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Monoprice UHD Matte 28-inch Monitor Review

02/14/2016 Awards/Rankings

Toms Hardware (Click here to link original source)

Opening the extensive review, Christian Eberle mentions the impressive performance of the CrystalPro 4K monitor, which he previously reviewed, and says he aims to find out how the new 28-inch monitor matches up. Eberle goes into vast detail on the monitor’s features, and concludes the review by recommending both the CrystalPro or the Matte monitor to readers. He notes that their performance is very similar, however the CrystalPro offers a more impressive build quality and the Matte monitor’s anti-glare screen is better. He emphasizes the great value of the monitors, especially the UHD Matte monitor, and notes that this, paired with the Matte monitor’s great performance, earns it the Tom’s Hardware Editor Approval Award.


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