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    HDMI Extender

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      HDMI Extenders
    Blackbird HDMI Extender, 50m, PoC, IR Kit, Loop Out
    This Blackbird™ HDMI® Extender transmits 1080p@60Hz signals to distances up to 180 feet (55 ... more info
    Native Resolution:
    1080P 4K
    Blackbird HDMI Extender Over Cat6, 50m, EDID, Loop Out
    Rating 8
    The Blackbird™ HDMI® Extender allows you to transmit a 1080p video signal to distances up to 164 ... more info
    50m 100m
    Blackbird 4K 4x4 HDMI Matrix Extender with 4 Receivers, PoC, IR, EDID
    This Blackbird™ 4x4 HDMI® Matrix/Extender allows you to connect up to four HDMI video source ... more info
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    Blackbird 4K Fiber Optic HDMI Extender, 3300feet, 1000m, 4k@60Hz, IR, RS232, HDMI 2.0 Support
    This Blackbird™ 4K Fiber Optic HDMI® Extender allows you to transmit 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 ... more info
    BitPath AV 4K 1x4 HDMI Splitter Extender Over Single Cat6 with IR, 120m
    The Monoprice BitPath AV™ 4K 1x4 HDMI® Splitter/Extender splits a single HDMI ... more info
    1X4 1X8
    BitPath AV 4K HDMI Wireless Transmitter & Receiver Kit, 200m
    Rating 7
    The Monoprice BitPath AV™ Wireless 4K HDMI® Extender Kit allows you to ... more info
    BitPath AV HDMI Extender Over Single Cat6 Cable with IR and PoE-Enabled, 120m
    Rating 7
    The Monoprice BitPath AV™ HDMI® Extender Over Single Cat6 Cable kit allows you ... more info
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    Blackbird HDMI Extender over Single 100m Coaxial with Bi-Direction IR and Loop Out
    Rating 10
    The Monoprice Blackbird™ HDMI® Extender can transmit HDMI video to distances ... more info
    Loop Out:
    No Yes
    Blackbird Pro WIHD 60GHz Uncompressed Wireless Professional HDMI Extender, 30 meter range
    Rating 7
    The Monoprice Blackbird™ WiHD™ HDMI® Extender uses a 60GHz carrier ... more info
    HDMI Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable, Extend Up to 98ft
    Rating 8
    Use this simple and effective HDMI® extender to send High Speed (1080p) HDMI® signals up to 30 meters (98 feet) ... more info
    98ft 114ft
    HDMI® + Ethernet and IR Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable - Extend Upto 328ft
    Rating 8
    This all-in-one HDMI® extender not only handles high-speed 1080p HDMI video, with high-resolution audio, but it ... more info
    HDMI® Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable - Extend Upto 328ft
    Rating 8
    Take advantage of the new HDBase-T technology to extend your High Speed (1080p) 3D HDMI® and IR remote control ... more info
    HDMI® Extender using Cat5e/CAT6 cable extending up to 196 ft, Supporting DDC & HDCP
    Rating 8
    The Monoprice HDMI Extender allows for the extension of an HDMI video signal up to 60 meters away by using the extender ... more info
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