Caliber In Wall Speakers 8 Inch Fiber 2-Way (pair)
    Product # 4101
    Caliber In Wall Speakers 8 Inch Fiber 2-Way (pair)
    Product # 4101
    Size : 8in
    5.25in 6.5in 8in
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    Caliber In Wall Speakers 8 Inch Fiber 2-Way (pair)

    Monoprice brings custom in-wall speakers to new levels of afforability with our line of Monoprice Brand Premium in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. These new high fidelity units deliver the high quality craftsmanship and construction you've come to expect from Monoprice brand products at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for them retail.

    In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to expand your listening environment throughout your entire home as well as remove the clutter of giant box speakers giving you back your living space. In either case it's a win-win situation for those who desire high fidelity and those who put emphasis on decor.

    DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber cones are light weight yet extremely rigid providing very precise audio with minimal distortion normally caused by cone flex. Our Kevlar® speakers are matched with an equally precise silk membrane dome tweeter made of titanium fiber thread and a high quality crossover network to ensure high fidelity and low distortion. The lower distortion levels allow the speaker to be driven harder and handle higher peak power levels. The main benefit our Kevlar® speakers are the clarity and fidelity at which they produce audio.


    • Light and rigid, well balanced, Yellow Woven Kevlar® Cone Woofers for distortion free reproduction
    • Oversized Magnets for more impactful bass
    • Precision Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Tweeters for sweeter highs and pure sonic clarity
    • Pivoting tweeters allow you to point the accoustics to the prime listening position for a more accurate and immersive sonic experience
    • Adjustable Crossover switch allows you to match the speakers to the sonic characteristics of your listening environment and the location in which you place them
    • 80W Nomimal and 100W Maximum Power Capacity ensure that these drivers won't be overdriven or easily blown out
    • 8 Ohms Standard Impediance ensure they can be safely driven by even the most modest home theater recievers

    Note that the price listed in the video was the price for PID 4101 at the time the video was made. Prices can fluctuate up and down based on production costs and the value of the US$ against foreign currencies.

    Model 4101
    Impedance 8 ohms
    Frequency Response 52 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Power Handling Capacity 80 watts nominal, 120 watts maximum
    Woofer Type 8" Kevlar® with 30 oz magnet
    Tweeter Type 1" Titanium Silk Membrane Dome Pivoting
    Sensitivity 91dB ±2 dB (1.0m/2.83V)
    Crossover 12dB per Octave (with -3dB, -6dB switch)
    Cut-Out Dimensions 12.75" x 8.7"
    Overall Dimensions 14.1" x 10"
    Mounting Depth 3.5"

    Package Contents:

    • 2x 8" 2-way In-Wall Speakers
    • 1x Grill removal tool
    • 1x Grill putty

    Support Files:

    DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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    Believe the reviews - No need to hesitate!
    When I first checked out Monoprice I was in the market for cables. I couldn't believe that you could purchase HDMI cables for less than $5. After running through the entire online catalog, I ran across Monoprice's in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. Honestly, I was quite skeptical. I had just paid a little over $200 for my last pair of 8" in-wall speakers, so I found it hard to believe that I could get what appeared to be a nearly identical set for 1/4 of the price. I figured "what the heck, I'll do it". I had been thrilled previously with the quality of HD cables I had received from MP, so I took the risk.

    Wow, was I surprised. I installed the speakers with no issues (Very decent size magnet for this price!) and the sound at the very least equals my previous pair. The cone quality is even higher, with kevlar. It is very solidly constructed, no cheap materials, color was perfect matching my white trim. It came in perfect condition in good packaging, on time as promised.

    After installation I cranked them up to a level that is normally well beyond where I would listen to action movies, with no distortion, buzzing, or cracking. They are perfect for what they are, front, center and rear speakers. Disregard anyone making comments about the bass level. They are absolutely fine for the speaker positions they are intended for, hence the 5.1, with the .1 being for a subwoofer. You want crazy bass? Buy an independantly powered sub. I recommend at least a 10" but preferably a 12" for larger rooms. Don't waste your time with a passive in-wall 8". will see lots of business from me. After hours of scanning the net for great prices for cables (along with EXCELLENT wall plate and keystone prices) and speakers, this is it. What a great deal.
    September 17, 2009
    Kiss Polk Goodbye!
    I paid the exorbitant prices for Polk, believing I was getting a good value for seriously high end speakers. And then, just to satisfy the gnawing feeling I paid too much, I then googled images of Polk versus the Monoprice and found very little difference. So I ordered these speakers to prove Polk's supremacy. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found an eery resemblance to my $500+ Polk speaker. Electronic crossover, etc. I had always thought Polk was manufactured in the U.S., but I was wrong - made in China (just like the Monoprice). I'm very picky about my high fidelity and I challenge anyone to be able to tell the difference without the spec sheets provided by Polk. After comparing the two sets, despite the Polk advantage of being installed in a specific home theater environment and the Monoprice being installed in my living room with no acoustic treatments, the value of these units blows away the Polks. Don't drive yourself crazy worrying you're buying less than the absolute best. Polks are only better on paper, not in your listening environment.

    PROS: Easy Install
    Low Price
    Excellent Sound Quality
    Excellent Value

    CONS: None That I can see.
    August 23, 2010
    4101 - 8 Inches Kevlar 2-Way In-Wall Speakers
    I have a 7.1 system with a 4101 as a center, 4101s as L,R and rears, 4104s for surrounds, and a HSU STF-2 subwoofer. The 4101 is the fifth center I tried (third Monoprice in-wall). I tried Monoprice's 4881 and 7604, but they didn't timber match well. The 4881 sounded a little weak (not loud enough) and voices sounded a tad bit hollow. The 7604 sounded a little weak and didn't have the highs I needed. I decided to try a 4101, which isn't designed to be a center. So in it went......and so did another drywall patch job. Since the speaker was the same as the L/F, I expected them to timber match, so that was no surprise. What did surprise me was how well voices sounded. The first movie we watched was War Horse and it was amazing. I'm anxious to watch (listen) other movies in my collection now that I have a center channel that I'm happy with. Using a 4101 for a center is absolutely the way to go if you're using 4101s for right and left fronts.

    PROS: Great mid range that produces clear and loud voices. Crisp and clean highs. The speaker can handle a lot of power (watts), but doesn't require a lot of power to produce great sound.

    CONS: Push connectors for speaker wires are ok, but are not great. The woofer does not produce the deep bass you would expect from a 8-inch woofer however, nearly everyone uses a subwoofer for bass so it's really not a factor.
    May 25, 2012
    HT designed.
    Tested mid and tweeter outside the wall, it didn't sound too good new. I used various 14, 12, 10 awg monoprice and dh labs wires. After 80 hours breakin, treble/mid improved tremendously and became smoother, 3D airy, less harsh. Midrange does have a bassy tone simple because the woofer/tweeter shares the job. Woofer upper bass does settle down, becomes more accurate, sensitive, less boomy and deeper after 60-80 hours use. Bass is also sensitive to lesser quality wire/equipment/power. After installation, bass was restored and everything sounded better still. I installed these to be a middle surround for a 15'x18' HT room, 7.1 HT app. with 21' 14 awg monoprice wire. Lesser wire hurt sound quality, yet thicker 12 awg or (14+12) 10 awg monoprice copper didn't make a noticable diff, perhaps slight improved resolution and louder or for longer runs. Pushing 120 watts of audio through thin awg wire sounds more monotone. Performance, composure and sensitivity are good to very good overall compared to overpriced offerings of other companies. Sound is 10 for the price (double with s/h to Canada). 7-9 compared to others up to 4x the price. Highly recommended in HT apps, good voices, sound effects, surprising deep side speaker bass, you won't miss a thing.

    PROS: Heavy woofer magnet, kevlar damping, good coil, fair crossover design, directional tweeter, tweeter eq switch works well but I left it at 0db, wire spring connections are tight, can accept 9 awg loose wire. Installed in-wall with roxal insulation tight and the bass deepens plenty. Plastic clamps work well and easy to use. Lots of speaker for the price.

    CONS: Plastic frame, other manufactures do the same @ 4-5x prices, only 4 screws support the woofer, lack of vibration separation of crossover board (add your own tweaking dampening), basic quality capacitors or resistors, etc. To be critical Not recommended for strict audio only listening app, get the 3 way speaker option. IMHO, all 2 way in-walls can be rated 4-5 for acoustic or multi-layer mixes, better for classical, but better still for rap, dance. Weakens show in mid-to-loud audio apps.
    November 16, 2010
    Great speakers for the money!
    I purchased these speakers strictly by going off Monoprice reviews, something I normally would never do. However, the low price enticed me and the risk was minimal so I decided to go for it. I purchased 2 sets (for a total of 4 speakers) to replace my 10 year old ceiling mounted speakers with 5-1/2" woofers.

    These 8" Monoprice speakers are very well constructed with hefty magnets and the sound produced is very full with excellent clarity. The ability to rotate and position the tweeters makes a big difference in audio heard and should be set accordingly for your listening position.

    I was looking hard at the Polk RC85i, but for 1/3 the price, these Monoprice speakers have fit the bill perfectly. I am extremely happy with the sound of these paired up with a Pioneer Elite VSX-01TXH. No regrets whatsoever. Thanks Monoprice!
    November 26, 2009
    I will buy these again as I slowly expand my theater room. I will buy nothing else. They sound BETTER than a friend's $600/pair "name brand" speakers. My only concern (not a complaint, a concern) is that the instructions could be much more inclusive, not necessarily for installation, that is pretty straight forward, but the instructions "recommend painting the speakers prior to installation". I have never done this before, so I had to google how to do so, and the one I beta tested looks HORRIBLE. Note to all readers...DO NOT TRY TO PAINT THE SPEAKER GRILLS UNTIL YOU THOROUGHLY RESEARCH HOW TO DO SO. AIRBRUSHING WITH THIN PAINT SEEMS TO BE WHAT IS REQUIRED. If you choose to paint at a later time, it is very easy to uninstall the speakers, paint the grill and the edges, and re-install. Now that I learned about the painting issue the hard way, I would STILL buy them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PROS: These speakers surpassed my expectations. These are fantastic, and were very easy to install. Most importantly, they sound phenomenal.

    CONS: Instructions could be more inclusive about painting the speakers
    November 23, 2015
    Doesnt last long
    Speaker has already gone out. Only been 3 years. Can order just one speaker so i would have been better off buying better speakings on the front end. Spoke with agent on the phone and they were not willing to do anything but they did admit they should last longer than 3 years. Pay more now and get a name brand that stands behind their product. And when it stops working for no reason, you will probably get a replacement.
    December 7, 2015
    Just do it!
    I've been living in a 2 channel world since we moved into this house almost a year ago. I was concerned about pairing these up with my JBL HLS 820 mains and HLS Center due to the horn tweeters they feature. I couldn't bring myself to drop $400 each on Klipsch horn tweetered in walls, so I went quite the opposite route and ordered a pair of the 8" 2 ways to go in my living room set up as rears.

    They seem to be fairly well made, on par with Polk and Infinity's I had worked with or sold in the past. Nice big magnet, strong kevlar driver, and a directional tweeter. For $50 a pair, they really looked much better than I had figured they would.

    Couldn't go through the attic, so we came up from the crawl space. Got to use a 5' flex bit to drill our speaker line hole to the crawlspace, which was fun. One thing worth noting about these speakers is that they are deep. They are a solid 3.5" deep, and in my application the magnet was pretty snug.

    I've got them hooked up through a Onkyo TX-SR606, which utilizes Audysey for calibration. But first I did hook them up as mains to give them a listen. I had my quipment torn down so I just hooked an ipod up via the headphone out into the AUX in on the Onkyo. The sounds quality was much better than I had anticipated. Had a much fuller and richer sound than expected. The tweeter does have a switch to add or subtract the trebble level, which I chose to leave flat. I listened to a wide variety of music from Coltrane to Dr Dre to Hendrix to Weezer. They did a great job with the Coltrane and Hendrix and an acceptable job with the Dr Dre and Weezer. I then hooked all my gear back up and broke out the mic for Audysey.

    Once I had it set up I tossed in Avatar on Blu Ray. First off, I can't believe I went this long without surround. Second, I can't believe these speakers were $50 a pair!

    They really did mesh well with the other speakers in the room. Considering you can outfit a entire 7 channel theater with these for under $200 is amazing to me. I've been toying with the idea of surround for the bedroom, and I think these just may have made the decision that much easier.

    In closing, buy without fear. They don't come out of the box as a cheaply made speaker, they present themselves as though they were meant to cost four times or more, than they do.

    PROS: Strong build
    Good sound quality
    Great price

    CONS: May be too deep for some applications
    August 26, 2010
    Great surround speaker
    Very well rounded sound. Not too bright. Makes a very good surround. Mixes well with my lcr speakers. More than adequate bass for surrounds.
    I have another pair for my a/b channel. Also have the 5 1/4 in walls for my back centers.
    Regardless of price, these are good speakers. My lcr speakers are Atlantic Technology and these speakers match very well.
    I would love it if monoprice would carry a dipole also.

    PROS: Super easy installation.
    Great sound regardless of price.
    Very efficient, specs are right.

    CONS: Not a dipole, but not designed as such. Can pinpoint where the speakers are as surrounds.
    April 16, 2012
    Very Good Speakers.. sound great
    I purchased these units part of a 7.1 setup including ceiling speakers 8" of the same type. A year later, I have completed the home theater and can give a proper review.

    These speaker are great and can handle the power. They produce great mid base and clear highs and mid. The highs can be adjusted depending on room size and the tweeter can be moved to deflect off the wall. I would recommend these speakers as well as the ceiling ones.

    I painted the grill to match the wall... looks great. (Use a firm sponge type mini paint roller and apply up to 3 coats) if not spray in on or you will get very frustrated as the little holes plug up if you use a paint brush or cloth roller.

    PROS: - Good Quality
    - Loud and efficient speakers for the price
    - easy to install

    CONS: - Install and remove a couple of times and installing them was ok.. however remove them more then that and you will invent new swear words because the screws and clips become jammed.
    December 22, 2011

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