Titan Series Corner Friendly Full Motion Wall Mount for Large 32- 60 inch TVs 125lbs Black
    Product # 8586
    Titan Series Corner Friendly Full Motion Wall Mount for Large 32- 60 inch TVs 125lbs Black
    Product # 8586
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    Titan Series Corner Friendly Full Motion Wall Mount for Large 32- 60 inch TVs 125lbs Black

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    Don't leave your flat panel TV on a table or stand where it can be knocked over and damaged, or even worse injure a child or pet. Instead, mount it securely and safely to the wall using this Adjustable Tilting/Swiveling Wall Mount Bracket from Monoprice!

    This mount bracket supports adjustments in three dimensions; it can be swiveled ±90° and can be tilted up to 5° upward and 15° downward. Additionally, it can be extended from a minimum distance to the wall of 5.0" to a maximum of 26.5". It features a built-in level, which will help ensure it is installed correctly.

    This bracket is designed to mount an LCD, LED, or Plasma display with a VESA mounting pattern between 50x50 and 750x450, which includes most 32" to 60" displays*. It can be mounted to any type wall (brick, concrete, wood stud, etc.) and can safely hold up to 125 lbs (including the weight of the mount itself). Mounting hardware is included.

    * Note that the display screen size is only an approximation. Your display is compatible with this mount as long as it has a VESA mounting pattern and weight that fit within the size and weight limits listed above.

    Support Files:

    Model # 8586
    Type Tilting/Swiveling
    Minimum VESA 50 x 50
    Maximum VESA 770 x 480
    Maximum Weight 125 lbs
    Minimum Display Size 32"
    Maximum Display Size 60"
    Minimum Extension 5.0"
    Maximum Extension 26.5"
    Tilt Range +5/-15 degrees
    Swivel Range ±90 degrees
    Rotation Range N/A
    Construction Steel
    Color Black
    Wall Plate Dimensions 18.9" x 9.4"
    Front Plate Dimensions 32.0" x 9.4"
    Built In Level Yes
    Cable Management No
    UL Certified No
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    Notes: No logo on mount


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    How long are the brackets that mount to the TV?
    Scott W on Dec 2, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: According to the dimensions from Monoprice, these are 505 mm long (that's 19.88"), with a hole spacing from 95 mm to 470 mm (3.74-18.50"). Basically, it's designed to fit VESA 50x100 to 750x450 (HxV) mount patterns.
    I am looking for a mount that will allow me to extend it out all the way and then rotate the screen 90 degrees to be perpendicular with the wall. Like a Right angle with the TV. I have a 40" Samsung. Will this TV mount allow me to accomplish this?
    Garrett H on Feb 3, 2017
    4.8 / 5.0
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    Good mount, but installation instructions can be a problem
    Overall this is a great mount. Very heavy duty and solid. However, there was an issue with installation. The including instructions have specify the size of drill bit to use for drilling the pilot holes in your wall studs. Unfortunately the size was definitely too small in my case and I snapped two of the lag bolts about 3/4 the way in because the hole was too tight. Finally I moved up in size and was able to secure the mount (after drilling a third set of holes). Thankfully they included two extra lag bolts. I live in an old house and the studs are a very hard wood, so maybe in modern construction this would not be a problem, but the instructions simply state one size suggesting it should work in all situations. Another small issue I have is that there are brackets that screw into the back of the TV which then hook onto a panel attached to the end of the arm of the mount. The brackets have a mechanism you can tighten to assure it does not come unhooked however it is still able to slide back and forth on the panel if pressure is applied a certain way. If you try to push the TV side to side at all (which seems like a natural movement you'd want to perform with an articulating mount) it can slide. This is not only annoying from a function standpoint, it also makes a very irritating metal on metal scraping sound.

    In the end though, it's hard to argue with the price of this mount and once I finally got it installed it has been solid as a rock since.

    PROS: Solid mount at a great price.

    CONS: Installation instructions didn't work for my wall. The bracket attached to the TV can sometimes slide around on the mount when adjusting the TV position.
    March 2, 2015
    Minor Mounting Issue
    Unit is quite heavy and well built. However, they provided M8 x 16 and M8 x 30 machine screws for attaching mount to TV. The 30's were too long and the 16's too short for this Samsung. I had to either cut the 30's or provide my own 24's.

    Note: They DID provide two different sizes!

    Note: Make sure your studs are NO MORE than 16" apart...that is absolute maximum spacing on mounting holes. If any wider then you must drill mount to accomodate.

    Other than that unit was fine.

    PROS: Heavy Duty

    Built in level


    CONS: Had to provide M8 x 24 machine screws myself
    February 17, 2015
    Correcting Some Other Reviews
    I just finished installing this for a VIERA TC-P50U50.
    1. While using a carpenter's level is recommended, the built-in one is probably good enough. It is off by a degree or two, but when the installation is finished you can level the screen just by rotating it . The attaching bracket has a friction coupling that rotates several degrees.
    2. The long VESA-mount M8 bolts are fine, if perhaps a little long for the TC-P50U50. I added two washers to each, just to be sure they didn't bottom out.
    3. The friction stop for the tilt adjustment is a little flimsy, but if you use the included 4 M5 lock washers to increase friction, it tightens up fine. If you need the washers for the VESA mount, buy some more.
    4. There is no adjustment available on where you mount the wall plate. It just fits 16" stud spacing. (If you have shorter stud spacing there are numerous holes that are spaced closer.) However, there are several inches of adjustment on the plate the TV attaches to, by sliding the TV along the track. In my case (50" TV) I have about 14" of side-to-side adjustment.
    5. The bracket is heavy. I separated the wall plate from the TV plate, placed and leveled it, and drilled its mounting holes in the wall. Then I reassembled the bracket and mounted it using an assistant (AKA wife.)
    6. The bracket stands off about 4 1/2" from the wall. To this add the depth of the TV. That's the price of having it extend and swing. The swing mechanism is very sturdy.
    7. The lag screws for attaching to studs are sturdy enough if you don't over-torque them. Drill 7/32" pilot holes 3 1/2" deep, then enlarge the initial 1" depth to 9/32" to accommodate the unthreaded part of the screws. Screw them in using a socket wrench. Don't use a high torque drill.

    PROS: Very good value. Versatile. Sturdy. Well designed.

    CONS: Doesn't make coffee?
    November 10, 2012
    It is a great product for the money, don't hesitate to buy, it works as promised, very sturdy. The installation was relatively straight forward, but you'll definitely need two people to install. The installation guide just calls for you to use a socket wrench to install the mount on your wall, definitely recommend using a power drill if you have, very difficult getting the lag bolts in the wall just by manual operation. Also this installation guide instructs you to level the mount the TV connects to after TV installation, well that is impossible. The mount we had that part was not level from the factory, so after we first installed the TV, the TV was off level despite the mount connected to the wall being installed level. Just a heads up to anyone installing themselves to watch for this step, in hind sight that step would be common sense, but it was an added annoyance going through that step after the fact. The plate was not installed level in the factory, literally took 3 minutes to fix after TV was removed, took more time taking TV down and then reinstalling. This was my first time installing a TV mount, if you have the right tools and a trusted assistant you can do it yourself.

    PROS: Great value, great product, rock solid.

    CONS: Installation guide missed step of leveling the mount that connects to your TV, lists that as last step and impossible to level the mount once TV is attached.
    January 18, 2015
    great quality great price
    Good solid metal construction
    Great range of motion
    Arm has not loosen and is tight what more can I say it is solid

    PROS: Yes the leveler on this product works!
    The issue is the plate the TV mounts on ether it shifts off center from the arm from packaging or shipping or in production they don’t align the plate that mounts on the wall with the plate the TV rests on ether way there is an easy fix. A few taps on one of the side or just a little muscle one can shift this plate back into alignment. Or you can loosen the bolts, align it up, and tighten it back up.

    CONS: None
    March 9, 2014
    Fantastic Mount! (but spend an extra $1 to make it perfect)
    What a great mount from monoprice. As if you didn't know already.
    Cinch to install (just like the other one that I wrote a review for) and all parts were included.
    After installation, I had an issue with the weight of the tv pulling down the tilt function to the ground.
    I spoke to Manny and he gave me the fix. Buy a pair (or 4 depending on how secure you want it) of "metal locking washers" from Home Depot. They were only 0.52 cents for a pair. Install those washers where the tilt knob is on the mount. This will ensure that the knob grips the metal and doesn't allow for the weight of the tv to drag the tilt to the ground.
    Other than that, you need to make sure you have studs in your house (-clever joke there, lol) and they should be 16" apart (I think) for the mount to be effectively installed.
    Use a stud finder to measure your location, drill some pilot holes and then screw in the heavy duty bolts provided.
    My other suggestion would be to NOT use a power drill for the bolts into the studs.
    I just used a hand ratchet set and this was much more efficient. Even though it was time consuming and took more strength, it didn't break off any of my bolt heads from the heat.

    This is a really good heavy duty mount and the swivel & extension is quite long.

    PROS: Easy Install
    All parts included (sans a $1 item from Home Depot to make it perfect)
    Heavy duty construction

    CONS: 1 $0.52 cent "locking metal washer" needed to fully make the product effective
    March 26, 2012
    Works but not as well as I would hope
    This mount works and was easy enough to hang, but it does not work as well as I would like. First off, the outside box says it is rated up to 175lbs but the instruction manual says it is only rated to 125lbs. Not a big deal as my 55" vizio is only ~80lbs but still is disconcerting that those disagree and it could cause problems for people. Also, I find that when I try to swing out the arm, the arm does bend downwards too much so that it is no longer level. It is not easy to swing out at all.

    PROS: Pretty easy to install, but a 2 person job.
    Easy to hang the TV on.

    CONS: Arm is not easy to move
    Sags and causes it to not be level unless you hang the TV in the center of the back plate on the arm. Putting it to one side so that it is more centered on my wall is not an option. I think this may be because it doesn't hold as much weight as the out box says?
    April 5, 2016
    Heavy Duty
    I ordered the largest I could based on the size of my TV because I thought the brackets would be flimsy. I was wrong, this bracket mounted solid to the wall and could hold a lot more

    PROS: Sturdy, Robust, Easy to mount

    CONS: If clamps aren't tight on bracket, the can slide when swiveling the TV if you aren't careful.
    March 17, 2012
    This is NOT your grandpa's TV mount. It's yer MOTHER's!! Seriously, tho....what can I say about this contraption? If you put it up right (you may need another person to hold it while you mark, drill and bolt) you could hang a side of beef off of this thing and it would just laugh and ask "Is that all you got?". Rocky could do his pull-ups on it, hang that same side of beef on it, then proceed to beat the sh*t out of the beef and then sit down and watch Adrienne in a soft core porn B movie on the plasma TV he hung on it after he cleaned up the side of beef. Sly Stallone uses this same mount at his house - I put it in for him last week. True story.

    PROS: Great quality, versatile, easy installation

    CONS: Doesn't come with a TV attached to it.
    August 21, 2011
    Great Sturdy Product
    Great product at a great price with quick delivery and easy installation. Built strong to ccomodate the weight of a large TV. Allows positioning of tv at many angles for better viewing.

    PROS: Great price in relationship to other wall mount alternatives. Soldily built and easy to install. Can view tv from many positions.

    CONS: None
    November 27, 2013

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