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    Streaming & Podcasting Essentials
Hardware: How to get Started
    Firstly, you’ll need to decide on what type of content you’ll want to make, and how you will deliver it. Streaming implies live broadcasting, but if editing is something you’ll want, maybe pre-recorded content may suit you best. Also, assuming some video will be involved, you’ll need a camera.

    Our Workstream PTZ Cameras would work well for streaming or content creation. You can mount them in your studio/workspace and you’ll be able to control the camera for panning, tilting, and zooming using the included remote control or through third party control hardware or software. You can also program presets to make it easier to frame shots. The image quality and dynamic range is better than typical webcams.
    Whether live or pre-recorded, visual or not, you’ll need audio, and the first place to start when collecting audio gear for streaming and podcasting should be microphones. Depending on quality needs and type of content, different microphones may suffice. For a simple solution, USB mics are best, as they may eliminate the need for additional recording hardware. Our Podcasting bundle is a perfect choice when looking for a simple solution, as well as our Stage Right USB mic. If you’re looking for professional studio-like quality, non-USB condenser microphones are best, and the Stage Right LC100 condenser microphone would make for an excellent choice.
    Audio interfaces are necessary when combining analog recording gear, like microphones and speakers, to a computer – they act as a much more robust “sound card”, giving your recordings studio-quality sound. If you decide to go with a condenser or analog mic, an interface will be necessary. The Stage Right STi12 USB audio interface gives you all of the inputs and outputs you’ll need to pre-record or stream while delivering professional studio-like quality.
    Listening to yourself while recording or broadcasting is a must – you’ll need to hear the output of your broadcast to ensure you know how others are or will hear you. The standard choice are monitors, as those will provide isolation and prevent echo from speakers. The Stage Right Multimedia Studio Reference Monitor Headphones are a perfect choice for their quality and high output. If you’re pre-recording your content, a set of studio monitors will work as well, giving you a better reference when editing. The Stage Right SV powered studio monitors would make a perfect choice.
    Finally, you’ll need cables and stands. While our podcasting bundle includes a boom arm, most microphones do not. Our Stage Right broadcast booms are meant for podcasting and streaming and will work with any shockmount or mic clip. The cable choice will depend on the gear you’ve picked, but commonly XLR cables are used for mics, while ¼” TRS is used for line level devices like powered monitors.
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