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    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Product # 18514
    100W 200W
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    Model 18514
    Audio Inputs Stereo analog RCA line input
    Audio Outputs Buffered stereo analog RCA loop line output
    Output Power 100 watts/channel into 8 ohms with 0.1% THD+N or
    125 watts/channel into 4 ohms with 0.5% THD+N or
    225 watts into a single 8-ohm load with 0.2% THD+N
    Minimum Output Impedance 4 ohms in stereo mode
    8 ohms in mono bridged mode
    Trigger Input 12 VDC, 10 kΩ
    Trigger Output 12 VDC, 100mA
    Input Power 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5A
    Standby Power Consumption ≤ 0.5 watts
    Dimensions 8.5" x 10..5" x 1.8" (216 x 267 x 45 mm)
    Weight 4.0 lbs. (1.8 kg)

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    If these specs are correct, I can power four(4) 8 ohm speakers off the two channels on the Unity 200-watt amp (4 ohm load), at 62.5 watts per speaker - which is 12.5 more watts per speaker than getting two(2) Unity 100-watt amps to power the same four speakers (50 watts @ 8 ohm load) while saving space in my rack - with the only draw back being the higher THD and perhaps higher heat from running the amp at 4 ohms? Am I thinking correctly?
    New User U on Mar 6, 2017
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    BEST ANSWER: If you run an amp at high power, especially if you run it for a long periods, you will certainly damage the amp long term... More power = more heat = more signal degradation / damage. In most instances, you are better off running two amps at a lower power for longer than a single amp at full power. Of course, this totally depends upon the volume that you wish to derive from the setup. If you're only going to operate at 10 percent power, no issues. However, if you're running at 90 - 100 percent, because you want lots of volume, you're probably better off running two amps at 50 percent.
    What is the frequency response of this amp?
    A shopper on Mar 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in our amplifiers. This amp has a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz.
    I'm thinking about buying a 200w passive 10 inch in-wall subwoofer to complete my 7.2 setup would this work to drive a mono in-wall sub?
    Guillaume C on Feb 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Finally got around to doing this, and it works very well.
    I want to install two of your ARIA IN-WALL SPEAKER 10-INCH SUBWOOFER PASSIVE 200W MAX into my 7.2 system. Can I use one of the 200w amps?
    New User U on Jul 2, 2017
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Aria In-Wall Speaker, 10in Passive Subwoofer, 200 watts max (single)
    Monoprice Aria In-Wall Speaker, 10in Passive Subwoofer, 200 watts max (single)
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can. Since most receivers put out the same sounds to both subwoofer outlets, I currently use this amp in bridge mode, and then split the output off to both subs. You get more power to each speaker that way.
    Can this power 2 passive subwoofers?
    Juan L on Aug 18, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you your interest in this amplifier. Assuming your subs are 8Ω-You can power one on each channel of the amp. The unity series amps as most home amplifiers are only rated at 8Ω when bridged mono. You can use 2 of the 100W version, 18513, for 120W @ 8Ω to each sub.
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    I want to mount this amplifier vertically (on a wall behind a large flat screen TV.) Will there be any cooling or other problems with a vertical orientation?
    Roger H on Apr 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hey Roger H,
    Roger J here. Even though the best venting orientation is obviously horizontal, my personal experience is this amp doesn't get very warm at all, even with fairly high volume levels for an extended period of time, so I personally wouldn't worry too much about mounting it vertically on the wall. However, I don't think I'd be comfortable mounting it in a way that would block the vents. I hope that helps.
    Roger J
    Can I connect the speaker outputs from my receiver to this amp, and if so will the volume change as the receiver changes?
    A shopper on Nov 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: NO! You cannot connect this amplifiers inputs to your speaker outputs. You will damage this and your amp. Your receiver should have a line out. You will need to check with your receiver users manual to see if volume changes will effect the line out or how to make that happen.
    How many ceiling speakers can be connected to this amp?
    New User U on Sep 26, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: If the speaker are wired in parallel you can wire four 8Ω speakers in stereo mode, two per channel. If you want to bridge the amp mono you can run one 8Ω speaker
    Could I use two of these, linked through the line-out, to power a pair of bi-amped speakers? I figure without a crossover, they would be sending the same signal to each of the speakers (L and R, Hi and Lo).
    New User U on Feb 25, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: You technically can, but you shouldn't. Without a proper crossover before the amps the full range signal you send to the speaker will make the woofer sound very muddy and will most likely blow-up the tweeter. Using the bi-amp setting on your speakers will bypass the internal crossover.
    Can the Unity power amp be used with 230V power input?
    New User U on Aug 16, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: The Full Specs section of the product page says Input Power 100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5A
    You will need to get a compliant power cord for the region you are using it in. We only supply the standard US power cord.
    With the auto-on feature, how long is the delay from when it detects a signal to fully on?
    A shopper on Mar 10, 2018
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 100-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    BEST ANSWER: It’s about 3 seconds. But I’ve found that mine (with an amazon dot attached to it) almost never turns off anyway. I plan on replacing it with something else and seeing if I can use this elsewhere.
    Is this rack mountable?
    JIM J on Sep 18, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: If you buy 2 of these - they would be rack mountable. Each amp is half the standard width. 2 units side by side would be standard width and they do include hardware for rack mounting in this configuration.
    Can I use both RCA preamp to an amplifier AND the 2 channel terminal of a single zone to add two extra speakers to a zone? Hence, 2 speakers hooked up to Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp, and two speakers hooked up to the unit itself on a single zone?
    Gino C on Aug 17, 2017
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp
    Monoprice 6 Zone Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit, NO LOGO
    Monoprice 6 Zone Home Audio Multizone Controller and Amplifier Kit, NO LOGO
    BEST ANSWER: Yes the preamp and amp outputs are both active at the same time so you can add additional amplifiers and have them on the same zone. Note that the volume control only changes the amplified output so when you turn the volume up and down with the keypad or serial port it won't change the volume of the external amp
    is it possible to attach a speaker selector after the amp to increase number of speakers?
    A shopper on Jun 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes and Monoprice carries them. They keep the impedance within range
    I have 4 sets of speakers mounted in ceiling in stereo (total 8 speakers) will this amp be powerful enough?
    Stefan S on Feb 9, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Peter is correct. "...you can't simply connect four speakers in parallel to each channel because that would present a 2 ohm (or less) load to the amp and possibly cause it to cook itself to death. The amp is rated for a minimum of 4 ohms so, if your speakers are 8 ohms each, you could get two amps and drive two pairs with each one. If your speakers are less than 8 ohms (6 ohms is common), then you'd need an amp for each pair..."
    Check the RMS rating of your speakers. This amp does have a line out so you can run two side by side to drive all of your speakers.
    Bridgeable output how many watts provides into a single 4-ohm load ?
    New User U on Aug 5, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: It’s my understanding that when you bridge the amp, it is 225 Watts in a single 8 ohm load and not 4 ohm. All of my speakers are 8 ohm so I’ve only had good results with this amp. I have actually purchased 14 of these amps that I use in my whole whole audio system with two of the 6 Zone each distribution, class d digital amps. I`n rooms with 6 ceiling speakers and 4 wall speakers and 2 SVS PBUltra 16 1500 watt rms or 5,800 watt peak each of the two subwoofers, I use the amps connected normally to the speakers. In rooms that will only fit two ceiling speakers, like two of my bathrooms and the laundry room, I use two of these amps and bridge each one to one speaker to get the most bang for my buck from those two ceiling speakers. The pair then gets a full 450 Watts as ass kickin’ class d, digital amp power. I really have enjoyed these amps and I would highly recommend them. I’m not exactly sure what your set up is or how you’re planning use them but for my situation, they are cool as can be! I guarantee that my whole home audio system puts 99% of the thumpin’ night clubs to shame. My two home theaters deliver more bang and better sound than any commercial movie theater that I’ve ever been to. I can re-watch movies that I’ve seen multiple times in the past because it’s like a whole new experience now. Unless I’ve watched it with this set up that I have now, I just consider it a brand new movie.
    What's the deal with those speaker wire connectors? I'd like to use banana plugs.
    Joseph E on Nov 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: These are called Euro or Phoenix connectors. They are used by contractors as a standard connection for many types of wiring needs and requirements. They will accept up to 12AWG wire. They are less bulky for use in equipment racks and are very simple to use.
    Will this amp drive two 8 ohm speakers, and a powered subwoofer connected to the rca out, simultaneously?
    Matthew C on Sep 18, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It will certainly drive two 8 ohm speakers. As far as I know, the output is the full audio range. You need to make sure your sub can take the stereo signal, mix it and filter out the high frequencies. This is more a question for the maker of your sub.
    Can this amp be used for two 10 inch 8ohm in wall subwoofers?
    Juan L on Aug 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it should work to get the most bang for the buck I'd bridge the amp and parallel the speakers so they pose a 4 ohm load. use the mono input on the amp from the sub out on your home theater processor. Keep the amp in the open as it is convection cooled.
    . My primary source of music is PC. Could I run my computer DAC thru this amplifier and run wireless speakers thru the analog output and wired speakers at same time?
    A shopper on Oct 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: You'll need a 3.5" to RCA adapter to go from the PC to the amps input, then your wireless speakers would connect to the low level RCA out (since those should have their own built in amplifiers), and your wired speakers would connect to the amps powered output screw terminals. Should work fine. You may need an adapter to connect the wireless speakers to the RCA out on the amp, depending on what input those use.
    What are the THD specs over the frequency response of this amp?
    B G on Sep 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in this utility amp. The downloadable manual show the THD running 100Wp/ch @ 8Ω is 0.1%
    I have the Stereo Tube Headphone Amp with USB DAC will this work well with the Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp?
    A shopper on Apr 14, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this amplifier. Yes, this amp will give you plenty of clean power for your room speakers. The tube front end will make a really good sounding system. Enjoy.
    What is the frequency response of this amp?
    A shopper on Mar 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this power amp. The Unity series stereo power amps have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20kHz.
    4.2 / 5.0
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    Works great to add two more amplification channels for rear Dolby Atmos speakers to my Yamaha RX-A3060 receiver (which has 11 channels of processing but only 9 channels of amplification).
    February 27, 2017
    1 year ago
    Works great, sounds good
    Replaced a large AB amp with this. Originally was getting the old amp fixed and planning on using this elsewhere. But it is so nice, compact, efficient. Not sure if I were still a 30 year old audiophile I would feel this way. But sounds great to me. There is a max level pot on the back that needs to be set, left in the lowest position, it makes the amp appear to not work. Only real hiccup.
    June 29, 2017
    1 year ago
    Static noice from speakers
    The one I received makes annoying not too loud static noise coming from speakers.
    August 8, 2017
    1 year ago
    Seems to be a great amp overall but...
    Overall I am pretty impressed with this amp. I bought two and I am operating them in bridge mode. They are very clean and they drive my speakers to concert levels without any discernible distortion. I am not an audio critic but it sounded great.
    The only issue that I have is that there is a constant noise produced by the amp independent of the output. It is only annoying on very quite passages or when there is silence in the track.
    I am keeping it though.
    May 7, 2017
    1 year ago
    Plenty of power, rather sterile sound
    Using the amp in stereo, powering an eight speaker whole house setup. (Through a Monster speaker selector) Playing MP3's via iTunes / Airport Express, line out from a Yamaha receiver.
    Sound was noticeably sterile compared to previous Pioneer receiver setup. Did some EQ tweaking but never got the "warmth" and "spacious" sound as it was before. Internet searches found that this can be due to it being a Class D amp.
    As mentioned, amp has plenty of power and was never warm to the touch. Replaced it with a Crown XLI-800 (Class AB) amp and the sound was much better to my ears.
    Good deal for the amp and will keep it to use for a subwoofer or surrounds instead.
    May 3, 2017
    1 year ago
    Nice Product
    Use this for my Atmos system. My Yamaha receiver can process 11 channels of Home Theater goodness, but only has 9 channels of amplification. I use this for the other two channels to bring me up to a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos/DTS X system. Sounds good and has completed this task without issue. Only wish it had speaker jacks that would take banana plugs, but cant have it ALL at this price.
    August 31, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great little amp.
    Really like these amps. I have 3 driving subwoofers. Even driven hard, they barely get warm. They come with 19" rack ears, and smaller mounting ears for wall mounting. These amps are nice, commercial quality pieces. Well worth the money.
    October 16, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great amp
    Great small form amp, good quality and performance.
    December 11, 2017
    11 months ago
    Great for NeoX setup
    My receiver needed an external 2ch amp to enable 11.2 NeoX. This works great and it's nice that it automatically turns on and off. Also the narrow size (1/2 rack) allows it to fit perfectly in my TV stand.
    March 25, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great once you figure things out.
    I was hoping to just use the RCA in and out jacks, but in order for this to work I had to use the speaker out terminals and then convert the wire end in order to do what I needed. I also learned that even if you want to drive 2 in-wall subwoofers, you should use this in bridge mode and then split that output to both subs. You will get more power out if this unit that way.

    I have been using the trigger to turn it off and on with the receiver, and that works flawlessly.
    September 9, 2017
    1 year ago