Fuzz Mini Pedal
    Product # 611601
    Fuzz Mini Pedal
    Product # 611601
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    Fuzz Mini Pedal

    Add fuzz to your pedal board with this Fuzz Mini Pedal from Monoprice!

    This mini pedal produces a fat harmonic tone, similar to the classic Jimi sound. It has a soft, bassy tone at the low end and boosted, biting highs at the high end. The pedal features true bypass, so it won't alter your tone when not actively in use.

    The casing is metal for long term durability. It is powered using a 9VDC power adapter with a negative tip/center, such as our 9V Power Supply for Guitar Pedals (PID 611690). Note that the manual erroenously lists the DC connector size as 3.5/1.1mm. The connector is actually 5.5/2.1mm, which is the same as that of the 611690 power supply. The manual will be updated and posted here as soon as possible.

    Input 1/4" monaural TS jack (impedance: 1 megohm)
    Input Impedance 1 megohm
    Output 1/4" monaural TS jack (impedance: 6 kilohms)
    Output Impedance 6 kilohms
    Power Requirement 9 VDC AC adapter (tip/center negative plug)
    Current Draw 12mA
    Dimensions (WDH) 1.8" x 3.7" x 2.0" (46 x 94 x 50 mm)

    Support Files:

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    How do you get a good fuzz tone, what settings do you use​?
    A shopper on Apr 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: There is no single right answer but there are some things you can do to to see if a fuzz, as opposed to an overdrive or distortion pedal, is for you. Start with your guitar. Make sure the volume is turned all the way up to send a strong signal to the pedal. The fuzz pedal should be first in line between your guitar and amp. Set your amp to the clean channel or clean tone with a flat EQ and a little reverb. If your amp has two inputs, use the one with the lowest gain. If you have a Presence control on the amp, adjust it to taste. On the fuzz pedal, set Volume to 7:00 and all other controls to 12:00. Slowly turn the Volume up to taste. Balance the Volume on the pedal with the volume on your amp to the desired loudness. Now experiment with the fuzz controls and see what it sounds like. Switch pickups on the guitar for some tonal variations. The other thing you can do is set the amp to the lead channel with 25% or 50% drive. Sometimes fuzz, overdrive, and distortion pedals sound better if the amp is a little overdriven. You'll have to decide if you like the fuzz tone. You may not. You can do the same experiment using the same guitar and amp settings with an overdrive or distortion pedal. Rots o'ruck.
    4.7 / 5.0
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    This is a good fuzz pedal. In this day and age of boutique fuzz pedals costing hundreds of dollars for a relatively simple circuit, its refreshing to see a pedal that you can buy new at a very reasonable price. For $30 this pedal does what its supposed to and adds dirt to your guitars signal. I was able to get anywhere from tube breakup overdrive all the way to wooly mamouth mating calls with this thing. The only complaint is that it looks identical to monoprices compressor pedal. Same color, same shape so it can get confusing, but a little dab of neon paint should do the trick to fix that problem. This pedal even has the EQ knob in the middle to help the fuzz tone cut through a mix. This has been a popular addition to high end fuzz pedals that is simple but works well. I'm a huge fan of monoprice. I haven't run across anything these guys make that I would categorize as junk. Give them a try.

    PROS: Great Price, Small size, Good tone, tweakability.

    CONS: Looks exactly like the monoprice mini compressor pedal.
    December 31, 2014
    classic fuzz sounds
    I was hoping to figure out what this fuzz was based off of before purchasing, but with no luck. I ultimately forked over the $35 to get a feeling for this pedal first hand. I figured if I didn't like it, I would send it back. I'm really glad I bought it, and yes it's a keeper.

    What does this fuzz look like? Well it looks like a Mooer pedal, comes packaged like Mooer pedal, but in a nice Monoprice box with graphics (Mooer pedals come in a plain black box). The closest Mooer pedal is looks like is the FOG fuzz, which is allegedly a Zvex Mammoth clone. The only exception is that this pedal has a 'Dry Blend' knob, where the Mammoth has a 'Pinch' knob. It is my understanding that the 'Pinch' knob on the Mammoth controls the harmonic structure of the fuzz (I perceive it as width or tonal shape of the voicing), and that's not what the 'Dry Blend' on this pedal does. So could this be a mini Bass BMPi clone???

    What does the pedal sound like? Well, it doesn't sound like a Bass BMPi. It does however kind of sound like the Mammoth videos I've looked at on YouTube. The only exception being that without the 'Pinch' control, the voicing is preset, and I can't say for sure 100% that it sounds exactly like the Mammoth, because all the videos I've seen show the range of the Mammoth, and there are times when I can hear this pedal sound close, and other times when this pedal can't do what the Mammoth can do. The synth-like sub harmonics are there, especially on the 'Bass Fuzz' side of the main knob. The fuzz is smooth, dark, silky, and it feels like will sustain forever. The sputtering fuzz character is there as you travel towards the 'Treble Bite' side of the main knob. The fuzz bites and has a subtle ring modulator undertone, and will crap out here and there much like the first generation of fuzzes did (Maestro, Fuzz Face, etc). The 'Dry Blend' is functional, and the pedal sounds great with a hint of clean blended into extreme fuzz settings.

    Overall? Great Fuzz!!! Is it a Mammoth? Could be...it really does seems like it, only with the 'Pinch' preset, and a 'Dry Blend' control in it's place. Does it sound like it could be a clone of another fuzz? Not really. It kinda has a FuzzFace vibe (compared to a BBE Free Fuzz), kinda has a Maestro vibe (compared to a EHX Satisfaction), has some of the features of a desirable bass fuzz being nasty yet smooth and with a dry blend (compared to a Green Russian Pi and Bass BMPi), but it also has it's own thing going on. To me, the fuzz flavor is in the style of FuzzFace lineage, but there is much more going on. For $35 I'm very happy.

    My only gripe with this pedal? I wish it could do batteries. I love the dying battery sound in dirt boxes, but I could always hook this up to a pedal power supply with variable output. That's it. Great pedal. Buy one!

    PROS: price, size, features

    CONS: size, limited info
    January 7, 2015
    Little box, lots of fuzz!
    Very great sounding pedal. This thing packs a punch. Extremely versatile controls as well, so you can go from signal-breaking fuzz to smooth grit. As a man who's used several fuzz pedals from the Zvex Fuzz Factory to the Boss FZ-5, this thing is capable of almost exactly similar sounds.

    PROS: Cheap, Versatile, Perfect Size

    CONS: Can generate a lot of feedback if you aren't careful
    April 21, 2015
    Awesome for bass!
    A little backstory: My band decided to play Starlight by Muse. I played the distortion with my Boss ME-20B multi effect originally but it didn't sound all that great. I decided to buy a proper fuzz pedal - an Electro Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff Pi. GREAT pedal but still didn't really nail the tone I was looking for and I really didn't need to spend that much money for one thing so I returned it. I then ordered the Fuzz Mini Pedal from Monoprice, plugged it in and there is was! The Sound. Throw an octaver in with this thing and the sound is amazing - almost synth-like. I've since gone to using this for all the things I used the cheesy sounding synth patch on the ME-20B for. The truly amazing thing at this price point is the Dry Blend control!! If you want to nail some of that Chris Wolstenholme/Muse sound and don't have $800 to spend on an ultra rare Human Gear Animato pedal this might do it for you. I am thoroughly impressed!

    PROS: Dry mix knob



    Very individual fuzz sound

    CONS: A little noisy - but it's a FUZZ pedal!
    September 1, 2015
    Low End vs High Bite
    I purchased this pedal for my live performance guitar rig setup in an attempt to beef up my tone on the low end.
    I was surprised by the overall output on the pedal and was very pleased with it's compact setup.
    Keep in mind for live situations the Drive, Dry Blend, and Volume knobs are quite small so changing them on the fly is more difficult but not impossible.
    The two extreme tones you can get from this pedal is a super bass fuzz when turned to the far left and then a high end biting tone on the far right, messing with the over drive will make more of an impact on the tone.

    Overall this pedal is a must for those wanting to add a little something to their guitar tone. This of course isn't a Big Muff or other more famous Fuzz pedals but this definitely is one of the best "cheaper" entry level pedals out there.

    Side note, this pedal isn't only good for guitars, I recently ran a Korg MS20 through this pedal and it added so much depth to the synth that I was knocked back by how good it sounded. Be creative and this pedal can be your best friend.

    PROS: Large expression knob for quick tone changes.
    Wide scope of tone from low end bass to high end bite
    Sturdy metal build

    CONS: The Drive, Dry Blend, and Volume knobs are too small for live situations
    August 5, 2016
    Great little pedal for the price
    Great pedal for the price. Seems sturdily built (though I've only had mine a few weeks).

    PROS: The sound is great. I'm by no means a fuzz-expert, but for what I was hoping for, it runs the range of dark, wooly fuzz, to spitting, biting fuzz - all with a sweep of the big tone knob.

    CONS: It's not really a con, since part of what you're getting is a compact mini-pedal, but it would be darn near impossible to adjust the 3 small knobs on the fly while playing. The volume and fuzz amount, as well as the dry/wet mix are best set-and-forget - then you can play with the tone knob all you want to vary it up.
    July 28, 2015
    Fuzz with almost no buzz
    love it, does exactly what I needed, now I sound just like Jimi

    PROS: well made pedal, great features, perfect for road trips

    CONS: just a little hum
    May 22, 2016
    Versatile, beautiful, powerful
    Some Youtube reviews of this have the blend knob at 12 noon, meaning it's half dry signal mixed with half fuzz signal. They say "It doesn't really seem like a fuzz, more of an overdrive". Well, if you want to use this as an overdrive, then leave the blend knob at noon. If you want to use it as a clean boost, put it all the way to the left. If you want this to be a fuzz pedal, put it to the right. It works great at ANY of those positions, and likely anywhere in between.

    As for the Bass/Treble pot, sweeping around there gives a lot of different flavors. Put it to the bass side and play around on the low E and A strings, you've got a nice, synth-like warmth going on. That'd likely be great for a bass guitar as well, though I haven't tested that out. All the way up at the treble side of things it's a bright, harsh, in your face bite. A bit too harsh for my liking, but put it through a chorus or trem to mellow it out and you've got a sound. Right in the middle is, understandably, the sweet spot. You get the full range of fuzz, and it'll give you as much as you want with the drive knob.

    Definitely my favorite monoprice pedal. I'd recommend this instead of the distortion pedal, which can get pretty noisy (though at the time of writing the fuzz is out of stock and the mini distortion's on sale for $9, which is hard to beat). Put this before an overdrive for a more saturated, full distortion. It might not be as suited for metal, but it's huge and gorgeous.

    There is a little bit of noise that makes its way through this pedal, even without the guitar sending signal, but it's in the lower frequencies and isn't too bad.
    April 2, 2017
    3 months ago
    Interesting and useful
    This is more of a strong overdrive with a uniquely powerful tone knob. When you dial down the tone to remove higher frequencies, they are absolutely gone, not just reduced. Set to the bright side, it is very thin and bright, but not quite a classic fuzz, they don't sound natural at all. I'd consider this a super widerange overdrive and use it that way. The ability to blend in some clean signal is a nice touch although I'll never use it. It works very nicely as an overdrive boost with more horsepower than a true overdrive. I bought this along with the flanger and the echo for one specific sound in one specific song. I just leave them all preset and stomp all three at once since they are so small.

    PROS: Extremely powerful filter knob, simple & easy to use, good wide range of controls

    Very useful as a lead sound booster for echoey things like Pink Floyd and Hendrix

    CONS: Never quite gets a true fuzz tone sound.
    August 4, 2015
    This well-priced pedal offers quite a few fuzzy sounds, from a quasi-distortion to much fuzzier genteel nastiness.

    With many settings it injects a great deal of noise into the signal (even with silent guitar). Not ideal.

    PROS: Nice range of fuzzy tones.

    CONS: Injects quite a bit of hissy scratchy noise with many settings
    April 11, 2015

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