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    Monoprice Adjustable 33 lb. Capacity Speaker Wall Mount Brackets (Pair), Black
    Product # 6839
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    Can you tell me the dimensions of the wall mounting plate and the total distance from the wall mount plate to the speaker bracket?
    Jeffrey N on Nov 5, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The plate is 4x4 inches, the first shaft including the hump in the mounting plate to the wing nut is 2 3/4" and the second shaft from the wing nut to the speaker mounting plate is 2 1/2" and the speaker mounting plate is 3 1/2" by 1 1/2".
    Do you have them in white by chance?
    A shopper on Aug 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: This style is not available in white. See Product 3013.
    Monoprice Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket, White (Max 10 lbs), Set of 2
    Monoprice Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket, White (Max 10 lbs), Set of 2
    How far apart are the holes? My bookshelf speakers have two screw holes.
    A shopper on Mar 17, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Below would be the dimensions of the bracket that mounts to the speaker.

    Speaker bracket hole distance: 62mm
    Speaker Bracket size is 80mm x 40mm

    Should you require additional assistance, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    Will these work with Sonos 1 speakers?
    A shopper on Jul 11, 2018
    Will these work with my Polk S10 satellite surround speakers?
    Ruben G on Sep 9, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: I don't know any thing about your speaker or the surface you will be mounting it to. I can tell you that they are a very sturdy strong and reliable speaker mount for the weight it was designed for..
    What is the distance between holes on the bracket that actually mounts to the speaker? My speakers have two screw inserts that are 60mm apart.
    A shopper on May 5, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: These speaker mounts do a pretty good job. The distance between the hole mounts on the end of the mount that actually mounts to the back of the speaker is 2.5 inches from the center of each hole. It should be noted that the distance across each hole is .5 inch which gives the installer a little distance to play with. I am using these mounts at the rear surround location of my system holding up Klipsch RP-250S speakers, which are pretty heavy. Due to my room constraints, I had to mount these speakers a bit higher than I wanted so it was necessary I could tilt them down a bit so they hit the main listening position. I was able to do that with these mounts, and even with the weight of these speakers, the mounts have remained secured. I would suggest if you are considering using these mounts with speakers that weigh a significant amount, due to the overall size of the wall baseplates, I would secure them to wall studs with 2 of the screw holes. Bottom line, they work. One last thing...I was not able to use the existing screw holes on the back of the RP-250S speakers (they had keyhole brackets) so I had to drill new holes after removing the keyhole brackets. However, they work fine.
    what size is that in standard inches?
    A shopper on Mar 8, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: I have Yamaha speakers that weight 22 lbs. The Mount itself is about 4" x 4" inches. The bracket sticks out about another 4". This is a very sturdy bracket for the money. Happy I bought it.
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    Extremely Overrated
    I don't know where the yahoo was coming from that rated these a 10 for mounting 16 pound speakers. I tried mounting my 16 pound Polk Monitor 40s with these and the metal fatigued to the point that they drooped until the bottom of the speakers rested against the wall. The design is so so, but the metal is too thin for even 16 pounds let alone 33.

    These may be able to handle more weight if mounting to a ceiling or other vertical surface, but the max I would rate these for wall mounting is around 10 pounds. I would also suggest thread lock for the hardware.

    I rated them a 3 because of the price and the fact that they will work for lighter speakers. However advertising them for 33 pounds is extremely deceptive. Shame on you Monoprice.

    PROS: Cheap. Metal bends rather than breaks.

    CONS: Failed to hold up 16 pound speakers
    December 7, 2010
    Excellent Product
    Bought these for the price and for the rated strength. When I read the negative reviews, I thought I'd test the brackets before using them on my 8 & 15 pound speakers. Using one 10 wood screw, I fastened the bracket to a wood stud, then hung about 35 pounds from the bracket part that connects to the speaker. I varied the angle from straight out, to 45 degrees down, and then to the side. The bracket held tight. There was some "sag" when weight was applied, but that's basic physics you'll be able to compensate.

    For the actual connections, I used the 10 wood screw into studs in the main, central bracket hole. Since the hole was oversized, washers were added to assure nothing slipped out. In the other 4 holes, I used toggle bolts to attach to the drywall. This belt and suspenders approach keeps everything tight besides, I don't want to actually "bring the house down".

    The metal is thin gage and will distort the bracket if you overtighten the wood screw I did this when I tested but everything still held fine. There is no need to overtighten the wood screw (my screw extended about 1" into the stud).

    The safety wire is kind of goofy but I unhooked it and connected it to the wood screw instead of the bracket, figuring the screw would hold if the bracket went.

    My speakers had keyholes. Instead of screwing into their backs, I used machine screws to hold the speaker, inserting the screw head into the keyhole and tightening with a wing nut through one of the bracket holes. I used felt pads between speaker and bracket to soften the connection and for some acoustic isolation.

    The brackets are relatively large and the holes will not all align with wall studs as a result. The bracket size also puts them a distance from my speaker connection wall plate with some loss in aesthetics. For the man cave, this works out fine - we celebrate industrial!

    PROS: Strength adaptability. All metal - way better than plastic.

    CONS: No install instructions
    August 14, 2011
    Holds at least 30 lbs just fine.
    Good thing I did not read the reviews before hand.

    I used these mounts to attach my Pioneer CSG30 to the ceiling. Each speaker weighs 30 lbs.

    I screwed the mounts directly into the joists, probably what the other reviewers are missing.

    These are the same people who need instructions to tell them that drywall cannot support 30 lbs -)

    I angled my speakers slightly downwards and they are holding the position.

    Picture: http://imgur.com/a/KeBFO

    PROS: Works as advertised. Holding 30 lbs speakers just fine.

    CONS: Do not rely on wire safety cords
    October 8, 2013
    Great brackets for the price
    I ordered two of these and had them installed within about an hour. They are very easy to use and adjust. Trying to get the correct angle on the bracket can be somewhat challenging, and during that process I loosened the nut on the back of the bracket. This caused me to have to take the bracket back off the wall, tighten the nut and put it back up. Not a big deal, but I wanted to make everyone else aware that you might want to tighten it before putting up the first time.

    Overall, a very good experience. Have ready some anchor bolts for drywall, a powered screwdriver, and a socket wrench for tightening the back (1/2" socket I believe).

    PROS: Inexpensive
    Easy to adjust
    Easy to install

    CONS: Components had to be tightened
    Stick out from the wall a little further than anticipated
    October 27, 2011
    Get these for heavy speakers.
    I got the Onkyo HT-S9100THX 7.1 and wanted to mount all the speakers. I got these mounts because I was worried the plastic wouldn’t hold the front and center speakers that are quite heavy, like 12 or 13 lbs or so. They don’t have any problem with them. I was a little worried that they would sag and eventually with the vibration let the speaker corner down where it would hit the wall. It holds it just right about an inch away and hasn’t moved in over a month.
    My one complaint with the mount is that there isn’t a better way of twisting the speakers. It is a big nut on the back and when you turn it to the left it will loosen it and the speaker will be all loose, so I had a hard time getting it tight and the angle I wanted, had to work each speaker around and back and forth a lot. Once I got it, all is good and they stay well. I installed this in a large 20x35 room and was happy that I could mount the front and center ones on the wall and the side and back I mounted on the ceiling, so the mounts worked great either way. The center speaker, I used two mounts on the ends. I was able to adjust them to point it down and get the speaker level.
    These mounts are the only way to go, especially if you have heavy speakers. Had to wait like a month for mono to get them in stock, but it was worth the wait.

    PROS: Sturdy, Hold heavy speakers well

    CONS: Twisting setup could be better. Were out of stock
    October 28, 2010
    Brackets are OK
    Good overall bracket.

    PROS: Sturdy, hold my B&W speakers in place, configurable angle

    CONS: The wire and the hook, which are there for additional security(?) are pointless. The carbine is not strong enough to hold even a much lighter speaker.
    August 23, 2010
    DO NOT BUY for Speakers with Any Weight
    Don't believe what the monoprice people tell you about "faulty" brackets. None of these hold speakers with any weight at all. Heck, it couldn't even hold half the max weight.
    I went through 4 different brackets and every one of them performed the same way.
    Now I have multiple holes in my brand new home theatre walls, and countless holes in the speakers. I'm going to have to buy a brand new pair of speakers because the ones I used to test these brackets is destroyed. So I'm out several hundred $$$ for an $8 pair of brackets.

    RUN, Don't walk AWAY!

    PROS: They were inexpensive and supposed to hold 33lbs a piece

    CONS: I have 16 lb Polk Monitor 40's, which weigh 16lbs a piece. These brackets bend like crazy! It doesn't matter what way you mount them - whether the bracket on the speaker is parallel with the speaker height, perpendicular, etc... it always bends. The metal is cheap and bends at that bracket, as well as where the other metal shaft comes out of the bracket that goes on the wall. Great idea in theory but made with wayy to cheap of materials.
    June 1, 2011
    Quality seems pretty good
    Not much to say here. It would be nice if they were a hair longer for mounting larger speakers. Otherwise great value. I have paid more for less, that is for sure!

    PROS: Cheap, small, sturdy.

    CONS: Short
    January 19, 2011
    Strong and Way Cheaper than Alternatives
    I bought a Klipsch Center Channel from BestBuy and I needed a way to mount it. (TV is above the fireplace.) I bought some super lame brackets from BBY that were plastic and cheap. I tried installing them, and I was concerned that the cheap plastic construction would actually hold the speaker indefinitely. Finally checked with Moniprice, and these were exactly what I needed. I used both, and that center channel is going nowhere! Plus, they were very easy to deal with during install, when I was 10 feet in the air, and trying to attach it to the wall.

    PROS: Metal
    Easy to Work With

    CONS: None
    March 1, 2014
    Stronger than it looks! Metal not Cheap plastic
    I have them hanging some older Boston Accoustics CS 11+ pound speakers 15 ft high for surround Sound. They look cool, but you can hardly see the bracket behind speaker.
    Had to make my own holes for speaker screw adjustment since they did not match. Just use a good drill bit. Love them!

    PROS: Strong brackets !
    I could not find anything this solid in stores. It all is cheap overpriced plastic mounts.
    This one is METAL! And can use good bolts for mounting to wall
    Adapter Cable seems light, but all metal cable is stronger than it looks.
    Simple design !! (Rated for 33lbs)
    Easy to change direction of angle, but make sure you check angle before mounting.

    CONS: Check your angle if needed for speaker direction.
    December 2, 2011