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    Studio Recording Essentials
Get Setup: Everything You Need and Why

    Microphones are amongst the most important pieces of equipment found in a recording studio. They serve to capture audio sources like vocals or acoustic instruments, and are the first component of your signal chain. The most common type of studio mics are condensers due to their high-end detail
    A good set of studio monitors is key, not just when tracking, but during mix down as well. They provide real-time feedback during every step of the recording process. Unlike other speakers, studio monitors are meant to sound “flat” in order to provide the most neutral listening experience possible.
    Simple but essential, stands, cables, and shockmounts provide the support and connections necessary for any studio to function. Often overlooked, these simple pieces of gear can make the difference between bad and excellent recordings.
    With increased use of software in music production, MIDI controllers have become fundamental pieces of gear, providing tactile control and hardware for DAWs and software instruments. Amongst the most common type of MIDI controller is the keyboard controller, which provides versatility and real-world feel when using virtual synths and other studio tools.
    Room acoustics is likely the least considered element of proper recordings, but the most impactful. A treated room can make the difference between a good sounding project, and an excellent one. In addition, acoustic treatment tools, like mic shields, provide bi-directional isolation, keeping both sound out of recordings and in.
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