Portable DJ Mixer for Tablets and Smartphones
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    Portable DJ Mixer for Tablets and Smartphones

    Spin your tunes on the go with this Portable DJ Mixer for Tablets and Smartphones from Monoprice!

    This 2-channel mixer packs all the essential DJ mixer functions into a compact package. It features a two-band EQ and gain control for each channel, a crossfader, and cueing capability. A 1/4" TS jack on the front is used for microphone input, while the 1/4" TRS headphone jack allows cueing of both channels without the need for switches (channel 1 audio plays in the left earpiece and channel 2 audio plays in the right).

    The mixer uses RCA jacks for input and output. It has two line inputs, one for each channel, and two line outputs, the master output and a second output for recording. You can connect standard consumer audio devices or mobile devices to the inputs. The package includes two 3.5mm TRS to RCA cables, so you can hook up a pair of phones or mp3 players and start mixing right out of the box!

    The mixer measures about 6.2" x 3.9" x 1.6" (158 x 100 x 40 mm) and weighs about 2.4 lbs (1.1 Kg).

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    What's the current draw/rating for the unit?
    A shopper on Jan 12, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: Hello, thank you for your question. This unit comes with a power supply with a 12 V DC 500mA plug with a positive polarity. I hope this helps, and of course if you have any more questions feel free to contact us!
    Can you purchase a battery pack to power this mixer?
    A shopper on Jan 11, 2017
    BEST ANSWER: You might be able to make something. You'd need a 12v battery that can provide 1/2 amps (6w). And suitable cable and plug. Maybe a fuse and on/off switch. A USB or phone pack will not work- only 5v.
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    Great value and quality
    I am a turntablist / dance music DJ with ~15 years of experience. I've played on vinyl, DVS, CDJs, USB controllers, and dozens of mixers ranging from large club units to 2-channel battle/scratch mixers.

    I recently started using Cross DJ on my Android Nexus 7 tablet to practice and plan trickier mixes for my sets, though I still perform on vinyl or DVS. Last weekend I played at an outdoor festival that didn't provide DJ equipment, and I didn't want to drag along turntables for the weekend. Instead, I ordered one of these and played my sets right off my Android tablet. While there were certainly some compromises, this worked and sounded fantastic.

    The mixer itself is small, about the size of my Nexus 7 tablet only much thicker. It comes with 1/8" to RCA cables to connect to your tablet/phone, an RCA output cable, and a very short power cable. If you are DJing from a single device, you will still need a headphone splitter adapter or other connection method. You will probably also want to carry a small extension cable to make sure you can reach whatever power is available.

    The controls on the mixer are solid and feel of high quality. The mixer faceplate is metal and should stand up to a lot of abuse. The knobs are thick and hard plastic with a solid feel and no static or crackling when turning (yet). The fader is solid and smooth with little resistance, though its knob would be more at home on a studio mixing console than a DJ mixer. Not a big deal since you won't be scratching on this, anyway. The sound quality is great, even on a huge sound system.

    Overall, it has the minimal required features you need to DJ, either as a backup or as a very compact primary rig. When paired with the right tablet software (Traktor, Cross DJ, etc.), this is a very competent way to play with just a few compromises for the size. It's an extremely good value for the money and looks/feels/acts like it should cost at least three times as much.

    Speaking of compromises, there are a few. I'll preface by saying that none are deal-breakers. Especially at the price, it's possible to work around or overlook each problem.

    My first/biggest complaint is with the crossfader curve. The fader itself is solid, smooth, and moves easily. However, the curve reminds me of DJ mixers I used from the early 90's: when fading in the new track, it noticeably starts to fade out the old track before the new one is completely faded in. Put another way, when the crossfader is in the middle both channels are playing at about 80% volume, rather than at 100% volume like on all modern mixers. This takes some getting used to. I opened up the mixer and the fader could be replaced if you possess beginner-level soldering skills. Any replacement fader, however, would cost more than the entire mixer, so it's not worth it.

    My second complaint is with headphone cueing. Rather than giving a switch or toggle to allow you to select which channel to play in the headphones, it just constantly plays the left channel in your left ear and the right channel in your right ear. Not a big deal, but it takes some getting used to.

    Lastly, the knobs only have a small divot in the top to indicate their rotation orientation. It's almost impossible to see unless the lighting is just right, making it tricky to glance and see if, for example, the bass is turned up or down. I fixed this by taking White Out corrective fluid and painting a line in the divot.

    Once again, my complaints are relatively small compared to the overall value and quality of the unit. They are just things to be aware of. The mixer is still an excellent value and works extremely well for most DJs.

    PROS: Solid, smooth, good quality, very compact, sounds great, and includes (nearly) all needed cables

    CONS: Crossfader curve is strange. Also, headphone cueing just constantly plays one channel in each ear. Also also, the knobs don't have a line painted on them so it's hard to see orientation.
    July 16, 2014
    Gets the job done
    Got this little mixer to serve as a backup for my main mixer. Tested it out and it works fine and should get the job done. The only thing that's "weird" is the way the cue function works for the headphones. One input is always playing in the left ear, and the other input plays in the opposite ear. I can live with it though.

    PROS: Low price, small size

    CONS: Unbalanced main outputs only
    September 19, 2015
    Pretty slick little product.
    This is a pretty slick little product. I support a DJ company and I purchased this little mixer to allow my DJ to use an IPad for smaller parties. It works great. I hooked up an IPad, plugged in my wireless microphone, headphones and powered speakers and and it worked perfectly.

    I then hooked up my computer to the second input and could mix between the IPad and computer. The headphone jack allows me to hear one input (Ipad) in one ear and the second input (computer) in the other.

    I’ll provide more information after some real usage.

    PROS: Small, sturdy, lots of cables.

    CONS: None yet.
    July 11, 2014
    Great for desk setup!
    I purchased this to use on my desk, and could not be happier! I can have my 2 computers plugged into a T-amp and small bookshelf speakers. And can also use the MIC input for my iPad, which I use as a guitar amp via an iRig. Plus, because of the size, it does not take up much desk space. I do wish there was a power switch on it, but that's only a minor gripe.

    PROS: -The build quality is very nice.

    -All the knobs and ports seem very sturdy.

    -It is a nice small size.

    CONS: -The line on the knobs is hard to see.

    -The cord on the power supply is a little too short.
    April 30, 2015
    Best small cheap mixer I have used. Would not use it on a bet in a pro setting, but for running a small system its great. I use it with a 2000 watt crown amp pushing some old d.a.s. audio 18in 3 way boxes at partys and it does more than I had hoped for. A little white out on the knobs and its ready to go

    PROS: Great little mixer for small events when all you want to do is run a playlist off a laptop or cell phone.

    No hums or crackle noise out of it. Will boost your signal up enough to get loud without clipping. Bass and treble adjustment actually work well

    CONS: Crossfader is weird like other reviewers said

    cant see knob level marks in low light
    November 6, 2014
    it does what it says and it works. uses stmicro c4558 opamps, and a jrc 4556a for the headphones. input gain knobs per channel have (very roughly) 30db range for cut/boost.

    Internals and (approximate) frequency response graphs at: http://imgur.com/a/z45GK0

    PROS: Works, Solid chassis

    CONS: Contrary to the manual, the master volume knob controls both the master output and the record output.

    low max input level, sufficient for a phone or most consumer devices. Lacks a power switch. Cheap capacitors inside. 'low' frequency adjustment affects 'high' frequency adjustment. one minijack to rca cable shipped DOA. bumping the 'mic vol' knob causes pops.

    July 10, 2014

    PROS: Impressive device. DJ'ed for a get together wanted to hold off on a review until it was done. Nice size works well, tested with two ipads and the monoprice DJ headphones. Good build quality.

    CONS: One of the cables likely has a bad lead cause I get static if you move it a certain way, not a dealbreaker. Also, I wish there was a power switch rather than just the plug.
    July 14, 2014
    Does exactly what I wanted, odd use case
    I have a distributed audio system in the house and I wanted the ability to have two sources live at the same time in a single zone (master bedroom). An Echo Dot, and Airplay . I have an airport express and an Echo plugged into this mixer, which is then plugged into one zone input for an Audiocontrol Director multizone amp. I used a Audio-over-cat5 balun to send the audio from the Echo to the closet with the mixer and amp. The run was too far for bluetooth.
    January 5, 2017
    8 months ago
    Just what I needed when I needed it
    Added some AtmosFX Halloween images to my haunt and needed a way to mix the audio from the laptop where the VLC player was generating the audio/video for the projector and the CD player that provides Grave Yard type audio constantly. Need the Atmos Audio to be much louder when active and this mixer worked great. Perfectly clean sound as if there was no Mixer in the chain. Fantastic value for it's purpose!

    PROS: Mixed the CD player and the laptop just how I needed it

    CONS: None that I found for my purpose
    November 6, 2015
    A bargain that works as advertised.
    Works perfectly for my application as a basic tone controll for an analog source. Appears well made and it works well. Good product!
    January 30, 2017
    5 months ago

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