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Monoprice Announces New Offerings at CES 2018

01/10/2018 Press Release

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Monoprice, a leading online retailer offering high-quality and affordably priced consumer electronics and accessories, today announced  the latest additions to its leading 3D printing, Smart Home, Monolith, and Workspace categories. The suite of new products, ranging from high-tech workstations to headphone amplifiers, new cable and audio technologies and more, will be on display at The Venetian Las Vegas during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
"Every year we look forward to CES to show the significant strides we've made in introducing some of the most pivotal new technology within product offerings that boldly disrupt industry price points, and this year is no different," said Bernard Luthi, CEO at Monoprice. "Through our unique business model, we are able to give our customers the opportunity to access the hottest technologies at an affordable price, and we're expanding our product offerings even further into the Smart Home, 3D Printing, and Audio spaces."

Monoprice continues to defeat the unfair cost mark-up that has long plagued the consumer technology market, by delivering high-quality products across flourishing segments where consumer demand is rapidly growing. Its suite at The Venetian will feature numerous product stations built around the following product categories:
Smart Home
As homes of the present become increasingly more intelligent and connected, consumers seek products that offer automation and wireless control to create a truly smart ecosystem. Given this increase in demand, Monoprice has expanded its foray into the Smart Home category and disrupted the expensive price points of the marketplace. The company will showcase:
  • Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug and Repeater ($32.99)offers wireless remote control of lights and small appliances with built-in overload protection and 2 USB Ports. 
  • Z-Wave Plus RGB Smart Bulb ($39.99)can be controlled wirelessly and offers over 16 million color choices; compatible with Alexa & Google Home.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Dimmable LED Light Bulb ($18.99)features on/off dimming with schedule timer; compatible with Alexa & Google Home.
  • Wi-Fi Smart Plug w/ Energy Monitoring ($29.99) – features on/off control with real time energy reading; compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
3D Printing
Building off of the success of the Maker Select Mini V2 – the No.1 selling 3D printer in the world – and Monoprice's rapid ascent to the No.1 3D printing company worldwide, the brand is continuing to introduce new 3D printers to sustain its place as a category leader, with offerings priced dramatically below industry standards. The following printers will be on display:
  • MP Delta Pro dominates the category with a 270mm diameter x 300mm height build volume, and allows users to print up to 3 times faster with silent drivers, a touchscreen, auto leveling, and WiFi compatibility for remote management or print queuing.
  • MP UV Resin 3D Printers – allows users to save time and money prototyping with efficient and easy-to-use UV Rapid Resin technology capable of printing at resolutions down to 30 micron, and producing details not possible with traditional FDM print methods. 
  • MP Select Mini V3 – the newest iteration of the best-selling 3D printer in the world, now featuring auto-leveling and touchscreen display.
Workstation/Home office
Monoprice has grown its workstation offerings beyond just cables into affordable standing-desk and workspace solutions to fit modern lifestyles. The following products will be debuted during the show:
  • Sit-Stand Workstation Desk Converters ($129.99 -$219.99) – smaller, thinner footprint while still providing a spacious work area. Comes in 31" and 36" sizes and also available in electric.  
  • Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station ($199.99) – designed for extra connectivity demands, is equipped with video output, additional USB ports, Ethernet networking, speaker and microphone and Power Delivery charging.
  • Thunderbolt 3 Dual Video Adapters ($19.99- $54.99) – quickly view and edit photos and video on a notebook while simultaneously connected to two 4K 60 Hz displays (or one 5K display).
Over the past two years, Monoprice has grown its premium audio category to offer audiophile products without the deep cost that usually accompanies great sound. This year, the brand continues to expand its amplifier selection and introduces several new types of products to its Monolith line, on display in The Venetian:
  • Monolith X Series Power Amplifiers ($1099.99-$1599.99) – after tremendous feedback from the Monoprice community, the Monolith series amplifier line will now feature balanced XLR inputs bringing the line to a whole new level of performance.
  • Monolith C Series Closed Back Planar Headphones ($229.99-$329.99) – closed-back versions of the best-selling M1060 and M565 with the signature sound of planar headphones: low distortion, quick transients, and fantastic imaging.
  • Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier ($399.99) – breathes new life into your music and powers even the most demanding headphones through a massive vacuum tube and ESS Sabre DAC.
  • Monolith Turntable ($249.99)premium components and construction combine for a pure analog, warm listening experience that brings out the best in vinyl through a balanced straight tone arm that utilizes the AT100E dual moving magnet phono cartridge.
Strata Home
Monoprice continues to expand its new home appliance line with offerings significantly more affordable than cutting-edge products on the market. Upcoming products include humidifiers, toaster ovens, and the Pro Blender ($149.99) which has 1450W, 10 power settings, and LED display.

For over 15 years, Monoprice has continued to be a go-to for trusted, inexpensive cables with lifetime warranties. This year at CES, the company sustains this legacy with its latest update of HDMI cables with Slim Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables that are certified, support the 48G bandwidth for uncompressed HDMI 2.1 and low EMI emission.
Monoprice's new offerings will start shipping in Q1 and throughout 2018. If interested in scheduling an executive meeting or product demonstration, please contact [email protected] or call 781.771.0436.
For more information about Monoprice and its category offerings, please visit  

About Monoprice, Inc. (DBA
Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., Monoprice, Inc. is an e-commerce leader specializing in providing more than 7,500 high-quality yet affordable electronics and tech products. As an industry innovator, Monoprice fills a void in the consumer technology market by delivering exceptional products that are on par with the best known national brands at prices far below the retail average with incomparable speed and service. Maintaining a business philosophy that focuses on the needs of its customers, the company strives to bring simplicity, fairness and confidence to consumers and businesses shopping for big-ticket electronics and tech accessories. For more information about Monoprice, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

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