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    Monoprice DisplayPort 1.2a to DVI Active Adapter, Black
    Product # 12784
    black - selected white
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    Most DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapters require USB power. This does not? Anyone confirm 2560x1600 @ 60 Hz Dual Link? Some reviews report that this adapter doesn't support Dual Link output. I think the description says Dual Link because it allows you to connect using a Dual Link cable but the adapter only uses the Single Link signals (like HDMI). In that case, you might as well get an active DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 adapter which supports single link up to 600 MHz (4K 60Hz).
    A shopper on Aug 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: No, it does not actually support dual-link DVI, despite what the official description says. I tried it on a HP LP3065c monitor. (see my and other reviews)
    How Do I get it to be full resolution? It will not let me go above 640 x 480, and the monitor allows 1440 x 900
    Dewey D on Jun 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I'm sorry to hear that, I would recommend checking for a video driver update for your graphics card. Feel free to reach out to our technical support team should you require additional assistance here:

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    Active, but not exactly Dual Link
    The first one I received only works up to 1080p, at 1440p nothing shows up on screen. Read the reviews on here it appears to be a common problem so I contacted Monoprice for a replacement, the 2nd one has the same issue.
    I have 2 Different monitors, 1 Yamakasi Q270 which is a pass-through monitor and an Auria which has a scaler. Tested with both AMD 7950 and RX 480 cards none would work at 1440p for either monitor through this adapter, though both monitors works fine when connected to DVI directly to my 7950.
    Now, I am an Electrical Engineer and this curiosity got the better of me so I cracked open 1 of the 2adapters that I now have, this adapter is designed around a Parade Tech PS170 Active Displayport to HDMI/DVI conversion chip. A little digging around on the Internet and I found a datasheet for this chip which clearly state that this chip only has enough channels for SINGLE LINK output.
    So how did some people got it to work? well it appears that there is an optional specs of DVI that allows for single link speed of 340MHZ which is essentially double the rate of normal DVI, some monitors support this, such as Dell U2711 & U3011 and Philips 288p6. Monitors with dual-link DVI-D input that requires two 165MHZ link signal will not get resultion higher than 1080P!!!
    Unfortunately all active adapters that I can find on the market uses this same chip design since they are most likely made in the same factory in China, which mean that if you have a monitor that require normal speed dual-link DVI you might as well get the $80 adapter.

    PROS: Active adapter for cheap

    July 21, 2016
    No Dual-link DVI functionality
    I tried this with two different 2560x1600 monitors (Apple Cinema Display 30" and Dell 3007WFP) on two different PCs - a Lenovo and a Dell, both rated at supporting this resolution. The monitors worked fine with a native dual-link DVI port on both PCs, but I couldn't get any better than single-link resolution using this adapter.

    PROS: none

    CONS: Works no better than the passive adapter that came with my PC.
    December 11, 2015
    Doesn't work at any resolutions with an Achieva Shimian QH270 (2560x1440)
    Other reviewers able to drive at 2560x1440 or higher on their specific monitors, but doesn't send any signal to my particular Korean monitor (Achieva Shimian QH270 - 2560x1440).
    Tested the adapter with a Sapphire Fury X (AMD), HP Probook 455 G2 (AMD A8), and 760 GTX (nVidia).

    Monitor is indeed working from my 560ti (nVidia) using DVI-D dual-link.
    Don't have any other 1440p monitors to tests, but adapter works fine with my HP 2511x (1920x1080).

    PROS: - Drives 1080p fine
    - Fair pricing

    CONS: - Achieva Shimian QH270 incompatible
    January 27, 2016
    doesn't work with 2560x1600, DELL 3007 WFP HC
    falsely claims works with dual link dvi when apparently there's still some limitations - I'm thinking on frequency.

    2560x1600 (0x87) 268.0MHz +HSync +VSync

    h: width 2560 start 2608 end 2640 total 2720 skew 0 clock 98.5KHz

    v: height 1600 start 1603 end 1609 total 1646 clock 59.9Hz

    Monitor looks to pick up a little bit of the signal but fails to lock on and gives up after about 20 seconds of mostly garbage. Works at lower resolutions of which there are few on this monitor.

    PROS: sleek

    CONS: doesn't work with intended monitor
    November 11, 2015
    No-go with Fury X and Korean IPS monitor
    I got 2 of these in anticipation of getting the AMD Fury X, which has only dp slots. The first adapter worked (with some artifacting) for around 20 minutes, until total failure. Using the second adapter fared no better. Oddly, they both appear to power my other two, lower resolution, monitors perfectly, still.

    I have contacted Monoprice support, and have been issued two replacements, however, as a precaution, I have also ordered a more expensive USB powered adapter, as well. Customer service was friendly and courteous, as always.

    As much as I wish I could, I cannot recommend these for Fury X users with Korean 2k monitors. I know there's quite a few of us, out there.

    PROS: Works great with my other 2 monitors (900p Monoprice Interactive pen display, and Acer 1080p)

    Doesn't require USB power

    looks nice

    Fits securely

    CONS: 2 separate units failed to work with my Yamasaki 1440p Korean IPS monitor, and Sapphire Fury X, even with different cables
    July 24, 2015
    Does not display at 144hz
    Despite being an 'active' adapter, this will not support 144hz resolution at 1920x1080 resolution. This will now sit in my spare parts bin for all of eternity and I shelled out quite a bit more money for a proper adapter from Amazon. This will work fine at 60hz.

    PROS: Ease of installation

    CONS: No 144hz at 1080P
    July 7, 2016
    chWorks for QNIX 27 in 1440p but limited overclocking
    Due to the limited DVI only input on certain models of the overclockable QNIX 27 inch and other equivalent 1440p panels, I tried out this active adapter to see if I could overclock the refresh rate through the adapter for future use with the new AMD Fury X which does not have a DVI connector.

    Testing with a MSI 970 Gamer, everything is fine at 60 Hz. Using the NVIDIA control panel's custom resolution setting, I could overclock only to 65 Hz without artifacts. Starting at 66 Hz, I see a single horizontal artifact line through the display. Increasing the frequency just increases the number of horizontal artifacts.

    PROS: Plug and play DVI to DP1.2

    No issues at 60 Hz at 1440p resolution

    CONS: Very limited refresh rate overclocking potential
    June 22, 2015
    Really does support Dual Link
    Ordered this for a friend who was having issues finding a working mini DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapter (that wasn't super expensive & powered) for use with a 1440p Monoprice monitor attached to a Macbook Pro w/ Thunderbolt. There is a similar cable sold here with a mini DisplayPort connector but the description is contradicting and reviews were iffy, so I purchased this one instead and used a mini-to-full DisplayPort adapter with it.

    It seems to have done the trick with the Macbook & Monoprice 1440p combo - however it only partially worked with my own monitor, an Achieva Shimian 27" 1440p. The picture flickered and there were green lines and occasional screen blanks using the adapter with my Achieva, even at resolutions as low as 640x480. I tried with a Radeon R9 290 (GPU scaling on and off) as well as a laptop with Intel 4600 integrated GPU. The cable used was the one that came with the monitor which works well when connected to to an actual DVI port.

    The Monoprice monitor which works with the adapter is actually based off of the Achieva which 'sort of' works, however it must have a better control board than the Achieva. In other words, your mileage may vary depending on your monitor and how sensitive it is to the timings (or who-knows-what) of these adapters.

    PROS: Supports Dual Link

    Works at 2560x1440

    CONS: No mini dp variant - had to use mini dp to full dp adapter
    October 21, 2015
    Allows my old school 20 inch Dell LCD monitors to connect to my new video card
    I don't have a demanding application: wanted to connect 4 20 inch monitors to a modern EVGA video card for multi monitor medical work. Modern video cards have DP or HDMI ports. Old school monitors (4:3 ratio) work best for miltimonitor arrays for medical work.

    These work perfectly for a single link DVI connection.

    Thanks, Monoprice!
    January 3, 2017
    1 year ago
    Inexpensive and Seem OK
    Ordered ten for to have a couple of spares for my eight display setup to replace problematic ones that had become a mish-mash of units from multiple vendors. These came in an absurdly large box. Each was individually packaged and once out of the package each end had clear wrap on it to protect the glossy finish of the connectors. It was a drag to have to remove all the packaging. Was suprised to find that the display port connector does not have the locking mechanism that other male display port connectors usually have. That is to say they do not have the locking mechanism and there is no tab to depress to remove them from a display port. That means they could simply easily be pulled out of the system. However they did fit snugly. Though I fear that if someone pulled the system out from under the desk these adapters could pull out of the video cards. That aside they worked just fine and have been for about a week. Hope this helps.
    February 23, 2018
    9 months ago