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    Studio Sound & Monitors

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      Studio Reference Monitors
    8-inch Powered Studio Multimedia Monitor Speakers (pair)
    Rating 9
    Every studio, be it a professional recording studio or just a home studio, needs a good set of monitor ... more info
    5in 8in
    10-Inch Powered Studio Multimedia Subwoofer
    Rating 9
    Accurately mix and master your bass-heavy music using this 10-inch Powered Studio Reference Subwoofer from ... more info
    6.5-inch Powered Coaxial Studio Multimedia Monitor Speakers (pair)
    The consistent acoustic center of our 6.5-inch Powered Coaxial Studio Multimedia ... more info
      Headphone Reference Monitors
    Studio Reference Monitor Headphones (Closed-Back)
    Rating 7
    Accurately hear every nuance of your mix or performance using Studio Reference Monitor Headphones from ... more info
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      Monitor Control Management
    4-channel Headphone Amplifier
    Rating 9
    Expand your headphone monitoring capabilities with the addition of this 4-channel Headphone Amplifier from ... more info
      Signal Processing
    Dual 31-Band Graphic Equalizer with Sub Out
    Rating 9
    Get extra fine control over the shape your audio signal using this Dual 31-Band Graphic ... more info
    300-Watt (150w RMS x2) Studio Audio Amplifier
    Rating 9
    Add 300 watts of clean and stable power to your studio rack using this 300-Watt Studio Audio Amplifier from ... more info
    Sound Block Passive Direct Box with Ground Lift and Attenuator
    Rating 10
    Throw the Sound Block in a bag, trunk, or anywhere cable and misc. audio supplies are stored. The heavy-duty ... more info
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