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    Component (YpbPr) to Composite Converter
    Product # 7114
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    Anamorphic DVDs!
    Good performance, great value. Recommended to everyone not willing to spend $200-400 for a slightly better picture.

    PROS: Unlike more expensive componentS-Video converters, this one will pass 480i signals.
    Most cable DVRs will not output an anamorphic signal over S-Video, from a HD source. This device allows you to use the component output, which does have an anamorphic signal, to record from S-Video inputs, producing anamorphic DVDs. The price is very reasonable.

    CONS: There is a very slight shift to green, so slight that most would not notice it, but I can compare the original side-by-side to the converted signal, so I can see it. The black level is off just a bit. My DVD recorder lets me adjust the input video signal, so this is not a problem.

    The picture is not as crisp as it is on converters costing 5-10 times as much. But, I find it acceptable, and most of my guests couldn't tell the difference.

    There is just a bit of added overscan.
    December 7, 2010
    Excelent converter
    I use this to send a DirecTv SD signal to multiple rooms over RF coax. Picture quality is the same as from the satellite boxes native SD composite output. Just using this because DirecTV is screwing up the SD GUI on the native SD output with the new HD GUI. This box allow me to convery the HD signal back to SD and send THAT qround the house.

    Be sure to set the switches on the back as it defaults to PAL. Not a big deal, just set it and forget it.

    PROS: -Pict Quality. Excellent. As good as the boxes native SD composite signal. I didn't do side/by side, but on a 19" SD set, the PQ is very good. Any color shifts? Don't know, as skin tones look very good. Sharpness is also very good.
    -Supported resolutions: The converter supports all SD AND HD outputs the DirecTV HR21 can do on the component outputs. I run NATIVE, so the HR21 switches its output to match the recording of the show. The converter takes 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i seamlessly and without any problems. When the HR21 switches res for a new show, the converter looses sync for a second and the picture gets screwy for a second, but it is similar to what my HDTV does when the HDMI res switches, so the converter is excellent in its handling of different resolutions.
    -Includes cables: Comes with Component cables to use from HR21 to converter and a composite to use on the output. Not the greatest quality cables, but don't seem to affect picture quality at all.
    -Outputs S-VIDEO or Composite. Switch chooses which one, and I use composite, but S-Vid is available.

    CONS: Runs a bit warm. Included power supply brick is 5v, 1A so it is using less than 5W, but the converters aluminum case is a bit warm, say 95-100deg.
    October 24, 2011
    Great Product
    Thanks for DirecTV "improving" the onscreen guide for their HD DVRs I could no longer watch HD via the HDMI out and composite in another room without having to change the output resolution to SD 480. I can now use the HDMI output in HD in the living room, the the SD sets around the house can now watch and view the onscreen guide without having to change the output resolution to SD 480.

    Thank you monoprice for allowing me to fix DirecTV's "enhancement"

    PROS: Works as described, small, easy to connect

    CONS: none
    February 24, 2012
    Not suitble for gaming, too much processing lag
    I needed a device to downsample 480p component to 480i composite from a gaming console laglessly, and this device did not perform adequately. There was a noticeable amount of input lag from when I input a movement until I saw the game respond when comparing performance side-by-side with the console outputting composite natively.

    PROS: The picture quality was alright, and it was easy enough to set up.

    CONS: Too much latency in processing time for latency-sensitive purposes, such as gaming
    August 7, 2013
    Component to Composite Converter
    I purchased the Component (YpbPr) to Composite Converter (PID: 7114) as a result of my cable company switching cable boxes, the new models NOT including an S-video port or any standard def output. In order to be able to use an external DVD set-top recorder, I require an S-video port. The only alternatives to this product seem to be in the multiple hundreds of dollars... I believe $350 and up. And please note, I've only used the S-video out, not the composite.

    The product does work quite well, though the image quality is lacking. The downconverter in my previous cable box was significantly higher quality, but sadly this model is no longer offered. Yet another woe thanks to the monolithic cable companies. The image from this converter is a bit soft and definitely lower in contrast. Additionally my Panasonic DVD recorder didn't recognize the incoming signal as anamorphic (16:9), so my recordings were initially squeezed. I ended up having to buy a different DVD recorder, a Toshiba, which could be set to force the discs to be anamorphic. Unfortunately the Toshiba is inferior in pretty much every other way to the Panasonic, so it was a painful switch.

    Criticisms aside, the fact that this product even exists at this price is a godsend, as I wasn't going to spend hundreds on a fix for a problem that shouldn't even exist. And it is a good product for the money, but certainly nowhere near professional quality.

    PROS: Inexpensive
    Easy to set up
    Works as advertised

    CONS: Noticeably soft and lower contrast as compared to high end down converters
    Doesn't seem to provide a tag letting components know that it's an anamorphic signal
    October 8, 2012
    Works well
    I used two of these to facilitate the distribution of hd signal to multiple tv's throughout house through a RF modulator. RF modulator has only s-video and composite inputs and outputs to coax, this product has component inputs and either component or s-video (must select which output you wish to use). So, my setup tree is ReceiverComponent (YpbPr) to Composite Converter RF modulatornon-hd tvs.

    Not much of a Con, more of a caveat. Colors are a little off. I get subdued blacks and whites are too strong. And, when switching channels on one of the DTV receivers it is having trouble what outputs to use (I get a quick fuzz/scramble and a second of black & white picture). I have the receiver connected to a HDTV (via HDMI) where the receiver is located and use the component to distribute the signal to other non-hd tv's. I have not completed a full troubleshoot to blame the Component (YpbPr) to Composite Converter. Could be RF modulator, receiver, coax cable, component cable, or s-video cable. Too many variables.

    Remember: I got two of these. One for each DTV receiver. One is really good in its color replication, the other is not as good. I still am not complaining. The price is well worth what I am using this product for.

    Thanks goes to Monoprice for having this product at a very reasonable price. It sure beats having to pay a monthly receiver lease fee for other televisions I do not use as much!!

    PROS: Price!!
    Easy set up.
    Converts HD signal from DTV's receivers to facilitate the distribution of video signal to non-hd televisions.

    CONS: Not a Conper se
    I'll Explain in Review.
    October 28, 2012
    Great price, OK quality
    If you've got a STB or DVR that only outputs Wide Screen(not letterbox) over HD outputs(component/HDMI/DVI) this box will convert that Wide Screen Component to Wide Screen S-video/composite, ideal for standalone DVD Recorder use.

    PROS: Price
    Removes CP(for example from PPV)
    Compact design
    Converts Wide Screen Component to WS S-video or composite.

    CONS: Resolution not anywhere as good as S-video could be, I knew it wouldn't be HD but I know what good S-video can look like.
    S-video and composite outputs are not both active at the same time, only one or the other.
    October 28, 2010
    composite to s-video coverter
    Very good converter and value for the price.

    PROS: works well as advertised, SD picture 480i looks as good as the source. seems to run pretty cool and very quite.

    CONS: None that I have noticed.
    January 24, 2011
    Used with Directv HD-DVR
    I used this component-to-composite video converter to take the 1080i component video output from a Directv HD-DVR and convert it a composite video output that I could then connect to a rf modulator to distribute the video to other TVs in the house (i.e., but in 480i standard definition). Although the Directv HD-DVRs have their own composite output the high definition graphics used for the electronic program guide and other menus are no longer output (with the late 2011 Directv firmware update) via the HD-DVR's own composite video output. Using this monoprice converter solves this problem since the program guide and other menus can now be retained.

    PROS: easy setup
    works as advertised

    CONS: none
    January 18, 2012
    Works, But Power Supply Failed After Just Over A Year
    This overrides DirecTV shutting down the Composite output while simultaneously using HDMI and/or component, which caused problems for my whole-house modulator. It puts out a good signal, and I haven't noticed any color shifting. But the power supply failed after just over one year. Thus, I cannot really recommend this unit! I really wish EVERY component these days would not come with a power brick which are often prone to early failure! Plus, it makes it next to impossible to use a number of components without simultaneously using five power strips!

    PROS: Defeats DirecTV shutting down Composite, which caused problems for my whole-house modulator

    CONS: Power supply failed after just over one year
    September 29, 2013


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