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    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 37in to 70in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 750x450
    Product # 4174
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    Model # 4174
    Type Tilting
    Minimum VESA® 100 x 100
    Maximum VESA 750 x 450
    Maximum Weight 165 lbs.
    Minimum Display Size 37"
    Maximum Display Size 70"
    Minimum Extension 4.0"
    Maximum Extension N/A
    Tilt Range +0/-15 degrees
    Swivel Range N/A
    Construction Steel
    Color Black
    Wall Plate Dimensions 32.0" x 8.9"
    Front Plate Dimensions N/A
    Built-in Level No
    Cable Management No
    UL Certified No
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    Notes: Extra thick 2.5mm
    steel construction,
    No logo on mount

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    What is the distance, vertically, between the wall mounting holes? My brick mortar joints are on 8-1/4" centers
    Clyde K on Dec 28, 2016
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 37in to 70in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 750x450
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 37in to 70in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 750x450
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 30in to 63in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 750x450, UL Certified
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 30in to 63in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 750x450, UL Certified
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 37in to 70in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 850x450, UL Certified
    Monoprice Titan Series Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket For TVs 37in to 70in, Max Weight 165lbs, VESA Patterns Up to 850x450, UL Certified
    BEST ANSWER: Good Day, The centers of the mounting holes are approximately 4.5 inches apart.
    I measured behind the mounted TV - but should be really close.
    For Monoprice staff: In the title for this item, it is listed as UL Certified. However, in the "Full Specs" diagram above the reviews, it shows "UL Certified - No". Is this a UL Certified wall mount?
    Mark J on Dec 27, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hi Mark, Thank you for reaching out to us. That was a mistake made by our team when we cleaned up some product names and was added in by mistake. This unit is unfortunately not UL Certified as it is a modified version of PID 3900 which is UL rated. the difference is that we used an oversized plate thickness for this model and did not have it retested. With that said, it follows the same ID as the 3900 but with a thicker heavier duty plate and arm. I hope this answers your question.
    The product title description reads 37 - 70inches but the spec. graphic shows unto 63. Which is it?
    Stuart S on Dec 9, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I'm sure you could install a 70" TV using this Mount Just Secure the bracket to the wall properly
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    ugh, Razzin' Frazzin' lag bolts...
    I'm no dummy. While that point can be argued... what cannot be argued is that this non dummy has a wall stud in his bedroom with two snapped lag bolts in it.

    The rating of this product is not necessarily a direct reflection of it's value. A comparable unit at Frye's or Best Buy would have been at least 3 times as much. The nicely painted (powder coated?) pieces are indeed very sturdy. The weakest link in your install will be where the arms affix to the plastic TV back, not the mount to the wall or arms to the mount. The mount itself is very versatile. The hardware included allowed multiple applications (brick or wall mount)... and extra washers or bolts if you lose - or - cough... break some bolts.

    My application is for a 55" LCD LG40 that weighs in about 80lbs. One person can affix the mount to the wall, and the arms to the TV... but unless you are Hulk Hogan, you really should use two people to hang your unit. giggle.

    The lag bolts. I read the reviews before buying this product. Numerous lag issues. It looked like most of those reviews were old, so I thought the problem might have been rectified. I would say not. Definately not. The problem is... the bolt length is longer that the drill bit (not supplied) that you will use to drill your pilot hole. You get to that last 1/2"... and the lag snaps at the threaded shoulder. I was cautious about heat. I ran it (them) in part way, then backed them out... let them cool... repeat. It didn't help. 5 turns to bottoming out and... SNAP!... cuss swear cuss. Slide over a bit, drill new hole, repeat cautious steps... about 5 threads from bottom out... SNAP! this time I invented new cuss words, that generally started with 'M' for mono... or 'L' for lag. Of course... I remain completely blameless in these two useless holes in my wall.
    BTW, on one bolt I used a cordless drill 5 clicks below max torque, and on the other lag bolt... I used the good old socket and ratchet. No difference. Cheap bolts are cheap bolts and will break no matter what you use.

    The remedy is for monoprice to supply a properly sized (and length) drill bit... or include some grade 8.8 bolts (11.9metric). Believe me... I'd pay an extra buck for some heavy bolts. Or they could just make them a bit shorter... that extra 1/2" will not add any to integrity of the mount.

    To prevent bolt number 3 from snapping... I used acouple of the supplied bolt shims to make an effectively shorter bolt. The hardware store is not convenient from my location.

    Also... do not expect to get a true 0degree mount for this unit... it will still be angled a couple of degrees down (fine by me). Also, my hands are a little large, so the angle change knob is not very easy to access. But that's one of those 'one time' problems... I mean once it's set... you're not going to be changing it often. Despite my hand size, for my application, It was not too much trouble to hook up the HDMI or coax with this mount. It was harder to get to the angle knobs than hooking up the components.

    Sorry for the long read... that took about as long to write as I spent cussing after the second lag bolt broke.
    February 8, 2010
    Nice wall mount...BUT

    PROS: Well made, simple to mount. Have a friend over.\, it is heavy for one person.

    CONS: Hardware included is incorrect, or wrong hardware was packed with this unit. I need 8 4mm screws to mount my TV, so I went to the store to get 4 more screws 4 were provided. The parts list mentions 12 flat washers, required, are included. Well they are, but they are useless because they will not fit in the area they are meant to.
    If you but this unit, get ALL the hardware you need to attach your TV before starting. It is frustrating to make return trips for an INCLUDED item that does not work.
    January 19, 2012
    Response from Monoprice
    Hello EZ,

    Thank you for your review. Keep in mind that the mount only comes with standard screws so if your TV requires a different set of screws it is recommended to get them from a hardware. If that is not the case and that you were sent the incorrect hardware, please let me know and I will forward it accordingly. Thank you!

    John Lingo
    Tech Support
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    This wall mount was perfect for my 50" Panasonic PX80U Plasma.

    The TV weighs roughly 80-90lbs, and this wall mount does the job. I cannot believe how much big box stores charge for wall mounts! its ridiculous.

    My only two words of advice fo those planning on wall mounting their TV's...

    1. Read directions carefully.
    2. Have someone help you.

    I made both of these mistakes. As usual, I did not read the directions...not a big deal, but leads to much frustration of back tracking to correct mistakes.

    Also, I did the entire thing myself. Also not a big deal, but trying to hold the wall plate with one hand and screwing it into the wall with the other was not an easy task. (also you will need a ratchet piece of 1/2")

    Not to mention, the TV being 80-90lbs, trying to lift it up onto the wall plate by myself was tricky to say the least. I advise you get help. It makes the job so much easier.

    In the end, Its absolutely beautiful. And well worth the time and effort.

    I also used the monoprice Recessed Pro Power Kit w/Straight Blade Inlet White, another excellent product. Two thumbs up.

    you can see my end result here:

    October 3, 2009
    Monoprice is unsurpassed!
    Absolutely the best mount I've ever used...since my last order from Monoprice. Their mounts are well made and easy to install with all the nuts and bolts. No problem putting my 65" flat screen on the wall.

    PROS: Well made. Comes with all the hardware you could ever need.

    CONS: None
    February 7, 2016
    I mounted a new 50" Panasonic Plasma to this bad boy, and I'm glad I went with monoprice. The extra $$ you pay for the "PREMIUM" means the metal is extra thick, meaning the wall is coming down WITH the tv. I'm sure the regular version of this mount would do fine, but I like to feel a little more confident with such an investment hanging on the wall.

    Directions were great and all the parts that came with it were top of the line, not lag bolts you find at the dollar store. One thing would have made my install so much easier would be a paper template. I couldn't wait for my friends to help, so I did this all alone. This mount is pretty heavy when trying to hold it up with one hand and then marking holes. Do yourself a favor and get a second body to help.
    June 30, 2010
    Great product
    Had this installed in 30 minutes. Very easy. "Cons" listed above are just installation considerations and do not in any way reflect dissatisfaction with the mount. Very pleased with Monoprice.

    PROS: Great product. Heavy duty and easily mounted (regardless of built in level).

    CONS: No built in level so be prepared with a second set of hands. Tilt mechanism can be a little hard (lifting slightly on the TV will help relieve the weight and make easier to tilt).
    April 1, 2014
    Premium Adjustable Tilting Mount (PID 4174)
    I ordered this mount 11/26/2012. It arrived on 11/28/2012. I call that FAST shipping and delivery. I mounted this to my wall with my wife's help in about 30 to 45 minutes. I measured 5 or 6 times and then leveled & re-checked for level as many times.

    I mounted a 60" LED/LCD TV on this mount with no trouble at all. When I tested its strength prior to hanging the actual TV my wife said "The mount isn't moving but the whole wall is"! This baby is STRONG.

    The hardware was all included in the package. The instructions were pretty good. I found a couple grammar errors in them which I had to overcome (easily done). All the hardware dimensions are given in METRIC sizes.

    I didn't use the tilting option, although it is good to have there should I change my mind. The locking screws on the bottom of the brackets were a bit of a challenge because they are fairly far from the ends of the TV. But, I borrowed a L O N G screwdriver from a mechanic friend and that problem went away.

    My best advice is this ...... be sure to level & plumb the wall mount. Use a quality stud finder to ensure hitting the CENTER of your studs. When tightening the lag bolts into the studs go slowly. Too much torque might snap the head off a lag bolt. I used a 13 socket with my ratchet handle.

    Bottom line ..... MonoPrice has done it again. A true winner of a product for about $27.00. I priced these mounts in BB and they were upwards of $100.00. This mount can't be beat. For the money it's one heck of a deal.

    PROS: Sturdy, Well Built, Solid, Easy to Install

    CONS: All metric sizing.
    December 3, 2012
    Built like a tank
    I put its weight as a pro and a con, it's weight comes from it being extra strong and thick metal. This thickness makes it harder to twist and bend. Saying that I don't have flat walls in my apartment. I had to really wrench down on the thing to make sure it was secure.

    The way i mounted it was as followed:

    1. Mark studs. I used a Zercon Studsensor e30. (http://www.amazon.com/Zircon-StudSensor-i65-Center-Finding-Finder/dp/B000TCY0E6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1315630466&sr=8-1)

    2. Using a 1/4" bit longer than the lag bolts a drilled a hole into the stud.

    3. Holding the plate to the wall I tightened down the first bolt just to the point where the plate was barely able to keep it's self up and level.

    4. Using a good level I leveled it off and than drilled my 3 other pilot holes with my 1/4" bit and tightened down the lags. I did it with a 13mm socket on a 1/4" ratchet. That gives me enough torque to tighten them down w/o stripping or breaking the lags. I double checked my work by pulling on the mount with a pretty decent amount of my body weight.

    5. Installed brackets onto tv, had my g/f help lift and put the tv on the wall.

    Too bad i have to take it off the wall again because I didn't feel like installing the "Recessed Pro Power Kit w/Straight Blade Inlet White" (PID: 4652)

    PROS: For heavy duty applications, Strong, heavy, built to survive a nuclear **** storm, doesn't flex and lose it's shape.

    CONS: Its heavy.
    Hard to reach tilt adjusters with my large 55" display, even harder to adjust them. Be careful that you don't over adjust one side and twist your screen to a breaking point.
    September 9, 2011
    Great Mount!
    Strong, sturdy, fit my Panasonic TC-P42S1 perfectly! Easy to put together, easy to hang.
    September 28, 2009
    I bought this mount on reading reviews here and on other A/V forums. This mount is absolutely the best 26 dollars I have ever spent! I purchased a similar mount at the big yellow and blue store for $279, if I could only turn back time. This mount is the EXACT same mount for a fraction of the cost! Everything you need is included in the box including easy to follow instructions. I hung my Panasonic G25 plasma on the wall and it took 30 minutes for a complete install. I stand behind this mount 100 percent, quality of construction is on point. Please don't get fooled into thinking that spending an additional $200 will buy you a better mount. Do yourself a favor BUY HERE especially if you like to save money!

    PROS: Heavy Duty Construction

    CONS: None
    January 28, 2011