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    3D Printer Extended Warranty Program

    Monoprice offers a 1-year extended warranty, which begins immediately after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, providing 2 years total protection for your 3D printer. This extended warranty is eligible for purchase within 3 months of the product’s purchase date.

    Excludes Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, International.

    EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS (excludes physical damage and modifications):

    1-Year Plan, $69.99. p/n 21666, mp mini delta 3d printer. p/n21711 (black) 15365 (white), MP Select Mini 3D Printer V2, p/n 30441, mp i3 mini 3d printer.

    1 Year Plan, $99.99. p/n 33012 Mp select mini pro 3d printer. p/n 13860 Maker Select 3D Printer. p/n 15711 Maker Select Plus 3D Printer. p/n 21824 MP mini sla lcd high resolution resin 3d printer. p/n 33820 mp voxel 3D Printer..

    1 Year Plan, $139.99. p/n 15710 Maker Ultimate 3D Printer. p/n 33013 Maker Ultimate 3D Printer. p/n 30994 mini deluxe 3d printer. p/n 30525 mp fully enclosed 150 3d printer.

    1 Year Plan $219.99. p/n 30526 mp fully enclosed dual extruder 3d printer

    1 Year Plan $379.99. p/n 30527 mp fully enclosed 300 3d printer


    All mechanical failures from normal use: here to give you peace of mind for another year if something goes wrong. Screen failure: you're covered for screen malfunctions that can make your printer unusuable. Electronic failure: you're covered if your printer stops powering on. 100% parts and labor:  we cover you with no deductibles. Parts failure: printers have lots of buttons, We cover them all. Two-way shipping: no shipping cost.

    Also Available: Out-Of-Warranty Repair Service. This is the solution for you if your 3d printer is beyond the included 1 year repair warranty. and you did not purchase the optional extented warranty. Only $39.99 per diagnostic, excludes: Alaska, California, Flordia, Hawaii, International. What's included: 2-way shipping, standard us ground shipping to get your printer to our facility and back. Diagnotics, our dedicated repair team will access your 3d printer and provide a repair quote. Next Steps: If you accept the repair quote, diagnostic fee will be applied towards the cost of repiar. If you decline the repair quote, your unitl will be shipped back to you safe and sound. You're Covered: Repair work and parts replace by our team are backed by a 3-month warranty.

    For Claims and customer service: file a claim or need help, email at 3dprinter@monoprice.com For full terms and conditions: for more detailed information, visit https://www.monoprice.com/help?pn=support
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