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    Monolith Subwoofers

    The Monolith THX certified subwoofer sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and affordability. With chest thumping bass that plays down to well under 16Hz, the Monolith THX Subwoofer unleashes cinema level volume, with the ability to convey and articulate the subtle nuances of music.

    Monolith Headphone Amps

    The Monolith THX Headphone Amplifiers and DAC features cutting edge technology to bring out the best in your headphones, playback device, and music library. Utilizing THX AAA amplifier modules for the best in amplification, an AKM DAC for an exceptionally musical experience, Dirac Sensaround II decoding for an out-of-your-head larger than life soundstage, the Monolith amplifiers are engineered for the finest in music playback.


    The Monolith amplifier series are state-of-the-art, high-performance, audiophile-grade components. Rated at a full 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms, the Monolith amplifiers are capable of driving the most demanding home theater systems.

    Monolith K-BAS Reference Series

    Bass in a bookshelf! The Monolith K-BAS Reference Series Bookshelf Speaker utilizes K-BAS (Kinetic Bass Amplification System) technology to give you low bass extension that no other speaker at this size or in this price range can match!

    Monolith Air Motion Cinema Series

    The Monolith Air Motion Cinema Series Speakers brings the theater experience home! Engineered for accuracy, dynamics, and detail, the Air Motion Cinema series sounds great for both movies and music, especially when used with a Monolith series power amplifier.

    Monolith Furniture

    The Monolith Audio Stand, Speaker Stand, and Amplifier Stand are a perfect complement for your home theater or entertainment system. Sturdy and durable, with an open air design that allows for maximum airflow and easy access for hook-up.

    Monolith RCA Cables

    Patented cable technology for the ultimate in sound and connectivity.

    Monolith Turntable

    A State-of-the-Art, Audiophile Turntable Experience .

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