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    Monoprice Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna, 35 Mile Range
    Product # 13805
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    Just st got this today and connected it to my tv. Nothing. I set the input to AIR and connected to the UHF connector. Had the tv run the scan and nothing. I then looked up the transmitters in my area and set it to the correct channel. Zip. That transmitter is only 6 miles from my house. What could I do for a test before returning this as a dud?
    A shopper on Mar 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Sorry to hear of the issue you have experienced with the antenna. I would recommend trying the antenna in different locations. Typically close to a window is best. Keep in mind when changing the position of the antenna you would want to re-scan for channels. I hope this helps.

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    Can I add a amplifier to this antenna ?
    William B on Dec 10, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I believe you can. However, if you are close to the transmitter it could cause issues and you may receive less channels. It may help if you are further away from the transmitters. Try getting the antenna as high as you can and it will help with the reception.
    Is the cable detachable from the antenna?
    JASON O on Jan 26, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: No the cable is not detachable. It is permanently attached unless you cut it.
    Why won't the cable that came with the antenna screw into the antenna port? I've tried many times and it won't connect.
    A shopper on Dec 2, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Assuming you have a coaxial input for your antenna, make sure the center copper line (on the Monoprice TV output cable) is straight, not bent. As with some coaxial inputs (mine included on a Samsung TV) the input antenna jack can be a bit snug when pushing in this copper center wire. Although snug, it does insert into my TV's antenna input and I can screw the cable onto the input jack. Great reception too! Good luck.
    What is the lenght of the cable?
    Denis P on Dec 11, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: About 9 feet. I have my antenna attached about 5' from the floor with the two sided adhesive tabs (included) and didn't want to take down. Antenna works well, but my transmitters are only about 6mi. away, with thick trees.
    Can this antenna work in over Africa?
    A shopper on Oct 8, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: The technology would work. Whether the antenna works will depend upon the distance to the source, the location where you can place the antenna, and the materials in the house that might block the signal.
    I bought this recently for my Vizio 4K tv which has no coaxial input. I then bought an HDMI to SDI converter box that plugs into the wall and bought a small SDI converter piece to plug the coaxial into the converter port. Still not receiving any channels and the Vizio doesn't seem to know that the antenna is plugged in. How did you handle this problem if you came across it? Thank you.
    Billy F on Nov 22, 2017
    Monoprice Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna, 35 Mile Range
    Monoprice Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna, 35 Mile Range
    Monoprice BNC Male to F Female Adapter - Gold Plated
    Monoprice BNC Male to F Female Adapter - Gold Plated
    BEST ANSWER: Your TV has no tuner. Vizio has a whole bunch of TVs on the market that they call "Tuner Free Displays"..

    The converter you bought is for converting Serial Digital Interface video (a standard for sending decoded video over coax) to HDMI. You need an ATSC digital tuner with an HDMI output to be able to receive over the air signals.
    Will it work in a basement?
    A shopper on Aug 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Adding to my answer above. Range in basement is likely reduced for all stations. 35 mile range is likely perfect line of sight under best conditions. (No trees, hills, rain, other weather.)
    What are the dimensions?
    A shopper on May 30, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. This Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna measures 13.0" x 11.8".

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    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Is there a warranty on this item? I purchased one last September and it has stopped working.
    Michael S on Jun 20, 2018
    Is to possible to obtain a replacement stand for this antenna?
    Jim P on Jan 7, 2018
    What is the cord length?
    A shopper on Sep 20, 2017
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    The best one yet
    This is the 3rd antenna that I have ordered from Monoprice and the best one. I have this one...


    and this one....http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=109&cp_id=10901&cs_id=1090102&p_id=7976&seq=1&format=2

    Both of theses antennas really only pull in a few channels that are only a couple of miles away. The Large Paper Thin Antenna pulls in channels from 25-30 miles away. I am in south-central PA where it is very hilly. I have this antenna on a shelf above the TV on the first floor. The higher the better and turning it to different angles makes a difference as well. I can't , nor did I want to mount it in a window, so that option was out for me, but it may provide better results.

    PROS: Pulls in more channels

    CONS: Sensitive to directional placement
    November 22, 2015
    Works great as advertised
    Almost too easy. You just have to be sure you set up your TV in the settings area to recognize an antenna. You can't just put the INPUT select on Antenna/Cable it must be set to Antenna on the newer TVs. Otherwise by default that input is looking for an older style cable box and nothing will show up. Picture quality is excellent. I purchased the larger one just to be sure I had plenty of signal. I do.

    PROS: Works as advertised

    CONS: `Kinda flimsy looking. And there is a note about the Antenna may not be sold in California or something like that due to what's in the plastic.
    January 5, 2016
    Worth Considering If You Are A Cord Cutter
    My wife and I got rid of our cable subscription years ago and thought we would give this antenna a try. We had the indoor/outdoor antenna (Product ID: 4730) and were pleased with the results as mounted outside. Living in the Midwest means snow and extreme temperatures so we wanted to see what a unobtrusive indoor antenna could do. We bought one for each room in our apartment. It actually picks up a few more digital substations where we mounted it than PID 4730 does where it is.

    Mounting height does play a factor and the antenna in the living room yielded more stations than the one in the bedroom. I would definitely check the AntennaWeb site (http://www.antennaweb.org/Address.aspx) to see if you may benefit from this antenna (Product 13805). Terrain and location will matter, regardless of the type of antenna you get for over the air stations.

    PROS: Quality, size and price

    CONS: None
    February 14, 2016
    Pleasantly surprised!
    I've been told that, where we live, you would be lucky to get any channels whatsoever with an antenna. We only watch a little TV and able would be a huge waste of money for us. Surprise! We got 8 channels, including all the major networks and the quality is great!
    The antenna can be a little sensitive to interference and position, but 99% of the time it works fine. And I think it has much to do with where we live as well.
    The Superbowl was amazing. (yes, you do get 5.1 surround on OTA broadcasts)

    PROS: Extremely easy to set up, comes with its own base and a relatively long coax cable.

    CONS: It's a bit large, about the size of a magazine page, and black. I'm sure they could make one that can be more customize-able for aesthetics one day.
    That said, it's not that hard on the eyes, especially when you aren't paying cable fees!
    February 16, 2016
    Totally unbelievable
    Thanks for the other reviews here as it got me to order one of these for the new TV in the basement which I don't want to pay cable bills for. We have a garden level basement where the Windows are above ground. I used the velcro pads included to attach it to a West facing window. All the TV stations are North West of the house. The TV found 78 digital channels, more than 1/2 of then HD. I think there are a few duplicates (like I see CBS show up 2 times), but probably thats from an other city near by. for $6,50, this is amazing. Adding this on-air capability to the Apple TV unit to play other content like Netflix, and I am saving $40 a month for a cable TV converter. Might have to order some more for the TVs in the BedRoom and other parts of the house.
    January 13, 2017
    Best So Far
    I live in a rural area that is 35 miles and two large hills from the nearest broadcast tower. I have tried roof-mount, attic-mount, and wall-mount HDTV antennae with no success. I have never received more than a hint that there might be a station in the general direction the antenna was oriented.

    According to antennaweb.org, I should be able to receive up to 14 channels from my location with the right antenna. The problem so far has been that the right antenna hasn't displayed anything useful. The Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna from Monoprice has changed that for the better. I now receive 6 channels in crystal clarity.

    In order to receive these stations, I have to hang the antenna high on a wall that is perpendicular to the TVs orientation. Theoretically, I should receive more since there are other channels on the same broadcast tower that I don't receive.

    My biggest complaint is I now have a large, black square on my wall. I wish there was a way to camouflage it in a picture frame or mirror or clock.

    PROS: Works well
    easy setup
    quick install

    CONS: Obvious - as in doesn't blend with surroundings
    March 17, 2016
    Picks Up Many over the Air Stations
    I plugged this into my TV and I found 30+ channels. I had the same system plugged into my cable jack (I only have internet, but the coax still has "free" content), but Comcast had everything locked down. The antenna provides me all the stations I need (PBS, local channels, etc.).

    PROS: Easy to install

    CONS: It is large, I hid my antenna behind some of my daughters wall art (stuff from school).
    March 11, 2016
    Bought to replace an older directional antenna
    I live in an area where it is very difficult to get OTA HD signals even though I am about 20 miles from New York City. I have a directional antenna that pulls in about 4 or 5 stations. I figured I would give this omnidirectional antenna a try. The antenna was not able to tune in a single channel. I am not sure it is a flaw of this antenna, but unfortunately it did not work for me. The antenna itself is nice enough.

    PROS: Nice Design

    CONS: Did not tune any channels for me
    January 18, 2016
    Excellent and easy
    Mounted flat on a wall inside a skylight well in the family room, it picks up all local stations and with more stable signals than small, mast-mounted Yagi antenna outside. This despite poor line-of-site (trees, houses, hills) to TV towers spread over 90° arc to left of center axis of flat antenna. Perfect.
    December 31, 2015
    Excellent Antenna & Excellent Price!
    I purchased this antenna as part of a few other purchases elsewhere in an attempt to unplug from satellite TV and their ridiculous exponentially growing charges. It took me a couple attempts to find the right placement for the antenna, but I finally found a good location and my reception is perfect. Thank you, Monoprice!

    PROS: lightweight, easy to handle, easy to place

    CONS: None known
    August 15, 2016