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    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Product # 8008
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    Data Transfer Speed 6.75 ~ 10.2 Gbps
    Supported HDMI® Resolutions 480i - 1080p
    Color Support 24- and 36-bit Deep Color
    Supported Audio Formats LPCM, Dolby®-AC3, DTS® 7.1, DSD
    IR Frequency Range 38 kHz
    IR Signal Bands Single
    Maximum Output Cable Distance less than 5 meters
    Maximum Input Cable Distance less than 5 meters
    Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90% RH (no condensation)
    Operating Temperature Range +5 ~ +131°F (-15 ~ +55°C)
    Dimensions 4.5" x 2.7" x 1.6" (114 x 70 x 41 mm)
    Regulatory Certification FCC, CE

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    Just installed this via 2 cat6 wires in walls. I have green lights on both ends (one end is connected to cable box, other to the tv), but there is no signal coming through. When I plug the hdmi cable directly from the cable box to the tv, it work fine. Any suggestions on how to solve?

    Rhys H on Aug 30, 2017
    Hi just installed and seems to work fine for video but no audio coming through - any idea was the problem is?
    A shopper on Jun 4, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced with the extender. As the previous answer mentions, be sure to double check the source you are using as well as trying a different set of ethernet cables or a shorter run for testing purposes.

    There could also be signal degradation occurring in the run. Be sure that the ethernet cables you are using are not too close to any of the power lines in the walls. I would also recommend trying a different source and a different HDMI input on your display to see if the issue still occurs.

    Should you require additional assistance, please reach out to our technical support team with a detailed question via any of the methods available here:


    Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    I just need to transmit video. Do both CAT cables need to be used?
    Paul M on Aug 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes both are required. There are other extenders if you have only one cable however for many of these you need a power cube.
    On a couple of my HDMI® Over CAT5E / CAT6 Extender Wall Plate the light on the green light on the receiver is dim. I ran all Cat6s wire. One of the runs is a 50 foot and the other is a 75. Is it OK to use an inline coupling in the system?
    Richard on Feb 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: With regards to running an inline coupler it is generally not recommended when using extenders. If you are having issues please to contact us at tech@monoprice.com with a detailed summary of the issue you are experiencing and our knowledgeable Technical Support staff would be more than happy to assist. Thank you
    i just hooked it up, i have green lights on both side. video and audio works fine.The problem is the ir is not working how do i hook it up or do i need anything else for it to work?
    A shopper on Jan 27, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: did you check the cat cable connections are all ok? I recall that was the issue for me. The source end was the problem as I had reconnected the ends to a patch panel. Give it a go. Hope it helps I know how frustrating it is
    Are there recommended 3 ft HDMI cables for pid #8008?
    Andrew Q on Jan 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, we recommend using our Certified Premium HDMI cables product # 15427. I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions feel free to contact us!

    Can we use a dual band IR (like the ones for 18533)? The included IR are not dual band.
    Trevor G on Apr 18, 2018
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    BEST ANSWER: A dual band IR works but you need one that works with your equipment. None of the dual band IR I bought worked with a Comcast box. I contacted Comcast and they provided an IR extender that worked.

    The final setup that worked is using a Comcast IR extender on the receiver side and a 3.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable product #644 https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=644 on the sender side that plugs directly into the cable box.
    Will the IR port be able to be used with the Logitech harmony hub? Not using the hardware provided but using the port to plug in the IR blaster that it comes with.
    Christopher P on Oct 9, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it will, I am currently using the harmony one touch screen remote and it works perfectly.
    I am thinking of using this on my patio with a stereo amp to play music and to connect a tv. Will the ir work with out an active hdmi signal? I want to be able to control the receiver without the tv on.
    A shopper on Jun 10, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately it would require an HDMI signal to be active for the HDMI signal will power the extender.
    Is the wall plate one molded piece or is it similar to a decora style insert separate from the wall plate?
    vincent m on Feb 16, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It is a module and a separate plate. I will add thought that the module is a little taller than it should be for some existing boxes. We had to file down the edges of the box to fit the module in place. Other than that, these have worked great for us. We only had to replace it once, because someone shoved food in it. :/
    Can we use a dual band IR (like the ones for 18533)? The included IR are not dual band.
    Trevor G on Apr 18, 2018
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice HDMI Over Cat5e / Cat6 Extender Wall Plate (Pair) with Built-In Backward IR Channel, Single Port (1P), White
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    Monoprice IR Extender Over HDMI
    I see that support is only to 1080p - what about 4K?
    A shopper on Dec 31, 2017
    4.1 / 5.0
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    Using this product with Dual Band remotes
    I have a fairly complex A/V setup. I'm using these wall plates for 6 different locations, and I'm using them with dual-band IR remotes. I ran into many of the things that people are complaining about in the reviews, and have "work-arounds" to them. Here's what you need to know:

    1.) Some HDMI devices do not put out enough voltage for these to work. When you run into this situation, you can easily fix this by injecting one of these in between the source (DirecTV box, Blu-Ray player, XBOX, etc) and the TX HDMI wall plate: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?ab3=b&utm_expid=58369800-11.R-enhtUGRrSdHz5vzpVS2g.1&c_id=101&cp_id=10113&cs_id=1011306&p_id=8154&seq=1&format=2&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.monoprice.com%2FCategory%3Fc_id%3D101%26cp_id%3D10113%26cs_id%3D1011306. This will amplify the signal, and then the HDMI extender will function. Connection is: Source Amplifier 8008 TX HDMI wall plate 8008 RX HDMI wall plate TV

    2.) If you have devices with dual-band IR remotes, order one of these: http://www.monoprice.com/Category?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021813.

    Throw away the receiver and emitter that came with the HDMI Wall Plates (8008), and use the receiver and emitters from the 9895 Dual Band IR Repeater instead. Plug the receiver into the 8008 RX HDMI wall plate. Plug a stereo 3.5mm Male to Male cable into the IR port on the 8008 TX HDMI wall plate end, and plug the other end of this cable into the "IR Receiver" port on the 9895 Dual Band IR Repeater. The cable that I'm referencing can be found here: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?ab3=b&utm_expid=58369800-11.R-enhtUGRrSdHz5vzpVS2g.1&c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021802&p_id=644&seq=1&format=2. Plug in the power cable for the 9895 Dual Band IR Repeater. This will make sure that there's 5V going to the HDMI wall plate as well - you'll see the LED light up. Then plug your 9895 Dual Band IR Repeater emitters into the emitter ports, and you now have dual-band IR.

    3.) I had an issue with the screen flickering when using a Blu-Ray player (every other device was working fine) and this wall plate. The flickering would go away if I connected the Blu-Ray player directly to the TV with an HDMI cable. I fixed this by changing the YCBCR setting in the Blu-Ray player's settings menu from 4.4.4 to 4.2.2. Changing this stopped the flickering, and allowed me to use the Blu-Ray player. Only had to return 3 Blu-ray players before I discovered this. :-)

    Hope this helps.

    PROS: Works well when you don't know the length of HDMI cables that you need. Also, pulling CAT6 can somewhat allow you to "future proof" yourself, as there's at least a chance that there could be a new balun for newer technology.

    CONS: Dual Band IR support (I have a fix for this)

    Won't transmit low-power HDMI signals (I also have a fix for this)

    To make this product usable out of the box, there's two things that monoprice needs to add (I have my own solutions to these):

    1.) External Power

    2.) Dual band IR support
    March 7, 2014
    HDMI extender over Ethernet
    This would be a great product if the IR channel support the remotes used by most cable and satellite boxes. Since it does not, I had to find a similarly priced dual channel product on eBay.

    PROS: HDMI extender portion works great

    CONS: IR remote is only single channel so doesn't work with many cable or satellite boxes.
    October 1, 2012
    System works fine on a 70-foot run, beautiful picture. Using two 20-foot 3.5mm stereo audio extension cables with the IR extenders as their meter-long cords don't extend them far enough out from the wall plates behind the TV's. My HD Tivo loves it. When they say they don't fit standard wall boxes they mean it. They don't fit the low voltage boxes at Lowes either. Determine the distance from the wall plate location to the front of your device for the IR extender and get the appropriate stereo audio extension cables and low voltage wall plates here.
    July 23, 2011
    Wanted to get rid of the additional cable box, but needed to be able to change channels on the second TV. These units allow that. I read in another review that I would need two CAT5/6 cables to connect the two wall units, so I ordered them at the same time, different colors since I had to feed through the walls between the two rooms and make sure they were plugged into the correct socket. Installation was flawless and easy knowing this piece of information. I will use this method in another similar installation I have. Monoprice has come through for me again.

    PROS: Does exactly what I expected it to do. Easy! Works great and saves me the monthly cost for an additional cable box.

    CONS: Unit does not fit into plastic, "old work" electrical boxes but can be made to go into the box with little effort.
    March 25, 2012
    Works on most AV equipment
    Works as advertised, streaming 1080 to my bedroom from the living room HTPC. I was warned ahead of time by Monoprice support that this may have problems with Cisco devices. I have a Cisco DVR but bought it anyway as this seemed to be my best bang for the buck. As I was warned it doesn't work on a Cisco 8640HDC. My run is 50' Cat6. IR signal is verified as working with the Monoprice 2x4 HDMI Matrix, Windows Media Center remote, Samsung BR DVD players and TV's. The IR also has a nice range, and good coverage.

    PROS: Easy to Install.
    Works as advertised.
    Cat6 is easier to run than HDMI.

    CONS: Doesn't work on some devices, check with Monoprice support.
    Red LED is a little bright (easily fixable)
    July 3, 2011
    I bought these with 50ft cables to run from the back of my living room to my TV. After trying for weeks to get this to work correctly and having multiple different technical support people and getting different answers, I finally got them working for 1080p. I have a PS3, and a Rogers cable box going through my Denon AVR 1910. I couldn't get any picture for a long time, and was finally able to get 1080i only from my PS3 directly.

    I found a separate voltage adapter from a different company that grounded the voltage on the HDMI line, and replaced it with a stead +5V. That made all the difference. I now get 1080p video as expected except from my PS3...from that I still can only get 1080i steadily. Next up is to try buying a powered extender to boost the signal strength. Hopefully that will end my odyssey of trying to run HDMI long distances for 1080p.

    PROS: Easy to run long distances
    backwards IR

    CONS: Doesn't work from some AVRs
    Might need a separate power supply
    Needed to use 24AWG HDMI cables
    July 29, 2011
    backward ir
    please bring it back other wise i will need to find another source for the all in one

    thanks please forward this to Mr. Wong

    PROS: work well on short distance

    CONS: need additional power source would like it to have power like the old product 8201

    September 11, 2014
    Great product....BUT
    I was really hoping for a transmitter eye that was smaller and would adhere directly to the IR eye on the device. I was hoping to have a multiport IR transmitter plugged into the wall outlet so it could adhere to the front of each device but this was not the case.

    PROS: Easy setup.
    Works as advertised.

    CONS: IR on transmitter end coming from the cable box seems unable to accept a different transmitter eye.
    October 27, 2011

    PROS: Extending the monitor works great.

    CONS: Not compatible with ALL electronics. I am using a SPECO camera system and the IR functionality did not work.. The spec for this product says "Supports single-band IR signals between 39-45 kHz" which apparently is not compatible with SPECO
    November 26, 2015
    It was an experience. Works with At&T UVerse.
    This extender seemed like a perfect solution for hanging my new LED cleanly and allow for remote location of the UVerse set-top box.

    I debated purchasing because I couldn't get clarification from Monoprice or UVerse that the IR function would work, because if it didn't this extender would be basically useless for my intended use. I bought anyway figuring I'd test it before doing the actual install and RMA if didn't work.

    The item arrive quickly and well-packaged. Inside the box was the two wall plates with trim rings, two IR sensors with mounting tape, and useless instructions. I say useless because all it tells you is a sequence to hook up the wires, which is pretty self-explanatory. It leaves out, what I discovered to be most important detail- the recommended IR sensor location.

    The first extender I received revealed a problem other reviewers experienced- clunky operation of the IR only properly sensing and forwarding maybe only one of 20 remote clicks. The extender was connected with 30' of TSP cat6 cables(as recommended), the IR input sensor was located directly underneath the TV, and the sender IR sensor placed directly in front of the STB's remote control IR sensor. When testing, I pointed the STB's remote directly at the IR input sensor from 10' away. In discussion with Monoprice's tech support they acknowledged my set-up was correct, that the extender was faulty, and a RMA was issued and replacement shipped.

    The 2nd extender I set-up in the exact fashion as the first, and this one performed much better- still clunky, but properly forwarded 1 in 5 remote clicks. I decided to live with it and fully installed the unit. To my dismay the functionality returned to the poor performance of the first one. Frustrated, I assumed the problem was with the placement of the forwarding sensor. I moved that sensor a dozen times with no improvement. Later, I discovered the IR wouldn't work if I pointed the remote directly at the INPUT, but worked fine if I pointed it at a 90 degree angle away from it- or even if I pointed it completely away from it. Almost as if the sensor is designed to pick up the remote signal being bounced off a wall. I moved the IR sensor behind the TV pointed downward at the floor and it is now working great.

    There may be some electronic pro's out there laughing that this placement is common knowledge. Well, I'm no pro, and so far as I can tell this device isn't marketed strictly for pro's. A slightly more in-depth instruction manual that covered this issue would have made an extremely frustrating install much, much easier. Even in my communications with Monoprice support did they address sensor placement. Additionally, it's likely the first extender was fine, and the delay I incurred due to troubleshooting efforts and eventual RMA further the frustration.

    But in the end it's working good. Were it not for it's woefully poor instructions I would've rated it 9 or 10.

    Hopefully this long-winded review will help others. FYI, my UVerse STB model is a Motorola VIP1200

    PROS: Transmits video and audio well, wall plate provides for a very neat looking installation. Although unsure before purchasing, happy to confirm it works with AT&T UVerse.

    CONS: Extremely vague instructions, particularly regarding IR sensor placement. Monoprice tech support that could be quicker and more knowledgeable about this item.
    April 15, 2013