7 Outlet Power Surge Protector w/ Dual Timer Controller Zones & 2 USB Port - 2100 Joules - Plastic w/ 4ft Cord
    Product # 7998
    7 Outlet Power Surge Protector w/ Dual Timer Controller Zones & 2 USB Port - 2100 Joules - Plastic w/ 4ft Cord
    Product # 7998
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    7 Outlet Power Surge Protector w/ Dual Timer Controller Zones & 2 USB Port - 2100 Joules - Plastic w/ 4ft Cord

    Automatically control your lights and appliances, while protecting them from power anomalies, with this 7-Outlet Power Surge Protector from Monoprice!

    This surge protector features a full complement of power protection circuitry and is rated for 2100 Joules of protection. It also boasts two USB charging ports capable of producing a total of up to 2.0A of charging power, so you don't need to use a separate wall charger. It is certified by UL for use in both the US and Canada.

    The surge protector comes with a digital timer with the capacity to store up to ten sets of start/stop times The seven power outlets are divided into two banks, each of which can be controlled separately or together. The timer memory is maintained by both power to the surge protector and a CR2032 battery (included). The power switch is lighted and features a 15A circuit breaker.

    Support Files:

    Model 7998
    Power Outlets 7 (4+3)
    Power Rating 125 VAC, 15A
    Circuit Breaker 15A
    Adapter Spaced Outlets 1
    Power Cord 3-conductor, 14AWG, 42" long
    Protection Rating 2100 Joules
    Clamping Voltage 400V
    Response Time < 1 nanosecond
    Maximum Spike Current 39000A
    Maximum Surge Voltage 6000V
    EMI/RFI Frequency 150KHz to 30MHz
    Noise Filter Attenuation up to 20dB
    Wire Fault Indicator Yes
    Power Shutdown Yes
    Fail Safe Yes
    USB Charger Outlets 2
    USB Charger Power 5 VDC, up to 2.0A
    Regulatory Compliance UL/cUL Listed
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    I bought this to use in an aquarium, to control lights/solenoid/air-pump/. I failed to read the reviews that pointed to the fact that when there is a power outtage and the strip is repowered, all the outlets come back off! They don't return to the state they were at when the power was removed. If outlet set 1 is on and outlet set 2 is off and the power goes out. outlet sets will come back off when power is reapplied, set 1 will not be on. You will have to wait until the timer turns it one again in the next scheduled on event. This makes it unuseable for aquariums use, unless you also get a UPS to keep the strips powered during a blackout!

    Otherwise it looks like a great product that does all that it's supposed to do.

    PROS: Works as advertised, flexible use, two timers are a big plus.

    CONS: When power is removed, outlets come back all off and will not be turned on until the next timer trigger fires.
    March 26, 2013
    I have not used the product, but I am disappointed because I was sent a surge protector that was previously used. It has scratches all over, which is not usually a big deal for a surge protector. However, I believed that I was purchasing and paying for a new product. First time this has happened to me with Monoprice, they are usually very good.
    October 29, 2013
    Best Digital Display Timer Period.
    Great Digital Timer as compared to other big brand names from the hardware stores or electronic chains. Build quality from MonoPrice is as expected(great), and is around $10 cheaper for a comparable mechanical timer where I'm from (Toronto,ON). Mine shipped without a manual, but after using MonoPrice's online chat assistance I was able to request a manual that was sent to my email via a scanned image in .pdf form.

    I use this timer for an aquarium, and the only gripe I have is that I'm unable to set up an always on socket for my filter, while having the two timer sections for lights. It's not a big deal, just means no surge protection for the filter as it's plugged into the other wall socket.

    As I write this, I realize that one could set up one side of the timers for 7days a week and have a "once on" setting say Monday morning 6am with no off setting, and that section of timer would always stay on. This will allow one to setup an always on function, while having one side on a timer, and both or all devices under a surge protection.

    Also, there are two sections for timers, with 3 grounded sockets under "timer 1" section, and 4 grounded sockets under "timer 2" section. Hope this helps anyone looking for a great timer/surge protector.

    PROS: -Good build quality
    -Cheap $
    -Dual timer sections
    -All sockets on function.
    -Warranty + Monoprice service.

    CONS: -Unable to set up two different timers AND a third socket for always on.
    -Not the sexiest looking timer, but cool in an old school transformers merchandise way.
    August 13, 2011
    Cool timer but not for those that have difficulty programming a TV remote
    Quick Tips:
    - The "Timer" Button has nothing to do with the "Timer 1" and "Timer 2" labels by the outlets. Once in programming mode (by pressing "CLK/PROG" then "TIMER"), use the "mode" button to make sure you're programming the right set of outlets
    - If The "Timer A" is confusing to you... just think of it at "Timer 10", You've got Timer "1-9", just think of it as the next one in line.

    Note that for the "on" time displayed you can set it to turn on one group of outlets, but when you press "Timer" again to set the off time you can set it to turn off the other set of outlets - pay close attention to this and make sure it's the same set for a given timer (if it's not the same one toggle it with the"mode" button).

    *** Important *** This device DOES NOT "remember" if it's supposed to be on or off until it hits a triggering on/off event as explained in a previous review for something like a power outage event or initial programming. The device defaults to "off" after a power outage. For example, If you're initially setting it up to turn on Sat. at 6 AM then off at 8 AM the same day and you're programming it at at 7 AM Sat. then it won't turn on for 1 week and 1 hour because you don't hit the "on" triggering event until then.

    Only read this if you need to delete an on/off event:
    Easy way: unplug and remove the battery.

    The hard way: add another timer that does the opposite, the higher timer number when programming will prevail. If you're trying to nullify the effect of "Timer A" which is at the end, too bad. You'll have to remove the battery and start over. If you want to nullify "Timer 1" however, you can use any timer after that to do the opposite. For instance, if it turns on at 6 AM M-F and off at 8 AM M-F then you can set the next available timer to turn off at 6 AM M-F. ***Important*** In this scenario, don't create an "on" event at 8 because remember that the later timer prevails, if you did it would effectively turn things on at 8 AM, all you want to do in this case is prevent it from turning on at all.

    Only read this part if you need it to function reliable after a power outage:
    One individual mentioned they use this to power cycle their cable modem. If the power goes out during the "on" triggering event then the cable modem will effectively stay off until that next "on" event. A way to help ensure that it comes on is just to create more "on" events. For example, just set another on event one two two hours after your previous on event to increase the likelihood of it coming back on. If the power outage lasts longer then you're still out of luck but it does add some additional reliability.

    If you really want to make it reliable then put it after a UPS, just make sure that UPS can handle the load. If you're not sure, talk to someone that would know before trying it.

    PROS: If you're looking for help to program this thing - skip straight to the review. Does what it says and has a lot of cool timer options.

    CONS: Not very use friendly to program. When programming it should force the off sequence to be in the context of the same set of outlets. It doesn't make sense to allow programming "Timer A" for example, to turn on one set of outlets then off for a different set. Also, if a user wants to remove a timer you can remove the battery but there should be a button sequence for it instead which I don't believe is documented. There's a "hard" way if you have to change a timer without unplugging it in my review section.
    April 8, 2012
    interesting concept, poor execution
    I bought this expecting it to work at least as good as the $5 digital lamp timer i got at walmart a few years ago. I finally figured out how to set the clock and program a timer, so i set it up to turn on one set of outlets at 3am on saturday and off at 2:59am saturday, specifically to power cycle my cable modem and router once a week. Most people would probably think that some logic inside would realize "hey, i should turn on those outlets since i already passed the ON time. But then you'd be wrong. it won't turn those outlets on till 3am on saturday. ok, you think, i can deal maybe with that. but if you happen to have a power failure, that set of outlets will stay off till 3am saturday.

    thing is, that digital lamp timer from walmart actually DOES work the way you'd expect, not like this item. with the walmart timer, i can set it to turn on at 3am and off at 2:59am, then plug it into the wall and hey - whatever's plugged into the timer gets power for 23 hours and 59 minutes every day, no matter what. if i go turn off the breaker for a minute then turn it back on, the walmart timer does what you expect it to do - realize that it should be on unless it's between 2:59am and 3am.

    i will be returning this as it's completely unusable to me. this sort of operational design flaw should be covered in the product description. i shouldn't have to read thru all the customer reviews to find out how the product actually works. this is the first time a monoprice product has let me down. i love the speakers, headphones and countless cables i've bought over the years, but this product is just not ready for general consumption.

    PROS: usb charging ports, surge protection

    CONS: timer logic is horrible and does not work as expected. no way to set a group of outlets to 'always on'. after power failure or even just cycling the power switch, outlets stay turned off even if its in a program period where they should be on. This does NOT work like a lamp timer!
    October 31, 2013
    Response from Monoprice
    Hello Jason,

    Thank you for your review and my apologies for the issues you have experienced with PID 7998. A shame this didn't work out for your needs.. Now if you haven't already, I can help setup an RMA for a return. If you would like me to proceed with the RMA, just let me know and I can get it started right away. Sorry again for the trouble and hope this helps!

    Jonathan Arteaga
    Tech Support Associate
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator M
    Timers can't be programmed
    Three of us, reasonably intelligent individuals, could not get this product to work. The instructions deteriorate as the pamphlet progresses, ending with gibberish. The website reviews claim that any timer details programmed in are wiped out if there's a power outage. I couldn't get that far (and glad for that, that is not the performance I want from this product).

    PROS: Can't think of any.

    CONS: Very poorly written instructions, timers that don't program and timers that need re-setting after a power outage. No means by which to attach the strip to anything in order to secure it.
    October 4, 2014

    PROS: Great item, I like the built in UBS charging ports and the timers.

    Plus there is space to plug in wide transformer.

    CONS: None
    January 9, 2015
    Reboot Cable Modem
    I'm buying this to automagically reboot my cable modem, in my experience they seem to do better after the occasional power cycle... so I'll have it go off at say 4AM and back on at 5AM?

    PROS: Haven't seen these features or [rice before!

    CONS: None!
    September 16, 2011
    Surge Protector
    Great product

    PROS: Battery back up so the clock still works after a power failure
    dual timers added bonus

    CONS: no mounting holes in the back therefore it is not easy to mount on a wall or cabinet
    September 4, 2011
    Took about 15 minutes to figure it out, instructions could be rewritten to better inform us. Granted I work in the computer field and end up figuring out a lot of thing that have not-so-good instuctions. Worked as expected. I guess the best recommendation would be that I just ordered 3 more of these for around the house. Would be nice to have a eggshell color instead of just a dark one. Mounting holes would also be awesome. But I like it and it works, giving me a lot of outlets to use instead of a mechanical timer.

    PROS: Lot of plugs.

    Two times groups.

    CONS: Only comes in black.

    No mounting holes to attach to wall.

    Instructions could be better.
    January 3, 2015

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