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    Monoprice Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
    Product # 15758
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    Have you redesigned this so it no longer blocks the 2.4 gHz WiFI band with RFI?
    Colette S on Jan 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: The 2.4 gHz WiFi band is still affected with this adapter
    Is this adapter compatible with the Nintendo Switch console?... Can this adapter be used as a portable dock instead of the one that comes with the console?
    A shopper on May 25, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: No, I've tried it and it doesn't work.
    Has anyone used this with a new MacBook Pro with TouchBar? I have not been able to get a signal from my 15" MacBook Pro with TouchBar
    Trevor G on Jan 25, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes it is working great for me. I have a 1080p monitor, power, and iPhone plugged into it and my MacBook Pro 15" with TouchBar is seeing all of them.
    Does this adapter support audio over HDMI?
    A shopper on Nov 29, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your inquiry. This item does indeed support audio over HDMI. Please make sure you have set your audio to come out through the USB-C port of your Mac or PC that you are connecting this to. Thank you!
    Is this compatible with a Windows 10 PC?
    Charles R on Jan 9, 2017
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
    Monoprice Luxe Series USB-C to HDMI Video Adapter, Black
    Monoprice Luxe Series USB-C to HDMI Video Adapter, Black
    BEST ANSWER: Although I use it with a MacBook Pro, it should work with any device that supports USB-C.
    Hello - can you use more than one of these devices at a time to connect to at least two additional monitors? If it is possible, does anyone know what's the maximum number of these devices that you can use on a single computer?
    Walter S on Nov 27, 2017
    What resolutions are support at 60hz?
    Will M on Jan 6, 2018
    Hi folks, seems like I can't consistently get this adapter to provide a video signal to HDMI devices. Have to do a lot of plug / unplug activity to get it to work. Usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes of experimentation to get a signal. Anyone have any tips as to how to get this to work 100% of the time?
    Chris L on Dec 25, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: Mine so far has worked everytime. I'm using it with a MacBook connected to a 1080p monitor. Perhaps it may be an issue with your laptops USB-C port? I'd also try using it on any devices you know work to see if it's the adaptor or the display. It's a possibility you just received a bad adaptor.
    Does this product still interfere with 2.4 GHz signals? My wireless mouse does not work when connected to the adapter. I have to connect it to a separate USB-C to USB-A dongle sold by Apple to get around the interference.
    Kyle B on Mar 21, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I have the same product except the VGA version, and it for sure interferes with my 2.4GHz wifi, I basically can't see any wifi when this is plugged in...very disappointing.
    Does anyone know if this will work with the thunderbolt 3 ports on my new iMac18,1?
    A shopper on Oct 3, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Just received, works perfectly.
    Can I plug a usb hub into this unit to use other devices?
    A shopper on Jan 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, I use a powered hub with no problems.
    What does the IIIP logo on the USB-C connector mean?
    A shopper on Feb 2, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I assume it stands for MonoPrice (IIIonoPrice). I think the "III" is supposed to be a stylized M. The logo appears to be on all of their items now.
    Does the passthrough power cable work with the new Macbook Pro 2016 adapter? I want to be able to power the Macbook with charger from Mac.
    A shopper on Jan 6, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Yes. The power cable plugs into the adapter, which plugs into the computer. Computer will charge and accessories can be used at the same time!
    I'm about to buy a 15" 2017 MacBook Pro and want to use my late 2009 27" iMac as a display. Is this the cable I need to do that?
    Mark D on Feb 11, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: No, you're going to need a mini-display port from thunderbolt. So you probably want a thunderbolt (USB-C) to mini DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort cable.

    I added some suggestions for what I'd get in your situation. I picked the USB-C with another USB-C port so that you can chain accessories if need be so that you still have a place for a charger, headphones, harddrive, whatnot.

    Don't forget you'll need to use Target Display mode. You can read more about it on Apple's website.
    Monoprice Select Series Mini DisplayPort 1.2 Cable, 3ft
    Monoprice Select Series Mini DisplayPort 1.2 Cable, 3ft
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C to Mini DisplayPort & USB-C (F) Dual Port Adapter
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C to Mini DisplayPort & USB-C (F) Dual Port Adapter
    Will this work on a Galaxy S8? Trying to Miracast to a HDMI to av converter in my car.
    New User U on Jan 9, 2018
    BEST ANSWER: Yes, it works with my S8.
    Does this work with the Note 8? Not specifically for DEX mode but at least screen mirroring via HDMI and then connect a keyboard or mouse?
    James C on Dec 29, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Haven't tested it on the Note 8, but I had success with parts for the Pixel
    Weird question - would this work with the ph-1?
    A shopper on Nov 19, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: What is a Ph-1?
    Does the Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter work with the Ultra Slim Active HDMI cables?
    wayne m on May 1, 2017
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
    Monoprice Select Series USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter
    Monoprice Ultra Slim Series Active High Speed HDMI Cable with HDMI Micro Connector - 4K @ 24Hz, 10.2Gbps, 36AWG, YUV 4:2:0, 6ft, Black
    Monoprice Ultra Slim Series Active High Speed HDMI Cable with HDMI Micro Connector - 4K @ 24Hz, 10.2Gbps, 36AWG, YUV 4:2:0, 6ft, Black
    BEST ANSWER: I can confirm it works with the ultra slim active high speed HDMI cables that have standard HDMI on both ends - bc that is what I use to display the screen of the MacBook 12 on a large TV. But I do not use the cables that have a mini-HDMI on one end so I can't speak to that, but cannot see why it wouldn't work. Plus, with monoprice's low pricing and great service, you can try it out no problem. Good luck!
    Does this work with a smartphone? I have a nexus 6p I want to use this with.
    A shopper on Apr 20, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: I'm using it with my LG V20 and it works great. Just need to make sure you get a charger with USB C to C "Power Delivery" or "PD" otherwise the power passthrough won't be enough to power everything if using a fast charge or quick charge charger.
    Is the HDMI port on this HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 1.4 ?
    A shopper on Mar 24, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. This adapter would have a HDMI 1.4 port. It would support 4K at 30hz.
    Can someone confirm sleep mode on your external monitor connected via HDMI works with this adapter? I have a 2016x macbook and 2016 macbook pro w/o tb and my asus 25" 1440p PB258Q won't go to sleep properly using the apple adapter MJ1K2AM/A. I'd buy this instead if I know it will correctly send the sleep signal from my laptop over hdmi. Mini dp to dp on my macbook air works fine so i know my monitor can go to sleep over dp, just not over hdmi.
    A shopper on Mar 1, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: It only works sometimes. Power Nap makes it work less often because it may wake up from USB activity during a Power Nap.
    Is this USB-IF certified?
    A shopper on Jan 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your inquiry. We are using USB-IF certified connectors for the Select Series USB-C HDMI® Multiport Adapter.
    Does this adapter support 4K@60Hz resolutions from a MacBook Pro?
    Andrew D on Dec 5, 2016
    BEST ANSWER: 60Hz is intermittent. Sometimes it works, most times it drops out. The adapter packaging clearly says 30Hz.
    Would this work with a OnePlus 3 phone? Does the phone need to be able to support any specific protocols to be able to screen mirror?
    A shopper on May 27, 2018
    Will this work as a continuum dock for a windows Phone 10 with continuum ?
    A shopper on Aug 19, 2017
    Does this works with Microsoft Lumia 950 Continuum ?
    New User U on Mar 17, 2017
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    Marginal USB-C connections
    Have two of these. One works. One, not so much. Both have pretty marginal engagement for the USB-C port, but one appears to be staying well enough engaged for charging. The other one, not at all.
    December 30, 2016
    Great HDMI Adapter - When I can get it to work....
    Pros: HDMI + USB 3.0 + USB-C all in one, compact, well made, affordable; works well (when I can get it to work - see below) to drive a monitor at 4K resolutions.

    Cons: Wish it came in a color to match the new space grey MBP's (like how Monoprice's 7 port USB hub is space grey); doesn't always drive a signal to the monitor, it seems.

    Details: I love Monoprice products (affordable, great selection, always finding something new that I want to buy), so when I upgraded to a 15" new Macbook Pro and found out that I needed a bunch of new USB-C dongles, I was quite excited to find that Monoprice carries exactly what I needed at a much better prices and selection than Apple.

    Picked up two of these USB-C to HDMI / USB / USB-C dongles so that I could drive a pair of Samsung UHD U28E590D monitors.

    Observed that these adapters don't always deliver a signal to the monitors. I've found that I need to play around with the connection sequence - sometimes, I plug in power first (to a USB-C port directly attached to the computer - not using the USB-C port on the dongle), then add the HDMI dongle, and I'll get a signal out to the monitor. Other times, I have to connect the dongle first, then power to a separate USB-C port, in order to get an HDMI signal. Failure to play around with the connection sequence results in staring at a blank screen with the monitor telling me there's no display signal. It takes me several minutes of experimenting with the connections to get a solid signal out to the monitor so that I can be on my computing way.

    In contrast, when I used to use my old Macbook Pro 15" with a generic Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter (not Monoprice), it would generate a signal 100% of the time as expected to the monitor.

    Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the "plug & play" aspect of the dongle certainly isn't quite "plug & play".

    I'll still keep and use them, as when I do get them working, they do the job quite well.
    December 12, 2016
    1 year ago
    Pass Through Charging doesn't work on my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition
    Using a 45W usb-c charger directly, the computer is able to draw 45W of power and behave perfectly, when running through this Multiport adapter, it only passes through 37W, which causes the computer to complain that it's not getting enough power and seriously cripples performance.
    December 5, 2016
    USB-C Passthrough is a problem
    Good dongle, especially for the price, but i noticed that it doesn't reliably charge my 15" MBP (87W) and have on multiple occasions have come to find it with a dead battery. Other reviewers have noted similar with other devices.

    Additionally the connector doesn't always make good engagement and can slip out.

    HDMI 2560x1600 works great, cable dance aside.
    April 7, 2017
    1 year ago
    Ok but not great
    It works but If you leave the HDMI plugged into the adapter when you plug into the computer, you have to unplug and plug the HDMI back in to get it to work,
    Same thing occurs after sleep mode,
    December 19, 2016
    1 year ago
    Macbook to 4k
    Using this adapter to output 4k 30Hz video from my 12 inch macbook to a seiki 4k TV. Works as expected.
    August 16, 2016
    Connections work... pass through charging not so sure.
    Works great for USB connections and connecting to HDMI monitor, however pass-through charging via USB-C does not work on Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Though it shows battery status as charging, device battery steadily drains while plugged in through this adapter. More than likely that this is a Samsung issue though...
    August 23, 2016
    Anyone having trouble with passthrough charging while using this on your phone you need to have a USB C to C "Power Delivery" or "PD" charger. Fast charger and quick charge 3.0 charger I have did not work and the battery still drained even though the phone appeared to be charging.
    June 20, 2017
    1 year ago
    Great adapter and great price
    Half the price of Apple's adapter, and just as functional. Not sure if it's the adapter or my MacBook Pro, but I have noticed I can't close the lid and work in "clamshell" mode unless the power cable is also connected to the adapter - otherwise, the external display (nothing fancy, a 1080p monitor) flashes on and off.
    June 9, 2017
    1 year ago
    Good Apple alternative.
    Works well, and has withstood what I’ve put it through so far.
    February 21, 2018
    8 months ago