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    Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs 60in to 100in, Max Weight 176 lbs, Extends from 2.8in to 24.6in, VESA Up to 600x900, Concrete & Brick, UL Certified
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    Model # 12280
    Type Full Motion
    Minimum VESA 200 x 200
    Maximum VESA 600 x 900
    Maximum Weight 176 lbs
    Minimum Display Size 60"
    Maximum Display Size 100"
    Minimum Extension 2.8"
    Maximum Extension 24.6"
    Tilt Range +5/-15 degrees
    Swivel Range ±45 degrees
    Rotation Range ±3 degrees
    Construction Steel
    Color Black
    Wall Plate Dimensions 22.8" x 11.8"
    Front Plate Dimensions 41.4" x 15.9"
    Built In Level No
    Cable Management Yes
    UL Certified Yes
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    Notes: No logo on mount

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    What is the difference between the Stable series wall mounts and the Titan series wall mounts?
    Scott D on Oct 24, 2017
    Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs 60in to 100in, Max Weight 176 lbs, Extends from 2.8in to 24.6in, VESA Up to 600x900, Concrete & Brick, UL Certified
    Monoprice Stable Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs 60in to 100in, Max Weight 176 lbs, Extends from 2.8in to 24.6in, VESA Up to 600x900, Concrete & Brick, UL Certified
    Monoprice Titan Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket - For TVs 32in to 60in, Max Weight 175lbs, Extension Range of 5.0in to 20.0in, VESA Up to 750x450, Works with Concrete & Brick
    Monoprice Titan Series Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket - For TVs 32in to 60in, Max Weight 175lbs, Extension Range of 5.0in to 20.0in, VESA Up to 750x450, Works with Concrete & Brick
    BEST ANSWER: The Titans are very heavy, harder for one person to install, but the scissor mechanism is about the same.
    What is the width of the folding arms when the tv is pushed all the way back?
    A shopper on Nov 20, 2017
    will this fit the LG OLED65B6P?
    A shopper on Jan 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It's a minimum VESA of 200x200, and the B6P is 300x200, so I'm about 90% sure that this would fit. With the low profile of the B6P though, I think the brackets that mount to the TV on this may need trimmed by an inch or two so they don't protrude above/below the TV after it's mounted. Won't matter mechanically, but aesthetically it would be unpleasing to me if that were to happen.
    Hi, will this fit a LG 65 OLED 300x200 vesa? Also will it fit 400x300 75 sony? Thanks
    Peter J on Sep 27, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It should, you will need to check you VESA Mount specs, but this should work. It's a great setup and easy to install. I was lucky and hit studs. It allows for a few inches of left or right if you are not exactly in center. It's a great mount, if I had to buy another for some reason I would get this mount again. I have 75" and was able to mounts and hang it by myself.
    Will this tv mount work for a corner installation?
    A shopper on Nov 25, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: I would not use this for a corner installation. the arms when folded flat are almost as wide as my 65" TV. .
    can I use this mount with a Samsung curved screen?
    A shopper on Feb 8, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I have a 65 inch curved Samsung and it fits no problem provided you use the plastic spacers that came with the mount. Do carefully read the Samsung manual regarding wall mounting as, if you use the wrong length screws (several lengths provided with the mount) into the TV you may not engage the threaded inserts in the TV or if the screws are too long they could extend past the back of the insert by possibly punching through the insert floor and possible damage the screen. On my TV the top and bottom mounting inserts were oddly of different depths so I hand hand installed the screws with an appropriately short as possible spacer until it felt like it bottomed and verified that the gap between the screw head and the space was at least millimeter smaller than the thickness of the attaching frame. For me I used the short spacers of 1/4" to 5/16" between the TV and the mount and added a washer from the hardware store between the mount and the screw head. Snug the screws but Don't over tighten. I used teflon tape on thes screws to prevent them from possibly loosening over time. Hope this helps. I own 3 Monoprice TV mounts and am about to help my brother-in-law install one for his pending purchase of a 65" flat TV.
    The product specs on this page say a minimum display size of 60 inches, but I have a 52 inch tv that fits within the VESA standards listed (my TV is a 600x400) and weighs 72 lbs, will this mount still work?
    New User U on Mar 8, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: In addition to the VESA dimensions and weight, you may want to consider the front plate dimensions. This one is 41.4 inches (1,052mm) wide. If you TV is narrower than that, the front plate will extend beyond the sides of the TV. Your 52" screen should be no narrower than 42.5 inches, so it's probably okay on that scale, but if the flat area of the back of the TV is smaller than that it will interfere with the fit. Some TVs have protrusions on the back that are near where the front plate needs to be snug against the TV, vertically or horizontally. This could potentially be a problem for any TV, but in particular for smaller TVs being applied to larger mounts.
    I have a 65" TV that I am installing in the wall. I would like to know a few dimensions of your 12280. The depth of the 2 vertical brackets that connect the TV (VESA 300) to the bracket. And the depth of the rectangular bracket that is between the 2 vertical bracket and the mounting bracket swivel connection. Also the dimension between the 4 screws that connect the rectangular bracket to the swivel bracket? I am looking to replace those 2 brackets with a solid 300x300 plate, and reduce the 2.8" wall to TV dimension by 3/4 to 1 inch, making the TV as flush as possible inside the 4" opening.
    Fred Z on Feb 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your inquiry. While we do strive to include all measurements and diagrams on the product page, if there is a specific measurement you are looking for, please email us at tech@monoprice.com so we can provide you with the appropriate specifications you are looking for. I hope this helps, thank you!
    Will this work for LeEco Umax85 which is 85 inches and VESA 400x400 and weighs 141.3 lbs?
    New User U on Feb 15, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I have a 70 " LG that weighs in at 143lbs., should work fine, even though I havenot put I up yet, out ragious shipping charge of $100.00.
    Can I use this mount for a 50" TV that is located in a 51" wide space?
    A shopper on Oct 9, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: You should be able to. Just have to make sure the studs are somewhere towards the middle of your space. It doesnt have to be completely centered as this mount allows you to slide your TV from side to side.
    Hi, can you please tell me the dimensions of the back mounting plate, as well as the width and height of the arms when they are fully folded back? Thanks!
    Vivek Raja G on Jul 5, 2018
    Does anyone know the dimensions of the 3 large holes in the wall plate? I have a recessed outlet above the fireplace and I'm trying to figure out whether or not the outlet will fit inside of the cutout.
    Casey B on Jun 12, 2018
    Whats the best way to make this mount a little more fluid with the motion? I just mounted mine today and it is very hard to change the position tilt and pushing / pulling out from the wall.
    Daniel L on Mar 7, 2018
    What is the weight of this mount? That is, the entire mount fixture, not including TV. The manual does not say (that I can find). Thanks.
    Tyler F on Feb 26, 2018
    Can someone describe how you tilt and swivel this mount? For example, is there a locking/unlocking mechanism or do you just move it as desired and it stays in that position? Thanks!
    A shopper on May 9, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: You just move it and it stays in position. We really like the way it moves from side to side. Very sturdy.. highly recommend this
    Is there remote control come with it to position the TV after mounting?
    A shopper on Apr 11, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: No - it is all manual positioning. It is not hard to move though - I have a 65 inch Panasonic Plasma (approx 100 lbs) and it is easy to adjust for an average adult.
    can I exceed the weight limit ? I have a 85 inch Sony that weighs in at 185lbs.
    Jonathan A on May 22, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: No, the limits are in place to prevent damage to your display, wall and person.
    Is this only for brick and concrete? Can I use it on a standard sheetrock wall with wood studs?
    A shopper on May 15, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: yes you can! The way the stand mounts to the wall allows you to attach it to the studs, even if they are not exactly centered. And it will Mount securely using the studs or Molly type screws (most or all of these are included). In addition, another nice feature of this Mount allows you to slide the TV from left to right a few inches depending on the size of the TV. This means you don't have to worry so much about exactly where you mount it to the wall.
    Looking to mount a 75inch sony in a corner - not worried about weight, I know this can handle it, but I was wondering if anyone has mounted a 75inch or more tv in a corner with this stand and if the arm extends enough for a tv of that size to fit in a right angle corner?
    A shopper on Apr 3, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: I don’t think it would work. I have a 65” tv mounted on a flat wall and it’s not able to be extended enough to form a 45-degree angle with the wall. I suppose you could shift the TV so it’s not hanging evenly on the horizontal mounting bars, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it. That would also require mounting it quite a ways from the corner, all-in-all a bad idea.
    How far can 1 end of a 65" tv swing out. It states 45 degrees, are you owners getting that much? Thanks!
    Darren H on Jan 27, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I've got a 60" TV and indeed it appears to be able to hit that 45 degree mark (side to side) you are asking about. I've never pulled it out that far but it does work. With a 100" TV I don't think you could achieve a full 45 degrees as the edge of the TV would bump into the wall. I like this mount because it is STURDY. I should also mention that to get my 60" mounted I had to trim off the 2 metal supports that mount to the TV so they would not extend up beyond the top of the TV . Not a big deal since I had the metal tools to do the job.
    Is there a video showing the installation?
    Tina C. H on Dec 16, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, we do not specifically have one for this mount. But we do have a wall mount video for installation. Please see this link.


    Thank you!
    Will this mount work for a 46 inch Samsung TV?
    New User U on Oct 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, I have a 65" LG mounted on mine and it is very stable. You just need to make sure the mount is secured properly to the all and the TV is securely mounted to the frame.
    I have a 65 inch LG (model 65UH8500) and want to know if this mount will work and if there are any issues with it?
    A shopper on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The minimum/maximum VESA on this mount is 200 x 200 / 600 x 900. LG lists your TV as having a 300 x 300 VESA pattern weighing 66.8lbs (30.3kg), which are all well within the specs of this mount. Your TV is 33.2 inches (843mm) tall and 57.5 inches (1461mm) wide, so you shouldn't have any problem with the front plate or mounting brackets protruding beyond the sides of your TV. The only thing to be careful about is exactly where you mount the front plate on the back of the TV. It protrudes well beyond the VESA pattern, and from the looks of things, it could obstruct access to your media ports, which are immediately adjacent to your VESA mounting screw holes.
    Will this work on a Panasonic Plasma (65") that has a mounting size of 684mm x 300mm. It says 600 x 900 in one spot, but says 900 x 600 in another. I would assume the width would be the larger number? Thanks,
    A shopper on Mar 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. You are correct, the width would be larger. This mount will be 900x600 and would work with your 684x300 VESA. I would recommend double checking the weight of your TV to ensure that it is less than 176lbs.

    Should you require additional assistance, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Is there a Full Motion Wall Mount for Extra Large 60 - 100 that has a wall plate for studs that are 24 inches apart?
    A shopper on Dec 15, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, unfortunately not for full motion. We have this one that works for 24inches but it is only tilting.


    I hope this helps, thank you!
    4.8 / 5.0
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    Full-motion TV Wall Mount for most 60" - 100" Flat Panels
    Went out on a limb and ordered this without any reviews. I am happy with the purchase. Was relatively easy to mount. We mounted to wall studs that are 16" on center - it uses 4 bolts to mount to the wall. Came with a template. Once the studs were located, it was easier with 2 people to mount. You put in the top 2 bolts and hang the mount on it using the keyholes before tightening down the bolts. Ours didn't line up perfectly, so it took a little maneuvering to get the holes to line up while holding the 39 lbs in the air. Things to note ... all the bolts on the mount should be tightened before installation - everything was loose and even one nut and bolt was rolling around in the box upon arrival. The extension and swivel are smooth and it seems pretty sturdy when extended away from the wall. The tilt is set with an allen wrench, so it's not really changeable on the fly, but it stays in the position you want it. We mounted a Samsung 65-inch class LED TV with a weight of 63 pounds and it seems to support it quite well.

    PROS: Sturdy, good value

    CONS: None so far
    February 8, 2015
    some supporting issues, but good product
    I was okay with lowering the weight capacity a little, I actually bought this for my 46" because

    I wanted a tv mount with very high articulation that have 4 wall mount points for strength(as opposed to 2). I think 46" is the smallest TV you could go for this product because the hardware will start showing from the front, but otherwise there was nothing wrong with using it for something smaller than 60".

    metal is good, edges are not sharp and have good fit and finish.

    PROS: Included supplies are multiple sizes of VESA screws, helpful for those unsure what size thread is on their TV.

    included is a nice, but flimsy, template for stencil assisting your measurements for drill holes.

    includes masonry anchors for brick & stone installation.

    CONS: the printed directions included are printed so tiny and finely, just forget it and pull up the PDF here if you need to consult it.

    the included lag bolts will be too long to use with a 2x4 wall stud if you drill as the instructions indicate. they want you to drill a 3.5" pilot hole, then run the 4" long bolt down until only 5mm is left to hang up the hardware. I ended up buy the same size bolt except almost 1" shorter. Doing so WILL lower the weight capacity, be aware.

    also, when you clamp the TV into the fixture, the clamps aren't super snug and will allow the tv to slide on the mounting rail if you handle it from a certain angle. not sure if this is by design, but be ready for that.
    May 17, 2015
    Great mount with some ehancement suggestions
    This has worked out perfectly for our needs. I mounted a 65" Sharp N7000u to the mount above our fireplace. The mount can be adjusted in any direction and handles the TV well.

    Unfortunately, the wall above my fireplace is 18" on center and the mount doesn't line up with the studs. I should have known this, my minor issue. I worked around it by cutting a 1/2" piece of plywood to the width of the studs and height of the mount. Secured the plywood to the suds with heavy wood screws. Then used several 6 x 1 steel screws with steel washers to secure the bracket to the plywood.

    PROS: Very well constructed
    Comes with plenty of parts for all appropriate install scenarios
    Fantastic adjustment options
    Still sits fairly close to the wall for being full motion mount

    CONS: Not a con but one enhancement would be a handle attached to the mount arms would be great. This would allow you to adjust the TV without pulling/pushing on the TV itself. The TV I mounted has 1/2" bezel, so not much to push on.
    September 23, 2016
    Very sturdy mount
    I used this bracket to mount a 75" Samsung flat screen to my wall. The studs in the wall were 16" on center, but the position of the studs would have left my tv off centered on the wall. To remedy this, I fastened 2- 4 ft- 4x6 boards laterally along 3 studs using 9- 5/16x 4.5 lag bolts- then bolted the bracket to the 4x6 using 10- 5/16x1.5" lag bolts. One thing I noticed is that the bracket was put together incorrectly at the factory allowing more upward tilt than downward tilt. This was remedied by completely removing the tilt adjustment bolts and rotating the panel mount 180 degrees before putting it back together (even the UL label was upside prior to me rotating it back to the proper position). Once all of the adjustment bolts are tightened, this thing is rock solid even when near full extension. Awesome product that costs less than 1/3 the price of brand name mounts. So good- I bought a second one for my 65".

    PROS: Solidly put together with multiple holes and slots for bolting to a solid surface. Smooth articulation even when weighed down.

    CONS: The panel mount was put together upside down at the factory allowing more upward tilt than downward tilt. This can be remedied quickly by unbolting it from the bracket and flipping it 180 degrees before bolting it back onto the bracket. I bought 2 mounts and only 1 was incorrectly installed at the factory.
    August 11, 2016
    Good Quality, Great Value
    Wasn't bad for my first wall mount install. Hung a very expensive (for me) 90lb 65" FALD LCD TV. The arms and bolts of the mount are very robust. I have no worries about my TV coming off the wall. I chose this mount because of the advertised 2.8" min extension VS the 5" so many other fully articulating mounts have. Well, it requires so much force to fully collapse the mount against the wall, I won't do it and my TV is still about 5" from the wall. Not a huge deal but it would have been nice to use the one feature that separated this mount from the others. The tilt and rotation adjustments are pretty much "set it and forget it". Overall, a nice mount and a great price. TIP-studfinders lie. Drill a pinhole at the "detected edge" and use a paperclip to feel inside for the actual edge of the stud. Make sure your holes are exactly 16" on center or the bolts won't "key" into the slots. Measure twice, drill once.

    PROS: Complete installation kit includes template, spacers, bolts, washers, and anchors. Solid construction, smooth movement, and tight, slop free assembly. Durable black finish resists scratches.

    CONS: Instructions could be better, but is a pretty straightforward one man install (except for lifting the TV onto the mount). "Cable Management" is merely 2/4 plastic rings to route cables through, and does not secure cables very well. My biggest complaint with this unit is the excessive force required to fully "collapse" the mount to its Minimum Extension of 2.8".
    September 26, 2015
    nice mount but missing 1 thing
    It's missing a leveler. It's hard getting it perfectly level. You will spend a lot of time adjusting until it's right which is pretty frustrating.
    May 29, 2018
    4 months ago
    Great Build, But Only For 16" Studs
    First let me say that the build quality is top notch, and shipping speed from MonoPrice was very fast. I wish they would have stated in the item description that it would not work for 24" studs, and only 16" studs. I know the dimensions of the back plate is 22.8", but some wall mounts come with adapters. Would send back, but shipping return cost would not make it worth it to return it.

    PROS: Build Quality
    Fast Shipping

    CONS: Description did not specify 16" studs only.
    February 29, 2016
    Great Product but missing parts
    Overall this is a great product if you get all the parts. I received an extra bag with the bolts to mount to the wall and no bag containing the bolts and spacers to attach the mount to the Television. I emailed Monoprice over a week ago and have not received a response

    PROS: Built well

    CONS: missing key bolts and spacers to mount to the television
    February 14, 2016
    Response from Monoprice

    Thank you for your review. Sorry about the delay. Unfortunately we are experiencing a high volume of E-mail Support Requests, and we are working diligently to get to them as quickly as we can. We thank you for your patience and understanding. I see that an RMA had already been created and the missing parts were sent out. Again I do apologize for the inconvenience.

    Mark P.
    Product Reviews
    November 18, 2016
    Monoprice Administrator
    Great for 60"
    I purchased this based on the great reviews. I saw a few mention it might not be good for a 60" due to the size of the mount but it is perfect. It doesn't come close to showing behind the display. I have a newer 60" Vizio on it and looks great. I wanted to go with this mount so I can easily upgrade to a 70"+ down the road. Very sturdy and easy to install.
    September 23, 2016
    strong mount
    Great mount for large tvs. I have a 65" set and it is wonderful. I wouldn't recommend using it for anything smaller than 65". I could see this mount being good for a 90" + screen, if only they were affordable.
    August 15, 2016