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    Monoprice 4-Channel A/B Speaker Selector w/ Volume Control
    Product # 8232
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    Does this accept banana connector plugs? And will this really not accept 12AWG speaker wire because that is what I have.....otherwise what is my option??
    Paul N on Sep 10, 2017
    Can this handle this 220v?
    A shopper on Aug 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, this speaker selector is a passive unit. It only requires speaker input from your amplifier and output to your speakers.
    Can i connect this to a sonos connect amp and power 6 ceiling speakers from it? I dont need the speakers to be in zones as all speakers are in the same room so all should be playing the same music
    New User U on Jan 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. In order to better assist you, please feel free to contact us at tech@monoprice.com with a detailed question and our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    I will have 2 ceiling speakers in the rear of the family room that I want to double as rear channel speakers for movies and stereo speakers for music. So for this application I would need 4 inputs to the MSV-4 switch (two from the rear channel connections and two from the B Speaker input.) Additionally, we will have 2 speakers in the kitchen (which is next to the family room) that we will use for music as well. So if we can connect the B speaker input to connect to MSV-4 and switch both the family room rears and the kitchen island speakers on at the same time (assuming impedence matching) then the MSV-4 is the product we need? Please let me know. I wish your website had a schematic (didn't see one.)
    New User U on Mar 13, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, this switcher will accommodate your needs to switch two sources. Source A for connection with your surround receiver for movies. Source B for connection with a stereo amplifier (can be the same receiver if needed) for music.
    The MSV-4 is impedance matching so no problems for your amplifiers. Remember, you may need to switch off the kitchen speakers when watching a movie. Both sets of speakers are always connected to the source you select.
    I have a listening room with several sets of speakers and want to switch or combine different sets. Some have 8 ohm impedance and some 4 ohm. Will this work for my application?
    A shopper on Feb 23, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: No it won't, it only offers pass thru connections.
    Is this a direct electrical connection or are there other components such as solid-state relays or an IC? Is it suitable for line-level signals (DAC outputs) or does it only work well with amplifier outputs?
    A shopper on Jul 20, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This box is for speaker level outputs. It does have impedance matching resistors on each channel however they do not degrade the sound. You would not want to use this box as a line level switcher. There are better solutions.
    will the connectors accept speaker pin plugs such as your monoprice ones here.... https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=5975
    eric a on Apr 4, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: I am not familiar with the size of the pins. However, there is not much space to work with the connections. I doubt that the plugs would work very well. Just remember that you can remove the connection block from the box to make your speaker connections, then insert back into the box.
    Can it be mounted in a rack?
    Daniel L on Jan 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. While this unit may be mounted in a rack, it unfortunately does not come with the necessary hardware to do so. I apologize for the inconvenience
    I have four speakers at 6 ohms each. I want to wire them together as one zone and use a Sonos Connect Amp, which doesn't recommend less than 8 ohms per speaker, to power the speakers. Can I use this product for that application? Will it protect the Sonos Connect Amp?
    Jorge F on Jul 10, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, this will be no problem. This unit has load leveling, meaning you can hook up multiple speakers and the amp will still have an 8ohm load on it. With 4 speakers, you would only need a 2 channel unit if you wanted, as each zone is in pairs(stereo). For both pairs of speakers to play the Sonos source, you would just select the same input on the selector.
    Can you link two of these to the same receiver to create an 8 zone setup?
    New User U on Mar 21, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: That's exactly what I did. I used the A channel on my Sony to one box and the B channel to the other. I used the A channel on the boxes but you could use either. The volume control works great with speakers having different efficiencys. It is a killer setup and well worth the extra money. They replaced a pair of Radio Shack splitters without volume control. I used a label maker to get larger print to identify the stations. When our house was under constrution the builder laid lamp cord from each of the rooms in which the speakers were to be located to a cabinet containing the amplifier. You just have to be careful about identifying the wires. Hope this helps.
    I’m planning on using the 200W amp (18514), and using either only A or B input on this speaker selector. Question is, can I run all 4 chanels at the same time, (8 x 8ohm speakers, 20-100 Watts each) or I’m limited to only use one Chanel at a time?
    New User U on Feb 19, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: You can use multiple channels simultaneously. there is circuitry inside that that regulates the ohm load to the amplifier to protect it.
    I have a surround sound 4speaker and base also feed back speaker. Looking to see what I need to give power from my 4K tv to activate them?
    A shopper on Jan 26, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: You need an audio receiver the one above is just a volume controller so you can control zones. Search audio receivers on Mono price they probably have plenty .
    I'd like to use this for mono ceiling speakers. Is it possible to bridge each channel to power 4 mono speakers?
    Jamie Q on Jun 26, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Mono is left channel, just use left channel only. Im not aware of the internal circuitry, but attempting to bridge could cause a change in the resistance overheating your amp.
    Zone 1 works great, but the same speakers plugged into zones 2-4 are not nearly as loud. Is this as-designed or does my selector have a defect?
    Thomas M on Jun 9, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Sounds like a defect, I have 8 speakers all running at the same volume level fine.
    i want to use this outdoors for 4 speakers left and four right can all speakers play at same time?
    A shopper on Jun 6, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Hey .... yes you can play all at same time. Each zone as a separate volume control.
    What are the dimensions of this unit?
    A shopper on Apr 19, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: 18” wide x 5.25” deep x 2.25” high.
    I've seen similar units described as 100W/channel continuous and 200W/channel peak (or RMS). This unit simply says 100W/channel. Is that continuous? If so, what's peak rating (and does it matter)? Thx
    A shopper on Oct 11, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I bought this for my office and we are running 2 Monoprice #4103 6.5in inceiling speakers off 3 of the channels and 4 of them off 1 channel using a Sony STRDH-550 which is a 725w, 145wx5 max output, 5.2ch. We are very happy with the performance and I am looking to purchase another switchbox for all my exterior speakers at my home. Highly retrhis product for the price!
    can this device be used as an A/B TO CONNECT TURNTABLES ( 2 ) to the single phono imput ; and if so , would there be signal loss??
    A shopper on Jul 20, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This is a speaker (line level) controller with inputs and outputs for speakers cables, no RCA inputs for what you are looking to do.
    Can I hook a powered subwoofer in one of the channel ?
    A shopper on May 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: You can but only if the sub has speaker inputs. Many subs connect to the amp via the sub pre-out connector (RCA), which won't work with this item.
    Will this work with 14ga speaker wire?
    A shopper on Apr 22, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, no larger tho.
    If I want to connect this to 4 speakers and drive them simultaneously does my amplifier need to be able to power all speakers (4x25w=100w for example) or does this device provide some kind of amplification?
    Gil B on Jan 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Even if you connect one set of speakers you will find that the volume is about 25% less than the amp output.
    Can I use this for a single center channel speaker? For example, I would like to be able to choose between two center channel speakers in my AV setup. I would use the other source for a front channel.
    roselle r on Aug 21, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: It's not what it was made for but it'll probably work.
    is it possible to use with 4 ohm speakers . if you open the unit it has some options to switch the impedance i think. using some small connectors . is that what those small jumpers inside the unit do ?
    A shopper on Oct 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in this speaker selector. You can use 4 ohm speakers with this unit. the internal switches are is you want to allow all speaker impedance to stack at amp. This process is not recommended unless you are very familiar with calculating ohms and have an amp that is stable below 4Ω.
    If I have all 4 pairs of speakers attached (speakers are 8ohm impedance), what is the impedance on the input terminals? or what impedance will my amp see? Does this truly do impedance matching where it will always be 8 ohm on the amp?
    New User U on Jun 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this speaker selector. Yes, your amp will only see an 8Ω load even with all 4 sets of speakers running.
    what is the warranty?
    New User U on May 31, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this speaker selector. All Monoprice components come with a 1-year warranty.
    What are the dimensions of this product?
    Patrick M on Jan 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. The dimensions are 430W x 158D x 64H mm, I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions feel free to contact us!
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    Works great

    PROS: Works very well! The other reviews are wrong, you can send one source to up to 4 speakers. I have one amp, and can power 1 to 4 zones (L/R) speakers with this and it works well.

    CONS: The wire plugs in the back and pretty small and close to each other.
    January 3, 2015
    Well made heavyweight
    Surprisingly heavy. Going to open it up to see the Autoformers. Going to test its sound quality but looks better than I could hope for at this price. No more Niles for me.

    PROS: Well made.

    CONS: Speaker connectors are concise but function. Could be spread out a little more. Buss is removable which makes it easier to connect
    November 3, 2011
    8232 Speaker selector switch
    Overall good product for the money. Already have plans to go to Radio Shack for new knobs.

    PROS: Good price compared to other sites, received equipment undamaged, works great

    CONS: Don't really care for the stepped volume controls. Control knobs are loose or seems loose. Could have used more information in the description, i.e Impedance rating, wattage ratings, length of attached speaker wire and gauge, frequency range. In short, the info that was printed on the side of the original box for the equipment. Terminals could be better designed but does provide good connections to unsoldered tightly twisted speaker wire.
    September 4, 2013
    Good Component
    This is the fourth purchase for different projects. Works flawlessly. Less expensive than what appears to be an identical component from another manufacturer. We probably make our own tails to run from bare end to Molex or similar connectors to make hookup cleaner and faster.

    PROS: Slim height, knobs and rotary control have a very solid feel in hand, VALUE!

    CONS: Small wiring terminals on rear make installation more time consuming and require longer lead wire to install in tight racks
    October 22, 2015
    excellent and best in class for price
    This product is a great value.We have used the 2 and 4 channel version.HEAVY,solid and I will stack this ,as a pr,up against the rest at 3-4x the cost.The only negative is `consumers` finding out for themselves how great this product is.

    PROS: I am a pro and use this product faithfully.I will stack it up against my usual `pro` brand that costs 3x as much any day of week.
    October 15, 2014
    Another great product from mono price! I'm running speakers of different power levels and this unit allows me to "balance" the volume between areas. Really helped make our home great for entertaining.

    PROS: Price, flexibility, no loss of sound quality, I can finally set indoor volumes at conversation level and have the outdoor speakers up a bit louder!

    CONS: none
    October 3, 2013
    Ridiculously small speaker connectors...

    PROS: Relatively inexpensive, mostly decent quality

    CONS: Someone wasn't thinking when they added the tiny speaker connectors on this when there is ample room on the back for larger connector blocks. I wish I'd read the earlier review about this. If you plan to use very thin speaker wire you'll be OK.
    January 26, 2013
    MonoPrice has never steered me wrong until I bought this. The intent is pure but the execution lacks. I would have gladly spent another ten bucks to have real inputs on the back.

    Using so much raw cable while it's so close together it is far too easy for them to accidentially cross. After installing the sound quality was decent but when I pushed the selector a few inches, one of the stray copper strands touched another and the stereo turned itself off. I took out the selector to fix the problem and two of my cables came out. After screwing them back in and pushing it back gently again I had another stray copper wire shut everything down.

    The buttons feel cheap, the knobs aren't smooth, and it feels like there's a brick inside. Heavy electronics have an "expensive" feel but this is stupid.

    I tried to save some cash but it looks like I have to go somewhere else.

    PROS: Sound quality passable but not great.

    CONS: Volume knobs are indexed (click), terminals are far too small, shallow, and close together, unnecessarily heavy.
    October 11, 2012
    Response from Monoprice
    Hello Mr. Schlueter,

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry things didnt work out with the speaker selector. If you like I can issue an RMA for a return, I would just need an order number to get things started. Again my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    Tjayi Malone
    Tech Support
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    Monoprice 4 channel a/b speaker with volume control
    This unit is absolutely fantastic. Easy to set up and great to use.
    Highly recommend to anyone who wants to set up 3 of more channels to use independently of each other.
    December 11, 2017
    9 months ago
    Great Product
    This product works very well and is just as advertised! We use it to control the audio (radio and one TV) in four areas of our home. It was easy to install. The first one we ordered arrived damaged in shipping. Monoprice replaced it immediately and the second works just perfectly. We would recommend it!
    April 12, 2017
    1 year ago