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    Monoprice 3-Port DVI Audio USB & PS2 Combo KVM Switch with Cables - Retail
    Product # 3408
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    Number Of Computers Controlled 3
    Selection Method Push Button and Hot-Key (PS/2 and/or USB Keyboard)
    LEDs Red for PC Selection Green for PC On-Line ready
    PC Connectors USB 3 x USB ( type B ) female
    Video 3 x DVI UXGA female
    Audio 3 sets ( speaker / Mic )
    Console Ports Keyboard 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN female
    Mouse 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN female
    Video 1 x DVI UXGA female
    Keyboard 1 x USB A type female
    Mouse 1 x USB A type female
    Audio 3 sets? ( speaker / Mic )
    Auto-Scan Interval From 5 to 250 Seconds
    DDC, DDC2 DVI UXGA monitor Yes ( Max. Resolution: 1600 x 1200 )
    Hot Swappable Yes
    Operating systems supported Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003 Server, Linux Mac OS9/OSX and Sun Micro System
    Audio Enabled ( Mic / Speaker )
    Power By PS/2 and/or USB or External Power Adaptor (Optional)
    Cable Length 6 feet (1.80 Meter)
    Dimensions (L X W X H) 21.5 x 8.8 x 4.5 cm (5.5 X 3 X 1.7 inches)
    Unit Weight 650 g
    Housing material Metal
    Operating Temperature 32~ 122F (0~ 50C )
    Humidity 0%~80%RH
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    3.4 / 5.0
    27 Reviews
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    Works great for me
    My setup:

    Wireless keyboard & mouse combo, switching between one Win7 gaming box and one Linux media server. (3 is empty) Monitor is a Dell U2412M 24" @ 1920x1200. I'm using these DVI cables:
    - 614 6ft 28AWG Dual Link DVI-I Cable - Black
    - 2097 25ft 24AWG CL2 Dual Link DVI-D Cable - Black

    The loud beep is a bonus for me since I can hear it with other audio sources running. Cannot duplicate the ALTx2 switching behavior reported by another review. No keyboard or mouse latency issues. I may have a smidge less wireless range, but haven't confirmed and don't care.

    Would like a KVM switch like this one that also switches TOSLINK connections for S/PDIF, providing a simple surround sound path from two computers to a hi-fi receiver with only one remaining TOSlink input.

    * Works as intended, out of the box, no configuration, no problems.
    * Full functionality without power supply (except presumably for devices needing power via USB). Mysteriously, a power supply that works fine with this device came with my order anyway.
    * Handsome, sturdy and inexpensive. Wish I knew a furniture store with similar design talent.

    * Brilliant LEDs. Me I don't mind having enough beaming blue LEDs to read by, but the SO complains. Docked a notch for being yet another appliance that needs electrical tape.
    * Included interconnect cables are DVI-D, not DVI-I the latter supports additional analog audio, which (I imagine, but haven't looked into) might be helpful with monitors that have speakers. (I have not had occasion to test analog audio functionality.)
    * As far as I can tell, switching from keyboard requires 4 keystrokes (Scroll-Scroll-1/2/3-Return). I'm used to hitting Scroll-Scroll to rotate through sources, so with this KVM switching feels like 2 superfluous key-presses in 2 additional out-of-the-way locations. This is fine for home entertainment usage, but I'd fine it pesky in the workplace.
    June 29, 2012
    Love it...
    Works great with my 24" 1920x1200 in both landscape and portrait modes (supported the auto-rotate software).

    PROS: Works great with Apple, Microsoft and Linux OS without serious problems. Very affordable. Tucks into small space under monitors for fast access. Cables are good quality (not best, but good enough).

    CONS: Was not misled, but wish I could find a good piece like this that support multiple monitors (2 or more CPUs at a time) will probably get a second KVM switch to make this possible. Also found the switch worked *slightly* better with PS/2 Keyboards and Mice for multi-platform setup I have (Mac and PC). Wireless works not nearly as well, & USB better but not equal.
    January 19, 2011
    Wish it just worked !
    I really wanted this switch to work the way my old VGA no-name brand worked ... but I've had a bunch of issues. Reading through the other reviews, I see that I'm not alone. Lots of others are reporting similar issues that I'm having ... the switch repeating multiple characters when typing, and mouse completely dropping in Windows 7. I can deal with the sporadic multiple characters when I type, but dropping the mouse connection multiple times during the day is a show stopper.

    I have a VGA switch that I bought years ago at Frys (a two port with integrated cables and sound) that has just worked ... and for years. I expected this DVI switch from Monoprice to do the same ... just work! But the product has lots of issues. For over $100, I expected more from this product. The product's performance is disappointing, and I'm now forced to look for a replacement. Recently, the switch has been just dropped mouse functions in Windows 7. I now have to have a 2nd mouse connected directly to the Windows 7 machine to keep the switch working (seems to help but not a 100% effective solution).

    I am using this switch to handle my main Asus 23" DVI connected display to connect to my work laptop (win7) and my Mac mini. I continue to use the old VGA switch to handle switching the 2nd display between the same two machines.

    Based on my experience, and the reviews of others, I can NOT recommend this product to anyone ... look elsewhere. This experience sadly tarnished my view of Monoprice and their products.

    PROS: Switches quickly (big plus)
    Supports greater than 1920x1080 (big plus)
    Tripple ports
    Long cables
    USB and PS2 support for IO devices (big plus)
    Well constructed (big plus)

    CONS: Issues with keyboard tossing multiple characters i.e. typpppppppppppying a word runs one character
    Mouse issues - mainly on my Win7 Toshiba laptop - just stops working ! Requires multiple reconnections
    Lifetime warranty on the cables ?? But no listed duration for the switch itself.
    Optional power supply for the device - but not included and not available
    July 2, 2013
    Works well, with some annoyances
    I have this working with a 1920x1200 display and a macbook pro and IBM thinkpad. Switching is fairly quick and I dont have any display issues at all. I didnt have any trouble getting the keyboard and mouse working (Logitech optical USB mouse, Microsoft USB keyboard) and the special keys on the keyboard even work (volume up/dn, mute, etc.).

    The beep can be turned off and the setting is remembered until you reset the switch via the reset button (or power cycle it? Not sure about that).

    A couple things that bug me about it

    It sped up my mouse compared with my previous Belkin USB KVM. This more of an issue with the Mac since my speed setting was a perfect mix of low mouse acceleration and good travel.

    Pressing the alt key twice causes it to switch to the next machine, even though the documentation doesnt say this anywhere, and you cant tell it to ignore the alt key. I use alt-tab to switch between apps on the thinkpad all the time and apparently my normal gesture causes alt to get hit twice so its constantly switching. I can work around the problem by being more careful with my alt-tabs, but Ive been using the same gesture for the last 9 years or so - not so easy to change.

    Ive had only one instance of keys being pressed that I hadnt pushed, but this might have been related to one of my alt-tab missteps.

    Overall, I like it and its a great bang for the buck. Its not perfect, but Im pleased with the purchase.
    September 10, 2008
    Day 1 Working Thus Far
    On the first day I noticed keys missing when I typed. This is of course a huge issue an noted by many other users of this device. If there are any keys missing in this short review you can be assured it is due to the deviceit self (no space there because it was missed!). I think I'll attempt to RMA the device but I really don't want to have to disconnect all my cables again as it took time to get things all set up.

    PROS: -Feature Rich
    -Good Build Quality
    -USB Pass-through works good
    -Audio Support, no issues here
    -Good video quality, no issues here

    CONS: -Keys being missed as typing (huge issue)
    -No support for devices like Logitech keyboards (wireless) or any wireless unified mouse. The mouse works but no support for extra features like other buttons as it is recognized simply as a usb mouse on Mac/Windows and not logitech mouse.
    April 29, 2013
    Awesome KVM
    If only monoprice had a dual DVI version of this. Works great. own 3, use with all sorts of equipment... only gripe is some noise on the analog audio but otherwise great product. use with windows, linux and mac.....
    September 3, 2009
    Great Equioment
    Have used many Monoprice cables, adapters and KVM switches for a number or years. Have had no problems. This DVI switch includes audio switching, a huge addition. Monoprice with great pricing and a large selection is my first choice.

    PROS: Great equipment. Well designed. Clear specs and easy to find products on web site.

    CONS: No
    February 18, 2013

    PROS: Easy setup, works as advertised, no issues with usb keyboard or mouse!

    CONS: None at this time! Works great!
    January 5, 2012
    Great switch at a realistic price

    PROS: Easy to use, allows up to 3 pc's to use one DVI monitor and 1 USB or PS2 mouse/keyboard. Works with Vista, XP and 7 without a hitch. Will also switch 1-USB, and PS2. Can

    CONS: none noted
    August 5, 2010
    DVI KVM w\Audio and USB
    Works great, replaced my old 4 port PS2 with audio KVM.
    Passing analog VGA through this KVM and splitting analog/digital on output, works great.

    PROS: DVI digital and analog, USB and audio.
    Server hooked up via VGA to DVI, Monitor out has DVI digital and analog splitter to a a single monitor with DVI and VGA inputs.

    CONS: None
    October 6, 2012

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