, theres typically always a noise floor of some type. It just depends on its intensity and if it makes your recordings unusable. I troubleshooted this as best I could, and there was no specific reason for the noise floor to exist, it's easily worked around. However if you do have multiple inputs and more and more channels on this mixer are used, the noisefloor may become more evident. That's due to the fact that more circuits are drawing power, therefore background interference (the noise floor) can increase. I currently only have one XLR microphone to work with, specifically a condenser. Speaking of that, switching the phantom power switch on may exhibit a slight fuzzy noise if you're monitoring, or out of your speakers you're listening through being that the power draw does increase to feed whichever microphone needs that extra jump. This is normal, and its best to turn on your phantom power with all your levels down and not have your mic plugged in just yet. Let the circuit warm up for use.

    EQ, Fade, Panning, everything works like a charm. Again this is one of the items I'm hard pressed to find a con about. I'd love to sit here and try all the inputs at once, all 10, but again I just don't have that many microphones. Also nothing to feed in any effects so that feature is left untouched for now. I've tested each XLR input, each ¼' input as well with a more bargain microphone that was maybe 20 bucks out of a electronics store that happens to sell a lot of cellphones too and their name starts with an R. Yea, figure that one out, its easy. They all sound just fine, none of them exhibiting more noise or anything of the such than the other. I even typically leave my EQ on this mixer more flat, it sounds fine as is, but that will depend on your microphone's frequency response, capsule, everything. So just fiddle with it til you find what tickles your ears. Yea, I said 'tickles your ears'. Your brain man.

    I used to do a lot of pod-casting and amateur internet radio, and I certainly wanted to put this puppy through the paces with that. I fed in audio from my PC via a 3.5mm stereo plug split out to RCA left/right into the mixer, had my Lollipop Style Monoprice mic on channel 1, and then boom right back to the PC of course with the USB. You can do this with software as well, and fade things with your mouse by hand if you'd like, and broadcasting software like SAM can be intuitive like that as well. But, when you have a physical mixer infront of you, and perhaps guests as well if you ever want to do a live podcast like that, it makes things so much simpler. Everything is at your fingertips, things are streamlined, and you just simply have more control. Feed in whatever audio sources you want to, and fade, mute, pan to your heart's content. Its going to be hard to find another mixer, let alone a 10-channel one, at this price range with this quality. I have seen other competitors with their 6, maybe 8 channel offerings at nearly double the price.

    Before closing up, being that I know there's a bit of noisefloor to this, I did use some noise removal within Audacity (which is a free open source audio editing/recording program by the way, look it up, even the pros use it), and just as long as you have your parameters right, you won't be diminishing the end product. It's easy to do a bit too harsh of a noise-removal pass and have your audio sound like data is literally missing from it (roboty,static end result). Find your sweet spot and you'll be fine.

    Conclusion: Need some road gear, want to get your personal home studio up and running, and don't want to rely on software that mimics the performance and tangible difference that a physical mixer is going to give you? The 10 Channel Mixer w/ USB by Monoprice is your answer. Plug in whatever you want with an XLR or 1/4”, and produce away. I implore you. Tired of USB microphones or 3.5mm headsets? Do you want that studio grade sound? Get this, pair it with a Lollipop-Style Large Diaphragm Mic, and get to work. Already got some mics laying around? Thats no biggie, at least start putting them to use and get your ideas recorded and HEARD. Monoprice backs all their products with an impeccable warranty, so don't worry you'll still sleep at night. Don't use this as a pillow though, lets not get carried away..

    Get this mixer. It's Rooster stamped.
    August 14, 2015
    High pitched USB whine strikes again (
    Input side of the USB interface has a high pitched bus noise. No matter what I do the noise is there and as well being recorded into DAW tracks.

    Explored all power/ground loop possibilities.

    Tried 3 different usb cables Did not change characteristics of noise issue.

    With a problem as critical as this. The unit cannot be considered a viable USB interface.

    Planning on just buying a real USB audio interface...


    PROS: - Output works beautifully

    - Robust pots and plugs.

    CONS: Input DAC has high pitched USB-related noise clearly audible in recordings. Impractical to noise gate out this noise.
    October 20, 2015
    Hands down best mixer under $100.00. Impressive build quality, simple yet feature packed interface, and of course arrived very well packaged and early.
    May 29, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great value in a desktop mixer to go with a computer
    The controls have good range, the pushbuttons makes the configuration very flexible, just the right combination of inputs for a desk with multiple sources (PC, radio, iPad, etc) and still have a mic input for recording voiceovers.
    January 3, 2018
    11 months ago
    Great addition to any home studio.
    Solid and fairly heavy unit so it doesn't move around, knobs are high quality. No issues with noise. Audacity recognized the hardware immediately. Love it.
    September 4, 2018
    4 weeks ago
    I have my keyboard, a microphone, guitar, head set, and a small amplifier hooked up to it. It distributes the signal and sound very well. I have good control over all inputs. It works very well for my home studio room where I do a little of recording and for small gigs.
    February 15, 2018
    8 months ago
    Great buy
    Best mixer under $100 available. Rock solid design, plenty of inputs for a band, everything works as advertised with NO HUM! USB recording to stereo works great. Incredible value.
    November 11, 2017
    1 year ago
    Okay but limited.
    The unit works okay but is very limited as to what it can do. For what I needed it for the 8 channel unit probably would have worked better.
    July 6, 2018
    3 months ago