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    Monoprice Mini Displayport 1.1 Male and USB Male Audio to HDMI Female Converting Adapter
    Product # 5969
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    Cable is approximately 28" long.
    Supports resolutions up to 1080p.
    **Will only support 2 channel stereo.  Will not support 5.1 Dolby Surround.**

    * Attention Mac Mini® Customers using dual monitors only. There is an unresolved issue with using both the mini-DVI and mini display port outputs simultaneously. Specifically – when the mini-DVI cable is disconnected from the Mac Mini®, this causes the Mini DisplayPort to not function  – often causing the display to show an “unsupported format” error. This appears to be an ongoing issue with multiple generations of Mac Minis® (models with mini-DVI and mini display port) and also appears to be happening with a variety of manufactures display adapters for Macs®, not just Monoprice adapters.



    The solution – (Again, for dual monitoring Mac Mini® users only) Use the mini-DVI output for your main display, and the mini display port for the secondary display. That way - disconnecting the second display (mini display port) will not affect the output on the main display (mini-DVI). This will not be an issue if you are using two monitors - and are not disconnecting your mini-DVI adapter.  


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    Can you connect an older monitor that has VGA & DVI to a laptop that only has a HDMI port?
    Belen C on Apr 18, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: HDMI laptop to VGA or DVI monitor? Not with this Mini-DP-to-HDMI converter. But in general, yes, there are many simple cables and adapters that can run from an HDMI laptop to a DVI monitor. I assume the Monoprice 2404 "HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable" (for under $5) would work. Or if you already have a "regular" DVI or HDMI cable, then just use one of the various HDMI to DVI adapters (several for around $2) here on Monoprice (Search "HDMI to DVI"). Just pay attention to the gender needs.
    Will this work from a Microsoft Surface 3 Docking Station to my Samsung Smart TV HDMI in?
    New User U on Mar 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Although I am a Mac user, there could be similar problems with some of Microsoft’s older devices such as the Surface3’s MiniDisplay Port — as there was with my older 17” 2009 MBPro. You need to confirm the device’s Display Port features. My MBPro’s Display Port didn’t support sound. Solution was this adapter. Also, Im guessing that you could channel the sound through the USB port with this adapter, while using the Display Port for the video, as this configuration works splendidly on my MBPro.

    One thought though… I can’t recall if this adapter’s USB is a 2 or 3 — or it is universal. And I think that your Surface3 has a USB3, so… be sure to know what your device’s technical features are; and then compare what this adapter can accommodate for your needs. I hope that this has helped.
    would this be the cable to connect my Mac Air to a HDM1 cable?
    A shopper on Feb 28, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I would need to know what year mac air to determine if this works.. If the Mac Air requires the use of a thunderbolt I/O port instead of a mini display port, then this item will not work for the above customer. If however the reverse is true, in that the customers mac air has a mini display port, this item will work, Sorry for the late reply and hope this helps.
    Wanted to connect portable hard drive to VCR/DVD recorder/player?
    New User U on Dec 4, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I have only used it to enable an I-Mac to connect to an HDMI output.
    It was the only solution I found.
    4.4 / 5.0
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    Audio doesn't work
    Bought this for use with a Mac Mini HTPC/Samsung Plasma TV/Denon receiver. Audio doesn't work in my setup. It keeps cutting in/out every second or so. Returned and tried another, same issue. Every other component in the system works fine and HDMI cables are good. Video works fine, but if you only need video there are cheaper adapters. I recommend paying a few extra bucks and get the Mini display port -HDMI with TOSLINK audio which works flawlessly so far in my system (product 6331). Kudos to monoprice for returning and exchanging when it didn't work out.
    June 17, 2010
    Well worth the price!
    Ordered this and a 20' white HDMI cord. Works like a charm. Took a few minutes to set up correctly though. Using it with a Aug 2009 Macbook Pro 13" and a 2006 32" Samsung 720p LCD TV.

    For Sound:
    1. System Prefrences
    2. Sound
    3. Output
    4. USB

    If you get no picture:
    5. Displays
    6. Detect Displays
    7. Gather Windows
    8. Change setting so that your video output is compatible with your TV (720p, etc)
    February 5, 2010
    Perfect for late 2008 Macbook Pro
    I have a late 2008 Macbook Pro that I'm trying to squeeze every last bit of life out of before I have to upgrade this cable just upped the ante a little bit more. I was disappointed when I first experienced my Macbook Pro's audio out port not working after switching to the higher graphics card (9600m GT w/ 512mb of DD3 SDRAM).
    My Macbook Pro recognized this cable instantly and with a little help from the "knowledge base" tab it was easier to get it working. Now I can watch moves again with my LG 32LH40 tv. Couple this with Kingston 8GB of ram and you have almost an entirely new machine. My last upgrade will be switching to a 120GB ssd hard drive and extend my 3 year old laptop by even a few more years! My only regret with this cable is that if I want to listen to music through the laptop speakers or headphones I have to change it in the system preferences. But the good part is that I don't have to log out to do it, so it is only a minor problem.

    PROS: Price is great
    Ease of setup

    CONS: Switching between audios
    January 13, 2012
    Exactly the match I was looking for with my 13" Macbook Pro
    I received the "Mini Displayport Male and USB Male Audio to HDMI Female Converting Adapter" in the mail from Monoprice on October 10, 2009 and used it to display video on two separate TVs for a total of about 5 hours on the 10th.

    I first ran an HDMI cable from my 32" 720p LCD to the new adapter that I had plugged into the mini displayport and usb port that rests immediately next to it on 13" Macbook Pro. I had to go into System Preferences Display and tell the Mac to clone the displays and then went into System Preferences Sounds and told the Mac to use the USB audio output. The Mac had already chosen the best resolution for my display and I was immediately able to pull up Hulu and watch and listen via my 32" 720p LCD. SUCCESS!

    That evening I took the Mac and the adapter to my living room and connected to my 52" 1080p DLP. The Mac remembered the clone displays setting and the usb audio output setting so no configuration would have been necessary this time except that I wanted to bump up the resolution for the 1080p TV. Everything worked perfectly. I streamed a 30 minute sitcom from my file server through my Mac and onto the TV and then pulled up Netflix and watched The Exorcist via their on demand offering.

    Not a single glitch. The process worked exactly as I had hoped it would.

    If I would change anything - it would be reducing the slack between the mini displayport plug and the usb plug since the plugs on my mac are side by side. And I would also love for the HDMI plug to be male to keep from having to carry two cables around instead of one - but I understand that in reality it is more versatile being made how it is. I would just prefer a cleaner option for my specific needs.

    All in all, great purchase.
    October 10, 2009
    Great product!
    This worked exactly as expected - plug the USB and mini-port into the MacBookPro and the HDMI to your HDMI equipment and they talk to each other. Mine went through a Denon3808 to a JVC RS1 1080p front projector. The laptop told me it was connected to a 1920x1080 display and the Denon saw the 5.1 surround from the laptop. Now happily playing games/surfing but mainly listening to tunes and watching slideshows of my photo collection - it's all in the media closet and runs on WiFi keyboard and mouse on my lap in the home theater :D:D No problems on set-up, no glitches so far. The item runs a little warm but it's in good company in its new home.
    December 2, 2009
    Great product!
    I purchased this to use with my Macbook Pro, (April 2010 version), so we could watch Netflix movies, home movies, etc. from my laptop on the big screen TV. I didn't want to have to buy to separate cords (one for audio and one for video), and this fit the bill. It works exactly as I had hoped and we have had it for about 2 months. We use it several times a week. One note: sometimes if I have already had my computer running and open Netflix before connecting to the TV, the adaptor won't work. I just have to reboot my computer with the cables still connected and then once it is rebooted everything works fine. To get the audio to work, be sure to go to your system preferencesaudio settingsand select USB so that the sound knows to not come out of your laptop speakers, but to go through the USB cable and out of the TV. Works great and very reasonably priced!! Thank you!

    PROS: Works great with my Macbook Pro (4/2010). Sturdy and easy to install.

    CONS: None.
    December 12, 2011
    Works PERFECTLY! MacBook Pro to Samsung LN52A650
    Well, I had my fingers crossed, because this has always been a troublesome issue, but this minidisplayport cable coupled with a male to male HDMI cable works perfectly. I am connecting a 2010 17 inch MacBook Pro to a Samsung LCD (LN52A650) through the HDMI 4 port on the Samsung, and I get perfect HD resolution mirroring my computer screen on the 52 inch screen, edge to edge, as well as good sound through the tv speakers. Great for full screen Quicktime movie play among many other uses.
    Note that the cables have to be connected for the mac to offer the options you need to choose the tv may have to be on too (not sure).
    TV: select input HDMI 4 (or whichever HDMI you're plugging into. I used 4.
    Computer: After plugging in, simply go to "displays" in System Preferences on the mac and choose to "show displays in the menu bar." Then, from the menu bar at the top of the mac screen, choose to enable "mirroring." Back to System Preferences, choose "sound" and you will see an option to have sound output go through the USB connection. Choose that and you're in business!
    Thanks MonoPrice!
    February 17, 2010
    Audio MIDI Setup required
    The first adapter I connected resulted in a garbled audio coming out of my tv. After testing various configurations with tech support, I returned the adapter and was promptly shipped a new one. The second adapter arrived and produced the same garbled output. Some googling led me to an application called Audio MIDI Setup in the Applications/Utilities folder. I switched the USB Sound Device's Output Format from 44100.0 Hz to 48000.0 Hz.. problem solved: crystal clear audio!

    PROS: easy setup, hassle free product exchange, fast standard shipping

    CONS: you're pretty much on your own for troubleshooting..
    October 26, 2010
    Audio Support
    Gets the job done however it supports only 2-channel audio. Very disappointing if your HDMI Connection is to a receiver. however this adapter will serve quite nicely when connecting to most 2-channel TVs.

    When I purchased this adapter the specs page showed support for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio, I sent 2 emails to tech@monoprice.com 1 was answered saying 5.1 support should be automatic, a third email directly to a Tech Support Supervisor asking how to enable 5.1 was not answered but now the spec page no longer indicates 5.1 support. I realize this is a brand-new and EXTREMELY innovative product so 5.1 is probably too much to ask at this price point, but the confusion over the specs, and the poor support loses them points in my rating.

    If I had been expecting a 2-channel audio only adapter I would probably give it an 8.
    October 16, 2009
    works, but prevents mac mini from sleeping
    Bought this converter to connect my mac mini (Fall 2009 model, snow leopard) to Panasonic 42' plasma (TC-P42G10). Both video and sound work fine, BUT ... the mac with this adapter doesn't go to sleep. Even if you explicitly tell it to go to sleep (Apple Menu - Sleep), it wakes up in 2 seconds, because of the power this adapter continues to draw via USB.

    Obviously, I don't want my mac on 24 hrs a days, leeching power. (Actually, the adapter itself also gets pretty warm.) Shutting down and booting up every time you want to watch TV is also a hassle, not something you expect from a home theater system. The only workaround is to reach in the back on the Mini and unplug the USB cable after each use. The system then goes to sleep according to whatever sleep timer setting you chose.
    March 24, 2010