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    Monoprice USB 2.0 to DVI Display Adapter (2048x1152)
    Product # 6038
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    4.8 / 5.0
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    I got this because I wanted to add another monitor to my 2010 MacBook Pro. If you're on Mavericks (10.9), you may want to hold off on this for awhile. It is very laggy, even when you're just browsing or moving your pointer around. DisplayLink seems to be on top of the issue, so it should be fixed soon.
    October 28, 2013
    Works as advertised
    I have always wanted to drive my 24" LCD monitor at full 1900 x 1200 with my obsolete Toshiba Tecra A3 laptop and this adapter does the job. Sure, motion is a bit jerky, but that's not the adapter's fault and you can always watch videos on monitors driven by the computer's own video card. My only complaint is that the adapter does confuse the computer in that you can no longer watch videos with full acceleration and you have to down acceleration a few notches, but performance hasn't deteriorated too noticeably. Hey, you'd only consider this adapter if you are too cheap to get a brand new computer, so let's not be fastidious. It's a excellent deal too, considering the only alternative is the VTBook, which probably has better performance but costs $200, and doesn't even give full 32-bit colors at 1900 x 1200! Comes with all the adapters and cables you'd need.
    April 4, 2010
    Great if you understand it's not a video card replacement
    I bought this fully knowing it can't support Mac's OpenGL, Quartz, and Core Services, and has to send video through a single USB port. I had the intention of using it only for bins and display windows for Final Cut Pro. Just for providing additional screen real estate, it works perfectly. Mac fully detects the display as an additional monitor, and every piece of software has no problems communicating with it. Don't expect it to play back videos well, or even be smooth movement in the screen tends to stutter a little, given the USB pipeline. Finicky Color also won't start up with the device plugged in, getting confused with a non-OpenGL device connected, but that's just the nature of Color.

    For those who are looking for a better priced version on OWC, this is the exact same thing. DisplayLink shares their drivers across all these devices, and they provide all the software for it.
    February 25, 2010
    Good device, but stopped working after 7 days
    Got this one from Monoprice. Does what it promises. Worked great in my Mac with Snow Leopard.
    Sometimes it is a little CPU intensive, specially when using heavy graphics on that monitor. But I guess that is the price to pay.
    Problem is that after 7 days it completely stopped working. I will have to return it. :(
    November 4, 2009
    By principle I never rate a product with 10. It took me a while to figure out how it works. But when I found out, it performs absolutely great. First time buyer from Monoprice, but not the last.

    PROS: Does what the product description said it would.
    Ease of installation.
    Very well wrapped and packed.

    CONS: Instruction manual incomplete. I had to find out by myself how to transfer from one monitor to the other.
    January 13, 2011
    Great Product
    Super product. Really helps and assists me for the additional two (2) monitors required. With Apps we are provided requiring more and more "real estate" (read: takes up lots of space), this product really does help getting past "normal" limitations.

    PROS: Plug and Play. One in each Docking Station (Work / Home). SO easy to use.

    CONS: NA
    July 4, 2015
    Does work!
    This thing does work! I had a Samsung 23" monitor with 2048*1152 resolution ( that was why I brought this thing in the first place, this is, seems to me, only one I can find to work with this resolution). It worked really well. I am kind of supprised to see the brand is actually Monoprice. Thought they were selling other people's stuff. Now I need to see how long this product will last.

    PROS: Very clear. Good job

    CONS: Not yet.
    December 5, 2011
    Works great and as advertised!
    No screen lag. No system hogging of resources. Great purchase!

    PROS: My T420s only supports two simultaneous monitors but with this adapter, I'm able to use three: 2 external and internal LCD.

    CONS: The manufacturer software that I downloaded from online conflicted with my system. A fix in place.
    April 22, 2013
    Even supports Portrait mode!
    I got one of these for a home office setup where I wanted to have two external monitors plus the native screen off a macbook pro. Allowed me to use existing monitors without having to purchase uber-pricy mac Thunderbolt solution.

    My setup is a 24" monitor off a monoprice displayport-dvi adaptor, and an older 20" dell ultrasharp widescreen, running rotated at 1050x1680 resolution off this adaptor, which is running through a powered USB2 hub along with external mouse and keyboard. I've had this setup for over a year and been very pleased with it. I mostly use the second monitor for reading mail and web-pages and other 'tall' oriented content. while it will do video, I mostly use the main monitor for that.

    Given that it's USB2, and that I have it through a hub, with the display rotated, I was frankly amazed that it would play video at all, much less do so fairly smoothly. Mostly I credit that to getting something that has higher resolution capability than what I'm using, so that it has some spare bandwidth. If I was trying to do video at max resolution, I expect the performance might suffer a bit

    PROS: Works well with a Macbook Pro, have used both Lion and Mountain Lion OS's
    supports rotated ("portrait") mode, great way to have a 'tall' monitor for mail and web
    fast enough to play video, (barely) which given it's usb2 is pretty astounding
    Far cheaper alternative to 2nd external monitor (compared to thunderbolt)
    Works well even when connected to a decent quality powered USB2 hub
    very reasonable price, especially compared to a new monitor

    CONS: high CPU load for rapidly updating content like video (to be expected given it's USB)
    July 17, 2013
    Get two!
    Works well to drive the third monitor on both a notebook on XP with an Nvidia chipset (native docking station with DVI+VGA), and a W7-64 desktop with an ATI card (native DVI+HDMI). Simple low-res videos like youtube etc. work fine. All else, you can't tell the difference versus a native DVI connections much better than analog VGA at the same resolution as in my notebook's second monitor. I run all at 1920x1200. I don't do hi-res video or HD on these units so "no comment" there, though moving the Hauppage TV - Media Center window to it works just fine.

    When I first got one, I was delighted with it and got it working on both computers. I downloaded the drivers from displaylink.com right off the bat after reading these comments. However, when I tried to migrate it back and forth between the computers, it sometimes got stuck and its icon wouldn't show up on the taskbar (loses 1 star for the annoyance of troubleshooting). The good news is that the DisplayLink tech support folks are on the ball and got back within a day with a workaround: Disconnect the DVI cable first, then move the USB cable and let the unit power up and be recognized by the new computer, then reattach the DVI. This worked. After awhile, though, I just bit the relatively small bullet and bought a second unit. No muss no fuss - much more reliable than Windows...

    Another use just came up last week. My son's old notebook video drivers don't have the proper resolution for a new Toshiba TV 720HD native. Using this unit between the two gave the proper resolution, and looks so much better than any other way. He's been watching anime videos on it for hours and hours and hours... (Grumble...)

    One other happy note. I use VMware virtual machines on both these units. When a VM is in "full screen" mode, there is a little button on the status bar on top that cycles between multiple monitors. I didn't know if it would work with this unit or not, so I frankly wasn't expecting much when I tried it. I'm delighted to say that it does work: each push of that button cycled the VM from one monitor to span all three to two and back to one. This even works with multiple VM's so I can have 3 VMs each with a monitor, or two VMs one with two monitors and the other with the remaining one, or the host and two VMs, etc. And any of them can have all three. Awesome when you briefly need to see that spreadsheet all 90 columns, 5 feet wide... All combinations and permutations work.

    The bottom line is that, aside from the cable connection sequence glitch, this is one of the most pleasant "appliance" experiences I've had. It just works and maybe even does more than you'd expect for a mere USB device.

    PROS: Fantastic value. It works and is a fraction of the cost of the competition. For this price get two - I did...
    Monoprice next day shipping to CA and AZ is cheap and effective.

    CONS: Only one minor operational nit worth mentioning: if you move the unit around live, connect the USB before the DVI.

    Not built round, flat and waterproof to use as a cup warmer. :} Heh, heh, just kid... ... Ah...
    Hmmmm.... Could be quite effective for that actually... Maybe if I got some aluminum and ...
    August 10, 2010