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    Monoprice 16 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply - 12VDC - 10Amps
    Product # 6875
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    what is maximum cable distance between the power supply and the camera?
    A shopper on Sep 26, 2017
    How long does the battery backup last if the power goes out ?
    A shopper on Aug 20, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Depends on the size of battery backup and number of things hooked up to it. You have to calculate the watts of each item hooked up against the capacity of your battery backup. Normally each battery back has a chart of time on the box. Hope it helps.
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    Good concept, poor execution
    The issues in no particular order:

    Although the use of this product may be obvious to anyone experienced with power supplies, for the untutored there was no included instruction sheet.
    Rust was already beginning to appear on the many terminal screw.
    The attached polarized but ungrounded AC power cord leads were connected to what appeared to be the incorrect power supply terminals: the neutral AC cord lead was connected to the "L" (presumably Line) terminal and the hot lead was connected to the “N” (presumably Neutral) terminal. Perhaps the label is incorrect and cord installer knew that?
    Without proper grounding, my DC output voltage was about 30% above nominal, so it’s important to supply a ground reference. There is a ground terminal on the PS and a threaded ground stud in the cabinet. With a ground connected to the PS terminal, the output voltage was 12.5.
    There is a switch inside the cabinet but only on the 12 volt side of the system.
    The hot AC line terminal is protected from accidental contact only by the low ridges between adjacent terminals, so it’s vital that the enclosure be secured from incautious fingers once the box is powered up. There is a pair of small, ill-fitting screws for that purpose. For regular use, I would drill out and rethread.
    The power cord came with a silicon grommet, but it’s much too small to fit any of the available knockouts so you will have to drill a new hole or supply your own strain relief solution for one of the knock-outs.
    When I first opened the cabinet, there was the strong smell I associate with overheated electronic components. I burned in the box (without any 12 volt load) for 48 hours and the smell dissipated and nothing smoked. When I powered up the box with a single camera attached, the 500mA camera seemed to work normally but there was a 200 Watt plus draw on the line cord and extremely heavy static on a nearby AM radio. I have yet to sort that out, but the camera is now running on the 12v mini-brick the camera came with.

    PROS: 16 individually fused (auto-reset) 12v connections. Cheap.

    CONS: Overall poor build quality, sloppy assembly, and careless design made me unwilling to attach a set of expensive cameras to this box.
    August 19, 2011
    The power supply is in a nice metal box with a switching power supply and very nice output board. Each output is individually protected with a PTC self-resetting fuse which is good so that a short in any output will not bring down the entire system.

    My concern is that the unit has no UL or other NRTL approval. The power cord is not a three prong type despite being in a metal box with the power supply grounded to the box. Worse yet, the ground point is painted over. Also, there is no fuse or circuit breaker on the AC input.

    I wouldn't use this power supply without (1) switching the power cord to a grounded type and grounding it to the metal housing, (2) scraping the paint off the ground point, and (3) adding a fuse or using some type of external circuit breaker on the power input.

    Also, I wouldn't use it at all in a commercial facility requiring OSHA approval (that requires NRTL marking) or any local area where the electrical code requires NRTL marking.

    Is it worth the low price if you have to go through so much trouble for peace of mind?

    PROS: Good value

    CONS: No UL approval
    November 12, 2011
    Needs work before installing, but good bang for buck.
    I purchased this after reading the previous reviews, and had expectations set accordingly. The other reviews are accurate.

    Not UL listed, and does not include a 3 prong grounded plug, despite the power supply being clearly grounded to the chassis. This produces a potentially dangerous situation where 110VAC power is being held by a screw terminal, next to a metal housing. If something goes wrong, and you touch the box bad things happen without that grounding cord.

    I replaced the stock cord with a 3 prong one I had laying around. To really get in there to do this, you have to unscrew the power supply from the box housing... which is very easy to do by simply unscrewing 3 screws that hold it in place from the outside of the housing. The problem is, the screw threads are poorly tapped, and strip out of the soft aluminum very easily. The other issue, is that they provide knock out points on the sides, but only one on the bottom (that is used by the new grounded cable). This means that if you have more than about 5 camera pigtails coming out of the housing, you have to bring them out the sides, vs. the bottom.
    My voltage levels were good. And unlike one of the other reviewers, I did not need to remove paint on the grounding screw, the multi-meter reported everything was on a good common ground.
    I'm running 10 cameras, 7 of which are IR with illuminators. The power supply handles this with no problems that I can detect.

    I pushed in some of the side knock outs a bit just to allow a little ventilation. The box when closed and in operation is warm to the touch, but not hot.

    Does it work? Yes. But you need to do a little work on it first to make it safe. It's not just plug and play. Is it worth the price if you have to swap out the cord (or even buy one for $3-4 from monoprice, and cut the end off...) Yes. As long as you are not using this in a location that requires UL. (such as a personal install, etc.)

    Is this up to Monoprice's typical standard of high quality? No... it's a little disappointing. Generally they source things a bit more carefully. But for the money, I'm using it, and so far it's working well enough.

    PROS: Powers all your 12V analog cameras
    In a box
    Decent Amperage (but less amperage than the 8 camera model... which makes no sense)

    CONS: Unsafe, non-grounded plug should be replaced
    Needs more knockouts on the bottom, not the sides.
    No knockout for a keylock, just screws to secure it
    April 16, 2013
    Screws on the door?
    Bottom line, I wouldn't buy it again.

    Instead of going to my normal CCTV distributor, I decided to give this monoprice model a try to save a few bucks. As many others state, the power cord is unsafe and non-grounded. It uses a tiny zip-tie and a rubber grommet as a strain relief?!?. Pull the cord and it will easily pull through. Pull hard and the cord will separate from the exposed terminals and cause a major shocking hazard. My normal Power Supply has replaceable fuses for each channel. This monoprice model does does not. Another gripe, this case requires screws to keep it closed. This means you can not place it too close to a wall on the right side. Without the screws the door easily opens. Personally I threw away the screws and placed a small magnet on the inside corner of the door. This keeps the door shut w/o the screws.

    Next time, I'm going to spend an extra $10 more and get my normal power supply.

    PROS: It's still working after a week of running.

    CONS: Power Cable unsafe.

    Screws needed to keep the door closed.
    August 19, 2014

    PROS: Great PS. So far, haven't had one fail. They seems pretty solid and I certainly don't miss the old school fuse design.

    CONS: Could use more punchouts on the other sides, and wish the doors were removable for wiring in tight spaces. Otherwise, no complaints.
    January 21, 2013
    Not a bad little CCTV Power Supply
    The price was decent ($35) and other than not having some kind of some kind of wire protection included for the 1/2" knock outs the box is perfect for powering 16 CCTV cameras. Unlike others that reported the DC power was 30% over the 12DC output mine was 12.51 volts and works exactly as expected. The AC voltage side was connected to the buss properly and was grounded to the box also.

    I wanted to use a separate power source for my surveillance system and this fits the bill perfectly. Thank you Monoprice!
    December 29, 2016
    1 year ago

    PROS: Very safe power box

    Don't getting hot

    Pigtails come out from very convenient holes on the side and back of that box

    Guys and most important THE PRICE

    April 1, 2015
    Easy setup, only thing i didn't like is the plugs only a two prong plug
    April 8, 2017
    1 year ago
    It works well.
    This is a ideal entry level power supply for 16 camera system. It works well and it has its own power switch to turn power to the camera's. Easy installation and it works.

    PROS: - Easy install

    - Easy diagram to follow.

    - Good amount of knockout punch around the box.

    - Small real state.

    CONS: - No plastic cover to protect the wires from being punctured or damaged around knockout punch. I used electric tape to smooth out the sharp edges. Other wise you can easily damage your power cords.

    January 5, 2015
    Excellent product for price!
    Loved the price i cant find a similar product at that price. Awesome!

    PROS: Fantastic price..

    CONS: 1st unit was DOA, but customer service excelled they gave me a swap rightwaway.
    November 16, 2012