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    Monoprice 2-Way Active Wall Mount Speakers (Pair), 25W, White
    Product # 7496
    Out of Stock ETA: 10/7/2018


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    Model 7496
    Amplifier Power Output 25 watts/channel RMS @ 8 ohms
    30 watts/channel maximum @ 8 ohms
    Output Sensitivity 0.7 volts
    Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz / 1 watt ±0.5dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz / 1 watt 0.05%
    Damping Factor 200 @ 8 ohms / 400 Hz
    Conversion Rate 30 V / US
    Channel Separation 75dB
    Signal-Noise Ratio 95dB
    LED Indicators Power and left/rigth channel signal
    Protection Over temp, overload, short circuit, clipping
    Treble Control Range ±10dB
    Bass Control Range ±10dB
    Input Connections Balanced phoenix connector, dual RCA, stereo 3.5mm
    Physical Dimensions 8.7" x 9.4" x 11.4" (220 x 245 x 290 mm)
    Weight 22.2 lbs. (10.1 kg) per pair

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    What voltage is required for these? Will it work on 220v?
    A shopper on Apr 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: According to the manual, the power requirement is AC120V/50Hz-60Hz.
    Can these be set on desk? In other words not mounted.
    carl n on Jul 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes they can. They have little feet on one end so they will stand up.
    Could someone explain the parallel mode? One of the button toggles between Stereo/Parallel mode. I am not sure what it means by Parallel mode.
    John K on Jan 31, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Parallel mode indicates the speakers are playing the same signal so the pair can be used for mono or as the left or right channel. In stereo mode the speakers function normally for a pair of amplified stereo speakers with one playing the left signal and one playing the right.
    Can this be used with in-wall volume controller, Such as PID 8241? I need this mounted on ceiling to avoid getting in the way of kitchen staff but I need them to be able to control the volume at times. If 8241 is not a good solution, what would be a good substitute. I need some way for the staff to control the volume without using a ladder.
    John K on Jan 23, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: These are active speakers, they won't work with a typical speaker-level in-wall volume control. Best to install them and put the volume on the speakers at the maximum level you ever want it, and then control the volume of whatever thing is playing the music ... computer, iPod, TV, etc. We use it with a Bluetooth receiver and control volume from the BT transmitting device (phone, tablet, etc.). Hope this helps.
    When will this product be back in black?
    Ruben G on Feb 9, 2017
    4.7 / 5.0
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    Very impressed!!
    I was looking at various options to get music in my backyard. My house is set up with Apple products, with two Apple TVs, one Airport Express, and multiple Macs, including a central media server iMac - we feed everything from iTunes. I wasn't interested in buying and installing a new AV receiver or other amp, including adding more gadgets to control inputs and outputs, volume, etc, so powered speakers were the ideal option for convenience.

    To level-set my review, I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile, though I do appreciate good sound. My home theatre has M&K speakers fed from a Denon amp.

    I tracked the prices of a few other powered outdoor speakers, including Yammies at Amazon, JBLs and Polks at Best Buy, etc. But I never really wanted to drop 3 to 4 hundred for this application - too many other priorities on the list. I kept looking at these and wondering how they would sound. So when they dropped to around $65/pair for the July long weekend, I thought it was a low risk. Glad I got 'em!

    With powered speakers, I can simply grab my Airport Express and bring it outside where there's a 3.5mm miniplug waiting. I just plug in the speakers and Bob's your uncle. Great sound in my backyard, where we spend a lot of time in the summer.

    Very good speakers, period.

    But for the price, these are a great value!

    PROS: Very impressive low end!
    Good detail at the top end.
    Very natural sound.
    Can generate very very good volume! It was a concern because I'm using this in my backyard, so sound can get lost in a bigger space. But no problem at all!

    CONS: The speaker connections are flimsy. I had to steal some smaller gauge speaker wire from a friend because all I had was stiff 12 gauge speaker wire which kept popping the connectors out. This is my biggest beef and the reason I didn't give them a 10. I would prefer standard speaker connections
    Mids are a bit weak. I had to crank the bass and treble to get good sound, which is contrary to what I usually do (which is leave the EQ relatively flat - to maximize mids)
    The power cord is too short. Picky, I know, but it's hanging from the outside walls and it makes wire management a smidge more difficult. Not a problem, a small annoyance :)
    The documentation is not great. Was tough to figure out which one is on the right and on the left.
    July 17, 2011
    The Perfect Solution
    I was looking for a solution for music in the back yard, since summer means many hours around the pool. These speakers seem to have supplied that solution. Originally, I was trying to figure out amplifier solution for the BBQ Island. With these active speakers, it is not necessary.
    While these speakers are not considered outdoor speakers, the box and grille are metal, and I don't anticipate an issue.
    Since they are active speakers, I just simply plug in the MP3 directly into the back of the main speaker, and we are good to go. I also ordered a 12 foot 3.5 MM plug cord, and this allows the MP3 player to be used by anyone at the BBQ Island. The speakers are mounted nicely under the countertop Overhang.
    While these speakers will not produce chest-pounding bass, they certainly fill the back yard area with good stereo with no effort.
    Lastly, you simply cannot beat the service I received from Monoprice. I ordered on Monday evening on the 4th of July, and received the shipment on Wednesday morning via overnight currier. And the 12 foot cord mentioned above was all of $1.12, compared to what would have been a 15 dollar purchase at Best Buy. YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT!!

    Mike Osborn
    Anaheim, Ca.
    July 10, 2011
    One Year and Counting
    I am using these speakers for my TV on that has been mounted outdoors for over a year and the sound quality has been great. They have held up to the Florida weather just fine. I have them mounted under the patio roof and they are not directly exposed to the rain, but the Florida humidity is something else.
    The amplification of these speakers make it possible for me to watch TV or iHeart radio even in the rain.

    PROS: I have been using these speakers on my patio for over a year now and have had no issues. They are great for outdoor use and provide a very good sound quality.

    CONS: None
    June 3, 2013
    Great powered speakers for the price
    Bought these for a specific project, then ended up not using them for that, so I gave them to one of our execs to just use as music speakers in his office. After he hooked them up he came running out of the office to get me yelling "these are incredible, you have to listen to {favorite artist} on these!!" (He's kind of exitable).

    But he wasn't wrong, these speaker sound great. Really good low end, sharp but not piercing hi's, nice clarity and presence. What blew me away, though, was how much volume these produce for 25 watts. Said exec tends to stay late and crank up his music after other folks leave, and with these speakers he can't crank the volume all the way up or it's uncomfortably loud (but also clear).

    My only complaint(s) is the speaker wire connectors use these modular connectors where you insert the wire into a plastic connector and tighen it with a screw, then plug the connector into the speakers. The connector you put the speaker wire into is a little on the small side and it's really hard to get 12 gauge wire into the holes and securely screwed down. They're a bit flimsy. It would also be nice if the volume, bass/treble and power switch were accessible from the front of the speaker. They're in the back and would be a pain to get to if the speakers were wall mounted.

    All in all, these are great speakers at this price point.
    July 10, 2017
    1 year ago
    For school projectors and smart boards
    I bought 22 pair to install in a K-8 school one pair with each smart board/projector. Great product as these are simple, robust, plug&play speakers with internal amplifiers.

    I wall-mounted the speakers beside the projector screen and connected the speakers to the teacher's computer headphone jack (using Monoprice 1/8"/3.5mm cables). Now each room has interactive multi-media with good sound. Volume is controlled through the computer's settings. Good coverage for ~600 ft2 rooms.

    Would be better if speaker volume and power switch were on the front speaker face.

    Factory-supplied speaker wire, used to connect the left speaker to the right, is short plan to buy your own.

    PROS: Good price, good quality, internal amplifier, adjustable bass and treble, easy installation

    CONS: Slightly tinny, 2x25W, appropriate for moderate sized rooms, hard to access power switch, factory supplied speaker wire for connecting left speaker to right is ~4ft, plan to buy your own additional wire
    September 15, 2015
    Not the best, but the best $79 speakers you could ask for!
    I wanted to upgrade my old Behringer multimedia speakers on my desktop PC that I spend a great deal of time in front of each day. I looked at quite a few pairs and couldn't justify the high prices for most of them. Now, I know exactly what good, studio-quality speakers sound like as we have our own studio where we produce promo videos and top-quality audio books. I wasn't looking for more studio monitors - just something that sounded good for background music in our office.

    These speakers fit the bill perfectly...great quality sound, not too big nor too small, and all the controls and inputs you could ask for. My only two complaints that cost the product one star on the rating are both the A/C cord and the speaker wire that connects the main speaker to the other are way too short. I had to replace both before I could set them up.

    Other than that, I doubt you could find better sounding speakers at this price point. I bought the white ones that were significantly lower in price than the black ones and they look great in our office.!

    PROS: Price, quality build, controls, and multiple inputs. Also, the included mounting brackets may come in handy down the road.

    CONS: A/C cord and speaker wire included are way too short. Shipping box was pretty banged up and had several holes punched through it, although speakers were packed well inside and didn't sustain any damage.
    July 19, 2016
    Good sound, easy installation
    I installed these speakers in a multipurpose room at church to go with an overhead projector. The room is approximately 25' x 40'. The speakers do a great job projecting from one end of the room to the other.
    I was worried that the low price meant poor quality, but that is not the case at all. I'm completely satisfied with them, and if I needed more, would not hesitate to buy again.

    PROS: Great sound
    Easy mounting with sturdy brackets
    Many input options
    Excellent value

    CONS: none
    February 28, 2014
    Great Outdoor Speakers
    I bought these for an outdoor TV two years ago and they have provided a great sound quality for our outdoor entertainment. I will be ordering another pair soon to add to the existing pair to extend the range since we expanded the patio without blasting out our neighbors.

    PROS: Very good sound quality.
    Weather Proof!!

    CONS: I don't have any cons for these speakers
    August 4, 2013
    Bigger than expected
    I got these speakers for our outdoor bar area and they sound good. The sound fills up the area pretty well. They came a lot bigger than I expected so it looks a little goofy mounted at our bar. I guess I didn't examine the dimensions closely enough. Was thinking they would be about the same size as any of the other outdoor speakers.

    As others have said, forget about using the speaker wire that came with it as it is way too short. I found that the power plug was too short as well and had to end up using an extension. I guess I'll look on monoprice for a longer power cord.

    The instructions were not good. Although mounting was a no-brainer, I had to google some of the inputs in the back. Also had to figure out the proprietary banana plug system. Not rocket science, but could've been a lot easier with some instructions.

    Overall good purchase. The larger size is what stands out for me, so if space is not an issue, then these will work fine.

    PROS: Sounds good
    Easy to mount

    CONS: Speaker wire too short
    Electric cord too short
    Instructions not so good
    June 29, 2012
    Great value for the price. These are hefty, solid speakers delivering plenty of umph and frequency range for our good-sized outdoor patio. The only negative are the connectors used to connect the powered master to the unpowered slave, they are a bit flimsy.
    September 1, 2011