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    Support for Working From Home

    What equipment do I need to have my own home office? How do I know which cables to buy? How do I setup dual monitors? What if I use an Apple Mac?

    All of these questions are important ones to ask, since not many of us have a personal IT professional we can call. The Monoprice Technical Support team is trained and qualified to help you with your setup, so we wanted to put together a brief overview of what equipment you might need depending on your specific situation.

    • Basic Office - The Basic Office setup is designed to give you the minimum amount of equipment to get up and running with a home office. In addition to your computer, our suggested equipment makes it easy to get up and running and to work in comfort.

    • Advanced Office - The Advanced Office setup improves productivity with a dual monitor setup, connectivity with a wireless Ethernet option, and security with a locking file cabinet.

    • Professional Office - The Professional Office setup adds more features and chooses more advanced options for newer and more capable computer configurations.

    • Work by Day. Game by Night. - All work and no play makes for a dull existence. When your work day is done, fire up your favorite video game to relax with some fun. No matter which level of office setup you use, a few alternative options can make your computer ready for both work and gaming.

    More Questions? Check out the Work from Home Knowledge Base for more FAQ.

    If you require additional assistance in choosing the right products to set up your home office or installation tips, please chat with our dedicated technical support team who will be glad to help between the hours of 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PT.

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