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    Monoprice 4x4 Matrix HDMI Switch and Splitter over Cat5e/Cat6 Cable with Remote, Extend Up to 131ft
    Product # 8151
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    Input DDC Signal 5 volts p-p (TTL)
    Maximum Resolution 1920x1080p
    Output Video HDMI® with HDCP, directly or via UTP
    Video Amplifier Bandwidth 225 MHz / 2.25 Gbps
    Vertical Frequency Range 50/60 Hz
    Supported Resolutions 480i (SD), 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    External Power Supplies 5 VDC, 2A
    Matrix Power Consumption 8W
    Receiver Power Consumption 5W
    Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ +70°C
    Operating Humidity Range 10 ~ 85% RH (no condensation)
    Storage Temperature Range -10 ~ +80°C
    Storage Humidity Range 5 ~ 90% RH (no condensation)
    Matrix Dimensions 17.3" x 8.2" x 2.1"
    Receiver Dimensions 6.1" x 2.8" x 1.0"
    Matrix Weight 2218 gm
    Regulatory Compliance FCC, CE, RoHS, UL

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    Perfect solution for what I need, except how long before Monoprice offers a product exactly like this supporting 4K?
    David D on Dec 26, 2017
    on one of the outputs could i split this with a ethernet splitter and send that out put to 2 tvs, i know i then must the same program on the split tvs on that output?
    A shopper on Jun 7, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately this unit would not support being split via the ethernet connection. Our Bit-Path HDMI extenders support being connected to an ethernet switch to split the signal. You can also use HDBaseT HDMI Matrixes and splitters to achieve this; however, HDBaseT requires the use of an HDBaseT Daisy Chain extender.

    Feel free to reach out to our technical support team should you require additional assistance!
    Does this matrix allow different types of audio on receivers simultaneously? I would like to know if I can run stereo, 5.1, and 3.1 on the same channel on three different TV's at the same time.
    A shopper on Sep 29, 2017
    Can this run both hdmi and cat5 at same time? In theory would it run 8 displays? 4 hdmi and 4 over cat5.
    A shopper on Aug 19, 2017
    2.7 / 5.0
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    Same ongoing issue
    I installed 5 units to my customers, but all of them lasted for a little bit over a year, which is when the warranty expires. I received many complaints from my customers and had to hurriedly find some different solutions. Now I have these broken units at home that are nothing but expensive garbage for over $300 each. The solution I was offered was to order the same new ones at the bulk order price, which is not an acceptable solution for me.

    PROS: Great functionality, in some cases one of the best solutions, but unfortunately doesn't last long.

    CONS: All units break right after the warranty expiration - flashing LED lights and no signal.
    August 3, 2015
    Buyer BEWARE!
    Take a look at the other reviews. This product basically stops working in a little over a year. I suspect that there will be more and more of these negative reviews in the coming months. There is obviously a defect in the design / construction of the unit and since the warranty is only a year Monoprice will do nothing about it. Offering to give $10 off the price of a new unit is not acceptable.

    PROS: Worked pretty well for awhile. Had to turn it off and on a couple of times when the signal was bad.

    CONS: Works for about 15-18 Months
    June 18, 2013
    I found a power supply that works
    Replaced the power supply with PST-AC0560 on www.powerstream.com and back up and running!

    I've grown pretty dependent on this switch for my household video distribution. I feel very appreciative of the other more technical reviewers here that indicated that when this devices fails, its usually the power supply. In my case the device flashed blue on all LED's at startup. The other gracious reviewers indicated this was also another indication of a failed power supply. Not wanting to spend another $300 on this device or at least $1500 for a higher grade device I searched around this 5V 6a power supply and paid $26 +shipping. Powerstream provides the the option of buying a barrel connector adapter kit but its not necessary the base connector fits just fine in the switch. The switch is now functional. I hope this helps!

    PROS: Its cheap. It works great when its working. I have been happy with it for 23 months.

    CONS: It stopped working at 23 months. As the other reviewers have advised, it has a shorter lifetime than you would hope for.
    July 4, 2014
    Alternate Power Supply
    If looking for a cheap 4 x 4 matrix that works, look no further, this is great for the price. as other reviewers stated, the IR relay system does not support dual band IR signal. For that, you can use a remote control extender. (monoprice sells them)

    PROS: Dirt cheap, works as advertised. 4 x 4 matrix solution for your entire house.
    I have been a user of this for 4 years now, I paid much more from a different vendor. And at the 3x the price, still was cheaper than most solutions in 2008.

    CONS: I have had the power supply fail 3 times on me. I suspect my longest run, which is used the most, taxes the device. (on easily 12 hours a day....)
    I found a power supply that comes very close to matching the odd output voltage. May void warrantee if used. However, this one lasted me 3 years before failing. I just ordered more. Search web for part 91-56394. ouput volt is 5V & 4A on spec. (vs 5.5v & 4a from manufacturer)
    August 24, 2012
    Ambsolutely AMAZING!
    Several months back I decided to run wite through my entire 50 year old home. 1000+ feet of CAT6, Coax cable, Speaker wires, etc... I ran it all assuming that I'd have no issues connecting the various devices. I've only ever had HDMI devices plugeed from the source to the display... Never any issues.

    So after all the wiring was run, I purchased a 4X4 HDMI switcher and four of the HDMI to Cat 5e/6 converters from Monoprice. I had no end of troubles with this setup! Ripping my hair out and trying a wire array of scenarios, I couldn't get any consistency. Sometimes the TV would work upstairs, sometime it would read "not supported". When the kids would turn on the bathroom light on the other side of the house, the bigscreen would drop the signal like there was a voltage drop.

    I was about ready to suck it up and return everything and leave the useless wiring in the walls...

    BUT... Then this device came onto the market. I checked the website 5 times a day to see when it would be available thinking the automatic notification wouldn't work (my luck with tech)... And finally, I got it ordered!!!

    It arrived in the mail, I unboxed it and hooked it all up. Spliced some Cat6 cables that were already terminated and hooked the stuff up...

    and VOILA!!!!! It worked! But I knew not to get too excited because the last one worked too for the first 10 minutes before the HDMI handshake or the kids went to the bathroom.

    But it's now been a week and EVERYTHING is working flawlessly! PS3, HDPVR, HTPC connected to a 55" Philips LCS and a 32" Sharp Aquos. No handshake issues, remote extender works perfectly.

    I am so happy. This has been a nagging factor and the WAF (wife acceptance factor) did NOT like it when the tv would flicker or she'd need to reset everything because of a handshake...

    This thing just WORKS!!!


    CONS: - Sometimes, the activation light stay active with an input, even if the source unit is off.
    - LED's are a little bright for a dark room when watching a movie or going to sleep.
    - Remote receiver of the HDMI receiver seems a little weak over 15 feet for the IR.
    November 22, 2011
    OK, there is lots more possible than you might think.
    1.5 years ago I installed to the main room in a very large club a cobbled together 4 source matrix with monoprice components.

    I used 3x 6532 (HDMI extenders over dual cat5/6) to drag one comcast & two DirecTV HD sources 100' into the main room. These sources along with a local VJ HDMI cable hit the inputs of 4 of the 6192 (1x4 HDMI splitters). Three outputs of these splitters fed 3 of the 5704 (4x4 HDMI matrix). These drove Large screen HD displays and full HDMI projectors...excepting that two of the matrix outs fed two more 6192 to mirror 4 displays each.

    Monoprice tech service said I was on crack...might work...probably not. The club knew going in that it was a risk, but were fine with the experiment as it was so incredibly much cheaper than the known brand commercial systems and Monoprice has a great return policy.

    It has worked with virtually no issues since install.

    Flash-forward to current: The club decided to expand their matrix throughout the rest of the building & add displays.

    I took the one remaining out from each 6192 source splitter & fed them to 4 of the 8160 (1x8 over single cat5/6 splitter & reciever set) each out was run to an input of an 8151 (4x4 matrix over dual cat5/6 with recievers) in one of the other rooms downstairs. One output from each 8160 ran upstairs to then feed one of 4 8159 (1x4 splitter over cat5/6 & reciever set). The 8159 outs fed inputs of 3 more 8151 matrices for the displays in the upstairs rooms.

    Again Monoprice tech support was convinced that I had completely lost my mind.

    We have a perfectly functioning 4x38 full HD matrix running as I type this & they'll try adding more displays later as the infrastructure has leftover matrix outs. The club is well aware that at any point the next display might be the straw that breaks it, but it is absolutely performing so far. Any source, any display, just like it should be.

    The caveats:

    1. Use heavy gauge very short HDMI cables. Copper is your friend. We predominately use 4963 and 4964 24ga 1' & 2' cables for connection between any boxes or converters. On the original install there wasn't a single cable under 24ga & any over 10' were heavier.

    2. Use cat6 cable. Build your own. It's not much more at all by the spool than cat5 & it's less signal loss. Again, copper likes electrons and therefore you like copper.

    3. Get a Lan cable tester & test cat6 cables when you build them, not after you have the whole rig together. Cables that don't work look suprisingly similar to ones that do without a tester.

    4. If doing a larger install, order spare units with the first order. We had DOA: 1x 8160, 3x 8151, two of the switching supplies for the 6192. I have no fear that Monoprice will make it right when I call them next week, but since I was smart enough to order spares initially my customer install works now, on schedule.
    February 3, 2013
    Such a disappointment
    I love the idea of being able to pause a show and walk into another room and hit play to start it again. That or switch over to see what the kids are watching and play something different. I also love being able to host our Superbowl party and have all the TV's in perfect sync. I was super excited to get something with the monoprice brand name because their cables and everything I've bought from them has performed exactly as it was supposed to.

    That being said after a 2 year ordeal, I'm giving up on the monoprice 4x4 HDMI extenders. I tried 2 of the PID 5704 which worked great for about 6-8 months or so each. When I wrote in to chat on the second bad 5704 I was told by tech support that my setup was "unsupported". When I bought the unit and all the cables it didn't seem to be a concern. But, I was told that I needed to upgrade to the 8151 to get the distances I need. I paid more money to get the "upgraded" unit and even bought 2 100ft Cat6 STP cables to replace a 100ft monoprice HDMI cable. (I kept my 131' monoprice hdmi cable in place as it is much harder to re-run.

    The 8151 worked great out of the box and I was hopeful that we had finally found something that worked. I mean double the price should get me higher quality stuff, right? Well, about 6 months later with nothing changed, it died. It wouldn't send any signals anywhere and would just blink all the blue lights on and off angrily at me whenever I pushed any of the buttons.

    RMA dept was nice and sent another 8151 switch. I'm not sure but judging by the box, I think I got a refurb unit. I plugged it in the day I got it and only one of the outputs worked at all (even had some new blue lines that would show up sometimes). The other outputs would either get no signal or would cut in and out constantly. Those same outputs work fine when direct connected to equipment using the HDXT-E60 or with the 131' HDMI. I went through tech support gyrations of powering on and off everything and powering it on in a certain order. Then, trying the one output that worked with other outputs etc... This had no effect. I was very sad and tired from running around the house, up and down 2 stories multiple times.

    Tech support chat then blamed the 28Awg HDMI cables from source to Switch and from the end-of-run reciever to the TV. I felt duped but I went ahead and shelled out another ~$60 to get these cables. I replaced the cables and was in the exact same situation. Tech support then says the 131ft monoprice HDMI cable I use for one of the runs is not supported! He referenced a badly worded sentence in the product description. I disagree about the "support" for this cable. It is a Monoprice cable that carries the HDMI logo. With that logo/standard no length min/max exist, only that if it carries the HDMI label, it's supposed to work. If this were the only output not working I would consider going through the hassle of replacing it. However, since the 131' cable works when directly plugged into equipment that I wouldn't even expect to be able to send that distance, I really believe this cable is not the issue and that the build quality of the switch itself is the problem. That and other, shorter runs well within the 131' advertised max are having issues, only when using this switch.

    Rather than wait for this piece of equiptment to come back in stock, I'm going to order a different model, elsewhere.

    Just for reference, my setup (all monoprice cables, professionally run):

    2 x 35ft Cat6 UTP runs, 1 100ft Cat6 STP run, 1 131ft Monoprice HDMI cable run

    Inputs: 1 Comcast Cable box, 1 Sony bluray player, 1 Media Center

    Outputs: 1 LG LED TV, 1 LG Plasma TV, 1 Samsung LED TV, 1 Samsung Plasma

    PROS: When it's working it's great!

    Monoprice customer service doesn't seem to mind replacing them if they are in stock.

    CONS: Doesn't seem to last. Tech support blames cabling, doesn't seem to have any testing capabilities of their own.
    March 9, 2014
    4x4 HDMI Switch & Splitter

    PROS: Price is right. When they work, they work. They seem to be built to last about a year or so. Hmmm?

    CONS: I am now on my second unit after the first stopped sending signals to all but one output. Orig. unit was out of warranty and customer support has very little sympathy. Known problems exist with this system but seem to have not been addressed through any updates or enhancements.

    I am having problems with the IR system in the new unit from the day I installed the replacement system (1/8/15). Tech support continues to send me (fix-all) suggestions that have nothing to do with the actual problem. By the time they respond and give you their "boiler plate" fix-all suggestions, several days and weeks go by. Without the ability to control the inputs from any of the TV locations, the system makes a better paper weight than a piece of electronic equipment.

    The description of this device should be modified to show that it requires dual Cat5/Cat6 cables to be run from the source location (4x4 Switch/Sender) to each TV location.

    Had I known the first time around how the Switch/Sender should operate without cut outs between changing inputs, blue screens at random times, loud screeching signals with a black screen, etc., I would have made a replacement request consideration with the first unit during its warranty period.

    I would request using a CC for purchase that adds an additional year of warranty to the purchase.
    January 19, 2015
    Dont be cheap use cat6
    Overall good stuff ! On Wednesday I used a $900 4x4 switch with no baluns and on Thursday I used a monoprice 4x4 switch, I could not tell the difference.

    PROS: system is compact and looks very sleek. Before I bought this I read the reviews from these other customers and some were complaining about the other TV's Flickering or do something when an input is changed. Seems to me they used cat5e, I used cat6 and did not come across any problems at all. Make sure to LABEL YOUR WIRES !!! I am an A/V guy so this comes naturally for me, but for guys trying to do it themselves... buy a darn sharpie it will make your life a lot easier especially if you do not have the right tools to help you locate wires.

    CONS: Ir that comes with each device:
    Too big, most IR emitters are sleek and out of plain sight. These things look like a mini mouse for my computer. They also do not have a mounting solution. I know double sided tape will work, but that is besides the point.

    HDMI balun:
    Once again does not come with a way to mount. I was forced to zip tie them to the arm of my articulating bracket. Yes it did work, what's going to happen when I am installing a flat bracket??? Should I toss it over... the answer is NO to all of you who are thinking i should.

    Monoprice Logo:
    I understand you guys are proud of your logo, but I do not want my customers to know where I bought this or any other product. They will cut me out of the mix
    April 20, 2012
    Great deal!
    I've been looking for one of these units for about a year, as I had a house built last year and wired it myself with over 60 CAT6 jacks throughout (4 jacks per room on average). This allows me to have ultimate flexibility when using this unit to distribute video/audio throughout my house. I am currently using it with all 4 outputs (2 bedrooms, home theater, and living) with 4 inputs (2 direct tv HD DVRs, 1 bluray player, and 1 Windows 7 Media center for movies). This allows me to use any of these devices in any room that I'd like... and switching rooms is as easy as moving a couple cables. For instance, if we have house guests, I'll move the cables from my office to their room, giving them full access to all media in my house.

    This system ultimately saves me $20 a month as I don't need two more directv boxes and don't need to buy bluray players for each room.

    As I mentioned in my cons, it does downgrades the video/audio to the weakest link in your system, so don't expect to use a 1080p 7.1 source on a 720p LCD with stereo speakers and a 1080p projector with 7.1 receiver at the same time, as the signal will be downgraded to 720p and stereo for both. The best way to get around this is to do what I did and purchase inexpensive 1080p/7.1 capable receivers for each room you plan to use them in. I found a Yamaha model on sale at the egg for $130 shipped. So that allows me to have full 1080p/7.1 in each room, even while powering a 720p lcd because the Yamaha does the downscaling, not the input device.

    This system just seems to work and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. Monoprice got it to me quick and is half the price of other vendors who are selling the same model with a different name on the box.

    PROS: - Seems to "just work", which is a great thing!
    - Price, this is half the price of other vendors selling the same model, with a different name.
    - Quality of picture is great, no difference that I can see using CAT6 versus hdmi.
    - IR receivers are built into the receivers themselves, rather than dongles on other kits.

    CONS: - IR emitters are standalone and don't attach to device, so create issues when trying to mount in a rack.
    - Doesn't come with rack mounts, thought screw holes are there.
    - Remotes are a bit cheap feeling, but for the price I don't see this as a real con really.
    - Downgrades the audio/video to the lowest capable device hooked to switch. So if you have it hooked to an old HDMI tv, you'll only get 2 channel audio rather than 7.1 on any of the other inputs. This is really an HDMI limitation technically, but other matrix switches have over come this... but really, at the price, this is expected.
    September 28, 2011