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    Elevate Your Craft

    Discover endless crafting possibilities with Monoprice's MakerCraft Craft Cutters – a dynamic duo designed to fuel both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic beginners. These cutting-edge machines seamlessly blend innovation and accessibility to empower your artistic journey.

    Imagination Meets Precision

    Craft with diverse materials using multi-color gradients, captivating shadow layers, and eye-catching rhinestone designs. The Craft Cutters deliver professional-grade precision and flexibility, letting your creativity soar.


    Crafting Freedom in Your hands

    Choose the compact brilliance of the Mini Craft Cutter & Plotter with an 8-inch media capacity, or opt for the Full-Sized Craft Cutter & Plotter with a 12-inch media capacity and touchscreen convenience. Wi-Fi connectivity modernizes your crafting adventures.


    Efficiency Defined

    Unleash the power of SCAL 5 PRO software, perfect for both pros and beginners. Duplicate designs, batch process files, and save time with keyboard shortcuts, all without recurring subscription fees.

    Craft Your Vision with Confidence

    Embark on an exciting journey with Monoprice's MakerCraft Craft Cutters. These machines celebrate the beauty of innovation and the thrill of artistic exploration. From beginners to professionals, crafting excellence begins here.

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