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    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Product # 13616
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    Model 13616
    Speaker Type 2-way in-wall
    Woofer Two 5.25" carbon fiber cones
    Tweeter 0.75" silk and aluminum dome
    Frequency Response 62Hz ~ 20kHz
    Crossover Frequency 2.2kHz
    Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
    Power Handling Capacity (RMS) 50 watts
    Power Handling Capacity (Peak) 100 watts
    Sensitivity (2.83V) 88dB
    Fs 61.080 Hz
    Re 14.8 ohms
    Qts 0.690
    Vas 14.034 liters
    Cms 1.135 mm/N
    BL 6.449 T
    EBP 74.76
    Xmax 2mm
    SD 9.331 cm2
    Overall Dimensions 14.7" x 7.4" x 3.1" (373 x 187 x 80 mm)
    Cutout Dimensions 13.31" x 5.98" x 2.76" (338 x 152 x 70 mm)
    Weight (each) 6.2 lbs. (2.82 kg)


    Fs = resonant frequency of loudspeaker moving mass (in free air)
    Re = electrical resistance of voice coil
    Qts = total Q of loudspeaker ((Qms x Qes)/(Qms + Qes))
    Qms = measurement of the control from the speaker's mechanical suspension system
    Qes = measurement of the control from the speaker's electrical suspension system
    Vas = equivalent air volume of moving mass suspension
    Cms = stiffness of the mechanical suspension
    BL = motor strength of the speaker
    EBP = Fs / Qes
    XMAX = maximum linear excursion
    SD = surface area of the cone

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    Running an Onkyo receiver that states 140W per channel, these centre speakers state 100W peak. Will I have issues if I keep the system at a moderate level?
    New User U on Feb 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. In order to better assist you, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    In the horizontal orientation, will it fit between wall studs that are of the standard spacing?
    Michael R on Jan 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It depends on the stud spacing in the wall you are installing it in. The standard stud spacing in the US is 16" on center. Subtract the width of one stud 1 1/2" and you get 14 1/2" cavity spacing. The cutout width of this speaker claims 13.31". So it will fit in a standard spaced stud wall.
    Hi Dave - it seems you have all the answers regarding the Amber ribbon speakers. Are there any more details you can provide on the upcoming ribbon in-wall and ceiling line? I am mostly interested in dimensions. I have contractors finishing my basement and I getting close to needing to run low voltage and I have already purchased Alpha speakers (13683, 13616, 13618) for my home theater and would like to replace them with these ribbon speakers when they become available - can't wait until October to install though. I have depth limitations for the rear surrounds (3.5" total clearance) which is why I had to get the 6.5" alphas. My concern is that I don't want to have a larger hole in my wall than what the ribbon will need.

    On another note, does anyone use these speakers (15700) as left front and right front speakers? I want to get these but am concerned they will overpower the alphas I will be using everywhere else. It would be great to know all the dimensions (depth included) of the upcoming ribbon speakers so that I can make sure I future proof my setup and have my contractors allow for them. Thanks!
    Nicholas F on May 23, 2017
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Amber In-Wall Speaker 6.5-inch 3-way Carbon Fiber Column with Ribbon Tweeter (each)
    Monoprice Amber In-Wall Speaker 6.5-inch 3-way Carbon Fiber Column with Ribbon Tweeter (each)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speakers 6.5in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speakers 6.5in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speakers 8in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speakers 8in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    BEST ANSWER: The new Ambers are still in development. We have not finalized dims at this time. I am trying to keep the dims similar to the Alphas. 3.5" is my target depth for all of the installed speakers to fit within 2x4 studs.

    The use of the Amber 15700 with Alpha surrounds seems to be a pretty popular formula. If you scroll through the reviews you will see quite a few folks doing just that.
    can i mount this speaker in my ceiling?
    A shopper on Apr 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This is a really great speaker, and as a home theater contractor I have used them as front LCR monitors as well as rear surrounds in both wall and ceiling applications. In the ceiling, as with any ceiling speaker, just be sure you have space between trusses and that there are no pipes or ductwork in the way. If your trusses are set at 16 inches on center or greater, you will have ample space.
    Is this a dual voice coil speaker, having both L and R channels in the single speaker?
    A shopper on Jan 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, this is not dual voice so it will only work on one specific channel. I hope this clarifies it for you. Thanks!
    How would you compare these Monoprice speakers to other speakers like from Crutchfield (Polk and other brands sold there)?
    cory c on Oct 25, 2018
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speakers 8in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speakers 8in Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speakers 8-Inch Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair) (Open Box)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speakers 8-Inch Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair) (Open Box)
    BEST ANSWER: I have had pioneer and Polk before my last house and I installed these carbon speakers in my loft. I'm more of an automotive audiophile so I am never satisfied with home theater no matter how much I spend and for the money these are on point. They sound great for home theater but need more fill if you want to really crank it up and listen to music at concert levels.
    There is a zip tie on one of the components of this speaker. Should it be cut off prior to installation?
    Steve L on Jul 15, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I don't think so. It has been a while since I installed these, but most speakers use zip ties to secure the crossover components to the crossover mounting board. Don't ever cut those zip ties; they are important to holding the components together. Sometimes you also see zip ties used to tidy up some of the wiring between components. Again, don't cut those. The only thing I would cut or remove would be packaging that prevents you from installing the speaker.
    I have a wall stud dead center of where I want to mount this in the wall just below the flatscreen. Would I be able to use two putting one on each side of the stud ? Can you wire two together ?
    New User U on Nov 3, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: using two center channel speaker the way you are describing will not sound good. You will get a lot of comb-filtering (phasing) as you move through the room. Cutting and bracing the stud in question is not terribly difficult. There is a lot of instruction out there to show how to properly do it.
    Can this speaker be mounted into a custom cabinet unit below the TV?
    A shopper on Feb 17, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes. It is designed with 6 screws (see dark spots in the picture) that attach to plastic tabs that when rotated lock the speaker into 5/8" sheet rock. They may also work on 3/4" material of a cabinet. If not, you could remove the screws and tabs and just screw into the cabinet.
    Do I need to use any special braces with this speaker? Or is it just supported by the drywall?
    A shopper on Nov 30, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It's just supported by drywall. There's a set of clips that swing out when you tighten the mounting screws. They clamp the speaker to the drywall. Works quite well.
    Can this speaker be placed behind a Projector Screen? Will there be any issues with sound If I do?
    Rajesh B on Jun 5, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This is a really good question. My understanding is that it depends entirely on the screen you are talking about. Some screens are "acoustically transparent". The name suggests that as far as sound goes, the screen lets sound through. The name suggests that there is no alteration to the sound, however not all acoustically transparent screens are created equal. Do some research on the screen before purchase. Acoustically transparent screens generally have a perforated appearance because tiny holes are needed to adequately let the sound through. Some people don't like the visual effect that the tiny holes produce. Not all screens have the same size holes, or hole pattern both of which will affect the picture quality. Seating distance from the screen will also affect how noticeable the holes are. Also consider that acoustically transparent screens cost considerably more than regular screens. I would NOT recommend placing a regular screen in front of the speakers because the sound quality will be noticeably degraded. I hope this helps.
    How far do the mounting tabs stick out? Would this fit in-between studs that are 6.75" apart?
    Tim K on Mar 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thanks for your interest in this installed speaker. The tabs will stick out .75" from the cut out. Add tabs on each side, 1.5", plus cutout dimension, 5.91", gives you total required internal space of 7.41". Sorry we're .66" too big.
    Specifications seem identical to the Alpha in-wall center at 100w, 5.25" carbon woofers, 1" silk tweeters, 70hz-20khz, but with the adjustable angle. It doesn't seem to have the narrow bezel of the Alpha line. I have an above fireplace TV and I'm looking for an angled in-ceiling center. Can anyone else comment on using this successfully as an above TV angled center channel?
    Christopher G on Oct 27, 2018
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Alpha In-Wall Speaker Center Channel Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber 2-way (single)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speaker Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber Surround 2-way Vari-Angled (single)
    Monoprice Alpha Ceiling Speaker Dual 5.25in Carbon Fiber Surround 2-way Vari-Angled (single)
    BEST ANSWER: I'm using this in that same scenario. It works well but does have a very narrow 'sweet spot'. Viewing/listening from in front of the TV and the angled direction of the speaker works very well, but it is not as great off to the sides, where a standard center channel would work better. I would suggest a narrow center channel sitting on a mantel if that would work, but this would suffice if that would not work.
    Is it recommended to install vertically? Will there be any sound quality issues ?
    Santhosh X on Jun 2, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: I hung mine horizontal but by looking at the construction I don’t think it will be an issue to hang it vertically. It’s a great speaker that sounds awesome for the price. I would buy it again.
    4.7 / 5.0
    33 Reviews
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    Great speaker for a low price
    I know these are for the center channel, but I was looking for something similar for the rear surround. I had to go on the "cheap" side because the credit card is melting getting the entire HT setup. Honestly, I wish I found these speakers sooner. I would have saved a ton on my front 3 speakers. If I knew 2 months ago, for the same money I could have gotten a full blown Atmos setup.

    For $60 am I getting a $10,000 speaker? Not by any means. However, you are getting a setup that 99.99% of the population would be perfectly happy with. Only real audiophiles would find something not to like about them. For those of us looking to get very good surround sound, good for music sound, and not take out a second mortgage, you can't go wrong with this line of speaker.

    I have only had them in for a day. Most BluRays are still packed away. I did get Transformers (1st one) and Aladdin in. You can hear the sound going around the rear speakers perfectly fine. Listening to the Genie sing, you can hear all of the background sounds as well. I was very impressed.

    PROS: Price Ease of Installation sound quality from an inexpensive speaker

    CONS: The middle wall post next to the speaker post makes it difficult to attach the wire. It is not difficult, but it is just a stupid design location.
    December 11, 2015
    Great Performance/Price
    Used all matching Alpha kevlar speakers in a 5.1 surround setup for home theater... Dual 5.25 for front/center channel, four 8" for front and rear Left/Right. Using passive subwoofer powered from separate amplifier. Excellent matching of sound stage particularly across the front with vocals, where it is most noticeable. This makes for extremely realistic reproduction of the recorded tracks or live channels from the movies/live events being viewed. The installation was extremely simple using the accurate template provided, and finishing with a nice magnetic cover... very professional and clean. Only recommendation is that you run the wall clamps in and out one time prior to installing into the wall cavity... this makes them much smoother and avoids any possible binding or breaking of the clamps. FYI, I've installed roughly forty in-wall, in-ceiling speakers for both personal and professional applications in the last two years, and these Alpha series speakers are an excellent choice for accurate, pleasant sound, professional looks, and very reasonable price.
    July 5, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great Center Speaker
    I have this as the center channel in my home 5.1 setup, the 4 surround speakers are the matching Monoprice 6.5-inch Carbon Fiber 2-way In-Wall Speaker with Magnetic Grille. The room is about 18'x18'. Working with the existing wiring the builder put in and the fact that my TV sits on a console rather than mounted to the wall, I centered this speaker above my 61" tv which some would say is less than ideal. The surround speakers are at similar heights. Overall, I think it works just fine, it doesnt sound like the sound it "above" me. Note: as the freq range goes down to 70hz, set your receiver to "small" speakers and your crossover freq to 80hz and things will sound great!

    PROS: Great sound, easy install, love the magnetic grill.

    CONS: none
    March 9, 2016
    Carbon Fiber Center Channel Speaker
    The speaker visually looked great and the sound during the pre-wall test was good.

    PROS: Great quality, great speaker and excellent price point.

    CONS: None
    May 31, 2016
    Center in a 7.2 system
    Sound and look great. Why do I need 50 characters to post a review?
    January 25, 2017
    1 year ago
    Review and Rating on Installation only
    Overall installation wasn't bad, but there is a learning curve to make it much easier and smoother. First off the template supplies for this speaker was spot on and was nice compared to my L/R speakers. The second thing and this will save you time and money. Make sure you exercise the mounting posts and screws first before installation. If you screw them in and out prior to mounting your speakers it will make it so much easier as they are pretty flimsy and I could have swore I was going to break one at first. The last thing is the magnetic grill is really nice. The ones on my L/R speakers not so much. I'll write a review for those ones as well.

    PROS: Great looking...Haven't had them long enough to talk about sound quality.

    CONS: Prep before you install
    March 23, 2016
    Alpha Center Channel in-wall speaker
    Quality of sound is good. Pleased with balance even with limited break-in time.

    Only problem, as with all Alpha series, is the mounting devices. The 'dogs' used to connect to drywall get hung-up easily. It is a minor problem in the big picture but it would make all of my reviews 5-stars instead of 4.
    February 15, 2018
    10 months ago
    very good center
    I installed this as the center with two of the larger nicer and more expensive speakers from Mono. This center has pretty good sound. Its not excellent but its very good. Matched with the other two larger fronts you get a great set up. Add a sub for sure. Install was easy. The screws for install should be tightened and loosened prior to install. Don't over loosen when removing or parts fall off the back into the wall cavity ruining your day. enjoy.
    December 4, 2017
    11 months ago
    Wow....Amazing. DO NOT hesitate to purchase these speakers.
    I looked at these speakers for about 2 months before finally purchasing them. So, to be completely honest, I really thought that Monoprice was deleting negative reviews. But I decided to give the following speakers a try ( 2 sets of Alpha In Ceiling Speakers 8 Inch Carbon Fiber 2-way (pair), 2 Amber In Wall Speaker 8-inch 2-way with Ribbon Tweeter (single), 1 Alpha In Wall Center Channel Speaker Dual 5.25 Inch Carbon Fiber 2-way (single), and 2 Amber 6.5-inch Carbon Fiber 3-way In-Wall Column Speaker with Ribbon Tweeter (each).) I purchased these speakers for a Dolby Atmos Home Theater set up. I have these speakers connected to a Onkyo TX-RZ810 receiver. I cannot say enough good things about these speakers. They are very Crisp, and have a very clean and clear sound. The speakers look absolutely amazing as well. I wish I could upload some pictures to show how well they look. I would not hesitate on purchasing these speakers. You WILL be satisfied.

    PROS: Great Speakers, Great Price, Look beautiful.

    CONS: Shipping is higher than it should be. (Not really a default of the speakers, but I wish Monoprice would have better shipping rates)
    October 1, 2016
    Excellent sound and style
    I have had tower rear speakers and bookshelf front speakers for 10 plus years and wanted to de-clutter the room.
    I decided to shop around for in wall and ceiling speakers and was recommended by a friend to checkout Monoprice.
    I did my homework and decided to purchase the Alpha in ceiling speakers. I hired a professional to install them and coordinate with my existing pre-wired lines. They have been installed and I have watched a movie since in surround sound. It was a wonderful experience and felt like a theater instead of my family room.
    I`m extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Monoprice and Alpha in ceiling speakers.
    April 18, 2017
    1 year ago