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    Breeze Through the Roads with Green Power

    Electronic Bike Conversion Kits

    The Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit easily installs onto any bicycle converting it to a battery powered motorized bicycle. Each kit consists of a motor, controller, and a display. Comfortably commute and enjoy a ride without having to sweat inclines or keep up with traffic on busy streets. Installation of the rear wheel and the wiring is easily done in minutes. Speed, battery status, and odometer readings are displayed on the LED backlit dashboard that mounts onto the handlebar. Easily adjust speed with a handlebar mounted twist or thumb throttle. The Electric Bicycle conversion kit lets riders enjoy the ride and get to their destination.

    The Motor:

    All Electric Bicycle conversion kits are powered by an internal 5:1 planetary gear hub motor with clutch. Experience zero drag from the geared motor when pedaling and not engaging the battery power. The motor is extremely efficient, resulting in increased range (especially with “start/stop” riding), has more starting torque, and a greater hill-climbing ability than a Direct-Drive motor of equal power rating. Designed for increased stealth, the motor is small in diameter and 3.4lbs lighter than a 500w direct-drive.

    The Speed:

    How fast you can go is determined by the operating voltage of the motor and the size of the wheel. Choose a 36V battery for speeds up to 20MPH or a 48V battery for speeds up to 28MPH with a 26” wheel. Choose the speed that will best work with your route and surroundings.

    The Fit

    Choose the wheel that best fits your bicycle. You can find your wheel size written on the side of your tire. Available size options for our conversion kits are: 26" and 700c / 29” bicycles. Acceptable tire widths for the rims: 1.15"(29mm) - 2.25"(57mm). Currently our kits are for rear wheels only as they are favored over the front wheel options for their strength and better traction.

    SLA Batteries

    Sealed Lead-Acid (often referred to as "SLA") batteries provide a reliable battery option at a low price point. SLA battery packs are the most affordable option but they are also the heaviest option. Lead-Acid batteries have a much lower weight to power ratio than lithium-based batteries and far less the number of charge cycles (how many times a rechargeable battery can be charged from 0-100%). Performance of lead-acid is low and as the pack is spent, the performance is lessened. The lead-acid battery costs less initially, but over time, the "cost-per-cycle" is almost double the cost of li-ion. SLA packs should be charged immediately after each use.

    Rated for a 10-16 mile range

    LiFePo-4 Batteries

    LiFePo-4 batteries are our longest lasting lithium Electric Bike Batteries, and have a longer lifespan than other lithium batteries, typically lasting 2-4 years. At half the weight of lead-acid batteries, they are our lightest batteries, making it easy to transport with the integrated carrying handle. The battery is protected by an aluminum case and key lock system.

    Rated for a 12-26 mile range

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