Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Black Finish
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    Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Black Finish

    Select 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

    There is no more important piece of equipment in your audio signal path than the loudspeaker. Speakers are the last link in the electromagnetic chain before tuning into acoustic energy. No other piece works harder, either. While many manufacturers focus on style and appearance, Monoprice does the exact opposite. For our new Select Series, we listened to what our customers want and then we spent countless hours listening to and evaluating speakers. Our engineers and audio experts have come up with speakers that will not only please your ears, but your wallet as well. Oh yeah, and they look pretty darn good, too.

    Deep Rich Sound | Attractive Design | Versatile

    Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    Sound Quality
    Sound Quality

    Sound Quality: Life is too short for speakers that don't sound great! We believe that the whole point of listening to music is to hear it as the artist intended. Our engineers and audio experts have spent countless hours listening to and comparing various speakers until we were satisfied we had found models that fit our demanding standards.

    Style: While Monoprice believes in function over form, there is nothing wrong with having speakers that look good, too. The simple yet elegant appearance of the brushed black finish is complemented by the black woofer cone and tweeter dome. A black cloth speaker grill is also included.

    Versatile: Select Series speakers from Monoprice sound big enough to be used as the main left/right speakers, yet are small enough to be used as satellite speakers in a 5.1 or more channel speaker system.

    Easy to imagine, difficult to execute. Select Series speakers carry you to acoustic nirvana.

    Select 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

    Well-defined, punchy bass. Check. Clear and articulate mids? Check. Crisp and expressive highs? Check. Monoprice Select Series speakers sound big enough to serve as the main left/right speakers in a stereo system, yet are small enough to serve as the satellite speakers in a multi-channel surround system. Featuring heavy-duty five-way binding posts, they are versatile enough connect to any system.

    Select 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers
    • 75 watts maximum input power
    • 5.25" cone woofer with rubber surround
    • 1" silk dome tweeter
    • 70Hz ~ 20kHz frequency response
    • Chamfered black cloth grill
    • 6 ohms impedance
    • 83dB sensitivity
    • 5-way binding post terminals

    1 Year Warranty


    Monoprice not only stands behind every product we sell with a 1 year replacement warranty, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well! If the product you purchase does not satisfy your needs, send it back for a full refund.

    Quality at a Fair Price

    Quality at a Fair Price

    Monoprice's rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices.

    Service & Support

    Service & Support

    You're never on your own with Monoprice products! We have a full team of friendly and knowledgeable technicians available to answer your questions, both before and after the sale. Contact our technical support team for questions about our products, troubleshooting, or even suggestions for products to fit your particular needs. Not to be outdone, our friendly and helpful customer service team is here to make your ordering, delivery, and any possible returns a quick and painless operation, from start to finish!

    Speaker Type 2-way with rear firing port
    Woofer 5.25" cone with rubber surround
    Tweeter 1" silk dome
    Frequency Response 70Hz ~ 20kHz ±20%
    Crossover Frequency 3.5kHz
    Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
    Max. Input Power 75 watts
    Sensitivity 83dB
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 9.9" x 6.1" x 10.5" (251 x 155 x 267 mm)
    Weight (each) 8.6 lbs. (3.95kg)

    Support Files:

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    Can these be wall mounted? Which mounts do I buy ? I prefer one that would angle the speaker downwards.
    Derek L on Jul 27, 2017
    Although specs state that tweeter is a silk done, some of the pics show a polycarbonate tweeter. Which one is being used now?
    A shopper on Aug 2, 2017
    Are these active ?
    A shopper on Jul 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: If you're asking if these require a separate power amp, the answer is yes, they do. These are NOT powered speakers.
    What is the enclosure made of?
    Craig A. M on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: seems to be a mixture childrens toenails and chinese newspapers
    Has anyone had the opportunity to hear this amp with both the Retro and the 5 inch select speakers? I'm trying to choose which setup to buy and I would appreciate any input anyone has. I'm leaning towards the Retro speakers just because they have a smaller footprint and I plan to use this in my bedroom.
    Josh R on Mar 21, 2017
    Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Black Finish
    Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Black Finish
    Tube Amp with Bluetooth 50-watt Stereo Hybrid and Line Output
    Tube Amp with Bluetooth 50-watt Stereo Hybrid and Line Output
    Retro Bookshelf Speakers 4-inch 2-way, Black (pair)
    Retro Bookshelf Speakers 4-inch 2-way, Black (pair)
    50W Stereo Tube Amp with Bluetooth and 5-inch Select Speakers
    50W Stereo Tube Amp with Bluetooth and 5-inch Select Speakers
    Tube Amp System with Bluetooth 50-watt Stereo Hybrid with Retro Speakers
    Tube Amp System with Bluetooth 50-watt Stereo Hybrid with Retro Speakers
    BEST ANSWER: Josh, I'd recommend the 5" speakers. They have a higher sensitivity, which means they will play louder using less power. I also think the bigger driver will produce better results, even (or especially) at lower volumes. If the measurements are too big for your space that's one thing, but based on sound I'd lean toward the 5". Just imo.
    4.5 / 5.0
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    Select 5.25-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair), Black Finish
    Aesthetically, these speakers are fantastic. Their enclosure finish looks somewhat like brushed aluminum, which allows these speakers to blend into your home theater setup or be a center piece in a desktop setup.

    Physically, these speakers are very deep. If you have a very shallow desk, these speakers may be a bit too large. They are also quite hefty, so ensure your “bookshelf” can support the 9 pounds each of these things weigh. The rubber pads on the bottom of the speakers provide excellent grip, so you won’t have to worry about these things sliding or vibrating, which is great.

    Now, let’s get to how these things sound. Overall, I was extremely impressed at the sound reproduction of these speakers. Highs are extremely crisp, yet produce an extremely rich sound. Mids are fantastic, and vocals sound warm and full in sound. Midbass reproduction is decent, but I noticed a strange resonance at lower frequencies. Deep bass isn’t where these speakers excel, and I would like to see a bit more kick out of the woofer given the depth of the cabinet and the ported rear of the speaker. However, in most usage scenarios, these speakers will be paired with a sub, so deep bass response isn’t necessarily imperative.

    There is certainly a steep break-in period to the woofer, and I noticed continually improving sound over the first eight to ten hours I listened to these speakers. They went from pretty solid to seriously impressive in reproduction, clarity, and warmth over this period. Paired with a sub, these speakers will blow you away in a desk or surround setup.

    One thing to note, these speakers are 6 ohm, so check to ensure your receiver/amp can power them adequately. These speakers certainly like to soak up the power at 83dB, so a good amp is recommended. Most amps within the last 10 or so years should be able to power these, but it’s worth looking into. The level of sound these speakers can produce is quite impressive, and I saw only a very slight bit of distortion at extremely high sound levels.

    Overall, these speakers punch well above their price point, contending closely with many higher priced speakers I have heard. If you are looking for incredible warm and clear sound reproduction and don’t want to drop a ton of money, look no further than these speakers.

    Monoprice provided these speakers free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

    PROS: Attractive aesthetics, accurate sound reproduction, overall warm sound, great build quality

    CONS: Deep in size, extreme low-end drop off, somewhat difficult to power
    November 16, 2015
    good sounding little speakers
    A couple of years ago I bought bookshelf speakers from here. they seem to have more depth and volume then the new ones. The new ones are a bit smaller and OK. For the money one should not complan.

    PROS: great price

    CONS: none
    June 29, 2016
    Sound Great
    Used in office for stereo, sound great no complaints
    April 5, 2017
    6 months ago
    Good Bargin
    Impressive sound for the money. Nice build quality.
    July 8, 2017
    3 months ago
    Great sounding speakers, and the value is outstanding
    I bought these on a whim to hook up to an old Yamaha integrated amp and a turntable that I had lying around. Figured it would be fun to listen to some of my old vinyl and since this was not going to replace my primary audio system in the main room, I figured these would be okay for the price.

    Well, it turns-out I was wrong. They aren't okay, they are really outstanding! I've listened to a lot of speakers at a much higher price point that did not have the detail and depth these have. Sure, the bottom-end rolls-off but that is to be expected considering their driver size but my no means are they lacking for bookshelf speakers. And I've driven them fairly hard to see how well they held-up and the result was they were up to the task.

    In addition to the sound, the cabinet finish is quite nice and belies the low price point. In no way do they look like the cheap vinyl covered Polks you will find at your local big-box retailer.

    I'd happily buy another set and have recommended these to friends. In short, another great product that delivers on Monoprice's reputation for high quality at an exceptional value.
    August 28, 2017
    2 months ago
    Excellent value
    Expected speakers with a very good sound range.

    PROS: good sound, pleasing to the eye.

    CONS: none
    February 15, 2016
    Seriously impressive sound. Honestly surpised by them.
    * This item was provided to me in return for a honest review*

    I personally like the look of these. Clean monochromatic design. There's a brushed metal look to the enclosure, with a more industrial looking cloth on the cover plate, then say just a soft material. These speakers aren't light. They are every bit the specified weight. Overall you get the sense of a quality product from the moment you unbox them. They also come well packaged to protect them during shipping.

    Encased in each speaker is 1" Silk Dome tweeter that are actually very bright, crisp and can almost fool you thinking they are a metal tweeter. But yet still provide that soft, clear accuracy as they reach the roll off from the crossover. These were very pleasant on the ears.

    The driver is a 5.25", paper cone with rubber surround. The design provides the potential for many years of use with a slightly more natural lower mid to upper bass fidelity. They offer good movement and sound reproduction although not as low I'd personally like, nor based on design, should be. With the deep enclosure and the rear port, placing the unit the desired 2" from a wall ( to help accentuate the bass) I still found them lacking a low end punch I'd personally prefer.

    Sensitivity is rated at 83dB and I "feel" this to be accurate. I would need to test equipment to be sure of this in consumer environment vs test enviroment. I was very impressed with the 4 days of pushing the limits on the speakers as to how how clean and natural they sounded. Only when pushed above their very high limits, did they start to distort. That's honestly to be expected of any speaker if you can do that to it.

    Some things to note.

    The speakers are rather deep in size. So you'll have to take the term "bookshelf" loosely. At over 10.5" deep, you'll be looking at shelf that needs to be a least 12" as you'll want to leave some space behind them to allow the rear firing port to do it's thing. These are better suited for a desk or entertainment center then a traditional "shelf". Also you'll need to consider your shelf supporting system due to their almost 9 LBS of weight per speaker. This is just something I wanted to point out and doesn't detract from the quality of these speakers.

    In fact the weight, due to build quality and design can be a benefit in some cases. With rubber pads on bottom and their natural heft , these won't have any vibrational movement to them. Also, you're not likely to knock them over on your desk if you shove something into them.

    Overall I'm highly impressed with the sound reproduction and the levels of volume that these speakers can produce. I've since replaced another quality "brand name" speakers in my surround system with these. I can tell the upgrade in quality sound and especially the difference in quality of vocals in a movie. The latter was actually observed instantly by my wife. So that (pun warning) speaks to the sound quality of these speakers.

    Although I was provided these for review, I wouldn't hesitate about getting another set on my own, to swap out in my sound system. They sound THAT good.

    One star was knocked for depth of speaker not translating into better low bass reproduction. Also the upper limit of bass frequency roll off.

    But then again, these aren't meant to be the main source of system bass. That is what we have subwoofers for. I feel these represent a good value for the money. Highly recommended, honest.

    PROS: Clear and concise mid and high range. Solid construction. 5 Way binding Post Terminals.

    CONS: Depth. Limited Base response
    November 4, 2015
    *Note: Monoprice sent me a review unit in exchange for a fair, unbiased review of the product*

    The Select 5.25 Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker is a new model from Monoprice. It contains a 5.25” paper cone woofer and a 1” silk dome tweeter. These units are also deeper than they are tall (9.9” x 6.1” x 10.5”). With standard bookshelf depths ranging from 10 – 12 inches, this may end up extending beyond the end (since you shouldn’t place this right up against the back, especially if you plan to connect it with banana plugs). These speakers have a bit of weight to them and appear to be of solid build quality.

    For audio tests, I setup these speakers freestanding (not in a bookshelf), about 3 inches from the wall, and I played a variety of music. 2 things were immediately clear: 1) The mid-range (vocals) was very clear and pronounced. 2) The bass / Low Range cuts out earlier than I’d like. Playing up beat music, such as rap, techno, and pop, you can clearly hear the lyrics, but you miss that kick/thump that you’d get with the bass. When listening to classical and jazz, sounds like the piano and horns come on very clear and strong, but things like large stringed instruments are missing that fullness that you would get by allowing the frequency range to go a little lower. Overall this should be capable of filling any small - medium sized room with sound, and if you stage them right you can get a pretty good experience.

    PROS: Clear mid and upper range, pronounced vocals, sturdy build quality.

    CONS: A bit deep of a design for a bookshelf speaker, Low frequency response cuts out too early
    October 26, 2015
    Bookshelf speakers
    Monoprice sent me these speakers to review free of charge.

    The stereo image is great, The highs are greats, mids are clean and bass is... there. You can clearly hear the bass guitar in most rock/metal music. But they aren't great for deep lows and hard hitting bass, They cut off around the 80-70hz range. Adding a subwoofer would fix this most people and if you're going to use in a home theater set-up, You're going need a subwoofer.

    They do use 5 way binding post and so if you have some pre-made banana plugs it's very plug iand play. You do need a big desk or somewhere to place these since they're pretty long at 10 inchs, So make sure you have space for them.

    These would make a great starter pair of speakers or a gift to someone you know that needs a speaker upgrade. Just make sure you or they have something that uses speaker wire like speaker amp or audio receiver.

    PROS: Pro. Clean neutral audio, Fairly easy to power, Great for music, Plug and play, Great for rock/metal

    CONS: Cons. Fairly long body, Bass isn't powerful, Doesn't come with any cables.
    October 26, 2015
    Monoprice 5.25 inch Book Shelf Speakers
    Hi guys, I’m a reviewer for monoprice. I had the speakers for quite the while, listening to many types of genres of music, movies and editing with the speakers on instead of my headset. I will say that they are very fluent. Using your traditional and 16 AWG monoprice speaker gauge wire, I was managing very good sound quality. For these speakers you definitely need a very efficient amp. Take in mind these are standalone speakers when you order them but very good quality for the price. If you have a good amp, you don’t need a sound card for your computer the sound is very clean. It works very well with my laptop and other devices that were being tested. As a customer you need good open space for these speakers because they are big and take up space depending on how much room you have on where you put them. You do need spacing from theback of the speakers more room for wire placement as well. I use a 48 watt amp to power the two speakers, it might be a little overkill but it will do because if this is your first time dealing with mid-range speakers it will help you learn how to deal with high end speakers. The setup is not that difficult make sure you do have the proper tools for the wiring being done. It helps in the long run when you are prepping the cables to go in the back of the speakers and the back of the amp you are using. With the sleek design used on these speakers, they are very nice. Now of course let us get into the cons of these speakers. There are really only two. One you need to buy everything separate. Two, it can be very expensive depending on what you are buying to go along with these speakers.

    PROS: Very clean looking and great sound

    CONS: Big speakers, need the room for it at all times
    Sometimes you can notice your speakers go in and out with the sound dropping off
    September 18, 2016

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