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    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Product # 9964
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    will I be able to use this in conjunction with wireless HDMI adapter (monoprice Product # 14745) to stream and change channels from another room?
    Don G on Feb 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This device needs to utilize not only the actual HDMI cabiling but also its power to distribute the signal. So I don’t think a wireless device will be compatible.
    Douglas W on Nov 25, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Definitely YES. Using it over 75 ft Redmere Cabernet
    Can the adapters be connected directly to IR jacks on devices via a 3.5mm cord?(mono or stereo)
    Adam H on Nov 23, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, I used a stereo cord (2 rings) to connect directly to a Cisco CHS 435HDC DVR and it works just fine. Thanks for the idea!
    Can I use 2 receivers on the same line to output from one transmitter? I have a source split with an HDMI splitter going into two rooms. Will it work properly if I use a receiver in each room and only one transmitter at the source?
    A shopper on Mar 8, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I tried it. It does NOT work. The receiver closest to the transmitter cuts off the signal from the other receiver.
    Is the IR extender compatible with the Motorola DCX3200M cable box from Comcast/Xfinity?
    A shopper on Jun 12, 2017
    I purchased this and it seems to work very well except (and this is a big except!) when everything is off, it doesn't seem to send the signal. I assume this is because no power is being supplied to the HDMI ports on either end until the system is powered up. Is this the case and what do people do to circumvent this very big issue?
    David C on Aug 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I had this issue and used an HDMI Voltage Inserter to power the HDMI cable even when both the source and sink were turned off.
    Can this control multiple devices or does it need splitters or something to get the IR to different components in the cabinet?
    A shopper on Nov 5, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it can control multiple devices. However, if you have multiple devices in a closed cabinet you may need another IR blaster to distribute the signal. Also the IR plugs into the side of the HDMI and may block an adjacent HDMI on the rear of an AV receiver as it did on mine. I had to purchase a right angle adapter.
    Can we use a dual band IR (like the ones for 18533)? The included IR are not dual band.
    Trevor G on Apr 18, 2018
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    BEST ANSWER: A dual band IR works but you need one that works with your equipment. None of the dual band IR I bought worked with a Comcast box. I contacted Comcast and they provided an IR extender that worked.

    The final setup that worked is using a Comcast IR extender on the receiver side and a 3.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable product #644 https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=644 on the sender side that plugs directly into the cable box.
    Would this work connected over your HDMI® Extender product#6532 ?
    JORGE R on Sep 13, 2017
    Can we use a dual band IR (like the ones for 18533)? The included IR are not dual band.
    Trevor G on Apr 18, 2018
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Can i use this with product# 16228 - BitPath AV HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Cable with IR and PoE-Enabled, 120m . I need to send an IR signal from the TX side to RX end. over about 250 ft via CAT5e?
    edgar r on Apr 17, 2018
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice BitPath AV HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Cable with IR and PoE-Enabled, 120m
    Monoprice BitPath AV HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Cable with IR and PoE-Enabled, 120m
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    Works great - be sure to put it in correct orientation
    I have owned the Wireless IR Remote Extender (PID 5415) for almost 2 years now and it did the job fairly well, but it was subject to lots of radio frequency (RF) noise issues (IR - RF and then RF - IR). You had to place the IR repeaters in a spot where it would minimize the RF interference - since I have all of my electronics devices in a basement location (2 HD PVRs, 4x4 matrix switch, Popcorn Hour (matrix and PCH are what I use IR repeater for), XBox 360) it was sometimes difficult to operate with interference. Also, to be blunt, PID5415 were rather large, ugly, mouse shaped devices with a big antenna.

    When I saw this new product come out, I ordered two and received them and installed them yesterday.

    I wish it had some sort of minor instruction manual (read here to be sure to switch both HDMI adapters to IR not CEC (I think it's CEC? and what is CEC even used for??).
    The Rx and Tx cables are clearly labeled and even have an arrow showing which direction IR signal is going (Rx has arrow pointing in towards cable and Tx has arrows pointing from cable towards IR LED). There is also an IN/OUT labeled on HDMI ports but I wasn't sure what this meant.
    I initially installed the HDMI adapter at the wall plate at the TV end and then connected HDMI going to the TV into the adapter there but product didn't work. I then moved the HDMI adapter and plugged it into HDMI input on TV and plugged the HDMI cable coming up from the wall plate into it and it worked fine (makes sense when I thought about it - HDMI aren't crossover cables).
    In the basement I plugged the HDMI adapter into the HDMI cable coming through the wall and then the adapter into the port adapter already installed.

    Worked awesome! With the RF IR extender you would sometimes get some repetition errors (due to noise) or would have to push buttons a couple times for a response - with these HDMI adapters it was crisp response, single push every time!

    I repeated the installation in the upstairs bedroom (40' HDMI cable run) and I initially had some issues (wouldn't work everytime). I had a 10-15' larger gauge (smaller wire) HDMI cable going from wall port to TV. I shortened the HDMI cable and decreased the gauge (thicker wire) going to the TV and it works great as well. I suspect there may be a total connector/HDMI cable length that these may work over (loss limit) but I successfully ran it with about 50 total feet of HDMI cable and at least 6 total connections in between with 100% success and I suspect this would be sufficient for almost everyone.

    With the TV pivot-mount upstairs, the TV is very close to the wall and the addition of the HDMI adapter and the HDMI cable being plugged into it has the HDMI cable at a very sharp bend at wall (barely got it to fit). I will probably get a port saver adapter to fix this though.

    The IR Rx and Tx parts are very small and mount easily to the TV (or whatever). Compared to the wireless repeater - no contest. The new ones are miniature in comparison.

    The only real "negative" I can see is that I can no longer have just one Tx at the end where I am controlling the devices with multiple Rx throught the house. This is because the signal goes over the HDMI cable and must be decoded at the other end. I'm sure Monoprice could come up with some sort of multi-input-single output adapter for the Tx IR cable, but really, the IR part is so small itself that I simply mounted it right beside the other one. I could probably mount a 3x3 array of the new ones and the surface area would be about the same.

    Great product - buying another now :)

    PROS: - very small
    - no radio frequency noise
    - doesn't need a separate AC power supply at either end - draws power from HDMI

    CONS: - need to have a transmitter (at IR device you want to control) for every receiver
    - have to be careful about possible stresses on HDMI connection where you insert device
    - you have to put the adapter in the correct direction (not bi-directional)
    - with the IR Rx/Tx coming out at 90 degree angle of adapter, it may not fit on some TVs depending on how recessed the port is and how close the side wall is to HDMI port
    - adds another connection (signal loss/degredation) between source and TV
    February 13, 2013
    Elegant solution that works very well
    I have dual runs of Redmere to every TV in my home, all wall mounted, 5 sets in all. This product was a natural for me, since I already had all this HDMI cable in the walls... Why in heavens name would I want to experience the pain of now pulling IR cables to every room using Xantech or other IR distribution methods. RF distribution of IR has always been unreliable for me. This system is rock solid, there is no lag, no loss and no error. The blasters ave plenty of power to hit all the gear in my centralized rack, just by firing the blasters down across the face of all the gear fro the top down. I can now control my receiver, cable box, dvd player, etc from any room! This is one of the best products Ive ever gotten from Monoprice ad basically my whole house is done up from Monoprice pre-wire gear. Each dual run originates from 2 separate 1X8 HDMI splitters, One splitter distributing the receiver HDMI and another distributing Apple TV HDMI so I can do AirPlay in any room to any TV.

    Buy this, stay away from running dedicated IR wires all over the place, you wont be sorry.

    PROS: 1) Eliminates the need to run dedicated IR wires all over the house from every room back to the receiver

    2) Simple and elegant solution if you already have your home pre-wired for HDMI

    3) This device is compatible with the Redmere HDMI long cables sold by Monoprice

    4) This device is compatible with the 1X8 HDMI splitter sold by Monoprice

    5) No loss of picture or sound quality as these devices utilize unused wires on the ethernet pins of the HDMI cable, IOW the IR signal does NOT share any signal carrying wires in HDMI

    6) Gets its power off the HDMI cable

    7) IR transmitters and receivers are substantial little rectangular cubes, much better than those little "buttons" you see for IR blasters and receivers. This makes them easy to position and clip or tape into place.

    8) IR blasters put out a lot of power to hit all your gear... no need to clear tape individual blasters to each piece of equipment. Just position the blasters in your stereo rack cabinet and close the door.

    CONS: This is not really a CON but remember to buy plenty of 8 inch port savers for installing these. Depending upon how your HDMI jacks are situated you might need them and may as well have them already, they're cheap.
    January 21, 2015
    Won't power up receiver.. solution!!
    Bought this item and installed. Works perfectly except one thing... it does NOT allow me to power up my receiver which is in another room.

    My suspicion: this thing needs power on the HDMI circuit. Since the receiver is turned off, there is no power. So you sit pointing the remote at the IR receiver and keep hitting "power on" and nothing happens. Duh, of course.. this unit isn't powered up!

    Contact with Monoprice: They were helpful but couldn't figure out that this was the issue. The tech I talked to didn't seem to fully grasp what I was saying (the unit needs power and isn't getting any). He had me try a few things, and considered the possibility it was defective (which it isn't ... every other function works!)

    Monoprice had me contact Sony as they suspected the remote was outside the usuable frequency range of this device. No luck Sony said "we don't know what the frequency is of the remote". Thanks Sony! :)

    Couldn't find the frequency in any documentation anywhere.

    I took a stab at fixing the problem and it WORKED! I bought a "HDMI voltage Inserter". Plugged the unit in, and placed it inline with the HDMI cable at the back of the receiver, in line with the Monoprice unit. I can't remember whether it went:

    Receiver - Monoprice unit - inserter unit - HDMI cable going to TV


    Receiver - inserter unit - Monoprice unit - HDMI cable going to TV

    It does matter which way, because it didin't work until I switched things around. So give it a shot and if no luck, swap the inserter and MP units around.

    Since then, everything works perfectly!!!

    Hope this is helpful....

    PROS: Works great (once you get it working)

    CONS: Wouldn't power up my receiver
    May 14, 2014
    I am using this product at the ends of a long RedMere (50ft) cable that is attached to an HDMI splitter (PID 8204).

    Because the RedMere says it is directional, I didn't know if it would work but I have had no issues (once I figured out the proper placement of the Tx and Rx components. For others who read the product reviews more than the product manual: The Tx is the one with the arrow pointing away from the wiring and should be aimed at the unit you want to control. The Rx is the one with the arrow pointing in towards the wiring and should be placed where you want to aim the remote. In my mind I had justified the reverse placement without looking at the instructions or the arrows).

    It also has no issues with my Comcast remote, so I can sit in the basement and control the cable box upstairs. Lovely!

    PROS: Works perfectly with RedMere cable and Comcast remote.
    October 9, 2013
    Great solution and works over Cat 5/6
    This product works great and for a traditional HDMI setup, install would take only minutes. I installed mine into a system using Monoprice's HDMI over Cat 5/6 extenders and it wouldn't work. After much experimentation, I figured out that it will work but the adapters have to be placed at each end of the HDMI cables entering the devices. It wil not work if they are placed on the HDMI cables where they enter the wall plates for the Cat 5/6 extender. Agree with other reviewers that you will probably need angle adapters, at least for the TV if it is wall mounted. Also, the 3/5mm plug sticking out the side of the adapter has the potential to block neighboring ports so that's a potential issue. I was able to solve these issues with angled adapters and I'm very pleased with how the product functions!

    PROS: Very reliable

    Simple design

    No visible wires/clean look

    CONS: Plug design interferes with other ports on devices

    Double sided tape does not hold

    No instructions for use over Cat 5/6 extender
    February 2, 2015
    Does what it says, with a caveat
    Everything works well. I have a TV connected to an AVR in a closet at the opposite end of the room. Signals are repeated to the closet quickly with no lag, and I am able to control the AVR & a Blue-ray player without a hitch. The only issue is that the AVR has to be powered on in order for things to work, if it is powered off, I cannot use the IR remote via the repeater to power it on, even if the TV is powered on. This means I have to open the closet, turn on the AVR, then everything works as expected.

    The IR connector coming out of the device at a right angle can block adjacent ports.

    PROS: Performs well, does all functions as advertised.

    CONS: The device on the Tx end must be powered on.
    IR Adapters at either end can block adjoining ports.
    June 2, 2013
    Perfect solution!
    This was a great purchase! Not only does it come with a perfect length of cable but it work fantastic for any device! Using this device I was able to keep my wall mount very clean in appearance and it allows me to keep all the components in the back corner of the room! No fuss no mess.

    PROS: Small, Afordable and works great over high end HDMI cables

    CONS: A better mounting pad is needed as the one that came with it was not great and was quickly replaced with a high end piece of double-sided tape. A 90 degree version would also help with behind TV mounting.
    October 30, 2013
    Works as advertised!
    Works very well as if I were in front of the actual cable box using Monoprice Redmere HDMI cables.

    PROS: Works great right out of the box

    Easy installation

    Changes channels/guide/etc just as fast as if I were in front of cable box (Motorola QIP7100 2) for Verizon FiOS

    CONS: May need right angle connector if TV is mounting to wall (low profile)
    July 25, 2013
    Works Great
    I received and setup these IR extenders

    They are being used with the following equipment:

    5557 4X1 HDMI 1.3b Certified Switcher

    3990 High Speed HDMI 1.3a (22AWG) - 25ft

    2791 HDMI® Coupler (Female to Female)

    3990 High Speed HDMI 1.3a (22AWG) - 25ft

    3850 HDMI® Port Saver (Male to Female) - 270 Degree

    I've got a Dish network box and a Media PC on the switcher

    and the IR Senders after the switch and before the TV

    They are working fine through 50Ft of 22AWG HDMI cable which is split into two

    25ft Cables connected by a Female-Female connector

    The setup is working perfectly.

    Make sure to get some 90 degree HDMI adapters if your TV is close to the wall

    because these add a few inches perpendicular to the HDMI port

    PROS: Easy to setup

    Works with no "delay" (very snappy response)

    CONS: Needs right angle connectors if your TV is close to the wall
    August 21, 2013
    Neat solution, but conflicts with what's next to it.
    Okay, this comes under the heading of something I didn't even know I needed until I saw it. A few weeks ago I extended HDMI from the living room to 3 other TVs. One cable box. HD in all locations. But changing channels was a problem. This device extends the IR remote control over the HDMI cables I had already pulled. Uses an unused pair in the HDMI cable. Got it today and it works exactly as planned. Just add some right angle HDMI adapters for behind the HDMI splitter since the side connector for the IR device conflicts with the connector next to it. Neat solution.

    PROS: Extends IR from room to room without pulling any extra cables. Uses an otherwise unused pair in the HDMI cable.
    No wall wort needed. Powered via the HDMI cable.
    Much better constructed than most wire type IR extenders.

    CONS: Side connector for the IR device physically conflicts with the cable in the jack next to it. Especially a problem behind the HDMI splitter. Lucky for me, I had some HDMI right angle adapters on hand. Not pretty behind the splitter, but it works. The 3.5 mm plug should come out below and parallel to the HDMI jack. Or it should be a short cable rather than a hard adapter.
    The HDMI "IN" and "OUT" labels are confusing. The male goes into the device, the female is for the cable.
    February 27, 2013