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    Workstream Sit-Stand Desk Buying Guide. Available in Single, Double, & Triple Motors.

    With many people spending more time working from home and doing online distant learning, it has become essential to have space set aside to do so. Sit Stand desks are the perfect fit for all situations even when it’s just time for an upgrade to your current room or home office. Sit Stand desk also have the added benefit to provide catered ergonomics when seated or standing for comfort and to boost productivity. Each desk has its own added feature set as well; timers, one-touch height adjustment, and even the amount of motors used, in order to fit into any budget.

    Single Motor

    These models are made of the same quality materials and deliver the same basic functions as the higher-spec'd Monoprice motorized desks, but nonessential features and maximum ranges have been scaled down to keep prices affordable in a variety or ranges. These single motor models use a simple up-down controller, rated for up to 154 pounds, and have 2-stage legs that adjust from 28 ~ 47.5 inches. The other single motor variation has a user-programmable controller along with the other up-down controls.

    Double Motor

    Compared to our other single-motor desks, these desk frame’s also feature a higher maximum capacity of 175 lbs. They include a control panel with user programmable height presets for one touch operation. It has adjustable anti-collision settings for extra safety. The desk width expands to work with a wide range of desktop sizes or contracts to fit smaller spaces. This desk would be our recommended unit for most cases for not only its weight capacity, but feature sets, and adjustability. Because this unit has legs separated into 3 segments, this allows for a lower minimum drop then the average sit stand desk.

    Triple Motor

    The triple motor variation provides the most desk space and had the added advantage of a lower stopping point due to its three separate segmented legs. The desk is raised and lowered using a fast, quiet, and powerful triple-motor automatic lifting system. Save your preferred height settings and adjust the desk with the touch of a button. The extended height means that even very tall people can find a perfect sitting or standing position. Adjustable from 23.6in ~ 49.2in surface height to easily convert between a sitting and standing position.

    Table Tops

    A good sit-stand desk needs a good table-top. These desktops can be used to complete the Monoprice™ electric motorized sit-stand desk frames. Get a full height adjustable work surface that lets you effortlessly move your entire desk up or down. There is enough room for a PC or laptop, monitors, keyboard, a mouse, and other desk essentials.

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